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Dec – Wanna get Dirty?!?

We love guys that aren’t afraid of getting a little dirty, and the guys at Dirty Boy Video sure fit into this category. These dudes love to pull their meat and each other’s anywhere they can —and they do!

Guys are always fucking horny. The difference with these hot studs is if they get the urge and feel the need to unload, they’ll wind up dropping their pants and pulling their man poles in public places like a subway station, bathroom, or in the middle of an aisle at a local dirty video store. A couple of them have even gotten caught shooting their hot loads by strangers who just happened to be at the right place at the right time.

There are also the impromptu hook-ups that occur when two guys are checking out each other’s bulges. Sometimes they go someplace private to mess around, but there have been a couple of times they ended up having hot sex in a remote —but public— area like an underground warehouse or a back alley.

Members of this site get fully downloadable video’s, tons of image galleries, and three sizzling bonus sites, pretty much everything you need to get your jack on, and believe us when we say some of these video’s contain some pretty flexible boys getting their sex groove on.

We love cock, and the majority of guys on this site are packing some serious heat between their legs. Shaved, hairy, cut, uncut, mushroom head, long shaft, fat shaft, you’re bound to see it all.

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Lucas's Gigolo Sheds New Light on the Dark Side of NYC Hustlers

Well-known Director/Producer/Actor Michael Lucas is at it again! In his latest film Gigolo, Lucas plays an ex-hustler who gets thrust back into the sordid world of hustling after his lover’s tragic death. The movie, which Lucas describes as ‘a full-length feature with hot sex scenes throughout’, promises to delve into the dark underbelly of New York City’s seedy, kinky, professional sex industry.

The film boasts some of the hottest guys in the porn business including Jason Ridge, Anthony Marks, Jason Sparks, Lars Svenson, Scott Tanner, Arpad Miklos, Zack Randall, Jimmy Trips, and Kurt Wild, who are joined by Lucas exclusives Ray Star, Erik Grant, J., and Ben Andrews — who is touted as having the biggest cock in the industry at a whopping 11x9” uncut.

The scene between Jason Ridge and Michael Lucas has drawn a lot of buzz from insiders who say the two share a chemistry that goes beyond the normal conventions of porn. Similarly, a scene between Arpad Miklos and Zack Randall — piss-guzzler extraordinaire — is being described as an intense tour de force of fucking, cumming, and pissing. One of the best stills we’ve seen from this duo shows Zack’s hungry, gaping hole being spread wide open by Arpad’s thick piece of manhood.

The real scene-stealer in this movie belongs to real life boyfriends Jason Sparks and Lars Svenson. Besides playing key roles in the film’s plot, they also have the darkest and kinkiest, no-holds-barred sex scene that Lucas has ever filmed.

Marketed as an epic gay porn film akin to Dangerous Liaisons and GayVN award-winner La Dolce Vita, Gigolo promises to deliver the same high standards that we’ve come to expect over from Lucas Entertainment.

The Director’s Cut DVD is jam-packed with extras for die-hard fans, including:

  • Bonus watersports feature including Arpad Miklos with Zack Randall, Lars Svenson with Jason Sparks, and Ray Star, J. with Zack Randall
  • Bonus sex scene featuring Erik Grant, Jimmy Trips, and Anthony Marks
  • Bonus extended sex scene with Lars Svenson and Jason Sparks
  • Bonus video: Behind The Scenes of “Michael Lucas’ Gigolo”
  • Bonus music video: Dark Bitch Woman by Shepard’s Pie
  • Hardcore previews
  • Photo galleries

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