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Tom Moore – Homemade Gay Porn from!

Meet Tom Moore and his monster-sized uncut cock! This is actually his second emission submission and we liked it a lot! He's still got that smooth twink body (he's straight) and a floppy mess of blonde surfer hair to top off his smug attitude.

And that attitude is everything! From that smirk that's always on his face to the confident way he chuckles while recording himself – he's knows he's fucking hot and it emboldens him! Why, I bet he doesn't even worry about what he looks like when he eats in public. Some people!

When the video starts Tom is fully clothed. He sits back on the couch and digs his hand in his pants to get the blood flowing. Before you know it the pants are undone and his cock is in hand, hardening quickly. A couple of tugs and he's a full strength. The chuckle, then the smug grin.

He peels off his shorts and really starts to work that cock. He's about 9 inches uncut and his cock is fucking gorgeous! It's straight as a whistle (just like Tom!) and thick. He shaves his crotch so there's nothing but bare skin and balls to act as a base for that giant. Of course, Tom pulls off that look beautifully… This guy is put together!

He pulls the camera closer and stares at himself as he strokes the shaft of his cock. The smirk never leaves his face as his dick gets harder still. He reaches down and tugs his balls and this makes him moan, just a little bit. Not too loud but you can hear he's into what he's doing too!

Playfully he throws his legs in the air and kinda chuckles again. He knows we dig seeing his beautiful virgin asshole and he's not mocking – I really think he's just enjoying the thought of someone else getting off on seeing something so private. Even if it's a bunch of guys!

This gives Tom an idea and he hops up and gets ready to show off his ass some more, this time on his knees. On the way to his new position he catches a look at his cock passing by the camera and stops to show off that pole for a bit. You can hear him chuckle again as he slides his foreskin back and forth across his sensitive cock head. Beautiful!

He remembers what he got up for and assumes his next position. He's on his knees with his ass cheeks spread wide so we can see that virgin hole perfectly. He leans back so you can see the grin on his face as he waggles his ass and shows off for the camera. He's enjoying this…

He flips over and grabs the camera for some amazing shots of his rock hard cock from his own point of view and you really get to see how fucking big that cock is. The light wraps around the shaft delicately as he tugs the foreskin back and forth across the head. He let's out a guttural moan and says, “Fuck, yeah…” He's into showing off and the feeling it provides.

As he plays with his cock, his hand drifts closer to his asshole and before you know it this tight little stud is hopping up on his knees and giving one of the finest ass shows I've seen! Then he leans back into the camera and exposes his perfect asshole. Beautiful, simple and clear as day.

I think that last shot did it for him. Next thing you know he's got the camera propped between his legs and he's beating his cock for all it's worth. He stops every few seconds to show his cock off and check it out in the camera's LCD then right back to work.

His head rolls back and you can tell he's getting close. His breathing is heavier and his cock is so hard it looks like it might explode! I guess that's the idea…

He pops his head up and his face is contorted and flush… His breath is fierce as he get's closer and closer… Uncontrolled contortions wash across his face one after another until he finally exhales and shoots his load. Amazing!

After a couple of spurts he sits there for a second, spent. Then he remembers he's on camera and that smirk returns to his face as he opens his eyes and checks himself out in the LCD one more time. The smirk turns becomes a chuckle, completing the circle of jerk and he's done.

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Aussie Boys & Glory Holes at!

If you like to see cute young Australian guys (18-22) getting naked in the outdoors, then you’re going to love! This site has a ginormous archive of sexy amateur male models that grows every week, and it features everything from soft-core photo shoots of beautiful boys to nasty, hoodwinking glory hole action!

Let’s be honest – the soft stuff is nice, but… Give me the glory hole action! It’s one of the things that really makes hot. The site’s photographers cruise around bus terminals and sporting venues in search of hot young guys who look like they need a few bucks and a place to stay. Or who look like they need to drop a load! After all, young guys are horny all the time. Think of it as a public service!

Once they get the guys back to the studio, they offer them some drinks and then casually throw on some lesbian porn. No harm in that, right? Well you know how horny young guys are. Once they get worked up with sex on the brain, there’s just no two ways about it. They have to shoot their wad, no matter what it takes or what/who they have to do. They say men are ruled by their dicks, but it’s never more true than in one’s twenties. And thank heavens for that!

At this point, it’s not hard to get the guys to sign a model release and to agree to be filmed at a make-shift gloryhole where they are told a girl is waiting to suck them off. And then they get one of the best blow jobs of their lives while you watch. But there’s a catch… You see, there’s actually a GUY working the glory hole on the other side, and you can see him – even though the model can’t!

It may sound a little creepy, but in truth it’s just incredibly fuckin’ hot! The photographers have a real knack for picking guys who are probably bi-curious, so things always seem to work out fine. Ah – the resilience of youth… Sometimes the guys are even willing to try a bit of gay experimentation once they realize that they’ve been sucked off by a guy. And if it feels good – why not?!

This is a great site and it’s really a no-brainer if you’re looking for a membership. You get quality content, and tons of it. Plus, some of their stuff – like the glory hole action – is just awesome.

Here’s a list of the goodies you’ll get when you become a member:

  • Unrestricted access to full length XXX movies of all models
  • Over 300 young 18 to 22-year-old models
  • Unlimited access to 2 bonus sites – AsianBoyss and TeenBoyAss!
  • Original content shot on location in Australia
  • Weekly updates with a beautiful new amateur model
  • Sizzling glory hole action – with photos and videos!
  • Over 250 video interviews with the young amateur models
  • Video formats for all systems and connection speeds
  • Large, high-resolution images that load lightning fast
  • Huge Bonus section with extra video feeds and galleries
  • Hundreds of hardcore video clips
  • 24/7 sex chat
  • Boner-inducing sex stories
  • Personal ads
  • Hidden cams and voyeur clips!
  • All told, access to over 100,000 images
  • And more!!

So – let’s forget all about Crocodile Dundee (although he was pretty hot when he was younger) and about putting shrimps on barbies or listening to Savage Garden… Just whip out your dick and start whacking off to what is truly the best that the land down under has to offer. As Waltzing Matilda plays, let’s all just pop a great big boner for Australia, thanks to!


You Love Jack’s Seth with Kyle: Nothin’ Says “I Luv U” Like a Cum-Eatin’ Boyfriend!

Oh my, but aren’t these two young gay hipsters something?! If you love the scruffy twinks as much as I do, then Kyle and Seth will not disappoint you! From their unshaven faces to the holes in their socks, these cocky and disheveled art school fag types are the definition of hot. And when they come as a set, it’s just that much better!

Kyle and Seth start out fully clothed on the bed, but as soon as the camera is rolling Seth pops up in the cutest way and looks Kyle right in the eye. They both giggle and then dive right into the action. And wow… Let me tell you – this is one of the hottest gay foreplay make-out scenes I’ve ever seen.

These two are so full of passion and fun. There’s nothing too out of the ordinary here, but their complete lack of inhibition makes it all really fresh and exciting. They hold nothing back as they explore each other’s bodies with a confidence and openness that is a joy to watch.

As Seth drops to his knees, you can start to get a sense of the relationship dynamic here. It’s subtle, but Seth is clearly the one who leads in this relationship. Kyle pulls off his shirt as they kiss and before you know it they are both stripped down to their underwear with boners bulging out.

Not that it really matters, but these are both dudes with big dicks. Kyle’s massive schlong has got to be approaching 10 inches when fully erect – and it is definitely fully erect in this clip!

They push off their underwear and peel off their dirty white socks and go right back to making out. These are real-life gay lovers and they just can’t contain themselves.

Kyle leans down to take Seth’s 7-inch cut cock in his mouth, but Seth has other ideas. He pushes Kyle off his cock and flips him over. As usual, Seth is the initiator who almost always goes first in everything. He gobbles down as much of Kyle’s massive cock as he can and then rolls over to let Kyle face-fuck him.

Now it’s Kyle’s turn to swallow some cock. He rolls Seth over as Seth grabs the camera for a bird’s eye view of his dick as it slides in and out of Kyle’s mouth. Seth’s moans are loud and clear as he enjoys an excellent blow-job from his lover.

After another flip-flop, Kyle starts eyeing Seth’s hot, hairy bubble butt. Seth is frozen with pleasure as kyle worships his boyfriend’s ass and slides his tongue deep inside.

Seth looks like he could enjoy this all night, but he just can’t resist turning around and grabbing Kyle for a grateful kiss. They continue making out passionately, with Seth tasting his own ass and enjoying every minute of it.

They suck each other’s dicks a couple more times before Kyle needs to blow. This all feels so good that they are really nursing their loads to try and make it last. But after a while it’s just too much. Kyle leans back and then Seth gives him an amazing hand-job with hands that know exactly how to best please him. After only a couple minutes of stroking, Kyle blurts out, “Fuck I’m gonna cum – get down there…”

Seth’s eyes never leave his lover’s cock as he moves in to catch his boyfriend’s load all over his face. Any spunk that doesn’t land on Seth’s face ends up as cum in his mouth and he leans in to show off for the camera before showing Seth. What a dirty little pig!

You know what they say – birds of a feather flock together. It turns out that Kyle is an even bigger pig than Seth. Seth doesn’t even have to tell Kyle to “Get down there” when he’s about to shoot, ‘cuz Kyle is all over it as he takes his boyfriend’s entire load in his mouth. He tries to pull away, but Seth reaches out and guides Kyle’s mouth back around his dick to make sure that he gets every last drop of his hot load.

Kyle shows off the cum in his mouth before swallowing the load and licking his lips in bliss.

This is pure gay amateur action, just the way you like it. These scruffy twinks filmed this video themselves and it’s 100% real amateur gay sex – the kind you have when no one else is around. It doesn’t get any hotter than this.

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CollegeBoys247 – The Cream of the College Crop Cums For You!

The Cream of the College Crop at!

It’s a gloomy Friday in Los Angeles, with haze, haze, haze as far as the eye can see. So why not lighten up our collective dispositions with a little sunny butt love, brought to us by the good folks at This site’s chock-full of dude pics, vids and even outtakes. And they’re always recruiting, so you get only the creamiest cream of the college crop, with fresh faces popping up regularly.

New on the site, as of early November, is a hottie with gorgeous blue eyes named Shane (see above). had some hot pics of Shane playing with his beautiful long white cock. He also fucked his hand before cumming all over his smooth twink chest. Tasty!

The Cream of the College Crop at!

The next day, I found that Shane had been paired with a hot piece of college ass called Kurt. They’re two fine-featured, sexy white boys, and Shane’s mammoth cock nice complemented Kurt’s fat twink dick. It’s been pure enjoyment watching Shane fuck the living daylights out of Kurt; at one point, Shane drilled Kurt so hard that it looked like he was going to have a coronary.

The Cream of the College Crop at!

Another good example of some hot college action is presented by Cody and Vince, two buds with boy-next-door good looks. These guys were chillin’ in their boxers, playing some cards. Then they somehow got it in their heads that it was a good idea to put each other’s dicks in their mouths. I think it was a very good idea. They even got a little toe sucking action in for the foot fetishists.

The Cream of the College Crop at!

Not quite satisfied, Vince sat his young, tight ass down on Cody’s slick pole and rode him cowboy-style. Man, they were going at it in a stairwell for what seemed like forever! Totally hot.

The Cream of the College Crop at!

But apparently Vince wanted a little bit of the action from the other end, so he bent Cody over a balcony railing and fucked him doggie style before shooting his joy juice onto the grass below. Not a bad way to conclude a game of cards!

And checking out the hot college dudes ain’t a bad way to conclude a long day. Head over to, and you’ll see what I mean.


It’s friday, enjoy Ajay, Caleb, Tim and Cary from Sean Cody!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

It’s Friday at last and what better way to wrap up the work week then to see some hot masculine guys doing things that are foreign too them.

Sean Cody’s men are some of the most beautiful specimens on the Internet right now that are not only nearly perfect but extremely hidden from the public eye – this is both a turn and frustrating, let me explain why. Working at Cybersocket for a while now I have yet to meet only one Sean Cody model (Ajay, above). While other studios often take their models on the road to promote their respective sites, Sean Cody does the complete opposite, shrouding his models in a mystifying veil of anonymity. As previously stated I enjoy this tactic to a certain extent because when I log onto Cody’s site since I have never met his men I can imagine them in any aspect I choose – as bottoms, tops, cum pigs… anything! If I have met a model then I generally know what they are into – maybe that is why I have refrained from getting to know Ajay, I want to imagine him as a pig sissy bottom who is a muscle Adonis – YUMMY!

The following are the four hottest guys on Sean Cody’s site now in my humble opinion, picked by no one else buy me! The guys you see are all hot in their own right and I have never met before… although I wish I could! If you enjoy these boys log onto Sean Cody’s site and buy a membership it’s pretty cheap when you figure he updates his site a few times a week!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Cary is my first pick (these are no specific order). At first when I saw his trim, flat tummy and nice cock I was sold but then when I checked out his other pictures and saw his tattoo work on his back I knew that this guy was “my type.” Sean Cody doesn’t feature too many models with tattoos and since they are a hot fetish of mine I like to watch these models! If you want to see Cary’s cock you can buy a membership so you can flip him around and see him!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Timothy’s eyes sold me! Although he is generally not the type of guy I go for his slim, tall body is a seller – I love him! His dick is average but I am no size queen, six is fine for me, any thing bigger is just way too big to fit in the mouth or in my ass if I choose to be a bottom, oh, way too much information huh? What do you think of Timothy? Do you like the size of his cock? Comment and let me know what you think of size!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Caleb is probably one of the most ethnic guys I have ever seen on Sean Cody’s Web site. His chest is a complete turn on for me – it’s robust, defined and slightly hairy… yummy! I also enjoy that Sean Cody featured an uncut guy – again, another rarity for the site but totally enjoyable when shown!

Some of Titan Media's newest exclusives are in the movie H20!

Mel appears to be your all-American, boy next door type with adorable rosy-cheeks, a slender smooth body (which again, I am rarely attracted to but for some reason it works on this stud) and his long dick. Check out the picture above! His hand is fully wrapped around his cock and there is still some poking out the top – SO HOT!!! Also if you like huge ball sacks Mel has some smooth ones – perfect for your fantasy to lick and suck on them. Is it getting hot in here or is it just me? Do you like hair on guys ball sacks or do you like them smooth? Sean Cody features both, but for the most part the Sean Cody guys have very trimmed hair!

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