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Tom Moore – Homemade Gay Porn from!

Meet Tom Moore and his monster-sized uncut cock! This is actually his second emission submission and we liked it a lot! He's still got that smooth twink body (he's straight) and a floppy mess of blonde surfer hair to top off his smug attitude.

And that attitude is everything! From that smirk that's always on his face to the confident way he chuckles while recording himself – he's knows he's fucking hot and it emboldens him! Why, I bet he doesn't even worry about what he looks like when he eats in public. Some people!

When the video starts Tom is fully clothed. He sits back on the couch and digs his hand in his pants to get the blood flowing. Before you know it the pants are undone and his cock is in hand, hardening quickly. A couple of tugs and he's a full strength. The chuckle, then the smug grin.

He peels off his shorts and really starts to work that cock. He's about 9 inches uncut and his cock is fucking gorgeous! It's straight as a whistle (just like Tom!) and thick. He shaves his crotch so there's nothing but bare skin and balls to act as a base for that giant. Of course, Tom pulls off that look beautifully… This guy is put together!

He pulls the camera closer and stares at himself as he strokes the shaft of his cock. The smirk never leaves his face as his dick gets harder still. He reaches down and tugs his balls and this makes him moan, just a little bit. Not too loud but you can hear he's into what he's doing too!

Playfully he throws his legs in the air and kinda chuckles again. He knows we dig seeing his beautiful virgin asshole and he's not mocking – I really think he's just enjoying the thought of someone else getting off on seeing something so private. Even if it's a bunch of guys!

This gives Tom an idea and he hops up and gets ready to show off his ass some more, this time on his knees. On the way to his new position he catches a look at his cock passing by the camera and stops to show off that pole for a bit. You can hear him chuckle again as he slides his foreskin back and forth across his sensitive cock head. Beautiful!

He remembers what he got up for and assumes his next position. He's on his knees with his ass cheeks spread wide so we can see that virgin hole perfectly. He leans back so you can see the grin on his face as he waggles his ass and shows off for the camera. He's enjoying this…

He flips over and grabs the camera for some amazing shots of his rock hard cock from his own point of view and you really get to see how fucking big that cock is. The light wraps around the shaft delicately as he tugs the foreskin back and forth across the head. He let's out a guttural moan and says, “Fuck, yeah…” He's into showing off and the feeling it provides.

As he plays with his cock, his hand drifts closer to his asshole and before you know it this tight little stud is hopping up on his knees and giving one of the finest ass shows I've seen! Then he leans back into the camera and exposes his perfect asshole. Beautiful, simple and clear as day.

I think that last shot did it for him. Next thing you know he's got the camera propped between his legs and he's beating his cock for all it's worth. He stops every few seconds to show his cock off and check it out in the camera's LCD then right back to work.

His head rolls back and you can tell he's getting close. His breathing is heavier and his cock is so hard it looks like it might explode! I guess that's the idea…

He pops his head up and his face is contorted and flush… His breath is fierce as he get's closer and closer… Uncontrolled contortions wash across his face one after another until he finally exhales and shoots his load. Amazing!

After a couple of spurts he sits there for a second, spent. Then he remembers he's on camera and that smirk returns to his face as he opens his eyes and checks himself out in the LCD one more time. The smirk turns becomes a chuckle, completing the circle of jerk and he's done.

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