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All You Can Eat… With Jackie Beat!

Poster for Roseanne Barr's All You Can Eat Comedy Featuring Jackie Beat

If you’re headed to Las Vegas any Will My Love Letter Bring Him Back time soon, don’t miss the city’s hottest new show – ALL YOU CAN EAT COMEDY starring Roseanne Barr and Jackie Beat.

Emmy award-winning comedienne Roseanne Barr is returning to her stand-up comedy roots, with Jackie Beat opening for her (ahem!) and warmin’ up the crowd. Don’t miss out on this limited 7-week run! This milestone event will go down (cough!) in comedy history and it’s sure to lead to further exciting collaborations. If we’re lucky, perhaps we’ll someday see a new sitcom written by (and starring) Roseanne Barr & Jackie Beat.

So how did these two comedy geniuses team up? If the rumors are true, Jackie and Roseanne originally met when Roseanne came to see one of Jackie Beat’s live shows. Since then, this amazing comedy duo has been performing together everywhere from London to gay cruise ships.

More than just a Drag Diva, Jackie Beat is one of the world’s most celebrated performers and writers. All around the world, the most talented movers and shakers sing Jackie’s praises. The undisputed hardest working “woman” in show business, Jackie has performed her comedic song parodies all over the US and Europe, written for countless magazines, served as one of US Weekly’s Fashion Police, and been a staff writer for the WB series “Hype!” Plus, she’s also the lead singer of the brilliant electro-rock band Dirty Sanchez on Cleopatra Records, featuring Jackie Beat along with her talented, sexy pal Mario Diaz and music mastermind Barbeau. She’s had the honor of working with Robert Deniro, Philip Seymor Hoffman, Parker Posey, Margaret Cho, Andy Dick, Molly Shannon, Ana Gasteyer, Patricia Arquette, Jennifer Coolidge and more – but she feels a special kinship with that ultimate bad girl, Roseanne Barr!

If you haven’t discovered Jackie Beat, you’re missing out on one of life’s greatest guilty pleasures. Here’s just a taste of what the critics have had to say about Jackie Beat:

“Beat’s sharp stand-up routine remains virtually unchallenged in the drag scene.”
– HX Magazine

“Jackie Beat gives ’til it hurts! This gal can sing!”
– Time Out New York

“Beat keeps the crowd howling!”
– New York Post

“A breath (make that a blast) of fresh air in a genre that constantly teeters on the brink of irrelevance.”
– Genre Magazine

“A large, sexy and twisted gal, armed with an endless store of one-liners. A rollercoaster ride of raunch and rudeness.”
– The Seattle Weekly

“Jackie Beat is so funny she could get laughs by merely reading the want ads.”
– The LA Weekly

“For Beat, lack of subtlety isn’t just a lifetime trait; it’s an art form.”
– Back Stage

“Some small children may be frightened.”
– The New York Times

Roseanne Barr’s All You Can Eat Comedy (featuring Jackie Beat) shows every night at 8pm (with an additional 10pm show on Saturdays) from March 15-April 30. And since white slavery is oh-so-passé this year, the girls get Wednesdays off. Also, there will be no show on Monday, April 2 & Jackie Beat’s final show will be on Tuesday, April 24.

For more info or tickets go to or call 866-815-4365. Also check out Jackie Beat’s MySpace music page.

Will My Love Letter Bring Him Back


You Love Jack – Amateur Gay Sex At It’s Finest

Photo of Tigger from!

You Love Jack: The name pretty much says it all – and if you don’t love jack, it must just be because you haven’t yet discovered one of the best amateur gay sex sites on the Internet. Forget all of those cheesy, fake-a-zoid amateur sites full of strung-out models and bad camera angles. knows what you really want to see – truly homemade porn that’s self-produced by cute, horny guys who want to get off in front of their cameras. At there are no directors, no scripts, and no rules – just pure amateur gay sex!

Finally someone has figured out that porn consumers aren’t stupid; that they are actually very perceptive. Horny – but perceptive. When it comes to amateur gay sex and homemade porn, Internet aficionados can spot a fake from miles away. passes the litmus test for amateur authenticity with flying colors. These are all real guys who are just being themselves and doing what they do best: getting off. From the hot, hung, & horny to the novice, nerdy, & nasty – is the quintessential amateur site for the gays.

The creator of must be a genius. A little bit depraved, mayhaps. But a genius nonetheless! Holed up in some stylish-loft-cum-secret-lab, he surely must have cried “Eureka!” as he saw the footage of that first bus-stop twink unexpectedly shooting his ardent lad-load onto the lens of a $4,000 DV camera. Somebody call the paramedics – I’m having an art attack!

Anyway you want it, that’s the way you need it. knows this, so all of the site’s amateur gay sex video clips are offered as downloadable, DRM-free goodness that can be saved onto your video iPod (or other portable media player.) Why keep jerking off in front of your computer screen when you can jerk off anywhere!? On a plane, on a train, in a carpool lane / In the hall, at the mall, in a restroom stall! And while you’re at it, why not film the whole thing and then submit it to Now that’s what I’m talkin’ about.

Get a load of Tigger, the first hottie ever to appear on You Love Jack. Hot, eh!? You know you wanna watch him rub one out, so stop torturing yourself. Just click here and treat yourself to some filthy/gorgeous fun over at – Amateur Gay Sex At It’s Finest!


Mike Hancock – Beyond Gay or Str8

Images from

Mike Hancock has to be one of the most sex-positive pornographers working on the Internet today. He grew up dating girls in Southern California and only began sleeping with men after a satisfying marriage to a woman. This wide breadth of experience has undoubtedly played an important part in defining him as one of the most open-minded men in porn. Mike doesn’t like to label people – and he never aims to undermine anyone’s perception of self. This unique sensitivity has afforded him the opportunity to film dozens of str8 guys – men that probably wouldn’t have been comfortable posing for anyone else.

You’ll find a variety of men (of every persuasion) at Despite their disparate preferences, the one thing that they all have in common is that they are all real guys who are incredibly hot! There’s also a detailed biography of Mike at the site and it’s a must-read. Besides being extremely interesting, it’s just plain hot. Mike has a special knack for making any kind of sex sound intriguing – whether he’s doing it with a guy or a girl, gay or str8.

The guys above are all from Mike’s galleries. There are lots more where those came from, so be sure to check out!


Kerry's This Moment On Earth – Review on our gay blog

Cover of

This Moment On Earth
By John Kerry & Teresa Heinz Kerry

Senator John Kerry and his wife Teresa Heinz Kerry travelled around the country in a campaign to see how people everywhere were uniting to try and preserve the environment. More than just an environmental manifesto, their book is a deeply personal journey examining the ingenuity and willpower of ordinary citizens in every state. The book drives home the idea that we are each individually responsible for the enviroment. It then goes on to prove that each person can indeed have an impact by documenting the efforts of ordinary people. Besides these accounts, the book also presents a list of ways for readers to get involved. Folks are reporting that the book succeeds in sparking further dialog and that it really makes them want to contribute.

This Moment On Earth is the perfect follow-up to Kerry's award-winning documentary, An Inconvenient Truth. It offers a more more detailed and personal view of the problem, as well as the possible solutions – effectively taking the global perspective of the film and putting the problem under a microscope until it becomes composed of individual citizens.

All of the proceeds from the book will go to environmental causes, so you can feel comfortable in treating yourself to this important and stimulating read.


Hot Gay Model Jason Ridge – More Than Just A Pretty Face

Sexy and intelligent porn superstar Jason Ridge

It’s hard to say enough good things about this Hot gay model – Jason Ridge. He’s devastatingly handsome. He’s one of the sexiest men in porn. He’s a certified scuba diver with an avid interest in kabbalah. And for those of you who are astrologically inclined, he’s an ambitious Capricorn. Jason is one of those rare gifts to porn – a guy who has the looks, charm, and intelligence to do anything that he wants – but who has chosen to explore porn as a career. And (as Capricorns are wont to do) to rise to the top of its ranks.

You’ve probably already seen Jason in hot gay porn films from some of the best studios. He’s a natural in front of the camera, but there’s definite substance behind the good looks. If you’d like a chance to get to know the man behind the persona, just check out his new personal blog.

Jason Ridge shares his thoughts and his life adventures with a frank, down to earth quality that is both fascinating and endearing. And he also peppers his blogs with sexy candid photos of himself and his friends.

Whether or not you’re already a fan of Jason Ridge, this is a blog with stimulating substance that you’ll want to visit often. Even though he radiates a healthy confidence, Jason’s manner is grounded and exceedingly humble – which makes it feel like you’re reading the latest news from a good friend. That kind of intimate connection is something you’ll find in only the best blogs – and Jason’s hot gay blog is one of the best.


Porn Daddy Jake Cruise Speaks and You Must Obey

Images from

There are certain guys who can talk almost anyone into getting naked and messing around. Take Jake Cruise, for example. This hot porndaddy is a brazen provocateur who consistently gets amazingly hot guys to mess around with one another and with him on camera. And then he posts the clips online for all of his members to enjoy! In a twisted sort of way, Jake Cruise is a sexy public service provider for horny gay men.

Jake meets guys everywhere – through friends, at the gym, and even just walking down the street. Inevitably, one thing leads to another and before you know it the clothes are coming off in front of Jake’s video camera. Porn Daddy Jake gets his young recruits to do it all – kissing, sucking, jerking, and more. And since Jake himself is quite the charmer, he often becomes an active participant. Right now, guys around the globe are getting off as they watch Jake’s latest erotic escapades.

The videos that Porn Daddy Jake posts are always fresh because you never know what’s going to happen or how involved he’s going to get. Jake says that his favorite thing is when he gets to give erotic massages to well built guys, although they usually end in more than just a massage!

Besides living out his own fantasies, Jake also wants to make his members’ dreams a reality, too. You can use the contact link at the site to tell Jake exactly what you want to see and he’ll do his best to make it happen.

Members at can choose from a large archive of videos and photos – with a new scene added every week. And if you want to get in on the action yourself, just click the contact link on the site.

Go on – just click the link and check out his site. You won’t be sorry. Porn Daddy Jake Cruise has got some free videos in his preview section that you can watch, but trust me – you’ll be dying to see more.


Do You Like To Maskurbate? Hot gay amateur voyeur site!

Images from

Have you ever dreamed of fulfilling your exhibitionist tendencies, but stopped short of actually doing it because of worries over your professional career or personal reputation? has the answer, whether you want to be an exhibitionist or just a voyeur. is the first gay amateur voyeur website to showcase hot professional guys indulging their exhibitionistic fantasies. One after another, cute guys (who would never normally get in front of a camera) act out their fantasies. There’s something incredibly provocative about these real guys – and the partial or full masks allow them the freedom to be completely without inhibition. Would you do it while wearing a mask? The guys on this site all said yes – and you’ll be glad they did!

These are real guys with careers – doctors, artists, restaurant owners, businessmen, and students. There are no porn stars or amateur actors. Some are straight and others are gay or bi, but the one thing they all have in common is that they agreed to get off on camera – as long as they had the anonymity of a mask. These are guys who had never engaged in any kind of internet exhibitionism before discovering

If you’re thinking a mask might take away from the eroticism, you’re in for a surprise. If anything, it makes the action even more erotic. The masks don’t hide much and you can tell that these are hot, hunky guys. The fact that they’re so sexy is part of the reason they wear a mask – because they’ve got great lives and they don’t want to be labeled as exhibitionists. These are guys who would never have agreed to perform in front of a camera if it hadn’t been for the use of a mask.

If you’d like to don a mask and join the fun, you’re invited to submit photos of yourself. The shooting is done with professionalism and privacy – and the main goal on this gay amateur voyeur site is for you to have fun!

If you’re in the market for something hot, fresh and completely original – check out today!


Federal hate Crimes Legislation Reintroduced to House of Representatives

Stop Hatin'!

Casper, WY – The Matthew Shepard Foundation applauds last night's reintroduction of inclusive hate crimes legislation in the House of Representatives. Titled the Local Law Enforcement Hate Cr

imes Prevention Act of 2007 (LLEHCPA), this bill is an appropriate and measured response to the unrelenting and under-addressed problem of violent hate crimes committed against individuals based on actual or perceived sexual orientation, gender, gender identity and disability.



Hot Young Straight Military Recruits Are Ready To Serve!

Image from

Do you like a man in a uniform? Are you all about watching young military recruits venting their sexual frustration with uninhibited abandon? If you answered yes to either of the above questions, then you'll definitely enjoy!

This site offers up an army-sized portion of beefcake with downloadable videos and tons of exclusive content. This is where young marines come to earn their stripes – and they apparently do so by engaging in various kinds of incredibly hot man sex!

Text Your Ex Back Process MapCA=917061&PA=XXXXXX&HTML=” target=”_blank” rel=nofollow> works to keep its site overflowing with fresh young guys who are full of cum. These military boys don't hold anything back! It's probably because they are all 100% real, straight marines. They may be completely closeted, but they still can't seem to do without that hardcore amateur action! A few bucks is all the excuse they need to strip down and go at it.

If there's one thing that makes this site special, it's that these guys aren't models or actors. They're the real deal – real military men who just need to get off in between tours of duty.

If you're into military men, this site is not to be missed! When you sign up, you'll also get an enlistment bonus that gives you access to 12 additional sites. So atten-shun! This hot young straight military recruits site is not to be missed!

Mar porn site – Hot, Real Men Gettin’ It On

Image from

Unbuckle that belt, because you’re about to enter the steamy online world of Collin O’Neal! This is one of my favorite porn sites. The guys here are amazing – and they’re all hand-picked by Collin O’neal.

Collin is one of the porn world’s favorite stars and he’s worked for many of the most important studios including Channel One, Raging Stallion, Hot House, and Falcon. But he’s also a director – and showcases his work behind the camera. Collin has traveled the world in search of the hottest guys for his videos. Collin O’Neal’s World of Men is now on its third installment, and if we’re lucky there will be many more. Collin has a keen understanding of chemistry, and this comes through in all of his work. He only puts guys together on camera if they are sincerely attracted to one another, and the result is that the passion explodes on-screen when Collin directs.

When you watch porn from Collin, you’ll notice that the guys are always into what they’re doing. You’ll never see guys who just seem to be going through the motions. These are real, horny guys who love to fuck and who are totally into what’s happening.

Whenever he’s filming, Collin is also snapping photos. So in addition to videos, you’ll also find thousands of handpicked photos showcasing all of the action. These photos range from romantic shots of tender kisses to candid shots of hot, sloppy fucking! When you aren’t watching his videos, you’ll be wacking off to these amazing galleries!

Besides the erotic photos, you’ll also find occasional photo-journals of Collin’s trips around the world. Share Collin’s adventures as he goes in search of the world’s hottest men!

When you join, you also gain access to four additional sites. That’s five great sites for the price of one – and all of them are excellent.

Just take a look at the tour, where you’ll find dozens of Collin’s models. Once you see them you’ll understand why I like this site so much! Trust me – this stuff is hot!


Plushie Schwartz – A Bear For All Seasons

Plushie Schwartz - A Bear For All Seasons

Plushie Schwartz is one of the most creative and original ideas to hit gay porn in years. It’s like this – Plushie is a bear. No – not a hairy guy. He’s a real bear. Or rather, a naked man in a plush bear suit who has a drinking problem and a sex addiction. If you’re confused or starting to feel a little disturbed, don’t worry. Just roll with it.

At Plushie Schwartz’s site, you can watch free videos that document some of his many adventures. In the first film, Plushie Down On His Luck, Plushie has been stuck in his apartment due to depression, alcoholism, and the new Golden Girls DVD. With no money and no job, Plushie must resort to performing sexual acts in front of his web cam for money.

In Plushie’s next installment, Plushie Schwartz Does Fire Island, Plushie’s new found celebrity preceeds him as he takes Fire Island by storm and finds himself in numerous compromising positions.

You’ll also find some photos of Plushie on his site, as well as Plushie’s blog and links to all of his friends. It’s free folks, so there’s no excuse for you to miss out on the oh-so-huggable scariness that is Plushie Schwartz!


Gay Porn Website Review: Markie’s Big Dick Club!

Photo from MarkiesBDC.comImage from

If you’re into really big dicks, will have you pleased as pie. Markie, the site’s namesake, share’s your passion – and he’s been working hard to create a site that specifically caters to big dick fans everywhere. Markie’s Big Dick Club offers:

  • Tons of Downloadable Video Clips of hot guys jerking off
  • XXX Photo Galleries
  • Markie’s Personal Blog
  • Members Pics and Videos
  • Vintage and Porn Star Categories
  • Weekly Updates

Markie only features guys who are 8″ or larger – and he posts a photo of his models holding a ruler in order to prove it! If you’re all about big dick, Markie has what you’re after – so let’s all show that nasty fucker some love by surfing on over and checking out his site!

Image from MarkiesBDC.comImage from

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