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Kieve is the creme of the crop

We strive to bring you the best looking guys from all around the world, and Kieve is an example of that tradition. He is extremely attractive and has a cute boy next door face. He also has a body that is all man!


Check out Kieve on his live webcam and see why he is quickly becoming one of our most requested new male models. He is always ready to chat and loves to go private for a more intense session. Kieve is a keeper. You will love him.


Nemeth X is a huge sexy love god

Nemeth puts the X in x-rated with his amazing and sexually drenched webcam shows. His body is made for worshipping and he knows how to get down and give you exactly what you want.


He is not shy and is very friendly. He packs a huge load and his muscles are absolute perfection. He is an avid body builder and his training has paid off handsomely. Nemeth X is the perfect male specimen.


Weekend Jerkoff Material from!

It’s Friday, so I won’t be able to bring you any more porn goodness until Monday. Out of love, I decided to put together a porn care package to tide you over through the long weekend. I found some great photos, but if it isn’t enough J/O material, you can always click through to the site they came from and try a membership. And that site would be (a drum roll please…) one of my new favorites:

It’s a somewhat cumbersome url, but the content is great once you get there! Check out these photos of Shane and his enormous tool:

Image from!

Image from!

See! I wasn’t lying when I told you I had some great photos. But stay with me, because we’re not done yet! For all of you hairy ass lovers out there, I have a special treat. Check out this little montage I made of James, who is also from

Image from! has tons of varied content, but one of their specialties is gloryholes. The site’s creators cruise around bus terminals and sporting venues to find hot young guys that look like they need a few bucks and a place to stay. Once they get them home, they offer the potential models a drink and put on some lesbian porn. As soon as the guys are all worked up, they get them to agree to be filmed at a makeshift gloryhole where they are told a girl is waiting to suck them off. And then they get one of the best blowjobs of their lives. The trick is that there’s actually a GUY on the other side of the gloryhole, and the camera can see both of them (even though the model can’t.)

It sounds a little creepy, but in truth the site’s creators have a great knack for finding guys who are probably bi-curious anyway, so things always seem to work out just fine. Sometimes the guys are even willing to try a bit of gay experimentation once they realize that they’ve been sucked off by another guy.

Here’s some photos of the gloryhole action featuring two guys named Ash and Justin.

Image from!

They have some other tricks up their sleeves that they use to get horny straight guys to play around, and they even head out to the beach. So there’s lots to discover at the site. Most of their models are straight Australian boys between 18-22. Members can access over 90,000 pics of these straight boys doing everything from modeling to fucking one another. There are too many models to count, and they each have their own gallery of images and videos.

What you get with a membership at

  • Unlimited access to an additional bonus site!
  • Great original content custom shot on location in Australia
  • Weekly updates with a new amateur model
  • Hundreds of videos and tens of thousands of pictures
  • Sizzling gloryhole action with straight boys getting blown
  • Model interviews
  • Video clips for all systems and connection speeds
  • Large, high-res images served up lightning fast

Another plus about is that you can join anonymously via Netcash. When you subscribe this way, only “Netcash” will appear on your credit card statement and the actual site won’t ever have any personal information about you. It’s basically like buying a generic gift card for the internet, and then using that gift card to buy the membership anonymously. That way your wife (or boyfriend!) won’t find any alarming charges on your credit card statement! And if they look up Netcash, it won’t show any connection to the porn site. Even if they try to research it, there’s no connection at all between you and So you’re free to say it was used for anything.

Admit it – you know how it can be with spouses. It’s their intelligence and resourcefulness that initially attracts you to them, but then it drives you crazy when you’re not able to outsmart them in order to have a little bit of freedom. And so there’s Netcash.

Have a great weekend! And don’t forget to check out! Here’s one more great photo montage, as your reward for reading all the way through. The guy on the left is named Brent, and the guy on the right is the one who’s actually sucking him off in the complete series of photos and video clips. Enjoy!

Image from!


Amato loves to be the center of attention

Super stud Amato loves to be the center of attention and he has the looks and body to get and keep yours. His live webcam shows are off the charts, and he always delivers a sexy and seductive performance, just for you.

He loves sports and dancing and his beautifully built male body shows. Nice hard biceps and ripped abs that lead down to a huge endowment. Spend some time with Amato in private for an unrestricted, man to man show.


Yaron has the body you crave

Young, hung and full of …Yaron is the living and breathing version of Viagra. One look at him on his live webcam and you will get wood in an instant.

Deep and dark eyes and full lips top off his amazing body. Like big arms? He’s got them. Like hard abs? He’s got them. He is truly a fine piece of  manhood. Go and visit him for free online and then submit to him and go for a private encounter that will rock your world like no one before.


Interview with Randy Blue’s Model Xander!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

It’s Wednesday, how fucking great is that? As we near Fourth of July weekend I wanted to give you something really explosive to check out.

Lately Cybersocket has been working a lot with Randy Blue. Not only peers but we are fortunate to have Randy Blue as a friend. His models are some of the most down to earth men and Randy is the same way.

Jetsetting across the country with his models, we’ve had the privilege to get to know one of their newest models Xander (above)! Hailing from San Diego this stud is a charming young lad who is also a car enthusiast – Mustangs to be exact!

If you don’t pick up Cybersocket monthly you should! Our Cybermodel Spotight featuring Xander is our pick of the month and the transcript of our interview is below.

Hello Xander! Are you gay, straight or bisexual?

How did you get your porn name?
Inspired from Xander Cruz on [adult swim]. I’ve always been a huge fan of [adult swim] and I thought it would be appropriate to incorporate it into my stage name.

How big is that wanker of yours? Cut or uncut?
7 inches hard, definitely cut!

How were you discovered?
I was found on MySpace by a friendly guy named Fred.

Tell us about your first scene with Randy Blue?
Amazing! I was nervous as expected, it was my first shoot, but he and his crew made me feel so comfortable and made it feel like second nature to me. I had a real blast and always look forward to working with the best in the business.

What else can we expect to see from Xander in the coming months?
You’ll just have to wait and see…

Has any one recognized you in public from the site yet?
Not yet . I still don’t know what my reaction will be when someone does. Maybe I’ll take a stroll in West Hollywood with a stopwatch and see how many minutes it takes!

Does anyone in your family know you do amateur porn?
A few of my friends do, but I haven’t landed a good way to break the news to my family yet.

Where do you see yourself in the next five years?
An interesting question – I guess I’ll let fate decide my path.

How can fans get in touch with you?
I’m developing a MySpace page, and the URL is I will do my best to answer all of the emails personally.

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

On a slightly seperate note, I also noticed their newest model is way too hot for words – just like Xander. (This guy named Nick Braso must have been posted on Tuesday. You see, that’s the only day I am away from the computer, and I do make it a habit to check out or his blog everyday!) Anway, Nick Braso (above) is a cut up stud that I loved watching over and over and over again. He has tattoos – which I totally dig, and he is sporting a moderately hairy chest.

I really don’t mean to gloat too much about Randy and his site, but the last few months have been among the best for Randy. If I were you I’d grab a membership and see Nick, Xander and all the other guys shake their meat just for you!


Kelby knows how to use all of his assets

Kelby is a tall and lean love machine and he is ready to lay all 9 on you-or in you- during a extra sexy live webcam show. He knows how to use his body just right to get a response from you.

If you like tall and lean guys with big…feet, then Kelby will fit perfectly. Take Kelby private for a hot one on one and get to know him deeply and intimately. He is all yours for the taking.


Urdy wants to slip and slide with you

Urdy loves to give long hot oil massages and he loves to run his hands all over a hot sexy man. He has everything you need to get down and dirty and take care of business.


Live on his webcam, he bares it all and makes sure that you are completely taken care of and all of your cravings are satisfied. His smooth skin will rub up against you while he is massaging away your aches and pains. You will feel refreshed and rejuvinated. You will love Urdy.


Model Zac from!

Zac from!

Ahoy maties! One of the latest solo videos and photo sets from stopped us in our tracks, so we decided we just had to share it with you! It features sexy and intense model Zac getting down to business on a luxury yacht. If this is life on the high seas, we’re ready to walk Zac’s plank. Anchors away!

In case you haven’t been to yet, it’s the #1 site to feature amateur british men. If those british accents and classic good looks drive you crazy, then Blake Mason will be the answer to your prayers.

Man oh Man – honestly, what can I say? When Zac’s application (and those private pictures) arrived on Blake Mason’s PC, they said that they had to go take a cold shower! I mean, he is just such a hot specimen of manhood that you can’t help but get all hot and flustered under the, ummmm… collar? Do you buy that? OK, ok… maybe my raging flush was just a little bit lower down.

Here’s what Blake Mason themselves had to say about Zac:
“So let’s just pretend we’re not all just a little bit “sticky” from his preview pictures for a moment. Let’s focus on the man’s personality. ( I know, you hate it when I get serious…) Anyway, he is just a total dream guy – polite, humorous, courteous, generous… man, even my mother would love to have this one as her son-in law! But let’s ignore my mother right now… I know where I’d like this fucking fit fella to be… cuddled up next to me in bed, that’s where! No doubt you want to know about his endless work-out sessions in the gym, the way he moans and groans for the camera, pants like a man intent on getting off, licks himself, jerks away at his lovely uncut cock, spunks like a real man… I sure hope you’ve got a membership at Blake Mason right now, so that you can find out! ;-)”

I have to agree with Blake Mason on that count. Zac certainly has the power to inspire a person to become a member at the site!

Zac from!


Satu loves to wrestle with his buddies

Satu is the rough and tumble sporty type that loves physical action. He is a player and never sits on the sideline. He loves to wrestle with his hot buddies and gets into some playful horseplay.

Take swing at him while he is working out on his cam, and get into some body to body contact. He is quick and confident and always hits his target full force. Fight for the top position or submit  and let him be king and  take full control.


Ghepard is hard at work

Ghepard is a hot and hung stud that until now, only imagined in your nastiest dreams. You have seen his type working shirtless on a construction site and fantasized about him doing some hard work on you. Go now to his live webcam and take full advantage of his heavy equiptment.

His perfectly balanced body and ripped six pack will rub up against yours and make you submit and give into your animal instinct. Ghepard is an addicting piece of perfect manhood.


Pongor is good to go now

When you want nothing more than to get in and get the party started, Pongor is the perfect webcam chat host. Pongor is ready and willing and able to provide whatever you may desire.

He has a tightly muscled and ripped body that will get your attention the moment you join him online. Take him private and take in every inch! Pongor provides complete service that  you will want to have over and over again.

Jun Tickle a Jock Stud!

Happy Friday my friends. Sorry I didn’t get to post my blog the other day, I had my buddy fill in for me so I could take a day off. So you would think that my day off was filled with laying out on the beach, watching a good movie or doing something productive – you would think right? On the contrary, instead I caught up on the many porn sites I have neglected to look at and during the process found some new ones, including

Admit it, when you hear the name Master Lewis it’s not a name that calls to mind preppy masculine boys. Instead assless chaps and leather come to mind, right? Wrong! Master Lewis is indeed filled with 100 percent hot boys that have never experienced the “certain” fetish that Master Lewis loves – wait for it – tickling!! The dozen or so guys I checked out were straight – but that’s what I like so it was right down my alley, plus the added fetish of tickling this novices was only a PLUS!

Let me tell you, there’s something about amateur sites that just makes me blow my load faster than watching a DVD. And if I can be frank, I also like sites that are simple. I don’t want my porn sites to have Flash or confusing prompts – simplicity is key and that’s what you get with


So the boys, the boys, let’s talk about these lads! When I accessed the site this morning Master Lewis was featuring “Tiki.” The tatted stud is said to be “a hot, straight surfer dude from Hawaii who loves to party.” Master Lewis says that Tiki (pictured above) was referred by a fellow model who told the Master that Tiki is incredibly ticklish but hates to be tickled – of course Master was all over that shit!

You better believe I purchased a membership right away!!!

Are you curious as to where this site came from? The first model you see (check out his picture above) on is a blond jock holding a football. The description of this guy says that the whole tickle fetish site began by featuring this 21-year old uncut bombshell! According to the description it says “Now you don’t only see this god being worshipped but you can also see him being tied and tickled or doing the tickling in many videos!”

Other hot studs on this site are Jed, Mason and Alan – total packages and worth the membership! The other nice thing about are the more than 5,000 pictures, video clips, live web shows and original photos!

Okay, I gotta jet guys – I turned myself on by just talking about these muscle Adonis’!

To those of you in the Chicago, New York, and San Francisco area have a happy and safe Pride!



Luthando keeps on pumping

Luthando is a hot twink god who will have you down on your knees and worshipping at his feet. His outgoing personality and sexy demeaner will win you over and you will want to be one of his new friends.

His live webcam shows are scorching hot, and he excells at group activities. One of his favorite positions is 69, and he is always good for more than one round of action. Check out Luthando and see why he is quickly earning a reputation as one of our hottest male models.


Saudeep goes nice and deep

Saudeep has a dark and exotic, masculine sexuality. He is confident yet extremely friendly. He knows what a man wants and he knows how to get your temperature up with just one look.

He gets into nice long hot oil massages and loves to hear some hot music when he is having sex. His sole  focus is the intense and taboo pleasures of two hot men together as one. Nothing gets in the way of Saudeep getting what he needs and giving you what you deeply desire.


Josh Tucker and Tigger Suck and Fuck on!

Images from!

Wait until you see what You Love Jack has got in store for you this time!

Josh Tucker and Tigger made their homemade gay porn video in a hotel room in Las Vegas and these two twinks are really into each other! The gay sex action starts with the guys laughing and stripping before making out with passionate deep kissing. They can’t wait any longer and immediately Tigger’s lips are wrapped around Josh’s already hard cock. Tigger loves sucking cock by the looks of things as he bobs his head up and down and around making love to Josh’s pole. Josh is in heaven and he just lays back and enjoys the cock service Tigger is giving him.

But turnabout is fair play and Josh swaps positions with Tigger and starts slobbering all over Tigger’s perfect uncut cock. Tigger’s got more than a blowjob in mind though, and grabs a condom and slips on his rock hard dick. He leans in and kisses Josh hard and long as he slips his cock deep in Josh’s ass. He’s in total heaven but 4 pumps in Josh can’t take it any more and slips off Tigger’s raging hard on. Josh has never bottomed before and four pumps from that giant Canadian cock were enough for him!

Soon, Josh is on his back and Tigger is shoving his cock deep down his throat from above. Josh wants tiggers cum load on his chest and he goes to town on Tigger’s cock one more time. You can actually see Tigger’s dick get harder and harder as Josh slobbers all over it and takes it deepin in his throat.

Just when you think Tigger’s dick might pop, Josh pulls it out of his mouth and looks up into Tigger’s eyes as he strokes his new buddy’s perfect 7 inches to a creamy load all over his chest. 7 shots of cum land on Josh and Tigger doesn’t lose a beat before he’s got his mouth on Josh’s cock returning the favor. Tigger grins with pride as he gets his new fuck buddy off with his mouth and hand. He’s so proud that he hops off the bed and grabs the cam for a closeup of both loads.

These guys know how to get it on! It’s incredibly hot fucking and sucking gay sex action and it’s homemade, too!

All of YouLoveJack’s homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they’ll play on your IPOD – so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

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