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Gay First Time: Tommy gets couched at!

Oh, the versatility of a good leather couch. Not only does it provide a great place to sit – but it’s also a host for easy clean up when you’re inviting a buddy over to your place for little down and dirty gay first time fun!

Hot gay boys with huge cocks about to fuck their friend for a first time in the ass

The studs of His First Huge understand the importance of good furniture as a vehicle for a successful hookup – as is evident from their latest adventure with curious Canuck and bottom beginner Tommy. Big dicks and an appreciation for interior design – now that’s the key to winning a gay man’s heart.

Gay friends licking ass and sucking big cock in a first time threesome

The site is also artfully talented in teaching eager young guys how to get fucked by a monster cock for the very first time. Wide eyed and eager Tommy wanted to gain a little more experience in the art of taking a big dick, and he got it from two well-endowed veterans of

Hot stud getting fucked on leather couch for the first time by his horny gay buddies

Arch your back and remember to breathe, little Tommy; this is one lesson that’s guaranteed to put you in the market to buy a leather loveseat of your own. Of course, after a virgin first time pounding like this, something tells me Tommy’s deflowered young gay ass is not going to be sitting on anything for a long time to come…


Lee fucks Landon’s willing young gay ass in a hotel room

Landon Reed and Lee Stephens from didn’t take too long to show us how to fuck a hot guy in the ass like there’s no tomorrow!

college dudes half naked gay petting

Lee had never fucked a guy before this shoot, but after watching him pound Landon with his rock hard dick, it was obvious that he had a good time! Lee fucked Landon like a jack rabbit, inching every bit of that cock up Landons hungry asshole in some fast and furious fucking. They went at it in every possible and impossible position. This is one of the best scenes we’ve seen in the past few weeks!

young college dudes sucking cock and getting ready to fuck

Check out more of these two at

twinky college dudes fucking passionately in hotel room gay porn


Sensual Dyson from shows his ass

This 23 year old sexy stud Dyson from just oozes sensuality. Hopefully you can see it in his photos and video. He’s very friendly, loves to smile, but you know there’s a naughty boy not so subtly hidden just below the surface.

Dyson cute young guy undressing on bed gay

The 5’7″ stud has a really nice looking cock anyone would greedily slurp down, and just like Flint, he’s got an amazing bubble butt. He’s friends with Flint and the Prince Twins. Can you imagine these guys getting wild at a bar? HOT! Dyson is really good at showing off his ass. Unlike other guys we’ve seen in videos, Dyson knows just what we want to see. Dyson topless gay six pack beautiful gay body

He’s one hot dude, and you can tell he wants you to come suck his dick…or eat out his hole! Check out his video and photos on Dyson spreds ass cheeks and shows asshole


Randy Blue’s Brent Diggs and Cameron suck each other’s dicks

Randy Blue’s Brent Diggs has really grown over the past few years since we last saw him on their site. He’s worked his body so that he’s in amazing shape, not that he was all that bad to begin with. He used to be quite bashful but has really come out of his shell. His first live show had him smiling a lot, waiting for direction and guidance with an adorable bashfulness, whereas in his last live show he took total control and led the viewers through a typical workout, holding them all in the palm of his hand. I thought it would be only fitting that he act as a sort of ‘big brother’ to newcomer Cameron Michaels.

Randy Blue Brent Diggs and Cameron - bautiful gay models

Cameron blew everyone away with his debut performance on Randy Blue with his unique mixture of angelic features (with those curly blond locks) and deep manly voice. Brent and Cameron had such an amazing energy together that went even beyond the video shoot.

Randy Blue Brent Diggs Cameron in sexy gay underwear

They did such a great job together, from the passionate way they locked lips and devoured each other’s tongues, to the hot 69 where they gave each other head while grinding their sexy bodies together. And talk about a blowjob, you would think that Brent would outshine Cameron with his experience as a Randy Blue model but Cameron has got one talented mouth. It’s so hot watching him blow Brent in this video that you can practically feel it.

Randy Blue brent diggs cameron 69 suck each others cocks

And as much as you want to shoot your load you’ll find there’s a part of you that doesn’t want them to stop. Even after unloading their hot steamy loads they still playfully laugh and smile so you know they had a great time making this video. See the full video on!


Marcus Jones enjoys jerking off his enormous cock at home

If angels had dark scruffy hair, smooth olive skin and unbelievably huge hard cocks, Marcus Jones from would look like one.

Marcus Jones jerking off at home for

This rocker dude looks hot even with his clothes on! But of course that didn’t stop me from watching his full length video. As a true voyeur, I love watching guys that are really into jerking themselves off. You can see Marcus truly enjoys caressing and stroking his huge dark cock and doesn’t give a fuck about the camera being there or not.

Marcus Jones gets his huge cock erect and ready to blow his load

He knows exactly which spots to touch and where to apply a little spit for lubrication. You’ve gotta love watching how every single stroke to Marcus’s throbbing cock is like a wave of pleasure making all his muscles dance on his body. This guy is a true natural and that is exactly what is all about – truly honest home made gay porn. Check out Marcus Jones’s full video at

Marcus Jones strokes his hard dick with both hands on


straight hottie Tarkan gets tricked into fucking a guy

Pedestrians watch out! The BaitBus is back in the neighborhood scouting for another unsuspecting straight hottie. One of the latest victims is Tarkan, a Middle Eastern stud that has never been with an American girl before. Excited to get a blowjob from Jessie, little does he know it will be his first time with an American dude!

straigh hottie Tarkan fucks a guy on

Once Tarkan gets blindfolded, Jessie gives Ryan command of Tarkan’s hot pole. I think this is probably the best blowjob Tarkan ever got from a girl. His beautiful tan cock gets rock hard in Ryan’s well practiced mouth who makes sure this young stud gets so horny he won’t be able to walk away once the blindfold comes off. It doesn’t take too much persuasion on Ryan’s part to get Tarkan to slide his throbbing cock into Ryan’s hungry ass. Check out to see how this story ends. I think I could pretend to be straight for a few minutes just to get picked up by the crew.

Tarkan fucks Ryann with his tan olive hard cock


Gay college guy sex orgy, young ‘n hung:

What up, college bro’s and their admirers! If you’re a college drop out, you never got over school — or never got over the dumb but hot college bro’ who sat next to you in English 101 — then is the site for you. Jam packed with a library of over 100 full length movies, are a twist on the Girls Gone Wild idea: are testosterone, booze driven orgies. The content’s exceptional: all movies are shoot in HD (so you can get a really good look at the college boy cock) and the movies are updated weekly and fully downloadable (and filled with loads — har har.)

Gay college guy sex orgy, young ‘n hung:

Kinda like prep school for Vegas (what happens here, stays here), the college version.

Gay college guy sex orgy, young ‘n hung:

We checked out a few of the latest movies and what they say — “We pump more than just the key at our parties” — is 100% true. How do they set up these cock sucking college parties? Maybe this is what’s behind all those Craigslist ads …

Gay college guy sex orgy, young ‘n hung:

Frat boys, oh, what can we say? They’ve fueled the fantasies — and real live fucks — of many a frat parties. What else can you expect when you cram a bunch of horny college age dudes one on top of the other and give ’em beer to chug-a-lug? Bored and horny on a Saturday night can turn into an orgy (snap fingers) like that!


Nude Mario Lopez, Pleads, Marry Me Please, Madonna!

just kidding!

Mario Lopez strips down, showers, butt naked

Over here at Cybersocket headquarters, we’ve been watching (and watching) the Mario Lopez nude — yes, nude — shower scene from Nip/Tuck’s fourth season episode, “Monica Wilder.”

The clip — set in a gym, one step away from the main work out floor of many a porno set — proves that Nip/Tuck is the most pornographic show on television (hehe, like there was ever any doubt about that.)

Mario Lopez strips down, showers, butt naked

The scene opens with Lopez, looking something like a dead ringer for the sexy Solo Flex stud. [Wherein, Ryan Murphy (Nip/Tuck’s gay producer) slyly uses Mario’s “exercise” to point and click on all our pre-porn jerk-off material; the scene’s destined to rate up there for baby gays with our International Male catalogs and Jim Palmer Jockey underwear ads.]

Oh, so back to the “action”: Mario’s features everything you’d expect from a gay male porno, except instead of sliding his hot bubble butt up and down a big fat cock, Mario’s shown solo, knocking off a half dozen reps, pulling himself up — and down — and up …

Cue next (soft core porno) scene, the post work-out shower! Beautifully lit (like a male Emmanuel) with water cascading down Mario’s smooth, olive skin muscle boy body (Note to Self: invite Mario to the White Party … & does he sing?), Mario’s shown soaping himself up while chatting up plastic surgeon, Cristian (Julian McMahon). TV Guide describes their conversation as “disturbing” — disturbingly erotic is more like it — but whatever, we find out Lopez isn’t an escort cleaning up before his 8 p.m. trick but Dr. Mike Hamoui … a (hot) plastic surgeon.

Disturbing in what TV Guide sense, we can only wonder since we weren’t exactly listening to the dialogue* between the two, seeing as how we were too distracted by the sight of Mario Lopez sensually running his hands over his chiseled six (eight? ten? at twelve, we lost count) pack, twisting and turning for the camera, giving as much T as A.

*Okay, with repeated viewings we finally listening to what Lopez and McMahon were talking about: Lopez reveals that he keeps his body circuit party perfect by working out daily and starving himself. Later, McMahon butt nekkid again, and Dr. Lopez is giving him liposuction.

According to YouTube, the clips been viewed over forty thousand times and, we’d daresay, it’s almost as good as logging onto

Nude Mario Lopez, Pleads, Marry Me Please, Madonna!

Given Mario’s scattershot, B list career — playing everyone from Olympic diver Greg Louganis to “Husband for Hire” (the most watched program — ever ! — on the Oxygen Network) and “Dancing with the Stars” — we emailed Lopez suggesting he apply for the biggest opening this year: Madonna’s new husband.

According to today’s New York Post’s gossip guru, Richard Johnson, Madge is done with That Guy (Ritchie, the lanky London Lad, father of Madge’s son, Rocco, and Kabbalist). One source blames the split on That Guy, explaining, “he’s (just) the foreign half-wit who took Madonna from her American homeland and made her talk all funny.”

Denying the rumors — or confirming them? only time will tell — Madonna’s rep, Liz Rosenberg cackled, “They’re still both sharing Cloud 9 – as opposed to Client 9, ha-ha!”


Brazilian Studs Suck ‘N Fuck, muscle man gay on

What’s really great about is how they give it up on the home page, featuring some of the hottest outtakes we’ve ever seen. We checked out the rest of the site and found this video featuring Ramon Gonzales and Alex Cerqueira. These two horny Brazilian dudes (we’ve never met a Brazilian, “straight” or gay, who wouldn’t drop trou and get down to fucking.)

brazilian studs suck face,

are tall ‘n tan, dark and lovely, if you’re into outdoor sex — we sure are — you’ll love watching this couple strolling on the beach wearing those skimpy boxer briefs when they realize it’s lunchtime!

Brazilian Studs Suck ‘N Fuck,

They step to the side, shuck their briefs and get down to business: Alex sucks dick before getting rimmed by Ramon. Ramon then spreads Alex’s sweet cheeks and fingers the hole before sticking his meat in, and fucking his newfound friend doggy style. He then gives it to Alex missionary, finishing him off with a banging on a blanket.

brazilian studs fuck hot ass, gay sex

And there’s more!

At the top of the page, there’s another preview we watched oh, about twenty times, before shooting our load — that’s the great thing about Cybersocket: you’re expected to look at hot gay porn and nobody bats an eye when you shoot your load.

This clip made its way around the office so we had to share it with you: set in a gym, two muscles heads (Trey Casteel & Nick Marion) start out their he-man action with some chest slapping/nipple twisting/who’s the Alpha action. It’s not long before the black trunks slid off and the pair gets down to some hot straight dude action. What’s super (super dooper!) is how Casteel and Marion use the gym equipment for fucking. First, Trey fingers his smooth, brown man pussy, then, he gets down on his knees and sucks Nick’s fat dick. The best part is when Trey reaches up, grabs hold of the abs bar and lowers himself down on Nick’s rock hard dick. Then, he starts bouncing his big muscle butt up and down on Nick’s cock his semi-hard boner slapping against his muscular inner thighs. And that’s just the preview!

Next door (the window to the left) there’s an amazing slide show featuring a gay orgy. Set in a gym, four tattooed muscle heads stand around a weight bench where their bitch boy/cock sucker/bottom pig lays back, ready to service their cocks, get fucked, whatever. This gay sex slide show features some muscle man tongue action and cock sucking: our favorite still’s a side view of a veiny uncut weiner getting sucked by an scruffy faced jock boy.



Naughty Naked lad flashes uncut cock

We’ve always had a soft spot for Engligh dudes like this naughty naked lad at We’re not even into white dudes but ever since Mikey fucked the shit out of us after a massage … Mikey taught us to honor the hood & that there’s nothin’ like some juicy foreskin to chow down on: it’s better than breakfast sausage!

naughty naked lad underwear

We’ve seen London, we’ve seen France, we wanna know how big the hood hiding under this naughty naked lad’s aussiebum underpants!

naughty naked lad licks arm pit

give it a lick! we bet you can totally see your tongue there 2! his pit looks soooo clean, maybe a little smelly but good. we’re taking bets: smoker? non-smoker? dick smoker?

naughty naked lad flashes uncut cock

yuuuuummmmmmm!!!!!! Everybody at Cybersocket headquarters popped boners. Well, one of us did: imagining our tongue up inside that foreskin. step off, Mister Hand, that’s a job for Konrad Product.


Margaret Cho Meets the Parents: Can a Bi-Punk Comic Girrrrl Go Home?

Margaret Cho Rides Big Mike’s Cock

We’ll see. “The Cho Show,” scheduled for broadcast this summer on VH-1 is Margaret Cho’s new reality show … and her family.

According to a well placed insider, for the upcoming six week shoot, Cho, spends quality time with her finger wagging parents. (Oh, yeeeeeah … kinda like a recycled version of her 1994 ABC sitcom, American Girl, about a Korean girl and her family.)

The famous imitation Cho does of her stern Korean mom? It’s based on a real person! But what we’re looking forward to the break down moment where her mom pulls a Korean Gypsy, voicing her “disappointment” with Margaret’s success. Apparently, Mama Cho would have preferred Margaret become a Dr. Margaret Cho or Margaret Cho, esq.. (vs. about everybody’s favorite fag hag.)

So we weren’t exactly surprised when our source told us about a scene featuring Margaret reportedly sitting with a member of her gay Entourage, swilling champagne and belching, “I can’t believe we’re drinking champagne and not taking Xanax.”

Xanax? Girl, what about the KimChi?


Straight Twink Boyzz Stroke, Fuck, Nut on is a great site if you want to check out horny straight doods but you’re not into crossing swords. I popped a boner looking at these two hot teen boys taking turns with a blow up doll. It looks like they’re having hella fun and reminds me of all the times I ever hooked up with my best friend.

straight twinks get naked

Two bro’s who get together in a hotel room for some straight boy sex. Word: see how the white alterna boy with tatts and a goatee checks out his horny straight friend wearing a pooka shell necklace — and he’s got a knob big as his nose. his partner’s a smooth hottie

gay twink boys fuck doll

Pounding her plastic pussy with their clean straight boy cocks…

straight gay twink boy bust cum nut

And — finally — blowing their big jizzy loads all over her face.


Spitzer Sex Worker Sex Scandal: I quit


The Governor announced his resignation today, citing “personal failings.” The fallout? First up is, author Tracy Quan (“Diary of a Manhatten Call Girl”) who writes in today’s NY Times, “As a former sex worker, I’m puzzled by what is reported to be Gov. Eliot Spitzer’s preference for the riskiest form of indoor prostitution I have ever experienced. Escort agencies are constantly being investigated, infiltrated and spied on.”

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer Shows His Size

Cybersocket headquarters is buzzing with chat about Eliot Spitzer’s sex worker sex scandel. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, Spitzer, New York’s Governor, has been accused of “participating” in a prostition ring. When we first heard this, we thought he’d been running a ring.

Oh no. Much worse than that! Spitzer was a client. According to yesterday’s NYTimes, an FBI investigation revealed that Spitzer a.k.a., Client 9, had been buying expensive, D.C. pussy (for prices of hot snatch check out new york mag’s ’05 article about how jason itzler pimped natalia, “The $2,000 Hour Woman”) from the Emperor’s Club.

what two grand gets you

Price being everything, two grand (the Emperor’s Club rate for first class snatch), is how Spitzer got caught. As the New York Times reports, “The IRS became interested in some strange transfers of several thousand dollars from the governor’s account and began an inquiry looking for “bribery, corruption or illicit campaign financing.” That’s when they discovered the prostitution link and Spitzer’s efforts to cover his tracks.”

Now, Spitzer’s been given forty-eight hours to quit or face impeachment. We wondered why — when the Republican Party are fending off a sex scandel seemingly every other month: from so called closet case, Sentaor Larry Craig (for tearoom tapping, Senator David Vitter ( for hiring escorts) and Rep Mark Foley (sex with teenage boys) — they feel comfortable holding themselves to another standard (the three Washington politicians remain in office.)

And then there’s hooker lovin’ hypocrites who hail from megachurches. Who can forget family value preachers, Jimmy Swaggart, Jim Bakker and Ted Haggard? (Check out Deborah Soloman’s New York Times Magazine interview with Mike Jones, the male escort who blew the whistle on Ted Haggard, the Celebrity Preacher. “These men were coming to me with really big emotional issues, and I was comforting them.”

Carol Leigh a.k.a. Scarlot Harlot

“My real take is that this is happening when there’s a Federal bill, (HR 3887) aimed to federalize certain prostitution crimes and place them within the jurisdiction of the FBI.,” says Carol Leigh (a.k.a. Scarlot Harlot, a San Francisco activist who coined the term “sex worker”). “It’s not really news that politicians use hookers but that they’re trying to federalize prostitution crimes. It’s just that these kind of crimes are more interesting to the general public.”

“The shame and threat of exposure creates an atmosphere of danger which becomes part of the sexual high,” Leigh explains. “This phenomena is one of the ingredients of escalating repression. When a law goes against our natural desire for consensual sex part of the result is a risk taking compulsion. The client-politicians (and all the sexually conflicted politicians) feel a need to pass stricter and stricter legislation to mask their needs.”

We asked Leigh what she predicts will happen to the Emperor’s Club sex worker: “Nothing. If she’s smart she can get some moiney for a good interview.”’s Brandon Baker disagrees. “She’ll definitely be in trouble. They have to make an example of her.”

When will it end? “Historically,” says Leigh, “the spiral can be interrupted by a national disaster, war or a trip by Brittany Spears to rehab.”


Shane Slams Seth on

Just up on is a cool video clip featuring some hot white boi XXX garage action featuring Shane slamming Seth Lyons.

shane sucks seth lyons

Shane’s shows he’s a good top, sucking off Seth‘s nice shaped knob & playing with Seth’s bull sized balls, steadying himself on the black Benz. We like Seth’s slim boy bod and his alt boi sideburns.

shanes cock slams seth lyons boy butt on

Surprise! Shane flips Seth over the Benz & slams Seth … fuck yeah! Shane’s a big boy, solid up top (someone’s been hitting the gym reguarly) and Seth’s got a slim boy body (no waist, V-shaped). Just goes to show: two college boys on Spring break will do the funkiest shit when they’re outta sight & left to their own devices!


Rocco Bones Aaron James Ass Cruisin’,,

aaron james pops boner jet sets ass cruisin’

Aaron James — Jet Set (and; he’s a dual exclusive) and MTV True Life star (“I Work in the Sex Industry”) – has the porn blogsphere talking. A lot. Last week, we jumped on it when Jet Set invited us to the set and watch Aaron shooting his new porno, Ass Cruisin’. Aaron got his start on (“On Fire” is the best firefighter porn flick since Wash West’s “The Hole,” and “Hollywood Sex Club” and featuring Aaron’s latest /monthly new photo set of Aaron fucking Kurt Wild.)

aaron james bubble butt hot ass ass cruisin’ mtv star
In person, Aaron, a blue-eyed hottie from Pennsylvania, was really sweet and laid back, chatting between scenes. “Yeah, I’m straight but I’m out to my family about doin’ gay porn,” Aaron said, a new breed of gay porn star who’s straight and straight up (and the future of reality TV? Mmm ….)

In front of the camera, Aaron morphed into a stallion: a couple tugs on his cock and, BAM!, he was rock hard!

Playing on his persona – wholesome college stud — Aaron works his fresh faced (“Huh?”) looked, getting the well hung Rocco to jack off. When it cums time for Rocco to shoot his load, he told Aaron to move back, warning, “I’m a long distance shooter” And he was not kidding: Rocco shot huge, ropey loads all over Aaron’s ass and back … the spooge slowly dripped down Aaron’s butt crack.

After the scene was over, Aaron cleaned up a few feet away from us (we snatched the towel!) Even after Aaron had wiped off all Rocco’s jizz, we still smelled the man juice still clung to his toned body. Although Aaron’s mostly a top on films he does bottom in this film, scheduled for a May 08 release. If what we saw yesterday is any indication this film’s gonna rock!


Dillon Crow Delivers Cock ‘N Booty in Head Hunters, Inc.

We’ve been hearing back from readers how much they dig’s March 2008 cover model, baby faced Dillion Crow, an up-and-coming star in the stable of babes. Dillon’s featured as a horny bike messenger in “Head Hunters, Inc.,” helmed by AVN Hall Of Fame Director Steven Scarborough, a peek into the scandelous closet of corporate American — and a top placement firm — an office staffed with cock-hungry businessmen and horny delivery boys. With Dillon’s most recent appearance, you can check out just how hard Dillon flaps the wings of his signature crow pec tatts. Now that’s something to Caw! Caw! Caw! about!Nick Moretti fucks Dillon Crow

The moment we hear, “Delivery!” and see Dillon Crow, we realize there’s probably a horny bottom hiding under his bike messenger outfit HeadHunters, Inc. Buzzed upstairs by Nick Moretti, there’s barely a beat between Dillon setting down his brown wrapped packag on the desk and some genuine behind-closed-doors action: Moretti shoves his tongue deep in Crow’s sweaty butt crack, Crow gets on his knees to suck Moretti’s 9-incher and with some coaxing (and yoga classes we suspect), takes it to the base. Crow mounts the desk and orders Moretti to fuck him — a testament to the fact that sex always erases class issues. Obeying demanding bottom Dillon, Moretti takes off his business suit and shoves his long, fat cock deep in Crow’s hole. Practicing for the upcoming Gay Games, they summersault fuck on the office floor, with Crow bouncing on Moretti’s cock until he drains all the jizz and wins bike messenger’s Employee of the Month Award.

Dillon licks Jackson’s juicy booty

Dillon Crow’s still wearing his bike messenger uniform (slightly stained from his encounter with Nick Moretti) when he arrives for a … “pick up!” Administrative Assistant Jackson Wild heard all about Dillon’s reputation and figures, why bother with Craiglist, when I’ve got a Dillon Crow? Without missing a beat, Wild whips out his cocks, Dillon drops to his knees, sucking cock and licking ass to his heart’s content. Wild reciprocates but not for long. True to form, Dillion’s an insatiable bottom, bends over and takes all nine inches of Wild’s big cock, gettin’ jiggy wit’ it. Wild’s ready to blow, Dillon yanks himself off, gets back down on his knees (sans knee pads — we hope he’s got health insurance), blissed out as Wild’s cum rains down on me. Er, I mean him. It’s almost two and lunch is almost over so Dillon jerks it quick and spurts his jizz. Back to business boys!

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