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River from!

River from!

Check out these brand new images of sultry model River from! His full-length movie debuts this weekend, but we’ve got these steamy photo screen-captures of River’s jerk off video for you a few hours early – just to whet your appetite!

River is the best friend of previous FratMen models Chase and Steve. What wouldn’t most of us give to be a fly on the wall when THOSE three frat buddies get together?! Perhaps if we’re good then will one day make a video like that for us! River is an engineering student from Malibu who likes to spend his spare time rock climbing and mountain biking (and getting naked and jerking off.) Which makes perfect sense if you take a good look at his incredible body.

River from!

At you’ll find a sizzling hot collection of images and videos featuring hard-bodied college jocks from campuses all over America.

Besides River, here are hundreds of models you can choose from at No matter what your type is, you’ll find something to love. Brunettes, blondes, even redheads – they’ve got something for everyone at

No matter how hard you studied (or got) in college, you can’t have kept your eyes from wandering onto all the gorgeous men on campus. If you ever drooled over the college jocks (but never managed to get one alone in the locker room) then here’s your chance to see them up close and personal, underneath their uniforms.

River from! offers 100% original content, featuring expertly shot videos of young frat guys getting naked, as well as hi-res photographs. They also offer regular live video chats with the models each week where you can interact with the FratMen models at no extra cost. And if you don’t have time to watch the live shows, you can still catch the fun by watching the archived versions. Members also gain access to a 24/7 chat room where they can talk to other members, and many guys come by every night to shoot the breeze (among other things!) features guys who are the cream of the crop – the good looking sort of guys you’d find on any college campus or sunny beach. Many of them are actually straight, too. There are no teasers here. Every single model features a gallery of photos and a set of videos where he starts off clothed, strips down, and then eventually jerks off and cums.

There are some great deals for both recurring and non-recurring memberships – plus some great preview videos for non-members – so you can’t go wrong with!

River from!


Get Your Blatino Porn Fuck Flixx Here

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

I’ll admit it, I’m usually not too keen on black porn.

I am a porn aficionado by nature and can usually find redeeming qualities about almost any kind of porn that most would label as either weird or just bad porn. The last few months I have been walking the streets of Los Angeles craving for some dark meat. Searching online for a site that could satisfy my curiosity I finally found Blatino Porn

After becoming a member I researched the site and found out that FuckFlixx is apart of porn star Tiger Tyson’s empire of porn also called Pitbull Productions. This fine looking, ultra hung brotha pretty much owns everything that has to do with blatino / black porn these days.

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

I had a chance to meet him and not only is he as hot looking in person as he is on film but you get a sense that this guy really knows what the fuck he is doing. He’s smart, has a great business sense and knows how to use his dick!

The boys on his site also know how to use their dick – but that shouldn’t surprise you! This site has so much content on it I’ve been checking the blatino porn scenes out for a week now and I still feel that I haven’t made a dent in all the content that is available – you rock Tiger!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

As a member of FuckFlixx you get blatino video-on-demand and the scenes can get extremely steamy. If you don’t believe me check out

  • Tiger Romeo and Supreme
  • Bandit and Lotus
  • Nokk and Lil Red
  • Ricky and Chuck

These names might sound funny but their cocks are nothing to joke about – these blatino men are horse hung and love to fuck!

If you’re into movies this site has pretty much any Tiger Tyson/Pitbull Production you want in stock. May I suggest The Show Part 1 & 2 starring Tiger Tyson, Mario Cruz and my favorite hung white boy gay porn star Collin O’Neal. This movie was nominated for a GayVN Award in 2007 and you will see why!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

I guarantee you that FuckFlixx will get your dick hard and your ass twitching if you like blatino porn – and if you don’t like the genre yet go ahead and give yourself a free tour of the site, Tiger Tyson will make you a believer!


Home made porn site on the Dangers of Drinking and Twinking

Joey and Mike from!

Homemade gay porn just rocks. Big productions from major studios are great, but there’s a certain realism and spontaneity that you only get from amateur porn. And is the king of homemade gay sex action videos!

If you’ve been following the site regularly, you’ll probably remember that Joey Sabbath has made a number of homemade gay porn submissions / emissions.

Joey and Mike from!

First we saw him in a solo where he pushed the boundary of acceptable porn names. Next he was blowing his load all over Tristan’s face and letting Tristan do the same to him! And now he’s back – fucking the hell out of some random twink he picked up at a bar!

Joey met Mike a few nights before they shot this. Apparently Mike had seen Joey on the You Love Jack and asked him if they could do a video together. Joey took him for a test drive that night and rather liked it so he said yes. Little did he know what was in store…

Joey and Mike from!

Mike showed up for the shoot a little bit… Oh, how should I say this? HAMMERED. As in drunk as a skunk. Joey was a little bit pissed off but totally horny so he decided to fuck this twink again anyway. So he set up the camera and went to town.

Everything starts out fine… You can tell Mike is a little slow on the draw. But nothing too drastic. The start out kissing on the bed and the clothes come off and things start to heat up. When joey finally gets up to adjust the camera his 7″ boner is almost tearing a hole in his boxers.

After a little more groping Joey realizes that Drunk Mike isn’t rising to the occasion. But this is Joey Sabbath we’re talking about here. So he decides on the spot to fuck the drunken twink. Figuratively AND literally. The little fucker can take it and get nothing in return as payback for showing up for his homemade gay porn video shoot drunk out of his gourd.

Joey and Mike from!

You can see Joey’s attitude change suddenly as Mike becomes a piece of meat to him. He grabs his head and pushes it onto his rock hard cock. Giving the drunk twink just enough encouragement to keep him going. But never stopping his selfish satisfaction.

After he’s had enough of Drunk Mike sucking him off, Joey throws on a condom and tells the twink to get on his knees. Mike sheepishly follows Joey’s instructions. He’s rewarded with a rock hard 7″ cock stuffed up his ass with one sharp jab.

Joey has the camera set up so you get a great look at Drunk Mike’s face while his new buddy opens up his hole with his cock. His expressions are an amazing blend of pleasure and pain as he tells Joey to fuck his ass. Barely a mumble… but Joey hears it and quickens the pace.

Joey and Mike from!

After a couple of minutes Joey sets up the camera on the other side of his bed and stuffs his cock back up Drunk Mike’s ass. You can totally read Joey’s mood from his face as he slams Mike’s ass over and over. This is only about Joey getting off now. It’s a little bit vicious but a whole lot hot!

Joey pulls out just in time to squat over Drunk Mike’s face and dump a load on his chest. He flicks the last little bit of cum out of his cock then reaches for the camera. He accidentally gives Drunk Mike a “teabag” on the way past his nose – perfect!

The whole thing finishes with a quick pan of Drunk Mike’s torso that’s now covered in Joey’s cum. And… scene.

All of‘s homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they’ll play on your IPOD so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

Click through for more free pictures!


Sample the Big Dicks at!

Big dicks at!

Click for a free gallery of images and videos featuring Mauricio!

The Videographer had a great time filming Mauricio, saying not only that Mauricio had a cute, boy next door look, but also the personality to match. So sit back guys and enjoy this well hung amateur!


All right, all you size queens… I’ve got a treat for you today! It’s an amazing mega-site dedicated to men with above-average endowment. Not only that, but I’ve got some great sample pics, each of which will lead you to a different sample gallery with videos and pictures!


Big dicks at!

Click for a free gallery of images and videos featuring Michael, Tag, Eric, and Jason!!

What ever you do, don’t miss this video. It features some of the hottest big dick fucking you will ever see, with Eric Campbell and Michael Brandon fucking away at hungry bottoms Tag Adams and Jason Dean. Things get so horny in this vid that even big, black top Campbell wants a piece of Brandon’s world famous big dick. Young and muscled-up Tag Adams gives one of the best performances of his career here, and the final cum shots are lustfully good.

========== is a brand new site dedicated to photographing and filming guys with bigger than average cocks. They are either porn stars shot by Raging Stallion Studios in San Francisco or amateurs that we’ve photographed and filmed in Australia, Canada, the United States and Brazil. Many of them are gay. However, lots of those that only appear in solo photosets and videos are straight guys who were happy to drop their pants for the money and the chance to show off their big cocks.

Members at also get:

  • Amateur Video
  • Amateur Pics
  • Porn Star Video
  • XXX Cinema
  • Comics
  • Porn Blog
  • Live Cams

At you get it all. So if big dicks are your thing, then this is the mega-site you’ve been waiting for!


Big dicks at!

Click for a free gallery of images and videos featuring Michael Brandon and Michael Starr!

Big Brandon gives it hard and fast to slut bottom skin head Michael Starr. And boy does Starr take Brandon’s big cock in his mouth and ass well. He deep throats his 10 inch cock nearly every time it is thrust into his hungry mouth. Brandon growls so loudly when he cums that you may need to turn the volume down on your PC.


The Amateur Guys Next Door

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

If you don’t get Cybersocket in your neck of the world then let us catch you up on who our featured amateur porn star Cybermodel was for the month of August.

As the Summer of 2007 comes to a close we really wanted to make the last Cybermodel as hot as the summer was. We wanted an amateur model who would leave our readers with a lasting impression of what a porn star should look like. Further more we wanted to give you guys, the readers, a porn star from a great porn studio on the Internet – the obvious choice was Next Door Male!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Before getting into Marcus, our featured model, if you’ve never been to their site they have some of the most beautiful men on the planet on their site. Also in the August issue (available online) they showed us their other new exclusive “Ricky M” (above). If the name rings a bell, so will the face! This Latin stud looks almost identical to pop singer Ricky Martin, minus the tattoos! Dare we say that Ricky M is their hottest model ever? Perhaps if we hadn’t been tempted by Marcus (below) !

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

What is there to say about Marcus (below) that you can’t already see? When NextDoorMale sent us his picture and we laid eyes on his beautiful uncut cock, perfect ass, and sculpted abdominals we knew that he would be perfect for our August porn star edition. We predict great things for Marcus!
Check out our Q&A with Marcus below!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Are you gay or straight? Straight, but bi-curious.

How old are you? 24 yrs old.

Where are you from originally? Montreal, Quebec, Canada.

How did you get your porn name? Spin off of my real name.

Was your first scene uncomfortable? No, as a matter of fact it was pretty easy and comfortable.

Have you done a male on male scene yet? No, but they are asking for it!

Do you consider yourself more of a top or a bottom? I have not got there yet, so I do not know.

How big is your cock? Cut or Uncut? 9″ uncut, it’s a very pretty dick.

How long do you see yourself in porn? As long as people want to see me!

Who is your favorite porn star. Gay or Straight. Straight – Peter North, he’s a stud!

Where do you see yourself in five years? Hopefully making money and still going strong/hard.

Does your family know what you do for extra cash? No.

What do your friends think about this new occupation? They think it’s cool.

Is there anyway fans can get a hold of you? Sure at

If you are interested in becoming a member of Next Door Male you should do it now. Loaded with 100% straight guys, 100% straight amateurs, and 100% studs, Next Door Male has some great membership rates including:

  • 55¢ / day – 180 days membership – Total charge: $98.95 – Best deal! Save 45%
  • 77¢ / day – 90 days membership – Total charge: $68.95 – Save 25%
  • 99¢ / day – 30 days membership – Total charge: $29.95

The boys next door are waiting!


Doctor Helps Twinks Give Semen Samples!

Naked Twink Exams at!

Are you ready for your check up? That’s the tag-line at today’s featured site, If you’ve ever fantasized about being molested by a semen hungry sexy doctor in his office, then this is a site you will definitely appreciate!

Twink Clinic casts some of the Internet’s sexiest twinks in the role of patient, and equally sexy hunks as semen hungry doctors. Things usually start out a little awkward. After all, no one likes to strip naked for the doctor. And then there’s the dreaded prostate exam… So many things go through a twink’s fevered young mind at such times: “Can he tell that I just got fucked by a huge dick last night? What if I get a hard-on while he’s examining me?” It’s every twink’s worst nightmare. Lucky for us, it always seems to come true at

Naked Twink Exams at!

As doctors examine their patients, massage stiff muscles, and probe young twink bodies, all sorts of mischief is afoot. At you’ll find all of your doctor/twink patient fantasies coming to life as these twinks suck and get sucked off by their doctors, get fucked on the examining table, and send semen samples flying every which way.

This is one of the best bargains I’ve ever brought to your attention. In addition to the huge number of high-quality, top-notch videos and photos that you’ll find as a member at, your membership also gives you access to 8 ADDITIONAL SITES for FREE!

Naked Twink Exams at!

Members at can also access these other high quality sites:


1 Price = All of those sites, with weekly updates, downloadable MPG and WMV movies, tons of high resolution pictures, and DVD quality movies. Plus you get secure and private transactions and dedicated customer support 7 days a week.

Naked Twink Exams at!

And right now they are offering a special deal (you’ll see it when you get to the last page of the tour) where you can get one month free. You pay for two months and get 3 months worth of access to all the sites. AND – you can even try out a 3-day trial membership for only $2.95!

All 9 sites that you can access offer:

  • Unlimited access to all content
  • DVD Quality movies & High-res pictures
  • All content is downloadable
  • Ability to build your own collection
  • Exclusive content that’s updated daily
  • Exclusive live shows

Naked Twink Exams at!

If you’re horny for twinks and you’ve got a gay doctor fantasy, I’ve got the prescription for what ails you…!


Self Fingering Cool Hand Luke From!

Luke from!

Check out Luke, the newest contributor to! If you ask me, Luke looks like a 6’4″ twink version of John Lennon. Once he’s fully naked you realize that his twink body combined with that gigantic cock head means it doesn’t matter who he reminds me of… this one is just pure hot!

He’s cute as a button but he’s still a little uncomfortable so his intro is short but sweet. After a couple seconds of feeling himself through his jeans he whips off his clothes and lubes up that dick.

Luke from!

You can already see how big his cock head is. It’s BIG. Big as in, “Is that the mayor of Lidsville in your pocket or are you just glad to see me?” big. Once it’s all glistening and slippery he sits back and relaxes while his slowly massages his sensitive shaft.

Next thing you know his legs are in the air and he’s spreading his butt cheeks to give you a perfect view of his perfect asshole. Seriously – this is a fine looking asshole. Pink and smooth – barely, if ever used. He pulls on his sphincter and spreads his hole a little bit.

Luke asks the camera if it wants to see him stick a finger in and then slips his middle finger into his perfect hole for a little self fingering session. His eyes roll back in his head as the sensation takes control of him. He likes it!

He proceeds to go to town on his butthole. Driving his fingers deeper and deeper in his ass. This is one of the most erotic displays of self fingering I’ve ever seen.

Luke from!

After moving the camera to give himself a closer shot you can see that his cock head looks like it might burst. He’s rock hard and he can’t keep his eyes off his own cock.

His mouth pops open just a little bit and a tiny bit of cum oozes out of his rock hard boner. This is followed by a huge flow of cum that drips from that big cock head and lands on his legs. Luke keeps stroking himself long after the cum has stopped making you wonder if he’d ever stop fucking once he started! But eventually he drops his head back on the chair and with a sigh, he relaxes.

He sits there for a second before popping his head up to take a look at the mess he made. Without thinking he reaches down and runs his fingers through his cum then licks them clean before relaxing one last time. This rockstar look-a-like is spent!

All of the homemade gay sex action videos at You Love Jack are presented with NO DRM and they’ll play on your IPOD so that you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!

Luke from!


Here’s the Cream Filling! We Love Twinks!

Cream Twinks Galore

Any preconceived notions you’ve ever had about cream twinks throw them out the window.

I will admit it, Scotty B has never been a true lover of twinks. Don’t hate me, but twinks were never my forte. Honestly, some websites have some drop dead gorgeous cream twinks that definitely do the trick, however if I ever went out to a club to cruise I would never set my sights on taking a twink home. Call me crazy, I know. But I assure you that all that changed when I checked out OMG if you haven’t seen their site yet please do and then come back to this blog so you know what I am talking about!

I know some other twink sites have left you with a bad taste. The models either look malnourished or too old for the age the site says they are. You know what I am talking about right? Twinkorama is your new essential twink site that will turn you into a twink enthusiast.

We originally heard about this site from a fellow colleague of our and when he initially described it you would’ve thought God landed in his backyard, when I logged onto the site and saw the model above we were convinced to join.

Twinkorama is only $19.95 a month to join at a recurring rate and $45.95 non-recurring for a 90-day subscription.

Still skeptical about joining what is soon to be your new favorite hotspot site? Twinkorama is worth membership fee and if you’re not convinced by the high quality downloadable video clips and thousands of hot photos of masculine, stud boy twinks, then you’ll be convinced by the over 100 models they have featured. Wow, that’s a lot of jacking off!

Cream Twinks Galore

Twinks Galore

Look at what else you get with your membership!

  • Squirtz brings you some of the hottest young guys from the streets of Montreal, Canada weekly including high quality photos and video clips weekly!
  • Montreal Boys Live! This hardcore, live interactive video chat room will provide you 40 hours of live action with integrated sound, every week, from Wednesday to Sunday, with re-broadcasts of the latest live-to-tape show highlights at all other times.
  • LiveTwinksCam You can talk to Twinks nightly or sit back and watch all the action develop! Enjoy one- on-one experiences with these cute guys!
  • Twinks Cream Galore

Some of our favorite models include the insatiable Hector (above) loaded with a pretty dick and a perky and smooth bubble ass! Anthony (below) is a stud as well. He is lean and muscled, but if his body doesn’t catch your eyes than his stunning eyes will surly lure you in!

Twink Galore

My overall opinion of this site? A+ these boys are deliciously hot and should go straight to my bedroom!


All Aboard the Bait Bus for some hot gay porn!

What does it take for a straight guy to go gay? Not much at From the makers of BangBus come some of the most twisted, bizarre films ever made.

So here’s the BaitBus schtick, in a nutshell… A guy and a girl drive around in the ordinary looking but infamous BaitBus, looking for a horny young straight guy who looks pliable. They call over their mark and the girl flirts with him, getting him into the bus. Before long the guy agrees to let the girl give him a blowjob. But only with a blindfold. Once the guy is blindfolded, the BaitBus dude starts sucking him off.

Once the guy is really into it, it’s revealed that he’s being sucked off by the BaitBus dude. But it’s alright, because the girl is still there saying how hot it is. Now that the guy is worked up, it doesn’t usually take much more effort to get him to fuck the BaitBus dude. And that’s how they roll in the BaitBus

Who does this kind of thing?! You’d think they would at least occasionally end up with a big knuckle sandwich as a result of all their tomfoolery. But they seem to have a knack for finding guys who will just go with the flow.

Occasionally the girl gets in on the action too, but usually she’s just there as an enabler to make it feel like less of a homosexual experience for the guys who are getting baited.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, then click on through for a huge library of BaitBus adventures caught on tape and in photographs – with new guys being baited regularly.


Latino boys from Miami –!


Why do I love gay porn industry, Miami so much? I think the infamous song by Will Smith sums it up the best “Can yall feel me all ages and races, real sweet faces. Every different nation Spanish, Hatian, Indian, Jamaican, black, white, Cuban, and Asian. I only came for two days of playing But every time I come I always wind up stayin’. This the type of town I could spend a few days in – Miami the city that keeps the roof blazin’!” The song was, well awful but the lyrics do the city justice!

Miami has always had a great influx of hot boys from around the globe and gay porn industry, has always done a good job at representing the city of Art Deco, pristine beaches and brown boys with uncut cocks!


The guys on the site range from pretty, well-groomed boys, to tattooed, thugged out guys. Oh, let’s not forget about the hairy ones with the hairy crotch – these are among the best on the site and have seem to become gay porn industry, MiamiBoyz trademark, check out the guy above for instance!

No doubt, if you like nice pieces of meat gay porn industry, MiamiBoyz has it for you! Some boys we have our eye on are: Rolando, Enrique, Angel and Chico (below). Something about gay porn industry, Chico’s boyish looks makes us instantly hard. Perhaps it’s because he is straight, 18, has a great ass and a nice uncut cock!


LATE BREAKING NEWS!!! We never knew that gay porn industry, MIamiBoyz started pulling guys off the streets of Los Angeles too! Wow, we are impressed that MiamiBoyz is starting to go national and showcase the world of hot boys all across the United States!

This is the other great stuff that MiamiBoyz offers too – and at a inexpensive price of gay porn industry, $19.95 a month why wouldn’t you want to be a member??

Members get:

  • Exclusive Latin Models from the streets of Miami and L.A.!
  • New Straight Uncut Latino added each Friday!
  • Streaming video clips complete with cum shots!
  • Hot Fiction and True Life Sex!
  • 4 BONUS Sites! More than any other Latin site!
  • Full length Latino XXX movies!
  • Dick Show with new model each Thursday and streaming video cum shots! FREE
  • DAILY LIVE Webcam show with HOT Latin Model! Chat and then get off with him!
  • ENJOY!!!


Udell erupts like a volcano

Udell is stunning. He has a flawless body and is ripped and built like a gift from the heavens above. His body is lean and muscled and his veins ripple under his tight olive skin.

Udell is aware of his sexual attraction to others, yet he is also very much into pleasing his lover as much as being pleased himself. He knows how to work his tool and get into all the tight spots and relieve every inch of stress your body holds inside. He will use all of himself to seduce you, excite you and release your every need and desire. Get him while he is hot– he is live, now on his free webcam.


Keir is here for you

When you think of your ultimate male fantasy, what comes to mind? Is it a handsome face and a sexy body? Or is it purely animalistic lust? If you like all the above with a hot stud who is packing a huge piece, then Keir is the option you desire.

He is new to the webcam chat scene, but that has not stopped him for going full steam ahead and letting go of any and all inhibitions. He is extremely virile and is ready for a private show at a moments notice. His camera will show you things extremely up close and personal– its as good as being their yourself. And, you can hang out with him on your own time, and be completely anonymous- only you will know.


Real Twink Taylor From!

Check out these 2 great shots of Taylor from!

I just discovered a site called It sells a monthly membership (like most porn sites) but the cool thing is that your one membership gives you access to five completely different premium XXX gay sites. You get access to:

  • and

Each of these sites is great on their own and they each cater to a different sort of guy. But since a lot of the readers are real twink fans, I thought I’d talk about the twink offering that you get with your membership, TrueTwinks.

The TrueTwinks name pretty much says it all, in that these are all real twinks who are between the ages of 18-22 – and they’re all stunning. The two shots of Taylor plus the two additional guys at the bottom of the review are all perfect examples of the type of young guys you’ll find on offer at real TrueTwinks.

TrueTwinks offers:

You also get full-length feature movies with the hottest twink superstars in the “TrueTwinks Theatre” featuring solo, 1-on-1, and group boy action! Plus you can stroke along to some of the most riveting one-handed fiction ever written, all illustrated with red hot boys who bring the stories to life with their sexy faces, smooth young chests, and eager young asses. And True Twinks also produces it’s own exclusive real twink video clips.

So for breathtaking young twinks, look no further than, which you can gain access to as a part of a 5-site special deal at!


Barbo never says no

Barbo gets a rush from being watched on his webcam. He loves to show off and really gets into being watched while he strips down and pleasures himself. Knowing that you are there with him makes his pulse race and his temperature rise in all the right places.

His secret desire is to have one or more men watching him and directing him to do as they wish. He never says no to any request and he enjoys being on his cam as much as possible. If you are looking for a sexy young man who is eager to please- Barbo is your man.


Aidan Lance goes both ways

Aidan is hot and sexy skater boy who likes to cruise both guys and girls. His body is an erotic masterpiece, that he can use to put under his spell. He has many fantasies to share with you and maybe a few others on his live webcam.

One of his fantasies is to be with a man and a woman at the same time. He can take turns giving it deep to both of them, and begging him to never stop. There is something extremely appealing about a man who likes men and women.You will love him.


Broke Straight Boys Go Gay For Pay!

The weekend is almost here, so it’s time for the Friday Gay for Pay Porn Post! I found some very hot, very wank-able photos for you this week, so you may want to take a moment to get comfortable! The photos this week are from And keep in mind that these are just the teaser shots. Things get a lot more explicit at the Broke Straight Boys site, but hey – we try to keep things classy here at GayPornucopia, you know? Hehe. So on with the gay for pay show…

The boys at BrokeSraightBoys are very hot and very straight, but most of all they are terribly broke. Rather then lose their apartments and/or girlfriends, they’d rather do some sexual things on camera with some other guys to earn a little bit of quick, easy cash. It’s not hard to rationalize about such things nowadays, since the Internet is such a big place -right?! This is gay for pay at its greatest.

Gay for pay BrokeStraightBoys does updates twice a week, posting videos in Windows Media, Quicktime, and Real Video formats. So regardless of what kind of computer or browser you’re using, everything will work. The videos also come in 4 different speeds to cater to different levels of bandwidth. And perhaps best of all is the fact that you can download all the clips and save them for later on or for on-the-go viewing. actually won an award for Best New Gay Sex Site of 2006 – and it’s easy to see why. They consistently feature hot, young, and uninhibited guys. If you’re not sure you want to purchase a full month’s membership, you can opt for a trial membership that will grant you either 7, 11, or 20 days worth of access. You can think of it as paying with your own money to turn these guys gay.

Did I lie about these photos being hot? But remember – there are a lot more where these came from, and you won’t have to leave anything to your imagination once you click through and try out Have a good weekend and I’ll have more gay for pay porn for you on Monday!

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