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Welcome to the Jungle – of BodyWorship and Pumping Iron at

Body Worship – Am I like the only dude who didn’t know what this term was all about? For those of you out of the loop (like myself, until recently!), it’s actually pretty simple as far as fetishes go. Of course, that’s not saying much considering most fetishes are usually pretty involved. (Try getting jizz out of the fur of a pink bunny suit!)

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Ahem, anyways, Muscle Worship is all about super muscluar men doing what they do best – pumping, posing, squeezing, and flexing – all for your enjoyment. At least that’s how it’s described at, and once you’ve had a taste of these thick, well-defined bodybuilders, you’ll never get enough. Oh yeah, these boys eat their Wheaties!

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Anyways, if the splashy introduction video on their site isn’t enough to grab your attention, then quite frankly, you’re a lost cause. I guess something about blasting Guns N’Roses and White Snake while flashing pictures of hot guys in Speedos pumping iron just speaks to us. Welcome to the Jungle, bitches!

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New Site Watch: Colt steams things up with his Hot Sex Cams

Colt (formerly from was starting to develop quite a cult following – just ask any fan of this feisty little surfer guy, and you’re sure to get an overwhelmingly gushing response about everything from his tight, muscular frame, to that cute patch of hair that covers his chest. So it was no surprise when it was announced early this month that Colt had moved on to bigger and better thing – in the form of his solo project of

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And what a project it’s turned out to be – and one that couldn’t come at a better time. See, if your anywhere as big of a television buff as me, you’ve probably been a bit down in the dumps ever since last week, when most of the good shows had their season finales.

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With live performances every Tuesday and Thursday nights, Colt and his sexy shows have been the perfect replacement for the evening television blues. And the coolest parts? Since the site is relatively new, we’ve found Colt to be pretty damn responsive to messages and e-mails, which you can send to him from the site. Send him your requests, and as long as they’re not completely wacko, Colt and his tight, round ass and thick dick will be more than willing to oblige. Requests, anyone?


Shawn gets drippy as he teases us with his hole

When Shawn first popped up on our screen, we were totally smitten. Sure, the guy’s a total dark coco god, with his rippling, muscular body, and deep, penetrating eyes. But more than anything, Shawn’s a flirt from his head all the way down to his sweet, puckered hole.

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See, despite his young age (he’s 19 years-old), he’s an old pro when it comes to luring someone’s attention. First, there’s a subtle tug at his jeans, before slipping his pants down to his knees to reveal the outline of the giant rod that’s already grown to full size underneath the thin cotton fabric of his boxer-briefs. Then, grabbing his meat by it’s base, Shawn wags the huge extension up and down, clearly baiting us with the large piece this kid’s working with. It’s only 15 seconds into the clip, and the guy’s dickhead is already dripping with precome.

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Of course, the flirtation doesn’t stop there -and here’s the real kicker! Maneuvering into a more comfortable position (legs up, ass spread), he pours lube not on his ass, but on his balls instead so that it drips down into his hole. Now that’s some hot ass action! Oh Shawn, you’re such a tease.

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Dick-ilicious Debut: Falcon busts onto the scene

Okay, so we know it’s only Memorial Day, but we can’t help but feel like it’s Christmas! That’s because we’ve just laid eyes on our very first scene from Falcon Str8men, and it’s definitely one hell of an amazing present, in the form of Joe, a hunky straight guy who enjoys sports, shaving his chest, and rubbing one out on camera – for a price.

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Lucky for us, Falcon’s willing to pony up the dough – and Joe’s more than willing to work hard (and work his hard cock) for the money, spilling his payload all over a leather recliner as he squirms in pure pleasure.

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To be perfectly honest, we had our doubts as to whether a studio like Falcon (known for it’s pretty boys) could pull off an entire site dedicated to real straight guys, but we’ve got to give credit where credit is due. Falcon Str8men is fucking amazing, and we can’t wait to see what new macho magic they’ll have in store! What do you all think?

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Big News: to Offer New live Cam to Cam technology

It’s no secret we here at Cybersocket are big fans of It can get pretty damn lonely putting out our amazing monthly magazine, and keeping our sites fresh and exciting for you all the time, and sometimes the opportunity to talk to a super hot pornstar using some Cam to Cam technology is all we have to get us through the day.

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Needless to say, we’re pretty jazzed about the newest facelift has just undergone. As they announced early this week, the site (through Adobe Flash player) is now offering the ability to interact with their performers on an entire new level. Using their new Cam to Cam technology, you’ll not only have the ability to talk with the guy you’re watching, but they’ll be able to talk back to you. Isn’t technology wonderful?

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According to the site’s manager, Brad Estes, the new system has allowed for more stimulating and personal chat sessions – and as we’ve found out first hand, the sessions can go a lot longer now that you’re both able to interact with each other. You won’t be able to stop!

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Derek, Austin are committed to licking ass

It’s no secret that Derek over at can give a pretty mean rimjob. In fact, that’s probably why Austin is so obliging to be fucked by Derek and his humongous rod over and over again for the past 6 months, ever since these two started “dating”.

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Of course, we say dating with caution because the only thing these two have committed to is fucking and sucking each other until their both blue in the face. As far as a serious commitment goes, these two have decided to play it fast and loose – which is coincidently just how Austin asks for it every time Derek sneaks up behind him and starts curiously poking at his rear entrance.

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But it’s the way these two slurp up each other’s jucy holes that really makes this couple shine; even Austin, as the top, loves having his hole eaten out as he squirms and moans. There’s no better way to get him hard and ready to pound Derek – and from the looks of it, he’ll have it no other way!

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Save the spit for later, and ease on in with some help from Anal Eze

When it comes to having amazing, mind-blowing sex, a good lubricant is definitely worth it’s weight in gold. Sure, desperate times may call for desperate measures, but once you’ve tried getting all hot and heavy and penetrating when all you’ve got on hand is spit and an almost empty bottle of hand lotion, you start to realize that stock piling some high quality lube somewhere in the bedroom is actually not that bad of an idea.

Anal Eze is a desensitizing cream used to enhance the pleasure of anal penetration

I know with a name like Anal Eze, it may sound like it belongs in the medicine isle next to the Preparation H and Summer’s Eve, but it’s actually anything but your typical clinical lubricant. Just one look at the hunky ’70s stud on the box, and you’ve got to know this one’s special, right?

And at roughly $7 a tube, Anal Eze is a product we’ve found that gives a pretty decent bang for your buck. It’s got a great smell, feels all nice and creamy, and will get the job done faster and better than any amount of spit you and your partner could ever manage to hack up!


The King of Pre-Cum earns his wet, sticky title at

It’s hard not to laugh the first time you hear somebody being referred to as “The King of Pre-cum“, isn’t it? I instantly pictured some strange looking guy with a crown, maybe a sash, and most noticeably a gigantic, wet stain seeping through his tight jeans that was being pushed forward by a raging hard-on. There’s a lot of titles I’d love to have, but the ruler of all things sticky, damp, and (often times) premature? I might just have to leave that to someone a bit more deserving.

blake mason kai robbie kissing

And has surely found the guy who truly deserves to be crowned as supreme when it comes to all things pre and cum related; their boy Kai is so sticky from the second they pair him up with the equally handsome Robbie that quite frankly, I was worried it’d be hard to spot the big moment when his flood gates were really set loose.

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As all that pre-cum should have indicated, however, Kai has an endless supply of dick juice coursing though his cock. Better grab your splash guard when this guy’s ready to blow, or otherwise you’ll be finding sticky globs of jizz in all sorts of places you’d never imagine for at least a day to come!

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Are you addicted to jizz? Good, because we’ve got one hell of a hot intervention.

Jizz Addiction – The phrase alone conjures images of hallow-faced twinks, grinding their teeth and itching for their next hit of that intoxicating drug known as cum. “C’mon man! Gimme more of that sweet nut nectar! I need it bad!”

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Luckily, is more playful than it is literal with it’s name. Instead of the tragic scenario described above, they’ve got a lot of good-looking youngsters, who just so happen to love the taste of jizz – like site favorite Jeremiah.

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We’ve got to hand it to this big-dicked blond; he’s one of the more entertaining performers we’ve seen lately, and has got tons of tricks up his sleeve, which he’s more than willing to show off when asked. I mean, you’ve got to love a guy who can suck his own dick. Well, almost suck his own dick. Don’t you worry, Jeremiah, we’ll give you plenty of brownie points for trying. As long as you keep practicing, we’ll keep watching, that’s for sure. I guess we’re sort of addicted to you!

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Too fat to be a gymnast? Me too. But at least we can watch.

Growing up, I always wanted to be gymnast. I guess even from a young age, something about a guy hanging from a high bar in a tight spandex onesie was always appealing. The only problem? Well, at the time, I was no Lara Flynn Boyle, and the idea of all 160lbs of our preteen poundage flipping, flopping, and cartwheeling all over the place was pretty damn frightening.

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Still, even to this day, though, I get a pretty big boner whenever I see a set of uneven bars. So you can imagine my delight when the title of’s latest update “Gymnast Gets Fucked” popped up on our screen! I love it when gymnasts get banged!

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Moreover, it’s been a long while since we’ve seen some real crazy, aerobatic sex. We’re talking like Cirque du Soleil shit – guys wrapped and twisted around each other, hanging from furniture, and balancing on each other’s body parts like you could never believe. But after watching Calvin and William go at it, we’re beginning to think that there might be some hope.

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Sure, the Visconti Triplets are smokin’ hot – but how far are these brothers really willing to go?

Close your eyes for a moment. Imagine you’re in a smokey, crowded bar hanging out with your friends. You’re about 4, maybe 5 beers in, and things are starting to get a little blurry, and a lot more exciting. All of the sudden out of the shadows walks a guy that looks vaguely familiar. It’s as if you’ve seen him before, but you’re not quite sure where.

He pushes really close to you as he goes to order a drink from the bartender, and that’s when it hits you – the guy looks exactly like you. In fact, he’s your spitting image. Same nose, same eyes, he’s even got that same dorky little fauxhawk you’ve been sporting for way too long. He’s your total twin!

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So what do you do? If you’re answer is to throw that doppelganger down over the bar and press your sweaty lips together with his, you’re going love the Visconti Triplets. Yes, that’s right – three identical brothers who not only are hot – but don’t seem to mind seeing each other naked and hard.

Their site, which is set to launch June 1st, is sure to show some brotherly behavior that you ain’t never seen before, so stay on the watch. It’s pretty clear that what started a few months ago as a quiet, muffled sigh of pleasure over the triplets has now grown into a full-blown fever pitch in anticipation over this all-too rare identical threesome. We’ve got mixed emotions about the whole thing, but we’re waiting to make the call until we’ve seen what these Visconti guys are cookin’ up.


Cooper and the power of a perfect piece of cockwork

We’ll be honest – when we first saw Cooper from, we were a little bit thrown off. Here was this kid, with a big goofy ass grin, a strangely shaped head that sort of resembled something straight out of E.T., and a body so untouched by the sun that he almost began to blend into the cream colored bed sheets he was lying on.

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Of course, this was all before we saw his dick. The instant we laid eyes on this broad, veiny piece of deep throat heaven, we were in love! I mean, are you kidding me? This thing is beyond perfect. Paired with those two saggy and slightly hairy balls, it’s a package that we so desperately wanted to get our hands on, we found ourselves practically pawing at our computer screen.

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After admiring his cock for a while, his once odd-looking features started to look a lot more appealing. In fact, it’s even more of a turn on. Cooper’s what I’d call attainable hot, an attractive, good looking lad – but not so good looking that he’d be out of our league. We could conquer this one, and chances are you could too. But in the meantime, let’s get back to looking at that dick…

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Stop getting fucked by bad movies and choose your own twink adventure!

Has this ever happened to you? You save up your dough all week until you’ve got enough cash for that brand new XXX twink DVD you’ve had your eye on – only to buy it and find out that out of the five scenes in the flick, only one of them is hot.

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We’ve been there, done that more times than we care to count. It’s almost as if the studios these days know they’ve got a super hot scene, and think they can get away with filling the rest of the movie with stuff that should have been left on the cutting room floor. It’s so frustrating, and quite frankly we’re so over it. gay porn videos

That’s why sites like are so awesome, and – if you ask us – widely under-appreciated. For us, the major selling point with a site like this is that you can select only the scenes that appeal to you – and kick the rest to the curb. With detailed description and gallery previews from each movie, you’ll never end up with a handful of lubed-up cock and an unsatisfying movie on the screen.

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And did we mention these are way fucking hot? We love the whole amateur vibe they’ve got to them, and they’re filled with boys you’ll never see anywhere else. You know, the kind of guys who only do porn once for the money because they have to. Oh yeah, one-timers are always the hottest.


Word Of The Day: ‘Ultra Twink’ and his insatiable appetite for sex

When it comes to gay men’s sexuality, there’s no denying that we like to divide ourselves up. Bears, cubs, otters, twinks, fisters – whatever it is you’re into, we gays have got a category and a (weird) title for you and your kind. So what’s the newest classification that’s all the rage with the youngsters these days? Ultra Twink. Oh yeah, the Ultra Twink.

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So what exactly does it take to be an Ultra Twink? Well, since Webster’s dictionary doesn’t define it, we’ll take a stab at it ourselves. See, he’s no ordinary twink. His boy-ish features and slender good looks go way above and beyond your typical hairless gay boy. Often equipped with a belly ring, lots of bracelets, and some freshly dyed locks of blond hair, the Ultra Twink is everything a twink can be, but so much more.

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There’s an entire website devoted to him –, for those of you curious about this not-so-rare yet incredibly interesting species of gay. Of course, we’ve got to warn you – an Ultra Twink has a drive for sex so much greater than that of your average twink, that he can bottom for hours without rest, so you’ve best come prepared!

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Hate the taste of jizz? We’re going to put Semenx to the test!

Ok, on the real-real, we’ve never really taken issue with the taste of jizz. Sure, we wouldn’t rush out to order a Grande if Starbucks added Semen to their menu. But we’re totally okay with taking the occasional espresso shot of man-milk when the situation demands.

semenex makes your cum taste sweet

We know for a lot of you, however, the salty, often bitter taste of another guy’s load can sometimes be a total mood-killer, which is why we’re going put this new product, Semenex, to the test. Yes, we’re going to order a 10-day supply from, and see if it truly does make a man’s semen taste better. So to all you loyal readers – expect a full report, and for those of you who hate the taste of cum, hope for a better, less stomach-turning tomorrow.


Boxers or Briefs? YouLoveJack’s Nicky and his hot hole answer our deepest questions

In this busy world of tight briefs and ball-hugging jock straps, it’s easy to lose sight of the beauty of a good pair of boxers. Often loose fitting and easily pulled-down, they really can be quite sexy, especially when you’re got a guy with a sizeable piece hiding underneath their thin cotton fabric.

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But whether you’re a fan or not, one thing’s for sure – it’s hard to hide one’s excitement when you’re wearing a pair of green boxers like the one Nicky Blacklock has got on. Right from the get-go, of his steamy solo wank session, you can tell Nicky’s rocket was ready to fire into outer space. Watch as he eagerly removes his sweat pants, and kicks up his legs a bit, revealing his smooth, shaved balls and the outline of his swollen dick head.

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Of course, those boxers are soon lost, and in their place Nicky brings out one of his favorite toys – a big, purple butt plug. And we’ve got to admit, as fun as his underwear might have been, I think he’s going to get a bit more satisfaction from thrusting that thick toy in and out of his hot hole. Hmmm, now if we could only get our hands on those sexy worn-in boxers…

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