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Laim is gorgeous and sexy

Wow! I cannot say enough about Laim. He is tall and hot, blonde and nicely buffed, and really incredible in bed. His sexual magnetism will grab you deep inside and not let go. He has perfect skin that tightly covers his sexy young body.

You will agree with me after you chat with him online. He has a beautiful chest and a sexy goody-trail that runs to his huge endowment. Its the path that you want to take and you can have him to yourself now. He is online and waiting for you. You better hurry-he has many admirers ready to take him now.


Gadenish has the goods

He is tall and lean and knows exactly how to use his body. Gadenish is sleek and sexy and will have you on your knees begging for more. Check him out when he is live on his webcam and try to resist him.

He loves to show off his hot body and he knows exactly how to get and keep your attention. Follow his sexy goody trail to his super snug underwear, then go private where he will show you every inch of himself. Great face and amazing body and a hot and sexy personality- he can be all yours if you want him. Try and resist.

Jul What’s Sexier Than A Man Shaving?

“Rise & Shine” brings big hunky Brent back to BukBuddies. Brent is another true “guy next door” type and this, his third feature with BukBuddies, showcases his outgoing and relaxed personality – plus his spontaneous smile and facial expressions and his just plain “hot” bod.

“Rise & Shine” presents 226 high-resolution pics and 2 downloadable video clips including pics of sexy Brent shaving. The first clip is 4-5 minutes in length and the second is a 10-12 minute clip offered in Windows Media Player format which is easily downloadable to your PC for your personal enjoyment anytime.

Brent’s been doing a lot of landscaping this summer, so when he walked into the studio all hot and sweaty it seemed only natural for BukBuddies to shoot his set in the bathroom. They started with the basics such as having Brent do some touch-up shaving. You’ll want to see his reaction when he realizes that he has accidentally smeared “lube” on his face instead of shaving cream! Woops! We know – it’s “priceless.” With the shaving accomplished, Brent demonstrates the fine art of brushing his teeth, with lots of great open-mouth shots as he playfully teases the camera.

Next follows a great shower scene. Brent lets it all hang out as he soaps up and rinses off all the sweat and grime accumulated after a long, hard day outside. And yes, he does make sure to get all those special spots and those hard to reach places squeaky clean. After the shower, there’s an excellent series of shots with a yellow towel.

The set culminates with Brent sitting on the john and jerking off. But there’s more! It’s one hell of a J/O set, but you’ll love the comment Brent made when we suggested that he do his shot while sitting on the hopper. His words were, “I can relate to that.” Haha. features the biggest and best original photos of straight, amateur guys and hot men shaving on the net, with 72 exclusive models and over 22,000 original photos. In addition to the members section, there’s a huge free area where you can browse an alphabetical listing of every one of their gorgeous models!

What members get at BukBuddies:

  • Over 129 hot hunky guys
  • All types of guys with varied looks along and access to their previous features
  • Over 55,000 high quality original photos by Derek, a photographer with an eye for what you want to see.
  • Full access to over 235 archived video clips in downloadable Windows Media format

Swing on this Vine

Vine is a hot Learn more here &service=guys&mp_code=f48h&source_code=blog_rss”>young stud with plenty of time to spend with you online. He looks like an underwear model with an amazing body and bulging package. Open his package and take a swing on his Vine. Hold on tight – you won’t want to lose your grip.

When you go into a private chat with Vine, it’s just the two of you in his chat room. You can say and do anything you want and he responds very nicely. Sometimes actions speak louder that words and if his body could talk- it would be shouting, “sex!”.


Riky is ready for love

Riky has an gorgeous face that you just want to kiss all over. All over his neck, down to his chest and down to the nice v shape at his lower abs. Ask nicely and he will unzip and show you the most beautiful part of himself.

Riky is looking for a man to help him satisfy certain desires…the desire to be with a man who will love him and take care of him forever. After just one session on his live webcam, you will want to be that man. If you think you have what it takes to win Riky’s affections, log into his live chat room and show him what you are made of.


Boreto plays ball like a man

Boreto overflows with sex appeal and carnal charisma. He is tough and masculine, yet very easy to get close with. He is always looking for new friends, and the live chats in his webcam room tend to be very stimulating. His body is simply amazing.

Go private with Boreto and he is sure to get a rise out of you. He will show off his body and drive you insane with desire to be with him alone and in private. He will tailor a show specifically to your wants and desires. Boreto is dark and sensuos and he will open you up to new experiences and leave you aching for more and more.


Home Made Jack Off Dare from!

How did we ever live without Ever since they started featuring the web’s hottest homemade gay porn videos, we’ve been glued to our computers for their weekly updates. In fact, it’s hard to imagine a time before YouLoveJack. How empty life must have been back then!

This week’s model, Michael R., is a hip and scruffy specimen of hotness. Just wait until you hear his story:

Michael R included a note with his homemade gay porn video to let YouLoveJack know exactly why he was sending it in. Apparently he had lost a bet – and appearing on YouLoveJack was the wager!

Michael said, “My asshole friends gave me a choice – make this gay video for the site or they’d shave off all my hair. Even my fucking eyebrows! So here it is. Post it or whatever. Just fucking get it over with. I can’t fucking believe this!”

So… We’ve got a straight guy who makes bad bets but would rather show off for a bunch of gay guys than shave his eyebrows. I wonder how this is going to turn out…

Insert evil laugh here.

He starts out fully clothed and the poor guy is positively tortured about what he’s doing. You can tell the whole time he’s on the brink of calling it all off. Imagining what he’d look like with no eyebrows. Stopping, hesitating… almost calling it off then continuing. It’s great to see him battle through in his mind and get on with paying off his bet.

Finally the clothes come off and buddy here is kinda hot! He’s slim and trim – not gym perfect, but fit looking anyway. He definitely has a bit of a six pack going on which looks hot from any angle. His hair is medium length with floppy bangs and he’s got that dopey face that so many straight guys get when they grow their hair a little bit. Not bad at all…

He gets over his initial indecision and starts to play with his cock. He’s watching a video a little bit you can tell (his eyes dart over to the TV once in a while) but as soon as he’s hard it’s all hands on dick. And what a dick!

What is it with straight guys and their big dicks lately? This guy’s sporting nearly 8 inches fully hard (he only has a chub in the preview pic) and it’s rock solid as he lays back and furiously beats it. You can tell he’s eager to get through this and he doesn’t hold anything back…

He stands up and really shows off his cock for the camera before laying back down and going for the cumshot, baby! He gives one unknowing look back at the camera – like he can’t believe he’s doing this then lays back and goes to town on his cock. Closer and closer he gets until something starts to happen…

Turns out Michael is one of those “holy shit, I’m freak out” cumshot guys… You know the ones? All of a sudden he starts flopping around on the couch all out of control and moaning like crazy. And he keeps on flipping out like this the whole time cum is shooting out of his cock. For like a whole minute!

Then out of nowhere he just stops moving for a couple of seconds – Did he pass out? Is he dead? No, just resting… Apparently he has to lay completely still for a couple of minutes after every load in order to recover. The whole thing is crazy in an exorcist kind of way!

With all that said and done, he grabs the camera and gets a couple shots of his load before turning it off and turning it in. I don’t care why he made this homemade video – I’m just glad he did. It’s super-hot straight guy jack off action and it’s even hotter knowing why he did it!

All of the homemade gay sex action videos at You Love Jack are presented with NO DRM and they’ll play on your IPOD so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!


Klen will take you to his private oasis

Dark and sexy and ready to take you deeper into your desires than ever have before. Our hot cam model Klen is the perfect tour guide for all things decadent. He will take you on a personal tour of his hot and tight young body, stopping to show you a few finer points along the way.

No passport is needed and the only customs required are the custom live shows he will give you while he is live on his webcam. So sit back, relax and get ready to take a load off with a trip to heaven featuring your personal guide, Klen.


Tedy is more than ready

Tedy is new to live webcamming and he is using this as an outlet to explore his sexuality. There is no doubt that he loves men, but he has not been open about it…until now.

Visit Teddy in his chatroom and introduce yourself to the amazing looking young man. He is charming and sexy and is looking to explore all of his options…with you. Once he gets going there is not stopping him as he gives in to his deepest desires.


boyz in briefs underwear are too hot!

Underwear is HOT!

Underwear is HOT!

Did you know that August 7, 2007 is National Underwear Day?
As we are on the heels of August I thought it would be cool
To tell you all about my favorite fetish and why this weeks
website is probably one of the best sites out there nowadays!

My fetish is underwear!

I’ll admit that I have over 50 pairs of underwear in my collection! From Calvin Klein to Andrew Christian and the plain old white Hanes, underwear is a huge part of who I am! Recently the guy I am dating emailed me this site called BoyzinBriefs, and needless to say I was in utter awe, not taking my eyes off the screen for a few hours.

To have a website dedicated to the fetish of underwear is ingenious to put it mildly! Is there anyone out there that also has a huge underwear fetish? Personally, I like to wear those cheap white Hanes and having my man rip them off of me – yah that’s my favorite! And that was the only disappointing thing about the site, there isn’t a scenario like that – yet! Hmm, maybe I should apply for a job there! But please don’t think this site sucks, oh no, no, no – one scene I feel should be put on the site out of a thousand good things this site has is pretty amazing! So let me tell you why this is my new favorite site, and quite possibly the best site off all time!

Underwear is HOT!

First off BoyzinBriefs doesn’t have just one kind of guy posing for them. The men come in black, white, tall, short, hairy, smooth, twinkish, muscular, cut, uncut, short hair, long hair, tall, short, feminine and butch, yes my friends EVERYTHING!

Also, this site has only cute boys! Most sites have at least a dozen stragglers who just don’t look so good and shouldn’t be photographed – Boyz in Briefs is just the opposite. Virtually all of the guys on the site are perfect, yes perfect!

Joining the site is pretty easy too! BoyzinBriefs gives you three ways to join: credit card, online check or by a 900#! For $12.95 a month you get as much boys in briefs as your little heart desires!


Bart defines college jock

Bart is a goodlooking jock next door type. He has a terrific smile and his athletic background and love of sports has built his body into something incredible. Strong arms and tight abs. Legs of steel and and ass to die for.

His grin will make your knees weak and you will soon be down on them- checking out his huge package. His live webcam room is the place to meet him and get to know him more intimately with a private one on one hook up. Your college jock boy fantasy has come to life, and his name is Bart.


Kaniel likes is dark and mysterious

Sexy twink Kaniel likes to keep his action on the down low. He gets into hooking up with one of his hot male friends but likes to keep it sexy and mysterious. He is not shy, just prefers anonymous encounters on his private webcam.

Take a peak at him while he is in his chat room, and visualize Kaniel with you, alone and eager to get hot and sweaty. Kaniel uses his body to communicate and he speaks the international language. Get in, get down and get off with Kaniel.


One Gi-normous Schlong from! This uncut dick is Huge!

Matt from!

Did you just do a double take? If so, don’t feel bad. I did, too. Is his huge schlong really that gi-normous? It is! That boy has a dick like a statue. So I knew I had to share it with you. It should come as no surprise that this pretty specimen of manhood comes to us from, home to some of the web’s sexiest young objects of desire.

If you cruise on over and actually join (well worth the investment) you’ll actually be able to watch Matt’s 24-min solo video jerk and jizz session.

Matt is a 19 year old surveyor, 6 foot tall, with a 30-inch waist and an 11.5 inch uncut dick. You read right, ladies and sirs. 11.5 inches! And his thin frame only makes his huge dick look all the more intimidating. But then again – I say intimidating. But I know dozens more of you are looking at the photo of him sitting (further down) dreaming of sliding down onto that massive schlong to show it the love and attention that it deserves.

Matt from!

Here’s how the site describes virile young Matt:

“Young… hung… in fact very, very well hung…and very much full of cum! Yep, Matt H is quite a sight to behold when his massive uncut cock is either soft or hard. But it’s his great personality that shines through on camera that makes that enormous 11½ inch cock all the better.

Matt H has got that cute, devilish face which matches his boy next door personality perfectly. And it just makes him one of the most fun guys I’ve ever filmed… Totally relaxed, he’s quite the entertainer and he found it difficult to keep his spunk contained.

You see, once that HUGE 11½ inch uncut cock was at full mast, Matt H was just totally in that zone and this guy sure was eager to explode. And when he did spunk, well, I never thought cum could fly through such a big dick as that!”

Matt from!

Don’t fight it. I know there are some size queens in the house and that you’re dying to see Matt’s video. So just go buy a damn subscription. Honestly, you can’t go wrong with Blake Mason. It’s one of the best gay porn sites on the net, so just take the plunge. After all, you can always cancel. But somehow I doubt you’ll want to if they manage to keep finding hot guys like Matt!



He has been online just a short time and is already making a huge name for himself. Stephenn is about as beautiful and hung as a man can  get, and he is also very friendly and looking for new friends and has an invite for you.

Visit him online in his free webcam chat and then go for a hot and intense one on one session with him in private.  His rock hard abs and mountains of muscle will convert you to one of his admirers. Try to resist him and he will push harder and make you all his own. He is ready and waiting for you now- can you resist?


Achill gets the job done and then some

With a body built by Gods and the charm of a movie star, Achill is a dream come true for fans of hot and superhung studs. With ease he can seduce you and work you into the heat of passion, and make your body feel things you have never experienced before.

His free live webcam show is the starting point. Say “hello” to Achill and then get ready for one of the most instense and deeply sexual experiences ever. Imagine him being all yours for as long as you desire…your mouth will water with anticipation.


Berk continues to work everyone into a frenzy

Berk continues to wow his fans and make new ones with his extremely sexy and seductive live web shows. He has his own party going on when he is online. He moves to the rythmn of his music and gives sexy winks and shows you why latin men are the best lovers around.


He never fails to satisfy and he really loves being online. You can tell by his personality and by the way his body reacts to being worshipped. He always has a new trick up his sleave and loves to get a little bit kinky and take things to the edge. Berk is bound to please and ready to roll now.


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