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Anonymous Sex – Why Masturbate, When You Can Maskurbate!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

It’s Halloween, so it seems appropriate to take a look at, where the hottest amateur men fuck and suck while wearing masks. This allows them to keep anonymous while they fulfill their wildest dreams to star in man-on-man porn. It’s something new and different, and it’s really kind of sexy.

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

The site features totally hot guys, with chiseled bodies and gigantic, throbbing slabs of meat. I was hooked when I saw Ben (above), wearing the requisite black mask, paw at his deliciously cut body and thick cock. Then a guy goes in for some suck action. You can tell from the look on Ben’s face that he’s loving it, even if his face is partially obscured by a mask. Who wouldn’t want to suck anonymously on such a hot rod?

I was surprised by the Teacher’s Pet vid, and I’m usually a cynical and jaded person. One guy takes the pants off another, and then gobbles his donkey dick. That cock is huge, and he’s not even fully erect—he soon gets nice and hard, however, and the cocksucker goes all out, getting his face fucked like a madman. Then the guy with the big dick goes after his porn partner’s cock, positioning him on all fours so he can eat him out. Anonymous sexy fun!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

It was truly a delight watching Chris fuck Theo (above). They start off with some hot make-out action before one of these fellas slams his dick into the other’s mouth. We’re talking some real jackhammer action here, guys, interspersed with him teasing the other guy’s lips with the tip of his cock. Chris then rides Theo, who’s first lying on his back with his legs dangling in the air, and then Theo takes it like a doggy-style champ.

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

I can tell you that it would be an indescribable pleasure blowing Enrike (above), who has that hot pubic V, a perfectly tan body and a gorgeous cock any gay would die to fellate. Enrike gets a reach-around before he takes a seat to have his knob polished. He licks his thumb while his blower is going at; you know it tastes good!


Titan Media gets Kinky with Fear!

If you haven’t heard yet, Titan Men is all over the gay headlines lately, leaving the industry shocked at both the controversy they have spawned and dumbfounded at their newest movie coming out – keep reading for all the news!

Last week in Berlin at the 2nd Annual David Awards, Bruce Cam of Titan Media refused the DAVID Lifetime Achievement Award because of the awards affinity with bareback films. While lots of drama still surrounds it, what we’ve heard so far is that Cam ended up not going to Berlin because of a sudden illness, however Titan Media Vice President Keith Webb was there with some of his exclusive Titan models.

Cam furiously spoke out when the news spread, and he left nothing out of his press release!

“I cannot in good conscience accept a Lifetime Achievement award from an organization that glorifies and promotes bareback content alongside my own, I have worked my entire adult industry career to promote and eroticize safer sex content in all of my films,” says Cam. “It would be against every single fiber of my moral being to accept this award. Silence is acceptance and I can no longer sit by and watch the industry where I have worked and helped shape be destroyed by others seeking financial gain at the expense of performers and the entire gay community. I cannot and will not accept this award as it is tainted with the blood of others.”

Now onto the most powerful gay porn films you are likely to see this year! Titan has been a porn powerhouse releasing huge films like Folsom Filth, H20, the popular ManPlay series, and their newest movie sure to drop many jaws – FEAR!

Directed by Brian Mills, the movie Fear, stars Diesel Washington (above), Alex Baresi, Dean Flynn, François Sagat, Derek DaSilva, Lars Svenson, Rick Van Sant, Brody Newport, CJ Madison, Tober Brandt, Tony Buff, and Dirk Jager – yah a lot of man sex in my humble opinion!

Even if you’re not into pissing scenes, fisting, ball socking, men being tied up and other VULGAR (yet completely safe) sex acts you’re going to have an appreciation for FEAR!
If you are even the slightest bit curious log onto Xtube and check out the trailer – trust me it’s worth it.

This four-hour, two disc set is going to be a big contender this year at the GayVN’s I can feel it, definitely dividing the men from the boys! One scene that you have to check out is the bound to be infamous scene featuring porn star François Sagat (above) being tied up by a crucifix suspension and gagged with a horse’s bit – the scene also features CJ Madison, Diesel Washington, Dean Flynn, and Brody Newport.

Oh, did I mention there are two versions? The one you need to fork out the extra bucks for is the Directors Expanded Edit (DEE). The DEE has all the watersports, fisting, infusion and (some) bondage that is not available in the other versions!

Titan is all about sexual controversy in the last quarter of 2007 – just the way we like it! Check it out!


Hot Latin Men Stroke, Fuck and Suck

BiLatinMen: The hottest men on the Web!

I’ve always had a soft spot for hot Latin men, because my first teenage sex encounter was with a thick-cocked Mexican. So it won’t come as a surprise that I’ve come to love Web sites like, especially since that first guy had a girlfriend on the side. Here’s a rundown of some of the stuff featured on

  • Solo pics and vids of hung Latin dudes stroking their fat meat
  • Pics and vids of twosomes and threesomes, with the guys sucking each other’s cocks and fucking until they can’t fuck anymore
  • Kinky Latino erotic art
  • Super hot erotic stories designed to get you hard and make you cum

This site’s full of delicious, hairy, tatted Latin men, and I want them all! I think they’re only made even sexier by the fact that they go for chicks, too.

Droopy and Heartbreaker are two of my favorite studs on These guys have all the appearances of tough straight men who turn your head on the street, which makes it all the more satisfying when you see one of them unzip his pants and put his dick in the other’s mouth. Man, it’s hot watching their gorgeous Latin cocks sliding into each other. They have rock-hard bodies and lots of tattoos. Makes me want to cum just writing about it!

BiLatinMen: The hottest men on the Web!

Another favorite , Villain, is tough and beefy. Just look into his piercing eyes, and your gaze will eventually wander down his built, tattooed chest, past another tattoo just above his pubic hair, to his gorgeous fat Latino cock. It’s not hard imagining him smelling just a little bit musky—you know, like a man—and fucking like a champ. But you know he loves to suck the cock.

BiLatinMen: The hottest men on the Web!

Dice, Lil Z and Lil Mijo have a hot Latin sucking chain going on. They’re three homies who like to get together and fuck on the down-low. These boys have got all the trappings of a lot of straight Latin guys you may have encountered: backwards cap, diamond earrings and baggy pants and shirts. But they sure ride cocks and swallow cum like pros!

BiLatinMen: The hottest men on the Web!

Last, but certainly not least, I wanted to tip you off to Estiven’s spread. It looks as if this guy likes showing off his dick, and it’s not hard to see why. He has a gigantic, thick Latin cock that makes his hand look tiny in comparison while he’s stroking it. It’s awesome when you see a twink with such a big dick, and it’s hot imagining him pleasuring both men and women with that thing.


Cum-Eating Self-Suck by Cute Young Hipster from – Amazing!

I review a lot of porn sites for GayPornucopia, but one of my absolute favorites is YouLoveJack. This site has amassed a media collection that features some of the hottest homemade gay porn videos I’ve ever seen, and I think you’ll agree. They receive tons of submissions, but they only feature the very best. Each guy on YouLoveJack is unique, and they aren’t the kind of guys that you see on a lot of other sites. But don’t take my word for it! Click on through for a free sample gallery of Jessie Clinton, an adorable young hipster who shows us how gay self-suck is done. And just when you think it can’t get any better, this scraggly little gay twink turns out to be a total gay cum whore, shooting his hot load of horny boy cum onto his own face and then lapping it up.

Here’s the lowdown on the full, self-made gay porn video session that Jessie sent in.

Jessie’s a scruffy little twink with an 8.5″ cock and a flexible back – so you know damn well he’s a guy who has tried to suck himself off. And he’s actually good at it!

Let me start out by saying that I’m loving these new scruffy twinks that we’ve been seeing lately. They’re just like regular twinks except they have the burly edge that nature never intended them to have. A little growth of beard and an unkempt hair add up to somehow make them cuter than the average twink. They’re deelicious!!

The video starts with Jessie on his knees as he’s removing his belt. He’s wearing jeans and a t-shirt and even though he’s fully clothed you can already see that huge fucking cock getting hard in his pants. And he’s fully clothed! You can only imagine how amazing it looks when it’s out in the fresh air for a few minutes!

He drops his drawers and your eyes lock to the rock hard boner under his grey boxers. This is a real treat – you can see the outline of his massive cock perfectly underneath the thin fabric of his shorts. And it’s huge. HUGE! He spends a few minutes massaging his cock through his shorts and even though it starts out rock hard, I swear I can see it getting bigger… Harder.

After a little bit of gentle rubbing, Jessie just leans down and sticks out his tongue and takes a quick lick. Not a hungry slobber lick. But a cute little puppy lick. Gentle kisses for his massive prick. Fuck, this is going to be good!

He leans down again and takes another lick. Gentle, loving… He can get about an inch of his monster cock in his own mouth and he gently wraps his lips around as much of the head as he can. He treats his pole to gentle kisses and loving laps as pole responds by getting just a little harder. It’s throbbing with excitement and it’s clear this is an activity this scruffy twink enjoys!

He takes a break and leans over the couch to show off his butt for a second and reaches behind himself and he pulls his cock through his legs. Again, this is a fucking huge and beautiful pole – when he pulls it back, it’s suddenly clear how thick it is too!

He settles back on the sofa and he starts to stroke his cock. It’s like he’s in a trance now – his eyes never leave his cock as he jacks his uncut cock slowly, deliberately.

Next thing you know this guy is moaning up a storm and jerking his cock feverishly. He’s gonna blow! Just as he’s gonna pop he opens his mouth and aims his cock right at his face. He’s a gay cum slut too! He gobbles up what he can then scoops some more off his shirt and eats it down before leaning over and licking the last of his own cum straight off the head of his still hard cock.

There’s something wonderfully uninhibited about this video. We’re getting a glimpse of a very private act by this scruffy twink. Something very few people ever get to see – and he shot it himself so there’s nobody else around to color the scene. It’s pure self-sucking cum eating heaven as Jessie Clinton gets off on himself!

All of YouLoveJack‘s homemade gay sex action videos are presented with NO DRM and they’ll play on your IPOD so you can enjoy them anytime and anywhere! YouLoveJack rocks!


Sexy British Hooker Into Suit Fetish ISO Audience at!

Meet Marcello, the sexiest gay playboy on the Internet!

Wanna have some fun? Grab this image, blow it up, sharpen it, and see how many books you can name! I spotted a book called KitschCraft and a novel by a famous British essayist. There's some oddball stuff on that hustler's shelves! Post what you find in the comments!

Marcello was born on January 23rd, which makes this sexy Anglo-Italian stud a groovy, free-lovin' Aquarius. He's English, which is obvious as soon as he opens his sexy mouth and starts yammering on about how he knows that we all want to fuck his hot little ass. The thing about Marcello is that you really want to laugh and say how ridiculous he is, except that somehow it all just manages to be HOT. Marcello is just so into it… He really OWNS everything he does, which makes it convincing and a real turn-on.

When you hear most porn stars talking dirty in porn films, it's usually just incredibly annoying. And that's because they are terrible actors who are trying to act. With Marcello, it all just works – because he doesn't seem to be putting on an act. Granted – he's dressing up in all these outfits and playing out different gay fantasy scenarios. But the way he does it is so honestly horny and unpretentious that it transcends all the trappings.

Personally, I'm not into socks, garters or feet. But Marcello just has a certain presence. If you were in a room with Marcello, he'd probably notice if you weren't comfortable and he'd probably just say something about it. And then he'd tell you to knock it off and to get down on your knees and suck his dick. And you'd probably do it – because Marcello radiates that unmistakable Hooker Authority that can't be ignored. It's like a call boy control voice. Remember that big robot from The Day the Earth Stood Still? The alien leader could call it off by speaking the control words, “Gort! Klaatu barada nikto! ” is kind of like that, except that Marcello's Magic Words make your dick hard. Come to think of it, that would make a great URL:!

Someone said to me the the other day, “ looks kind of like that Men At Play site…” And it's true – there are some similarities. But WithMarcello isn't just about gay suit fetish. It's all about Marcello, and that's what sets it apart. Ever since it first debuted, has been a huge hit. And just like Marcello himself, his site is First Class Dick all the way.

With Marcello offers hours of video footage and nasty picture sets of Marcello, and its all 100% exclusive. Marcello updates twice a week with one picture set and a video, and you won't want to miss any of them. As you can see from some of the photos, Marcello has a real passion for suits, sheer socks, underwear, and bondage. Step into his erotic world and watch as all of your secret fantasies are brought to life by this cum-spewing, English-raised Italian stallion.

Heres a little background about Marcello:

Home: Derbyshire, England
Birthday: January 23, 1973
Occupation: Model / Hottest gay playboy on the web

Height: 6'2″
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black
Chest: 42
Waist: 32
Shoe: 10

Hobbies: Cricket, football, weight training, eating out, clubbing

Marcello's Favourites:
Color – Baby Blue
City – Cape Town
Designers – Armani
Dream Car – Aston Martin DB9
Music – Eros Ramazotti
Food – Italian
Drink- White Wine

Click on through for a free gay suit fetish gallery, compliments of!


Uncut Euro Cocks – Cruising English Lads

English Lads

Hey, all! This is my inaugural post, so I wanted to tell you a bit about my weekend so you could get to know me better. I was out clubbing on Saturday when I ran into this dude, John, from jolly old England. We talked for a while, and it got me thinking about those hot European guys I love so much. English, French, even Slovakian—they’re all delicious to me, especially when they show off their uncut euro cocks.

So, I went home and did a quick search for sites featuring hot, naked British men, and I stumbled upon The best part is that 40 percent of their amateur lads are sexy str8 guys—and that ain’t no lie! With updates three times a week, I think it’ll be impossible for me to ever get sick of the smokin’ solo action or the sizzlin’ gay and str8 duos.

Take 23-year-old Danny Craig, a typically sexy northern guy. Danny’s a hot Scottish guy. He’s a blonde, smooth gymnast, with hairy legs and an uncut cock that jumps to attention at the slightest touch. Danny dreams of a Vin Diesel-Vinnie Jones threesome, and I, for one, can’t say I blame him. Man, I’d totally pay to see that!

English Lads

Another guy who struck my fancy is Liam James, an 18-year-old sexy soccer player—straight, smooth and nicely muscled. He likes to oil himself up and show off his uncut English dick. Liam also enjoys diving, I’m told, and it’s not hard to see the payoff from all that physical exertion. If you like tattooed, str8 English guys with nicely shaped arms and a great smile, then head over to!

English Lads

I got a pleasant surprise as I was wrapping up my Web visit. One thing you can say for sure about the UK is that it’s not just full of hot British guys anymore. London, in particular, is a city that’s home to sexy young men with cut bodies from all over the world. Take Fred Oliver: He’s 19, with a hard body and an extra large Brazilian cock. He likes having English guys suck him off, and it’s not hard to see why he’s such a site “favourite.” He’s smooth, tattooed and totally South American. Who would have thought you’d find Brazilian gay porn sex clips on a site catering to lovers of English guys?


Channel 1 Releasing: Porn and Dildo’s!!!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Since Gaypornucopia is written from the Los Angeles area we love dishing on any porn gossip around town. Everyone knows that Channel 1 Releasing and Chi Chi LaRue has this town covered in XXX material and always has something up their sleeves.

For the fall and upcoming winter season of 2007 Chi Chi refuses to hibernate, instead this prolific director has a slew of new stuff coming out to satisfy any porn fan!

Recently we sat down with Chi Chi and Tony Adonis, Channel One's publicity/promotion director, and they told us about all the new porn and dildos at C1R.

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Probably the most exciting news is C1R's acquisition of Catalina video's entire video collection. Chi Chi started her now historical career with Catalina and now she owns it – amazing!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Fans of hot blonde boys will appreciate the third installment of the Little Big League series. “Bottom of the 9th,” is a two-disc special edition that stars Rascal Exclusives Blake Riley and Josh Vaughn (above) in his first ever onscreen gang bang – totally hot! Directed by Doug Jefferies', Chi Chi says that this is going to be a must-have movie.

Doing research on the movie we also found that there will be lots of big dicks in this movie. No, not ego wise, but actual huge cocks! The robust Tyler Saint will drop some jaws, but for this movie we have to give it to Jefferies' for employing the two hottest uncut cocks in the business: Jeremy Hall and Lex Sabre. Canadian (Hall) and Sabre being of Latin decent – these two might not be sexually compatible since they are both power tops but we hear that their scenes are amazing!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Another movie C1R is releasing is Click, starring the lean and tattooed Alexy Tyler (above). Directed by Chi Chi herself the movie centers around what really goes on, behind the scenes at a photo shoot for Chi Chi *wink*!! Also starring Joe Strong (yumm!), Steven Ponce, J.T. Collins, Alejandro Banderas (you gotta see him), Dallas Reeves and the lean, smooth and tattooed Jorden Michaels – this scene is a pool side porn treat!

Do you like toys? More specifically do you like toys you can shove up your ass? If you do Chi Chi has some new toys that you're going to love – especially if you like to take big, thick cocks up your ass!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Rascal Exclusive Eddie Diaz (above) recently molded his own cock so a replica could be produced as a dildo. If you happen to run into Eddie on the streets of Los Angeles or Chi Chi's Wednesday night club Dirty Deed's make sure you ask him how that experience was… Everyone that has ever had a dildo molded after them has a special story – we're sure Eddie's was no different.

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

If hairy daddies is more of your forte than you should definitely purchase Cole Ryder's cock – er, dildo from the C1R store! Pictured above, Ryder has been in a handful of movies for Chi Chi including When Bears Attack, Link V,
Depraved, Leather Sessions (he is featured on the cover) and Sized Up also starring Brent Everett. Ryder's 8 inch dildo is pretty realistic and like Diaz's has a suction cup end for “hands-free” enjoyment, you dirty pigs!

On a final note if you can't get enough of Chi Chi, Cybersocket sat down with the diva for an interview you won't see anywhere else!!! Uncensored and uncut, there was no question that was off-limits – so make sure you pick up the November issue of Cybersocket or read it online!

Stay tuned….


Photos of David Beckham NAKED!!

David Beckham Naked at!

There aren’t many straight athletes who have as big a gay following as David Beckham. Part of it is his hot looks and incredible body, but an equal factor is David Beckham’s metrosexual quality and his willingness to flirt with homo-eroticism.

If you want to see more naked photos of David Beckham, the best place to find them is at!

What would you get if you took US Weekly magazine – and then showed actual copies of all the latest male celebrity nudes and sex tapes, instead of just talking about them? You’d get – the best place on the web for the gays to find blackmail photos of (and sleazy gay rumors about) their favorite sexy, male celebrities. They gave up their right to privacy when they stepped into the limelight, right?! So come get your stalk on at!!

David Beckham Naked at!

The gay titillation factor you get at is addictive, but don’t worry – isn’t just a tease. This site definitely puts out! In fact, the largest and most popular member area is the Real Sex category, where you’ll find all the best:

Whether you’re into str8 guys, fratboys, or twinks, you’ll find the hardcore gay action you’re looking for at!

David Beckham Naked at!


David loves being admired by anyone, male or female. He’s a straight, married, father of two – but that didn’t stop him from appearing in the glossy photo-spread of a british gay magazine. I could go on about David’s long and impressive football career, but instead I’ll cut to the chase and give you what you really want: naked photos of david beckham, beefcake photos of david beckham, and some facts about his personal life courtesy of Wikipedia.

His full name is David Robert Joseph Beckham, and he was born on May 2, 1975.

David Beckham Naked at!

In 1997 Beckham started dating Victoria Adams aka “Posh Spice” of the Spice Girls. David proposed to Victoria on 1998 in a restaurant in Cheshunt, England. In an April 2006 interview, Beckham told The Daily Mail that he suffers from obsessive-compulsive disorder.

In April 2007, sexy gay icon David Beckham and wife Victoria Adams (aka Posh Spice) purchased a new $22 million Italian villa in Beverly Hills, California near the homes of Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes – as well as talk-show host Jay Leno.

David Beckham Naked at!

2002 hailed Beckham as the ultimate metrosexual by the man who invented the term and has been described as such by scores of other articles since.

In the world of fashion, David Beckham has already appeared on the covers of countless magazines. In 2007, U.S. covers have included the men’s magazine Details, and with his wife for the August 2007 issue of W.

David Beckham Naked at!

According to Google, “David Beckham” was searched for more than any other sports topic on their site in 2003 and 2004.

On 22 July, a huge private welcoming party was held for the couple at the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. A-List celebrities attending included Steven Spielberg, Jim Carrey, George Clooney, Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes, Will Smith, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Oprah Winfrey.

David Beckham Naked at!

If you wanna see David Beckham on film, you can catch him in Bend It Like Beckham, The Goal! Trilogy, and Asterix at the Olympic Games

Beckham has many tattoos on his body, one of which is the name of his wife Victoria, written in Hindi, because Beckham thought it would be “tacky” to have it in English. The tattoo is misspelled, however, so the tattoo actually reads “Vhictoria” rather than “Victoria”. Another tattoo, written in Hebrew reads אני לדודי ודודי לי הרעה בשושנים, “I am my beloved’s, and my beloved is mine, that shepherds among the lilies.” This is from the Song of Songs in the Hebrew Bible, and a popular Jewish paean to fidelity. The problem is that the word “beloved” in Biblical Hebrew is a term of endearment for a man (boyfriend), not for a woman. Beckham has also been ridiculed in the press for looking like a “Hell’s Angel biker” and a “football yob” due to his ever-expanding number of tattoos.

David Beckham Naked at!

Remember – If you want to see more naked photos of David Beckham, the best place to find them is at!


Porn Director Michael Lucas Found Dead?

Porn Director Michael Lucas Found Dead?

The Gay Porn Director Who Cried Wolf
Is Michael Lucas Really Dead?

Michael Lucas’ press team released a statement claiming that the well-known gay porn director was found dead in his Manhattan apartment last night. The statement included an artsy b&w photo of Lucas with a noose around his neck. In a final act of showmanship, it appears that Michael managed to check light levels and to offer up his good side only moments before expiring.

If Michael was reading this, he would probably say: “You don’t know what you are fucking talking about! All of my sides are my good sides.”

Neither Michael nor his employees have been available for comment since the announcement was made. Michael’s cell phone now goes straight to his voicemail.

Nate Johnson at observed that crime scene photos don’t typically have porn logos emblazeoned on them. And also – detectives don’t usually pimp out crime scene photos before an investigation has begun.

But seriously – I hope Michael Lucas is alive and well. He’s one of the most talented porn directors of our time. He’s beautiful, unique, honest, and funny. He’s a shrewd and successful businessman. He’s a son, a lover, a friend, a boss, a proud Jew, a coworker, an advocate for healthy living, and an icon for fans around the world. He treats his employees and family with love and respect, and any sense of entitlement he has is the kind that we should all aspire to. He’s always worked hard and he refuses to settle for less than the best in life.

The press release has been retracted and it’s been confirmed as a PR hoax.


raging stallion’s man of the year

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Do you like men that are hot as sin? I do, so I thought I would do a post telling you about the new Raging Stallion Men of the Year that were just announced this past weekend at the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco!

If you know anything about porn then Raging Stallion should be common knowledge to you! In the past few years the forces that drive the company have produced some of the most compelling movies that I’ve seen in a long time!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

From the most recent movies like “Playback” starring one of our favorite porn stars of all time Remy Delaine (below), plus Jake Deckard, and Dirk Jager to name a few.

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

If you’re into tattoos then the new film “Ink Storm” is an amazing feat brought to you by the 2006 Man of the Year Jake Deckard that gives you nothing but hard, masculine men with no shortage of tattoos on their body! Check out some of the pictures below of the models – so yummy!!!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Okay, so let’s move on to who is the new Raging Stallion Man of the Year for 2007. This year Chris Ward obviously couldn’t decide on who to choose, so he chose two: Collin O’Neal discovery Roman Ragazzi and the king of dirtiness and hair Steve Cruz!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

We love Roman (above) because his sexy and rugged Israeli look makes me quiver and his thick dick does the same thing too! He’s been in numerous Raging Stallion movies and we have a feeling he will be in this business for a long time! Do you like what you see?

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Steve Cruz (above) is a small in height but his dick and nastiness on screen makes up for all of that. Not only a porn star but an all around nice guy you never know what to expect from this stud – I am curious if he expected to be named Man of the Year?

I think I’ve give you enough photos and information about Raging Stallion this week. You can log onto their site and purchase any of their DVD’s, toys, or other merchandise if you want, and I think you should!


COLT presents: HAWAII! – Gay Porn DVD Review


We cover a lot of mouth-watering porn from a lot of the best gay porn studios, but there’s one studio that never disappoints: COLT! So when COLT announces a new DVD, you can be sure that i’ll let you know! The newest release, a tropical scorcher called HAWAII, is set to release this month (October.) It looks like it’ll be out within days – and a few minutes ago they were still offering a great pre-order deal! So click on through now to the COLT website and check it out! Of course, COLT titles are still a bargain at any price, because it’s the kind of porn that people keep and collect. Also – be careful when you click through because the COLT site is extremely distracting! I almost forgot what I was doing when I saw some of the stuff they were offering in their member area…

So here’s the low-down on COLT’s new release, Hawaii, that you can order NOW and which should ship very soon! It features nothing but masculine, hairy, muscled men in a gorgeous Hawaiin setting, doing what comes naturally… Don’t miss it!


Colt Studios Presents…
Hawai’i [DVD]
Gay Porn DVD Review

Gage Weston
Luke Garrett
Adam Champ
Carlo Masi
Eric Valentin
Darin Hawk
Mitch Branson

Running Time:
114 Minutes


Hawai’i is the largest and most volcanic island in the Hawaiian Island chain. Because of the island’s volcanic formation, native life before human activity is said to have arrived by the wind, waves, and wings. The isolation of the Hawaiin Islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and the wide range of environments to be found on the high islands located in and near the tropic have resulted in a vast array of exotic wildlife and terrain.

It is believed by ancient Hawaiians that being on the Island brings out a similar volcanic reaction in one’s body – we here at COLT witnessed it ourselves while shooting in this wonderful location. These four scenes with COLT Men Luke Garrett, Gage Weston, Carlo Masi, Adam Champ, cover man Mitch Branson plus Darin Hawk and Eric Valentin are proof that HAWAI’I is in fact the most sexually eruptive locale in the world!


Special Features:

  • Shot in HD
  • Widescreen 16:9 Aspect Ratio
  • Photo Gallery
  • Scene Selection
  • Movie Trailers

Here’s a Free Trailer!
If you have trouble viewing it here, just watch it at the COLT website.

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