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Blowjobs By Decker & Camden at

Straight muscle stud Decker has a hard time busting a nut. At least in the past video shoots for Decker had a solo where he practically choked his dick to death to make it squirt. He’s had a male-female couple suck his dick, but he’s never sucked dick. Camden, the hot little blond spiky haired boy, was gonna have his work cut out for him. He goes down on Decker, making his cock nice and stiff. Decker seems a little apprehensive, but is going with the flow.

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All of a sudden the energy changed and Decker, the straight boy, grabbed Camden’s cock and performed his first ever blowjob. For a guy who never sucked cock before, he was going at it like a pro. Camden’s dick grew large and hard as enjoyed a straight mouth wrapped around his cock. Then Bryan, the guy from, joined in. He began blowing Decker’s dick. The straight guy had a dude sucking his dick and another dude’s cock up by his face. Camden’s face kept getting closer and closer to Decker’s mouth and before long they were kissing. Decker’s cock just got a little bit harder at that moment. Camden slides on top of Decker and begin sucking his dick while Bryan was forcing the top of his head down n the straight boy’s cock. Decker and Camden were 69ing each other. Needless to say, Decker had no problem cumming and and both shot massive loads of hot gay and straight cum.

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Dream On’s Steve Fucks Ross at

Men at Play features Ross, who has been working hard in the office all week and can barely keep his eyes open, except to cast admiring glances at his gorgeous co-worker Steve. As Ross succumbs to sleep his fantasies find him surrendering to Steve’s stunning nine inch cock. A glance at a calendar full of hot, naked men is all it takes for Ross to imagine Steve bulging out of his tight white briefs. The office paperwork is soon pushed aside as Steve’s muscular body pins Ross to the desk then rims and fucks his hungry hole. Now this is the stuff dreams are made of.

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8th Annual Cybersocket Awards

The 8th Annual Cybersocket Web Awards were held this February in Los Angeles. This event honors the hard work and dedication of all the participants in the gay adult industry of the past year, whether it is a studio, an actor, a director or website. The Cybersocket Web Awards recognize the tiredness dedication of these gay individuals and gay companies who are nominated not only by their peers, but by the everyday surfers who see them strive for perfection. Here are a few of our favorites …

cybersocket web awards

Best Video Company Site – Hot House

Best Amateur Video SiteSean Cody

Best European Theme Adult SiteBel Ami

Best Original ContentRandy Blue

Best New SiteWith Marcello

cybersocket web awards

Visit to see all the winners.


Constant’s First Time Gay Blowjob at

Hot Eastern Euro stud Constant did a jack off show for not so long ago showing off his amazing build and super sexy uncut European cock. Now he is back for his first time ever gay blow job from Johnny, the adorable bottom boy who loves sticking toys up his ass. Constant was really nervous and it took a lot of convincing to make the blue-collared construction worker stay for the photo shoot, but Johnny had calmed him down and they began the photo shoot with a nice massage. Constant lied on his back, covered his eyes and let Johnny begin to suck away on the huge piece of meat. His dick was hard almost instantly. Constant’s flesh colored foreskin enveloped his pink cock head which was turning shiny and bright from Johnny’s spit. Amazingly, for someone who did not want a guy to touch him, his cock remained hard the entire time.

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Johnny kept pumping Constant’s cock with his mouth, tugging on his balls every time his lips swept up and down the long shaft. Constant changed positions and knelt across Johnny chest sticking his cock in his face. Johnny opened his mouth to accept the straight cock and Constant shoved it inside as far as he could go. Now that Constant was more comfortable, Johnny directed him to his knees. Tugging on the large uncut cock, Johnny spread his ass, exposing Constant’s hairy asshole. With one hand on his ass cheek, Johnny bent down and began sucking the Euro cock once more, gazing up at his ass with excitement. Constant rolled on to his back and Johnny began jacking off his cock, listening to the deep groans coming out of Constant’s mouth. Johnny’s hand pumped up all the salty cum from Constant’s balls and directing it to land all over his stomach.

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Bel Ami’s Blonde Superstar Dolph Lambert

Blond bombshell Dolph Lambert is one of Bel Ami’s newest rising stars. This 20 year old computer student is an expert cock sucker and says that one of his most favorite thing is to grab a boy’s cock and start munching on it. Dolph Lambert can be seen in Bel Ami’s “Personal Trainers 10” with Luke Hamill in an extremely sensual sex scene.

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Nicholas Luv’s Gay Blowjob at

Nicholas Luv is a hot sexy straight guy that has a big, thick dick and thinks the rougher the sex, the better. But Nicholas readily admits that most chicks can’t keep their mouth around his massive cock long enough to give him a worthy blowjob. That’s where Mike Hancock comes in. Mike wanted to make sure that Nicholas Luv truly appreciated the difference between a woman sucking his straight cock out of obligation and a gay cockhound sucking his cock out of pure joy. By the sound of things, it’s a lesson that Nicholas Luv is not soon to forget!

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2008’s Best Gay Pornstars awarded at the GayVN’s

San Francisco was the host to the king of all gay porn awards shows – The GayVN’s. This homo studded gala event gives a special “cocks up” to the hardest working butt fuckers and the best of the best cock suckers in the business. Half naked gay porn stars and skimpy bikini wearing go go boy eye candy flocked the red carpet, being interviewed by Naked Sword’s Time and Roma. The comedic styling of Lady Bunny and Derek Hartley & Romaine Patterson co-hosted the evening events. However, the obvious stars of the show, were all the hard working pornstar nominees and winners. A few of our favorites are listed below.

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Best Amateur Video: Edge Series 1 (Chaos Men)

Best Oral Scene: Joey Amis takes on the cast of Mating Season (Bel Ami)

Best Group Scene: Steve Cruz, Johnny Hazzard, Joe Strong, Matt Majors, Brendan Davies, Link: The Evolution (All Worlds Video)

Best Actor – Foreign Release: Jean Franko, The Men I Wanted (Lucas Kazan Productions)

Best Sex Scene – Duo: Ricky Sinz and Roman Ragazzi, GRUNTS (Raging Stallion)

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adult gay videos

Photos courtesy of: and

Gay porn’s brightest shined at the GayVN’s when all performers, directors, makeup artists and “fluffers” came together to celebrate the year’s best in gay adult entertainment.


Furry Bear Cub Paul’s Visual Masturbation at

Super hot Paul, a 27 year old black haired, brown eyed bear cub who loves to be watched, or should I say, loves to watch himself. This husky piece of man meat lies down on a massage table an notices that there is a video camera pointed right at him. Paul’s furry face stretches from ear to ear with his big bear grin. He gets mesmerized by the camera and stares at this voyeuristic encounter with his handsome video twin. Paul begins rubbing his furry belly as he gazes up at the video screen. Removing his shirt reveals his hair fallen chest and the removal of the rest of his clothes showing us how beefy this teddy bear really is. The sight of himself on camera makes Paul cock stands straight up, bouncing uncontrollably up and down against his hairy body.

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Looking at the screen he grabs his cock. It feels like he is reaching in and masturbating the person onscreen. Paul’s big thick hairy thighs spread out as he grabs his balls. As he rolls onto his side, Paul reveals his large tattoo covering his back. He grabs his bubble butt as continues to look hypnotically into the screen. Paul’s eyes roll into the back of his head and his shoots a major load of cum into the air landing on his furry chest. He rubs the man juice across his body creating rows of sticky hair swirls across his body.

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Enormous straight cock sucked by gay guy at

Amateur straight porn star Criss Strokes stops by Jake Cruise for a jack off session and gets more than he bargained for. This massive hairless muscle man has huge arms, rock hard thighs and an enormous 10 inch cock that would split any person in two. With a happy disposition, Criss is one of our favorite gay for pay boys, of course the huge monster dick helps out quite a bit. Jake looked a little shocked when he saw the size of Criss’s penis. We have mentioned before that Jake Cruise is quite the expert cock sucker, however, this one could be his biggest challenge yet. Jake’s eyes popped out as he saw Criss’s cock gets larger and larger while he masturbated.

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The time had come to go in and start sucking. Grabbing Criss’s floppy balls, Jake closed in around the head of the swollen dick working his mouth down little by little. Jake’s hand rode effortlessly up and down the shaft of the gigantic cock, pumping the massive mound of meat. Jake took a deep breath and began his deep throat descent. He forced his mouth further down the cock and felt the tip of Criss’s cock pushing through his throat muscles. After a few chokes and gags, Jake proudly made it to the base of the mountain sized man muscle. He was now in complete heaven working a super sexy straight boy’s huge cock. Before long Criss’s cock volcanically erupted, shooting hot, steamy cum into the air.

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Sexy Red Headed Amateur’s First Porn at

Graham is a sexy red head with a nice furry red hairy chest. Acutally, there is a light fuzz of strawberry blond fur all over his body. Graham is super sexy with his fair pinkish skin which he seems to be covering in tattoos. Graham is a versatile top, but said he’s really into oral more than anything and he LOVES facials.

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The Deal with Francesco D’Macho and Edward Dubov from Men at Play

Francesco D’Macho and Edward Dubov are the hot, manly models in Men at Play’s “The Deal”. The plot – some business men … in a museum or something … does it really matter, I don’t think so. There are two extremely hot guys in one of the best brut sex scenes I have seen. That, in my mind, is all that needs to be known. Francesco is the dominant man, ordering Edward around like his little sissy slave. He is forced to his knees and is made to sniff Francesco’s crotch through his expensive designer suit. Edward’s mouth is open, waiting for a piece of the business boner and gladly accepts the uncut cock being shoved down his throat.

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Francesco flips Edward over a chair and spreads his ass wide open. He begins to eat out Edward’s ass, digging in deep with his tongue. “SMACK!” echos through the room as Edward gets his ass slapped. Francesco spits on the manhole before shoving his long, fat cock inside. Edward’s moans can be heard for blocks as the massive cock stretches his hole. He turns over and lies on a table, pants removed yet clothed from the waist up. Francesco is still hasn’t bothered removing any of his clothes, he is too eager for more of Edward’s ass. As he slides his cock inside once more, Edward grabs onto the sides of the table. His cock hardens with every thrust against his ass. Edward’s cum erupts ad lands all over his crisp white business shirt and Francesco pumps his ass faster. Soon Francesco pulls out his cock and shoots his load all over Edward. Fucking Hot!

To see more of Francesco and Edward, visit Men at Play.


Straight Guys for Gay Eyes – Tony Capucci Bones a Broad!

Tony Capucci is the latest model over at Straight Guys for Gay Eyes. With his dark olive complexion, this hot Italian beefcake has no trouble romancing the ladies. Tony has beautiful looks, an amazingly fit body and a huge delicious cock ready to be munched on. In case you would like to see him get his cock sucked by a man, head over to to see Jake giving him a very memorable blowjob which ended in Tony releasing a very huge cum load all over Jake.

straight italian tony capucci

But over at Straight Guys for Gay Eyes, it will be a girl doing all the blowing, which is perfectly ok with us. Tony’s cock gets rock hard once the tis come out to play. His rock hard abs tighten as she takes his huge cock down her throat. Her pussy is getting moist and Tony is ready to mount her like the Italian stallion that he is. As far as straight sex goes, this is pretty fucking hot. Tony is so damn gorgeous, his dick is loving every inch of her wet, juicy vagina. Tony shoots his hot steamy load all over the girl and shines us that gorgeous smile that only he can get away with.

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Feb – Gage and Reese’s Hot Blow Job Session!

Gage gives Reese a blowjob that you don’t just see but can actually feel. The attention he gives to Reese’s thick meaty cock is enough to make you shoot your load before they even get a chance to. And not to be outdone, Reese dives back down on Gage’s harpoon in a 69 that is so hot it almost wrecks the place. And the cumshot… well, you just need to see it to believe it. But if you’re not alone in your own private place … turn the speakers down.

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Straight College Dude Gavin Jacks Off!

Gavin is a hot muscle blond boy coming to you straight out of the corn fields of some midwestern state. When he isn’t studying economics at school, his favorite past times are fast cars, wrestling and boning sexy chicks. Being on the wrestling team, Gavin has to keep a lean body, he says he can not get too pumped up. He works out daily and eats a lot of protein. We would not mind a little protein from the hot college boy ourselves.

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Gavin likes to use a lot of lube. He will go through a full bottle in one jack off session. In this scene, I think he went way over one bottle, but that is fine with us. He even gave us a little peek at his hairy asshole. This guy has a nice butt, rock hard dick, and awesome load. You are definitely going to get off to watching Gavin get off!

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Get your private cyber-escort today!

If you haven’t done this yet, you are living in the last millennium! What are we talking about? We’re talking about getting laid online. There are a lot of sites that offer live sex shows these days, but very few use the right technology to make things enjoyable and not annoying. You don’t want to be jerking off to a blurry image that changes every five seconds, right? We don’t either. That is why one of our favorite live cam sites is And we do know what we’re talking about :-)

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There are over 7000 guys to choose from on They come in every color, size and gurth so you will definitely find the right one to make you squirt all over your boyfriend’s laptop. We prefer the innocent looking European twinks that turn into real sex maniacs once you take them private. Spend some time to find the right Camera Boy for yourself. Take advantage of the search function or click through the live models section just as if you were cruising the club or your favorite sauna.

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The best part is you can chat with your dream guy for free. Try before you buy. See how they react, find out about their personality…maybe ask about how big their cock is. It is all up to you. But don’t wait for too long before someone else steels your tonight’s rentboy in front of your eyes and has their way with him! This has happened to us and believe me, it sucks. Especially when you’ve just managed to pull out your credit card from your wallet using your lubed-up hand. But hey, with so many guys to choose from, you can be chatting with a new hottie anytime your boss isn’t looking 😉 .

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