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It’s Twink week – So grab the nearest smooth cuddly cutie and get ready to celebrate!

So in case you couldn’t tell, we’ve been on sort of a twink kick lately. I know, I know, it’s just one of those weeks. So a note to all you bear lovers and rugged readers – stay with us. Who knows – maybe next week, we’ll be all about huge, big old muscle studs and stallions. You just never know with us crazy folks here at Cybersocket – our tastes may change as quickly as the winds, but they never blow!

Back to twink land, where it’s all about this clever little site called Yes, we too expected to see young lads with painted faces and furry, fake dog ears, but luckily that’s not the case. There is, however, a lot of wagging tales at this amateur super site, and our favorite comes in the form of a little stud, aptly named Zoom. That’s because zoom-in is exactly what we wanted to do the first time we saw this fresh faced freshmen with a good build and an even better package..

zoom doggy boys hot gay twink muscular

The site warns that “he’ll take your virginity in a second” if you’re not careful, but we highly doubt this good guy would ever take anything from anyone. Of course, they never said anything about giving it away…

doggy boys zoom hot gay muscle twinky boys


Spoiler Alert: We’ve got a Crush on, and we don’t care who knows!

Crushes – we all get them every now and then. No matter who old we get, the second some sexy motherfucker crosses our path, our eyes get all big, our tongue starts a-waggin’, and we instantly turn into that love struck little high school kid we once were, all over again.

boy crush twinky young boy

It’s that feeling that is all about capturing – that first lusty glance that gets you all head over heels, fumbling your words, and hiding that growing bulge in your pants with your 3-ring binder.

topless young gay twinky stud

Now look, I’m no romantic. My ideal of a dreamy night out is a bottle of two-buck chuck, dinner at Red Lobster, and a quick, messy fuck in the parking lot. Oh yeah, nothing says lovin’ like cheap wine and a $5.99 Prime Rib dinner. But – with all it’s soft caresses and all-too sensual mood music – is starting to make us yearn for a little more love in the porn that we watch.

famous boy crush tinky dark hair boy

So I guess you could say we’ve got a little crush on – and that’s mostly due to their latest couple Jackson and Carson. These soft and sweet boys are all too sexy, and what’s even better is that they truly have some explosive chemistry with each other. And I do mean explosive in the cute, gentle sense of the word. Of course, I can’t promise you that your own explosions will have the same kind and tender characteristics…


The Dangers of Shower Sex, and a Safe Alternative for a better tomorrow from

Okay, so what’s the deal with freestanding glass showers and gay porn? Please, there’s got to be someone who knows what I’m talking about here! It seems like every time I’m trying to sit back and enjoy myself a steamy, sexy, man-on-man shower scene, sometime during their erection escapade they hop into one of those flimsy little phone booth lookin’ type of apparatuses. And quite frankly, it’s starting to worry me.

next foor buddies steaming hot shower fuck scene

I mean, does anybody realize how dangerous this is? There these boys are, getting rough and raunchy, slamming each other against the thin glass-plated walls of that tiny shower. And the whole time I’m holding my breath, waiting for the entire thing to just shatter into a million little pieces – taking alone with the cute hunks whom I was just starting to really enjoy. Don’t take another boy away from me! Nooo, how much can my heart take?! wet gay shower fucking

Well has got a message for all your porn directors with skimpy budgets, who like to endanger their models with tiny freestanding glass shower scenes. Check out their latest update, featuring Adam and Slade, with (most importantly) a gorgeous bathroom that has a huge shower made of thick glass stone and smooth marble! Hallelujah!

NextDoorBuddies shower sex gay porn

Thank you, for sending the message to gay porn stars across the nation: “You’re already risking too much – You don’t have to risk even more by getting hot and heavy in a crappy freestanding glass shower!”


Curious? Check out how straight guys get their rocks off at

When I first stumbled upon a while back, I was furious! Just who the fuck did the guys who ran this site think they were? Not only are they stealing handfuls of (potential) gays and encouraging them to have sex with girls, they have balls big enough to shove their straight propaganda in our face and play it off as jack off fodder for the gay masses. It’s an assault – not only to my own self-understanding of sexual identity, but a slap in the face of those of us trying to deconstruct the negative stereotypes of gay males everywhere!

straight boys fucking young guys fucking

Of course, when I calmed down from my crazy lesbian tirade, I realized that pretty much all of the guys on the site really are straight, and that’s perfectly okay. Like the two fellas in their latest update, who take turns gang banging that girl – but never once touch each other.

guys fucking girls straight guys for gay eyes

Simply put, these guys are never going to suck each other off or jerk each other meat – no matter the price. Boys, this is as close as we’re going to get to seeing these men get down and dirty, and, while it’d probably encourage less self-loathing in our community to be gawking at actual gay guys, it doesn’t hurt to sneak a peek at what the other half is doing to get their rocks off every now and then.

straight boys fucking straight guys for gay eyes

Besides, most of the time the girl’s got her head down so you can’t even see her anyways!

Apr really the secret to wild web cam chatting and high quality video hook-ups?

Okay, so it’s not that big of a secret that live video web cam chatting is like the hottest thing ever invented. Not only does it give you the flexibility to watch a hot guy jacking off from wherever you want, but you also get to tell him what to do, and where to do it to himself. Talk about having total control, right?

hot live gay cams free video streaming

That’s why we’re starting to find the name of one of our favorite sites,, pretty obvious. Sure, when they started in 1996, web cam chatting really was a big secret, but by now, folks, the cat’s out of the bag, and I’m pretty sure every guy with a dick and a roaring sex drive has given their own personal wild web cam cum-filled sex show at least once.

live gay sex video secrets flirt for free

Of course, if you still haven’t enjoyed the pleasures of a little one-on-one video peep show, is one underground sex stomping ground that you should probably make your own. With a line-up of top notch performers and a quick link system that gets you the freshest, high quality shows available at the time you want it, it really doesn’t get much better than the content has to offer. Now that’s one secret I don’t expect anyone to keep!

live gay sex free streaming video flirt for free gay porn


Hook up with a hottie or just browse the latest models at

I’ve always said that shopping for an online hook-up is a bit like buying a car. Sure, the lot’s going to be packed full of pricey models – both new and used – but at the end of the day, all you really need is a fresh coat of paint and an engine that starts when you want it to.

boys 2 rent now find hot sex in your neighborhood

 Keep this in mind when visiting one of the biggest booming escorting site on the web right now, Don’t get us wrong – we’re totally loving the site. If it’s just hot photos you’re looking for, it’s got tons of them you can browse for free. For those of you with fatter wallets, it features guys from here to Timbuktu, all willing to “hang out” with you – for a price. But after a few minutes hours spent on the site, we started to notice all these hot masseurs had one thing in common: They sure are one pricey bunch.

I’m sure you get what you pay for, however. Some of the guys we found on this site were drop dead gorgeous, and one youthful stud even claimed he could stay hard for a full 8 hours with only the aid of his own two hands. But if we’re going to cough up $200 for a hour of deep tissue pleasure, it better at least come with a free t-shirt or a cute key chain or something.

Oh, and remember – typically there’s no refund guarantee, so make sure you’re totally attracted to the goods you’re buying before you commit to your purchase. Nothing’s worse than driving off the lot with a hottie, only to realize in the light of day you’re behind the wheel of one hot ass hoopty!


Pulling off the down and dirty double penetration at

The men of Sean Cody have always been pure perfection. Great body, killer smiles, clean-cut haircuts, and always flawlessly manscaped (most of the time), I always thought of them as pretty conservative, upstanding gentlemen. Well let me tell you, images can be way deceiving, because folks, we’ve been duped! Yes, I only have two words for you. Double-Penetration. The word alone is enough to make someone’s asshole start sweating, and your prostate scream with delight, right?

sean cody gay threesome double penetration

Sure, a Sean Cody guy may look all clean, All-American and – dare I say it – a bit conservative on the outside somtimes. But as their latest

trio of Nicolas, Cooper, and Reid has revealed, these boys are just as messy, wild, and willing to do some crazy shit as the biggest, most time-tested power bottom in the business.

sean cody two dicks in ass double penetration gay porn

A good DP (double-penetration, for those of you out of the loop) is difficult to pull off. But the amazing physiques and ripped biceps of this threesome plays to their advantage, as their able to get into some positions most of us could only dream of getting into. Of course, why dream when you’ve got such a stunning visual accomplishment only a click away

Stuffing tight ass with two dicks gay porn sean cody


LucasKazan: Helping gays embrace their inner big dick lover, one day at a time!

If I know one thing, it’s that bigger is always better. Now honey, please – I ain’t no size queen. But any gay who claims he don’t love him some Herculean greatness hiding inside their mens trousers is a straight up a liar.

Lucas Kazan big dick bruno foreskin

So do yourself a favor and face up to the truth – and one of the best ways to embrace your inner huge cock lover is to take a quick peek at the jumbo-sized man sausages poppin’ up over at Their featured man of the moment, Bruno, comes from a land where the extra inches are plenty, and the foreskin is fleshy, and from the looks of it, he’s ready to put on quite a show.

Huge dick bruno model with meaty foreskin

Just remember to keep your sweaty hands to yourself though, boys. This darky and handsomely hung graduate student is what we fancy folks like to call a “kept man”. As for staring, well, I don’t think his boyfriend can do much about that. Ah, the joys of cyberspace!

big penis bruno from lucas kazan


Head, headgear, and time saving sex tips from the guys of

We all know that sex can be a lot of work. First off, you’ve got to track someone down who’s willing to swap spit with you – and to whom you’re willing to return the favor. And then there’s the whole part about finding a place to do the dirty deed at; Do you go to his place? What about your place? Come to think of it, that dark alley over there is starting to look pretty enticing….
Of course, if you ask me, the biggest pain involved in having sex is the whole removal of each other’s clothes ordeal. I know, I know, there’s plenty of ways to get around it. Thin, easily torn T-shirts. Tear away track pants. Edible underwear.

Gear action young twinks in fetish outfits motocross sex

But the boys of have discovered a better way of making sex all too easy. Their secret? Keep your clothes (or gear, as they call it) on. I know! Think about all the time you’ll save!

Gear action young twinks in fetish outfits motocross sex gay porn video

 Sure, it’s hard to give head when you’re wearing a helmet (Trust me, girl – You know I’ve tried!). But it doesn’t matter when you’ve got a little guy like Geoff (who’s featured in their latest hot threesome update), who is willing to throw caution to the wind and go without any head protection. Mmm Geoff, you’re dangerous. I can get into that.


Gear action motocross outfit blowjob and fucking


Poax’s tight ass gets served up at

Thick, smooth, and bulky – That’s exactly the way the men come when you order up a hot serving of deliciousness from And in this oversaturated world of tiny twinks and runty little rascals, it’s so, so hard to find a good beefcake when you need one.

bang bang boys poax gets fucked hard in ass

Lucky for us, Davyd and Poak are the chef’s special for today, and for those of you who have never dined at’s restaurant, I highly recommend you come hungry. You’re going to need an insatiable appetite for sex if you’re going to be eating from Poak’s buffet, because believe me sweetie, this darkly handsome hunk has got enough to feed the needy.

bang bang boys poax gets fucked hard in ass by Davyd

Of course, the thing to remember about these men is that they’re tough, in everything single thing they do. Like when Davyd goes to poke Poak, he tosses him on the bed, grabs a fistful of his jock strap waistband, and pounds his sweet hole with his thick, veiny cock. Poak – always the gentlemen in these situations, politely grips his cheeks to hold them wide open for Davyd. This is one meal that definitely left our stomach growling for more.

hot ass penetration gay porn


Bum boys bend it like Beckham at

I’m a total sucker for a guy with an accent. I mean, really, who isn’t? It doesn’t matter how ugly the guy is – if he comes at me with even a slight hint of a foreign inflection, my pants will be down around my ankles faster than you can say “Bend it like Beckham, you bloody buggerr!”

english young men fucking

Luckily for me, the bum boys from not only have really hot accents – they’ve got great bodies, amazing smiles (I know the British aren’t typically known for having a good set of chompers, but these guys have some great grins!), and meaty uncut tools that make a trip across the pond look all too inviting.

English lads young UK boys anal gay porn sex

Just look at the latest update duo of Kai and Rich. Their accents are totally charming (they call track pants “trackies”!), and Rich loves to sweep Kai’s chimney with his huge cock. It’s the perfect combo, and is sure to revitalize your inner Anglophile!

rough English lads with attitude - gay porn videos


Three Warm and Wet Tips to getting pissed on at

It takes a real talent to be a star of one of‘s videos. Oh yeah, big time talent. Okay, so first off (and most obviously), you can be in no way pee shy. If you’re one of those guys who freeze up the second another dude pulls up beside you at a urinal, then you’d better count yourself out of ever drowning in a sea of piss by a foursome of young, smooth studs like those in’s latest update.

gay golden showers boys pissing watersports

Secondly, there’s a real art to getting pissed on. You can’t look grossed out (although overwhelmed works just fine). And when your buddy’s stream starts to inch towards your mouth, you have to do that thing where you pretend to drink it up, but then immediately spit it out. Or even better, get that piss right next to your mouth, but not actually going down the back of your throat. See, if you swallow too much of your man’s warm yellow stuff, something tells me you’re going to end up with more than just a stomach ache the next day.

boys peeing gay drinking piss cute boys young twinks

And lastly, it’s essential to stay hydrated. The last thing you want is to run out of steam (and stream) before the party’s over. Talk about egg on your face! Well, not so much egg, but if you follow these tips, you’ll definitely have someone’s sperm all over your mug when the pissings all done!

young cute boys drinking piss and pissing in their mouth


Magazine Extras: Steve Cruz Rolls Responsibly with

In the current issue of Cybersocket Magazine (on stands now – get your copy while they’re still available!), we gave a plug to Raging Stallion‘s very own cute and cuddly Steve Cruz, who recently launched his own website promoting safer sex called Well, not only has the site made up fall deeper and deeper in love with that furry ball of a man Mr. Cruz, but it’s also brings up a good point about porn stars and how much responsibility they have to be good role models to their legions of gay fans. On that note, we have to say that Steve’s gone well above and beyond his carnal duty.

safe gay sex raging stallion porn gay anal fuck

Of course, if the tidbit we gave you in the magazine had you begging for more Steve – and more messages of safer sex – has a great little video clip that gives a glimpse inside Steve’s private life. He not only talks more about the importance of wearing a rubber, but shows off a bit of his own personal porn collection stash. And if you want to learn more about, Steve Cruz, or just what’s new and fun in the world of XXX stars, check out the latest issue of Cybersocket Magazine.


Be Prepared for whatever he thrusts at you with the Juli Ashton Anal Beginner Kit

Sex horror stories – We’ve all got them.  I’m not talking about that time you met up with that guy from Craigslist, and he tied you up, threw you in the trunk of his car, only for you to escape by picking the lock with that extra bobby pin you always keep in your hair just for such an occasion. (Anybody? Just me? Really?)

Anal beginner kit Made from a soft gentle pink rubber by Juli Ashton, an expert on anal stimulation

No, I’m talking about the time your greedy gay ass tried to take a little too much dick than you hole could handle – and ended up creating a huge, messy explosion. And not the fun ,white creamy type of explosion. The other type of explosion. Oh yeah, now you know what I’m talking about.

Simply put, sex is a learning game, and it’s one that takes practice. That’s why we here at Cybersocket recommend the Juli Ashton Anal Beginner Kit. Whether you’ve never bottomed before, or your hole is so loose it’s become a vacuum that sucks up anything in the vicinity of your rear, this truly is the perfect set-up if you want to be ready for whatever you’re next hook-up thrusts at you.

I know what you’re thinking – “But Justin Bobby! I don’t have time to practice!”  Yes, we’re all busy gals on the go, but even busy gals need to take time and stretch their anal pucker every now and again. Unless, of course, you’d rather sit here and hear another horror story…


Is that Channing Tatum, or just a hottie with a long dick? has long been a favorite site of mine. Like that familiar face that always makes you smile, this old-yet-fairly new gay porn standard is not only reliable, but really high quality in both it’s models and production quality. And if you want a thumbs up from me, those are definitely two of the most important criteria.

circle jerk boys two hotties on bed gay porn

Take, for instance, the latest due to shake their stuff on, Nino and Malachi. They’re both so cute, I really can’t decide which one I like better. On one hand, you’ve got the tattoo’d hottie with the long dick and the soul patch below his lip just for added flavor- I’ll give him an 8.5.

circle jerk boys taking off underwear hot gay ass

Then you have the shaved-head badass bro, just a little thick in all the right places. And is it just us, or he is like a total doppleganger for Channing Tatum? Boy, we’ve had a crush on him since his Step Up days – and until Channing finally decides to drop trow and show us the full monty, this guy’s a good enough to tide us over! I give him a perfect 10!

circle jerk boys sucking cock gay porn tattoo

Together, you’ve got a combined score high enough to make any seasoned junk judge loose his cool and shoot his load all over the place. Well done, boys!

Apr – A refresher course in cock sucking and ass banging

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks – but that doesn’t mean an old dog can teach a few new tricks to some inexperienced young pups. That’s what’s so fun about – it’s fun and educational! I mean, let’s face it – even the best and most experienced cocksucker could learn a trick or two every now and then.

old gay daddy teches young twinks how to fuck in the ass

On today’s lesson plan? Judging from their latest update, it looks like it’s all about the wonders of deep throat, followed by an in-depth tutorial in the art of ass banging. Of course, I have a sinking feeling this is only a refresher course for these two young studs – by the looks of their rigid hard-ons and pained-yet-pleasured expressions, something tells me they’ve done this before.

Old daddy gets his young boys ready for gay anal penetration and fucking

And yes – I know the older, slightly less fit teacher in these scenes from may have some of you averting your eyes and screaming, “Daddy, no! I don’t want to play the choo-choo train game again!” But if you ask me, having that chubby old man in picture is a small price to pay to get these two smooth studs doing dirty things they never knew they were capable of doing to each other!

hairy asshole getting fucked by a big hairy cock

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