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Italian Cock from Buk Buddies

Big Peter is all that. At 6 feet 7 inches, 220 pounds, a size 15 shoe and a monster fat uncut 7 plus inches of solid man meat, this suave macho Italian is all the hot stud you wish you could handle. Just imagine swinging on that all American flag pole.

big dick peter buk buddies

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Dayton Rims Coby at Buzz West

What is the best way to a man’s heart? Through his ass of course! Coby is an amazing, fun loving guy who loves getting his ass rimmed. His friend Dayton loves to eat ass, suck dick and all of the fun stuff in between. In this session from Buzz West, Dayton begins by undressing Coby. He makes a little detour to lick Coby’s toes before pulling down his jeans. Dayton licks Coby from his toes all the way to his nipples! Coby was a little ticklish, but he loved every inch of being serviced.

gay ass play rimming

Dayton starts sucking Coby’s cock. It swells up immediately, jabbing the back of Dayton’s throat. Coby begins moaning with excitement, which in turns gets Dayton excited. He begins to rub his crotch, but then realizes that he must concentrate on the task at hand … Coby’s sweet ass. Dayton puts Coby on all fours and spreads the hairy ass cheeks. Like a dart to a board, his tongue descends on the hairy hole. Dayton’s warm mouth worships Coby’s ass, licking it in every possible direction. Dayton extends his tongue, penetrating the manhole moist interior. This was the point that made Coby weak in his knees with a pleasure more greater than an orgasm. He could not take it any longer and knew he was about to cum. As he turned around, Coby straddles Dayton’s face. Dayton reached up and played with Coby’s ass. Coby shoots a mountain load of cum, covering Dayton’s face.

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2 New Hot House Exclusives: Nick Piston with Ross Hurston

2008 promises to be a fantastic year for the men of Hot House with two new scorching-hot studs, Johnny Gunn and Ross Hurston, signing exclusive contracts! Hot House exclusive Nick Piston recently introduced his new beau Johnny Gunn. They took one look at his devilish grin, sparkling eyes, chiseled body, and enormous cock and immediately signed him on the spot. Johnny makes his XXX debut in the upcoming Hot House video “Stark Naked” with Piston and Jake Dakota; you can also catch Gunn in a Backroom exclusive video with fellow exclusive Ty LeBeouf.

hot house pornstar exclusive
hot house pornstar exclusive

Hot House went all the way to Great Britain to find hirsute, hung, versatile,
and dreamy Ross Hurston. Ross works with Men At Play overseas where he already has a huge fan base. Under a unique arrangement they have secured him as their first-ever Hot House U.S. exclusive. Look for Ross’s U.S. debut in “Head Hunters, Inc.”, now showing exclusively in the Hot House Backroom. Ross also just completed a scene with fellow exclusive C.J. Knight for the soon-to-be-released “Stark Naked”.

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Dirty Boys Have Public Sex

There’s no such thing as too much of a good thing if you ask me. It seems like the guys over at Dirty Boy Video probably agree with this motto because they’re constantly doing some of the craziest public sex dares.

When these guys aren’t going all around town looking for a place to pull out their peckers, yank on their meat and spill their hot loads everywhere, their doing it at home. Although not as exciting we still don’t mind watching especially when they fuck like animals in heat.

Dirty Boy Video wants you to enjoy their site as much as we do so they’re offering new members a “Crime Scene” DVD as a free bonus. This on top of all the pictures, videos and everything else they offer on the site.

Believe me when I say that there are some hot-ass sex scenes going on this site. The scene where the hot guy boning the nerdy lawyer type is off the fucking hook. The hottie basically throws him all over the office, screws him on every surface and in every position while the nerdy guy screams in ecstasy.

A lot of people like to be sexually adventuress but if you are not one of those types — hey I’m pretty prudish myself — then at least you can live vicariously through these boys that are not only doing it in public but with cameras recording their every move.

This last picture is of a really cute twink, little did I know that he was hairy, hung, and a total squirter. It must be hard to get yourself off in a public restroom knowing that Larry Craig could walk in any second.

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Straight Guys Suck Cock Better

I guess two beers and a back rub isn’t the only way to get a straight man to drop his pants. It’s pretty lucky for us that the guys over at Broke Straight Boys have no money cause we get to enjoy watching these scrumptious dudes doing some of our favorite gay activities.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, there’s nothing better than watching a masculine hot guy getting himself off. I totally think it’s some innate desire that all those who love to suck cock feel for their hetero counterparts.

It’s a lot of fun watching straight guys awkwardly trying to fit a dick in their mouth for the very first time. Some of these boys adapt to it so well it makes you wonder if they haven’t practiced before.

We’ve all seen those sites where straight guys can’t manage to get hard around other dudes, but these guys don’t suffer from any of those problems. These buddies go down on each other and totally get lost in the moment.

It’s one thing to watch guys give each other a rub and tug, but it’s awesome when they actually agree to do a little bit more. I can’t imagine what it must be like to be straight and have my cock shoved in another guy’s hole. You know that shit must be insanely tight.

At the end of the day these broke guys do earn some cash, but you know they’ll always be someone in need of money who wants to make some extra cash by giving us exactly what we want to see.


We All Love Hung Boys at

Holy Shit! There are some fine ass looking guys over at You Love Jack. I don’t think there’s one guy I would kick out of bed on this site. On top of it these boys are fucking hung! I mean like third leg, horse hung, donkey dick type hung. I’m surprised their big dicks don’t affect their equilibrium.

One thing I enjoy about this site is how clean everything is on the web pages. Some sites have so much shit all over the place you don’t really know where to even start, but YLJ’s layout is very easy to maneuver around.

I wouldn’t bottom for many guys, but this Middle Eastern hunk has pierced nipples and a beautiful 9-inch-cock that I would love to straddle. Can’t you just see him lifting his hips slowly back and forth impaling you with his manhood as he stares deeply into your eyes and slowly licks his lips. His picture alone is worth a thousand whacks.

I think out of all my favorite penis shapes the mushroom head is definitely top of my list. There’s just something so pretty about it — and it doesn’t taste bad either.

I’ve been to a lot of sites lately, and I really haven’t seen a picture like this. Usually guys will do the whole deep throat, jacking and sucking thing, but never lick the dick like a lollipop. So how many licks does it take to get to the center?

One thing the guys at YLJ are known for is their talent for being able to suck their own cocks and being good aimers and filling their mouths with their own hot loads. Hey if they can catch their own, they shouldn’t have any problems catching mine.

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Boys Casting – Uncut Slutty Little Boys

The guys over at Boys Casting are so cute it makes me want to pinch their slutty little cheeks. One thing that you’ll notice about a lot of these guys is how flexible they are, like Cirque du Soleil contortionist type shit. I only mention this cause I’ve always wanted to get a hold of a hot guy contort him like a pretzel and pork his insides out of him. But I digress.

One thing you’ll notice is that most of these guys are uncut, which means lots more skin to play with! I dated a hot blonde once with lots of extra foreskin and he used to slide his skin over my head. It felt pretty fucking awesome. But again I digress.

What I like about this site is that they spend more time in and around the ass. Big fat dicks are great, but sometimes you want to look at a hot guy’s ass and just picture yourself munching or fucking it.

The guys on this site aren’t afraid to shove a dildo up their ass, but I would like to see bigger dildos. You know these guys get around so there’s absolutely no reason why they should be using “training dildos” on a sex site. Hey, I’m just saying.

Don’t you love it when guys that used to be twinks aren’t twinks anymore but still haven’t reached the stage of manhood yet? I call them minks, and this dude is a perfect example. Just to be clear, I would totally chow down on his armpits. Yum!

If you want to see more of this big dicked stud, go here.


Gay Porn Top 20 DVD Jerk Off Flicks of 2007!

2007 was a great year for porn movies with many studios pushing the sex envelope to new heights. Our list has brought together a variety of genres that proved to have massive appeal throughout the year. Hoping that 2008 will be just as explosive, here are our top 20 picks of ’07!

The Exclusive Leather/Fetish Film of the 2007 Folsom Street Fair, Fear brings the world of Fetish play into the light of day.

Hot men in uniforms finding sexual ways to distract each other from the searing war that is waging around them. Need we say more?

Sleaze – tastelessness by virtue of being cheap and vulgar. That’s exactly where the action starts – in a cheap, sleazy motel off the end of a forgotten strip mall in downtown L.A., with Vin Nolan checking into the unwelcome sight of Dak Ramsey. Get ready for a late checkout!

Thug Boy Volume 5: Dick Fo Dayz
Don’t miss out on this hardcore homeboy fuck fest! Thirteen thugz in six hot scenes will give you dick fo’ dayz!

Ink Storm
Tattoos are about transformation. They are about someone’s need to be marked. Logan McCree is a hot stud that should not be missed!

Gay guys service straight guys and suck them dry! And then the tables turn. See hunky straight guys suck their first cocks!

The Stoneage
These guys take you back to the stoneage where monstrous reptiles aren’t the only dinosaur bones to be found!

European Holiday 2
The latest film from the Falcon International Collection, Starring Marcus Cruise, Antonio Martin, Max McKay and John Palmer will have you booking your next holiday to Europe.

Seed My Hole
Seed My Hole 2 is all about breeding asses. Pump your seed inside babe! It’s all about gorgeous twinks having their asses filled with hot creamy cocks.

Come Over and Play
Come Over and Play Volume 1 features ten all-American straight studs getting down and dirty with not just their cocks, but their buddies’ cocks as well!

Pool Side Heat
Where else in the world would you encounter hot, steamy, dark muscled guys ready and willing to show you everything they have?

Barebacking with Jeff Palmer Volume 3 Gang Fucked
Jeff Palmer is up to his old tricks again in this non-stop barrage of hot bareback ass plowing and face fucking.

The Closet
When Brant Moore moves in to a rented home, he is unaware of a presence that comes with it. Friends and even tricks just seem to disappear. It’s the sexiest thriller of the year!

Take It Like A Bad Boy
Cobra mixes a few hot men with five of their hottest Cobraboyz in this fantasy feature that pits the old with the new.

Urban Blackout
These crazy city boyz go wild for cock in Urban Blackout! Watch as black dudes pull out their big ass cocks and get to sucking and fucking like you’ve never seen before.

Boys Do It
Hardcore bareback scenes. Stunning sucking and fucking action with lots of cum-eating.

BSI Prague: Bareback Sex Investigation
Fresh, young, and full of cum. Handsome young men who enjoy a great fuck as well as sucking cock make this movie explosive good fun.

Faster Faster Fuck Me Harder
Director Alberto Rey has done it again! Five extended scenes, nearly 3 full hours of wham, bam, fuckin’, suckin’, beefy Euro boys slidin’ and more!

Jarod Steele’s Buckets of Cum
It’s a dream come true for Jarod as both his ass and mouth are pillaged, ravaged, pounded, pumped and filled with hot man jizz in this cum dump extravaganza.

In Deeper, human cum dumpster Dawson takes on a brutal gangbang, a barrage of anonymous glory hole fucks, a free-for-all sex dog-pile and more!


Militia from American Gladiators does Gay Porn

I’m really bummed about the writer’s strike considering all the good shows that will be delayed ‘til who knows when. One of the many resurrections that have returned because of this is the obnoxious ‘90s show American Gladiators. Little did I realize that Militia — pictured above — has done some gay porn, for various websites including COLT Studio. Hope it doesn’t catch up to him! Although I’m no huge fan of Alex, personally, you can find him in the COLT archives under Elian Cortez.

Speaking of COLT, they’ve really been putting out good flicks to whack off to lately. I don’t usually go for movies that feature big muscle guys that look more like two houses trying to fuck, but Paradise Found looks awesome!

Maybe it’s because the very fuckable Jason Ridge is gagged and tied to a fence. I always love watching Ridge, as he gets ready to unleash his load there’s a flush that washes over him that tells you his whole body’s into it.

I have to admit that watching Alex Chandler pillaging Tory Mason’s pulsating tight asshole would give even those with erectile dysfunction a major stiffy.

Like always a porn star’s true value comes down to the all-important cumshot, and these guys are definitely delivering.

With the Olympics coming up I wonder if they would make long distance cumming a new category cause these guys would surely be taking home the gold!

For more COLT men press this.


Extra! Extra! Read All About Michael Lucas!

It seems like Michael Lucas is popping up all over the place these days in his effort to take over the world. Well okay… maybe not the world, but I think he’s at least trying for a good chunk of it. His latest ascension into mainstream media lands him on the cover of the popular gay magazine Genre, which will be hitting newsstands on January 15th.

If I had one night with Michael I would bend him over and show him the kind of fucking he’s given hundreds of — now disabled — men.

If you had one night with pouty-lipped Lucas what would you do?


Stud Sex Tour – They’re Bringing Sexy Back

The guys over at care about one thing only — getting laid! The site features sexy Latin, American, and European man fuckers who love to play with each others hard dicks and tight asses.

I love it when two guys meet and they can’t keep their dicks in their pants long enough to make it through the first date. Nothing can beat the feeling you get when you hold a guy’s hard cock in your hand for the very first time knowing that you’ll be tasting every inch of it in a very short time. Yum!

The only thing better than sucking a big fat one is getting your own sucked by a hot muscular hairy stud. I’m certain if I had this guy’s luscious lips around my pole I would blow my load right in his mouth and watch him drink every single drop of my love juice.

I loved watching the twink getting his dick sucked sit on the big fatty he’s holding. From his reaction you would have thought that it was his first time. The top let him get adjusted to his huge man meat, but after a few minutes gave him the fucking of a lifetime. Hot!!!

Hairy guys, twinks, jocks, whatever it is you’re into you’ll be able to find it here. Personally, I like the stage when guys aren’t twinks any more, but haven’t quite gotten to man stage. These guys usually have something to prove and do it most effectively in the bedroom.

You can find more of these sexy studs HERE!


Enigmatic Boys – hot fucking twinks

I’ve never been into twinks that much but I have to admit that some of the guys over at Enigmatic Boys are really fucking hot. This site has gathered twinks from Russia, Europe and the Mediterranean so on top of having exotic looks the majority of them are uncut!

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw Franco sitting on the chest of drawers, he reminds me of an ex-boyfriend I had in high school. We were both on the track and field team, but managed to do very little running.

One thing that makes a twink really sexy is when he has an angelic face and a huge fucking cock between his legs. A lot of these guys don’t have what I like to refer to as powder puff balls — where it looks like they had their pubes trimmed in a salon — but natural pubic hair. There’s something about burying your face and smelling the musky scent of a man that can’t be beat.

What I liked about the pictures and videos on this site is no twink goes unturned. You get to see every inch of them from top to bottom — no pun intended — in a way that makes you want to jump onto the screen.

Paolo’s cumshot makes me want to turn into a cum guzzling pig, then again his luscious ass (pictured above) would make a top out of any bottom. I love how his abs get rock hard as he shoots his load.

Aside from a huge selection of videos and galleries, one of my favorite things about Enigmatic Boys are the black & white photo shots. It’s as if Ansel Adams decided to do porn.

Check them out at

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