You Love Jack’s Seth with Kyle: Nothin’ Says “I Luv U” Like a Cum-Eatin’ Boyfriend!


Oh my, but aren’t these two young gay hipsters something?! If you love the scruffy twinks as much as I do, then Kyle and Seth will not disappoint you! From their unshaven faces to the holes in their socks, these cocky and disheveled art school fag types are the definition of hot. And when they come as a set, it’s just that much better!

Kyle and Seth start out fully clothed on the bed, but as soon as the camera is rolling Seth pops up in the cutest way and looks Kyle right in the eye. They both giggle and then dive right into the action. And wow… Let me tell you – this is one of the hottest gay foreplay make-out scenes I’ve ever seen.


These two are so full of passion and fun. There’s nothing too out of the ordinary here, but their complete lack of inhibition makes it all really fresh and exciting. They hold nothing back as they explore each other’s bodies with a confidence and openness that is a joy to watch.

As Seth drops to his knees, you can start to get a sense of the relationship dynamic here. It’s subtle, but Seth is clearly the one who leads in this relationship. Kyle pulls off his shirt as they kiss and before you know it they are both stripped down to their underwear with boners bulging out.


Not that it really matters, but these are both dudes with big dicks. Kyle’s massive schlong has got to be approaching 10 inches when fully erect – and it is definitely fully erect in this clip!

They push off their underwear and peel off their dirty white socks and go right back to making out. These are real-life gay lovers and they just can’t contain themselves.

Kyle leans down to take Seth’s 7-inch cut cock in his mouth, but Seth has other ideas. He pushes Kyle off his cock and flips him over. As usual, Seth is the initiator who almost always goes first in everything. He gobbles down as much of Kyle’s massive cock as he can and then rolls over to let Kyle face-fuck him.

Now it’s Kyle’s turn to swallow some cock. He rolls Seth over as Seth grabs the camera for a bird’s eye view of his dick as it slides in and out of Kyle’s mouth. Seth’s moans are loud and clear as he enjoys an excellent blow-job from his lover.

After another flip-flop, Kyle starts eyeing Seth’s hot, hairy bubble butt. Seth is frozen with pleasure as kyle worships his boyfriend’s ass and slides his tongue deep inside.


Seth looks like he could enjoy this all night, but he just can’t resist turning around and grabbing Kyle for a grateful kiss. They continue making out passionately, with Seth tasting his own ass and enjoying every minute of it.

They suck each other’s dicks a couple more times before Kyle needs to blow. This all feels so good that they are really nursing their loads to try and make it last. But after a while it’s just too much. Kyle leans back and then Seth gives him an amazing hand-job with hands that know exactly how to best please him. After only a couple minutes of stroking, Kyle blurts out, “Fuck I’m gonna cum – get down there…”

Seth’s eyes never leave his lover’s cock as he moves in to catch his boyfriend’s load all over his face. Any spunk that doesn’t land on Seth’s face ends up as cum in his mouth and he leans in to show off for the camera before showing Seth. What a dirty little pig!


You know what they say – birds of a feather flock together. It turns out that Kyle is an even bigger pig than Seth. Seth doesn’t even have to tell Kyle to “Get down there” when he’s about to shoot, ‘cuz Kyle is all over it as he takes his boyfriend’s entire load in his mouth. He tries to pull away, but Seth reaches out and guides Kyle’s mouth back around his dick to make sure that he gets every last drop of his hot load.

Kyle shows off the cum in his mouth before swallowing the load and licking his lips in bliss.

This is pure gay amateur action, just the way you like it. These scruffy twinks filmed this video themselves and it’s 100% real amateur gay sex – the kind you have when no one else is around. It doesn’t get any hotter than this.


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