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Dylan, Derek, and Thomas from!

Check out these hot pics of Dylan Skylar from! The JustUsBoys crew met Dylan on an online chat forum and even though he lived in Los Angeles there was something about him that made them really want to shoot nasty gay photos and videos of him for So when they were on their last trip to Los Angeles they knew they had to set up a shoot with him. As soon as Dylan walked in the door there was something about his openness that was very refreshing and they could tell that this was going to be a fun shoot. When the camera started rolling, the clothes went flying – and Dylan wasted no time getting that beautiful 7-inch cock of his rock hard so that he could show them exactly how they do things in LA! It’s hard to believe that the crew were able to keep their hands off of this boner-inspiring hottie! That perfect cock just screams out to be sucked! And check out the photo of Dylan showing off his ass on the bed. Yum!

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Now check out Derek and Thomas! JustUsBoys was so enamored with Jerek’s awesome gay dildo play in his first shoot that they decided to share some of his other skills with you as well! This hot oral exam features Jerek and Thomas Bond, both of whom are prime examples of what it means to “Play Well With Others.” You’ll find yourself licking your lips with anticipation as these fine studs give each other some hot gay lip service!

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porn stars pierre fitch and ralph woods online stats

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Don’t let porn star Pierre Fitch’s boyish look and cute smile mistake you for him being innocent – he is anything but, in a good way!

This budding star has been talk of the gay porn industry for numerous years now and if you don’t know too much about him may I be the first to introduce you to his hot, twinkish, uncut boyfriend, porn star Ralph Woods.

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Which one do I like better? Damn that’s hard to decide. Which one do you like better guys? I posted a picture of Pierre Fitch throughout this blog as well as Ralph. The best way to tell them apart is Pierre has all the tattoos, while Ralph is not inked!

While Pierre has done a combo of Internet work as well as video work – I’m a fan of both, however the website that Pierre has is extensive, not only giving prospective fans of what Pierre is like but also giving loyal fans more Pierre than any other place on the web.

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

For people that don’t know about Pierre here are his stats!

Age: 24 years old
Sexual Orientation: Gay
Sexual Position: Versatile
Hair and Eye color: Brown, Brown
Height: 5’6”
Weight: 155lb
Shoe Size: 9
Astrological Sign: Scorpio
Piercings: Nipple
Tattoos: All Over
Favorite Food: Filet Mignon
Favorite TV Show: 24
Oh yah…Cock size: 8” CUT!

Okay, so you’re wondering if it’s a pay site right? Of course it is, but isn’t it worth it seeing Ralph and Pierre fuck from what I just showed you? I also personally enjoy the pictures of Pierre suited up as a jock… very hot!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Want to buy some of his movies? Perhaps his new movie starring Pierre, Ralph, Jamie Donovan, Jordan Michaels, and David Young – this movie is a brand new release that is filled with big dicks, tattoos and lots of cream filling (check out some of the shots from the movie above!)

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

So this is my final verdict if you want to see a hot Canadian boy having sex and showing off with his friends and boyfriend Ralph Woods just buy a membership and start jerking now!


Elliot and Jake Fucking at!

Elliot and Jake from!

Check out Elliot and Jake! These are two of the fucking cutest studs I've seen in weeks, and they're from a site called I know, I know – the URL sounds like a million other ho-hum sites. But once you get there, you'll find out just how amazingly HOT and well done this site is. Elliot and Jake are perfect examples of the sort of hot, horny college dudes they offer.

If you wanna see Elliot jerking off, sucking cock, and getting fucked – go check out the free tour at right now! And then join so that you can see more than just a fucking teaser, because it's definitely worth it.

Here's some more info about Elliot and Jake, plus more photos and video descriptions.

Elliot and Jake fucking!

Elliott used to hang around during shoots with some of the other horny college dudes. One day he pulled the photographer aside and asked him how he could get into modeling, too. Seeing Elliot's adorable smile and his nice toned body, the photographer told him that it wouldn't be a problem at all to start modeling. Elliot is originally from Portland, Oregon and he says: “I play a lot of video games in between studying. Other than that, I've just always wanted to do adult fucking videos, so I think it's pretty cool that I'm getting the chance here on College Dudes 24/7. One of my buddies who was already doing it told me I should give it a try, so I did – and I had a lot of fun.”

Elliot and Jake from!

Jake answered a model ad – and after asking 1000 questions about becoming a model for CollegeDudes24/7, he finally agreed to do a solo shoot. What a great guy! He was a little self-conscious at first, but after you see what Jake has to offer, you'll be convinced that he's a winner. Jake is a horny college freshman – straight and single, but willing to entertain the idea of being with another dude to entertain you all. So keep your eyes out for some guy on guy college action featuring Jake some time soon!

Elliot and Jake from!

Jake and Ellliot both experiences their first man-on-man college sex in this hot JO session. This video is from the College Dudes 24/7 archives. After the great response for Elliott after his solo release, we thought you all would like to see his first time experimenting with another dude. Jake and Elliott had known each other for a while, so this is classic case of two best buddies jerking off. Jake and Elliott both give hot loads in this one, once they start stroking one anothers' hard dicks. Then in another video they take things a step or two further! Not only does Elliott take the plunge and suck some dick, but Jake takes a Big plunge – right up Elliott's ass! But after Elliott gets his, he gives it to Jake, too. This is some hot college fucking action! Our favorite part is when Elliott grabs that HOT ass of Jake's and asks him to go deeper. This scene is too great to miss!

Elliot and Jake from!

Click through to the site now for FREE sample clips in their tour. Then join, because has some of the hottest looking college guys and college sex that I've seen anywhere on the net – with two updates every week! Check it out!


Amateur cum shot by Pierre from! offers some of the most consistently hot footage of amateur, homemade gay porn on the Internet! Week after week, they offer up brand new, self-made gay porn videos from hotties like this week's Pierre!

Well, you all know how I feel about ridiculous porn-names so I won't even go there with this one. Let's just say, he's lucky he's so “hot st. hot” or I'd be all over it! And this Pierre gives one hell of an amateur gay cumshot!

The video starts with St. Pierre dressed in shorts and a t-shirt – which quickly come off to reveal a beautiful tight little body. Fully naked, a little smirk spreads across his face. I wasn't sure if it was nerves or if he was just embarrassed to start his little amateur gay jerkoff video. But it turns out he's just having a blast doing this and can't really keep his enthusiasm bottled up inside.

He grabs the camera and points it at his favorite body part – his abs. I have to say, it's my favorite body part on him too! This guy has a great little body. Not gym refined but toned and fit like you get when you actually play sports. 100% hot! Pierre is the kind of guy that make you wanna get down on your knees and suck him off.

Once he's got himself hard enough to poke your eye out he hops up and turns around to show off his ass to the camera. And a fine ass it is too! He flips around a couple times and gives us some excellent shots as he spreads his cheeks and reveals his tight gay asshole to the camera.

He sets the camera up a bit closer and starts to stroke his rock hard cock again. It's a bright red and shiny mushroom dick with his own spit as he slides the uncut foreskin back and forth over the sensitive head. It gets even harder and it gets even redder. Beautiful.

Pierre makes one more adjustment to the angle so we've got a perfect side view of the action and then settles in for some pretty furious jacking that can only mean the cumshot is on its way. His face is intense with concentration as he stares at his own cock and works himself closer and closer to orgasm. His breathing changes and he starts to moan a little. Softly at first, then a little louder. Just as he's about to cum he looks dead square in the camera and the amateur jizz starts to fly. It's amazing to be able to look into eyes as he blows his load – super personal stuff!

He grabs a few close-up shots of his load before scooping up a bit and he licks the cum off his finger. Good boy, Pierre! A goofy smile follows as he sets the camera back down and relaxes. His beautiful body laid out on the couch as his breathing slowly returns to normal.

And… scene.

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Mike Hancock & HIS Hot Young Amateur MODELS

Mike Hancock

Hey guys, I’m back! Wow, thank you for all the email and positive support about my recent blogs – I appreciate it!

If you remember two weeks ago I counted down my four favorite amateur models from a very popular site – needless to say the response was AMAZING, so this week I want to do the same but with Mike Hancock Studios!

Mike Hancock Studios is like the little studio that could! Numerous times I would have them at my porn shows I used to do over in West Hollywood and while they weren’t as HUGE as other amateur porn studios their models would bring their sexiness, sexual ambitions to the table, leaving all inhibitions at the door.

First off, Mike Hancock is a hot stud in his own right – I’m waiting for him to do his own video for the site. Hancock is a very candid fellow that I would love to see naked, doing a solo scene, but I’m sure that’s not going to happen anytime soon, so we will have to stick to the hot young amateur models he has on his site.

So let’s count down the top four models that I think are extremely hot and I would love to bend over and have my way with – or the other way around! In fact, all the Mike Hancock boys are the most candid, sexual adventurous guys I have ever seen – and it shows on film when they are stroking their cock or fucking another hot young amateur dude. Another thing about these guys that I totally adore is they all don’t have these HUGE, insane cocks, instead their dicks are average size and are formed almost perfectly instead of looking like a toilet plunger – OUCH!


Mike Hancock

Name: Ryan Andrews (above).
Stand Out Trait: The boy says to be straight, but still loves to fuck guys!
Why Scotty B likes him: Ryan has been the cover model stud for Mike Hancock studios since almost day one! Ryan is that perfect combo of a hardcore manly man and a bit of sensitive who probably likes to cuddle after sex.
What Mike Hancock says: Ryan has a 8″X6″ cock that is circumcised. Ryan is a repairman who loves playing baseball and surfing, while his sexual fantasy is to have sex in an orgy.

Mike Hancock

Name: Nicholas Luv (above).
Stand Out Trait: His multiple tattoos!!
Why Scotty B likes him: When we first met Mr. Luv he was smoking a cigar very confident of himself. When I finally go to talking with him he was comfortable taking his shirt off, showing his ass off but felt very uncomfortable kissing another guy – trust me, I tried! I know for sure that Mike Hancock will get him to do a man on man scene very soon, this boy is way too fucking hot not to!
What Mike Hancock says: Luv is a straight, athletic stud who has a 6.5″X6″ dick that is cut as well. Luv loves football, pizza and lost his virginity at age 14! Luvs sexual fantasy is also having an orgy with women – I’m sure that pronoun will change VERY soon!

Mike Hancock

Name: Andrew Justice (above).
Stand Out Trait: His Midwestern corn-fed look, mixed with a unique city look. I also like his nice cock, I am sure it’s a good oral fixation dick!
Why Scotty B likes him: Andrew Justice just looks like a hot fuck, that is kinky, sexually ambitious and loves to fuck a dude and then get on his back to get fucked. His videos on Mike Hancock are amazing, especially him getting pounded by Justin Riddick (below).
What Mike Hancock says: Justice loves to have sex standing up and craves to have sex with a guy and a girl at the same time! Andrew you know where I work… call me!

Mike Hancock

Name: Justin Riddick (above).
Stand Out Trait: His body his enormously muscular – so hot!
Why Scotty B likes him: He says he is straight but I am not fully convinced. His enormous body is a turn-on and his long, slender cock is amazing as well. Riddick’s nationality is hard to pinpoint which is a very hot quality and his pecs are also a hot feature too.
What Mike Hancock says: Riddick has a 7″X4″ cock and loves to fuck doggy style! Hancock says Riddick is straight but how many straight guys do you know love to fuck another guys ass. Riddick is the complete package and has a HUGE career ahead of him – good job Mike Hancock, sign him up as an exclusive!!!


Bath tub Jerkoff with James from!

Once guys hit puberty – and then especially when they get into high school or college – they just can't stop wanking off. Take James, for example… Once he gets himself locked into the bathroom for a nice hot bath and gets that water going to mask any sounds, off come his clothes and out comes the camera! While the rest of his family sits watching Wheel of Fortune in the other room, James is jerking himself silly in the bathroom. Not a quick, jerk-it-out-on-the-toilet kinda thing, either. James likes a long, luxurious wank. And he likes to film himself jerking off so that he can share it with you!

James Riley is back for a little bath-time fun with his video camera. This isn't his first submission, if you'll remember. This 19 year old skater digs chicks, tattoos, and jacking – but not necessarily in that order! And oh yeah – he likes to do his jerkin' off ON CAMERA, and he doesn't care who gets off on it.

The video opens with a beautifully awkward moment as James states, “Hi. What's my name? My name's James. And, uh…” What is it with these goofy awkward guys that makes them so irresistible? Whatever it is, this guy has it going on… and on… and on…

He whips off his clothes and hops into the tub. At first you may think, “What's he doing in the tub?” but I have to tell you, this little bit of video is absolutely adorable! Buddy here splashes around and goofs around like it's Saturday night. He even goes so far as to make a Colonel Saunders beard out of soap suds! Love it! It's just a little pre-stroking fun.

But enough goofing around – this is one horny skater. He pushes himself up on the edge of tube and starts stroking his piece of meat. As he's adjusting his position he slips and almost does a face plant in the tub. There's that awkward goofiness again! Even James sees how funny this is and smirks a little as he gets down to business.

Doesn't take long before his cock becomes fully erect in his hand. And as he steps out of the tub to show off that monster to the camera that we get our first really good look at this guy's dick. And it's a winner! It's got to be at 7.5 inches long and THICK. Cut and beautiful to look at… One can only imagine where else its beauty could shine… Ahem.

He spins around and shows off his butt a little bit before laying out a towel on the floor. He gets comfortable and starts to stroke that meat with serious intent. This segment is presented unedited and is nothing short of brilliant! 4 minutes of nothing but James stroking his meat in private and getting off on his own thoughts… You can see expressions of pleasure wash over his face with abandon as he takes care of himself like nobody else can. Fucking awesome!

After a fine showing like this it's only fitting that James would let loose a load with some very loud grunts and more than just a bit of attitude. This guy's a star and his finish proves it! He shoots spurt after spurt of gooey jizz on his belly then rubs it all around before claiming, “I just love getting dirty!” Seriously, how awkward and cute can he be in one video?

Only one thing to do when you're done getting dirty… And with the bathtub and shower so close by it's clear what needs to be done. James turns on the water and washes himself squeaky clean before turning off the camera and returning to his life as a regular guy. If only his friends and family knew what he gets up to when nobody is watching!

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Sexy Porn Star Jason Ridge – at!

Sexy and intelligent porn superstar Jason Ridge

Sexy porn favorite Jason Ridge just finished work on a new movie project being released by his new production company, Ridgeline. This smart, beautiful actor is one of the industry's best loved and most talented alumni, so we expect great things as Jason begins doing work behind the camera.

It’s hard to say enough good things about Jason Ridge. He’s devastatingly handsome. He’s one of the sexiest men in porn. He’s a certified scuba diver with an avid interest in kabbalah. And for those of you who are astrologically inclined, he’s an ambitious Capricorn. Jason is one of those rare gifts to porn – a guy who has the looks, charm, and intelligence to do anything that he wants – but who has chosen to explore porn as a career. And (as Capricorns are wont to do) to rise to the top of its ranks.

Sexy and intelligent porn superstar Jason Ridge

You’ve probably already seen Jason in porn films from some of the best studios. He’s a natural in front of the camera, but there’s definite substance beh

ind the good looks. If you’d like a chance to get to know the man behind the persona, just check out his new personal blog.

Sexy and intelligent porn superstar Jason Ridge

Jason shares his thoughts and his life adventures with a frank, down to earth quality that is both fascinating and endearing. And he also peppers his blogs with sexy candid photos of himself and his friends.

Whether or not you’re already a fan of Jason Ridge, this is a blog with stimulating substance that you’ll want to visit often. Even though he radiates a healthy confidence, Jason's manner is grounded and exceedingly humble – which makes it feel like you're reading the latest news from a good friend. That kind of intimate connection is something you'll find in only the best blogs – and Jason's blog is one of the best.

Sexy and intelligent porn superstar Jason Ridge


Puttting the COCK in Cocky –

Cocky 101!

They are back and better than ever – trust me I have kept track of the CockyBoys site very closely!

I remember about a year ago the site was barely getting up and trying to find itself, they had some hot boys but something was missing – don’t ask me what it was but something was awry.

Last month, if you read Cybersocket you would have saw CockyBoys first ad in our rag – when I saw their ad, I had to check out their revamped site. Holy shit was I surprised at what I saw. The site has a totally new look to it… have you noticed? Gone is the cartoon character enticing prospective members to come in and subscribe. Instead the new CockyBoys run by Kyle Majors has beautiful boys.

Looking through the different guys – both amateurs and porn stars – that were featured I was amazed at all the content they had for a new, revamped site – AMAZING!!!

Cocky 101!

The second thing I noticed about the site was the models they chose to fuck and play with one another. It’s a peeve of mine when sites choose models that dont’ belong together and have no chemistry – essentially they figure the models are there and so they will make it work. The guys I viewed on CockyBoys was the opposite scenario. Who ever does their casing over there knows what their doing and how to put two men in a scene together to make it work.

Cocky 101!

Okay, now let’s talk about the porn stars that are on the site like Brodie (above).
I have seen Brodie lots of places before but on CockyBoys the images of him captures his masculinity and whoever had the idea to video him working out, they should get a raise!

Cocky 101!

Mitch (above) is another stud that I have seen around town, but have never seen him naked. To be honest, I’ve often fantasized about seeing him standing in front of me with nothing on, but of course I am not going to ask him on the street to strip down and jerk off for me. When I saw Mitch on CockyBoys, needless to say I was extremely happy – that confirmed my ongoing subscription to the site – recurring of course!!!

Cocky 101!

Besides Mitch, the gorgeous, blond porn star Christian Owen (above) is a model as well. From the picture above he might look all-American, but the guy can go from tame to wild in a few seconds – he is a sexual tiger. Speaking of sexual tigers, porn stars Derrick Vinyard (above) and Tory Mason (below) are also on the site that only give the site a more diverse set of guys to view. Derrick is a tattooed, masculine stud that is a great top and Tory is a lean, masculine twink that is a bottom boy that is also hot as hell!

Cocky 101!

Like what you see? There’s a lot more on CockyBoys, but you have to log on and become a member – you won’t be disappointed!


Little Boy Blue, Cum Blow Yer Load! Victor Brown from!

Get a load of Victor Brown from You Love Jack! He’s got a baby face with a killer pout, a boyish build – and a ginormous, cum-spewing horse dick! All the things you love to view – a special gift from me to you.!

Apparently Victor was house-sitting for a friend when he came across and decided he needed to make a gay jerk-off video for the site right away! He’s 19, smooth, and hung like a horse – so how could they deny him his 15 minutes of fame?

Victor sets up his video camera on his friend’s deck, facing the highway. You can hear the traffic zooming by as this horny little gay twink is getting jiggy with himself! Turns out he’s a bit of a gay twink exhibitionist and this is one of his favorite gay jack-off locations. Who knew?

He’s quick to get naked and he flips through a nasty gay magazine to get his creamy boy juices flowing. It doesn’t take long before his dick is standing tall and proud – and I do mean both! This is one little twink with a big fuckin’ dick!!

Victor brings the camera in for a few close-up shots of monster cock. It’s got to be at least 8 inches long – and it’s thick, too. Scary thick. It’s a funny one, too… When fully hard the head seems to twist slightly off to the side. Just right for hitting all those special spots when this little twink fucks you up the ass!

But Victor’s got other things in mind… He reaches off-camera and comes back with some lube in one hand and dildo in the other. Without missing a beat he smears the lube onto his asshole and then pops that dildo up his butt with a quick slide and a grunt!

You can see how much he digs the feeling of that toy in his boyish butt as his eyes roll back in his head. He makes another little grunt and then starts to slide it in and out of his ass – slowly at first, but then quicker. Little noises turn into louder groans as he gets off on the idea of filming himself.!

He hops up on his knees and drives the dildo back up his shameless ass. This is a great angle to really see what this guy is all about… Playing with himself is really a process of discovery for him. He’s always interested in finding new ways to masturbate. He’s a little bit clumsy and unsure, discovering things and getting off at the same time. This is some good shit!

Pretty soon his breathing quickens and he starts to moan loudly. LOUDLY. I think some people might have stopped their cars and pulled over in order to see what the noise was! Turns out it was just a twink cumming all over the place on his friend’s deck! Buckets of cum. All over the deck. Nice.

He grabs the camera and tells us he’s made a mess. Oh yeah – such a pretty mess. So he says that he’s going to go and take a shower. Then he takes the video camera into the bathroom and we get to watch him clean up in the shower, too. This is real, homemade, gay video action that you won’t find anywhere else, baby!

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    Gay College Sex Parties!

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    The photo sets all have one thing in common – horny gay college guys. Add a little beer and a little porn, and pretty soon you’ve got some touchy-feely gay exploration going on. and once you open the flood gates with these guys, it unleashes an unstoppable flood of gay sucking, fucking, jerking, and cum during these gay sex parties!

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    Randy Blue : The Top Favorite Four Hot Models

    Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

    It’s hard to blog about a website that’s pretty much perfect to begin with!

    Since I started at Cybersocket I’ve had an affinity with Randy Blue and his boys. Short and sweet his boys are 100 percent real. Other sites feature boys that are beautiful as well – don’t get me wrong, but they don’t look real. While I can’t put my finger on what detracts me from the other sites, I think the main thing is that the guys just don’t strike me as being the boy that could live next door.
    On the other hand all – yes I said ALL, of Randy Blue’s guys have that look to them.

    Often Randy Blue’s site gets shuffled with the other amateur sites but in fact he is a step ahead of the long list for numerous reasons and they all have names. I’ve decided to change up my blog entry for this week and talk about four guys on his site who I think are definitely worth the membership to Randy Blue. Regardless if these guys are gay, straight, gay for pay (GFP), older or younger, my list is fair, balanced and – in my opinion – HOT!! I will start out at number four and then count down to my favorite Randy Blue model – this should be fun!

    Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

    Name: Ricki Mendez (above).
    Stand Out Trait: His perfectly sculpted body!
    Why Scotty B likes him: Besides being Latin, we saw him at one of the Prides this past year and we were instantly star struck. When I found out he was a model on Randy Blue I knew he’d be great to watch jerk off – plus Randy just added a new scene of Ricki in the shower!
    What Randy Blue says: Ricky has never worked for a site like this before, so at first he appears shy and timid but as we talked on the set he became noticeably more calm and eager to perform.

    Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

    Name: Nikolay Petrov (above).
    Stand Out Trait: His striking Mediterranean looks!
    Why Scotty B likes him: Aside from his uncut cock this boy is smoldering sexy. We have long admired him on Randy’s site and then when he came to LA I had to introduce myself to him. I can say this boy is even hotter in person than on the computer screen. While I’m not sure if he’s gay or straight, if he could be mine it would be a done deal!
    What Randy Blue says: Nickolay is beautiful… just beautiful. I don’t think I could describe him using only words and even come close to doing the boy justice. He is just one of those guys that everyone falls in love with just by looking at him

    Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

    Name: Xander Scott (above).
    Stand Out Trait: His smile and lean body!
    Why Scotty B likes him: Again, Xander was another model we encountered at a Pride and instantly we started talking about cars and such. Over the course of the next few cocktails I couldn’t help but undress him with my eyes – thankfully it was hot so he took off his shirt and pants to hangout! After a long day at Pride I went home and hopped on Randy Blue to blow my load!
    What Randy Blue says: (For the shoot) I took him to my garage and had him strip down to his boots. He looked so hot, laying down on his sexy silver motorcycle, running those masculine hands over his well sculpted body.

    Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

    Name: Chris Rockway (above).
    Stand Out Trait: His hard cock and abs!
    Why Scotty B likes him: Not usually into white boys when I met this corn fed stud I was shocked that I was so turned on. I have to hand it to Chris every video he’s in he makes the scene 110% hotter by his presence. Chris has a strong presence on Randy Blue’s site and I hope he sticks around for a long time!
    What Randy Blue says: I will be the first to admit I love this guys body. To me it is almost perfection. It’s naturally built, and I do mean built and he has hair in all the right places.

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