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Aussie Boys & Glory Holes at!

If you like to see cute young Australian guys (18-22) getting naked in the outdoors, then you’re going to love! This site has a ginormous archive of sexy amateur male models that grows every week, and it features everything from soft-core photo shoots of beautiful boys to nasty, hoodwinking glory hole action!

Let’s be honest – the soft stuff is nice, but… Give me the glory hole action! It’s one of the things that really makes hot. The site’s photographers cruise around bus terminals and sporting venues in search of hot young guys who look like they need a few bucks and a place to stay. Or who look like they need to drop a load! After all, young guys are horny all the time. Think of it as a public service!

Once they get the guys back to the studio, they offer them some drinks and then casually throw on some lesbian porn. No harm in that, right? Well you know how horny young guys are. Once they get worked up with sex on the brain, there’s just no two ways about it. They have to shoot their wad, no matter what it takes or what/who they have to do. They say men are ruled by their dicks, but it’s never more true than in one’s twenties. And thank heavens for that!

At this point, it’s not hard to get the guys to sign a model release and to agree to be filmed at a make-shift gloryhole where they are told a girl is waiting to suck them off. And then they get one of the best blow jobs of their lives while you watch. But there’s a catch… You see, there’s actually a GUY working the glory hole on the other side, and you can see him – even though the model can’t!

It may sound a little creepy, but in truth it’s just incredibly fuckin’ hot! The photographers have a real knack for picking guys who are probably bi-curious, so things always seem to work out fine. Ah – the resilience of youth… Sometimes the guys are even willing to try a bit of gay experimentation once they realize that they’ve been sucked off by a guy. And if it feels good – why not?!

This is a great site and it’s really a no-brainer if you’re looking for a membership. You get quality content, and tons of it. Plus, some of their stuff – like the glory hole action – is just awesome.

Here’s a list of the goodies you’ll get when you become a member:

  • Unrestricted access to full length XXX movies of all models
  • Over 300 young 18 to 22-year-old models
  • Unlimited access to 2 bonus sites – AsianBoyss and TeenBoyAss!
  • Original content shot on location in Australia
  • Weekly updates with a beautiful new amateur model
  • Sizzling glory hole action – with photos and videos!
  • Over 250 video interviews with the young amateur models
  • Video formats for all systems and connection speeds
  • Large, high-resolution images that load lightning fast
  • Huge Bonus section with extra video feeds and galleries
  • Hundreds of hardcore video clips
  • 24/7 sex chat
  • Boner-inducing sex stories
  • Personal ads
  • Hidden cams and voyeur clips!
  • All told, access to over 100,000 images
  • And more!!

So – let’s forget all about Crocodile Dundee (although he was pretty hot when he was younger) and about putting shrimps on barbies or listening to Savage Garden… Just whip out your dick and start whacking off to what is truly the best that the land down under has to offer. As Waltzing Matilda plays, let’s all just pop a great big boner for Australia, thanks to!

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