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Think toys are just for kids? Get your hands (and ass) all over this newest, hottest plaything!

Sure, you may be all grown up now, but that doesn’t mean it’s too late to have your own treasure chest of fun playthings. And if you’re like me, you want to know what you’re buying before you make a purchase like a sex toy – and one of the best ways to fully understand what you’re getting yourself into is by watching it in action. So today, Gabriel from is brave – and horny – enough to act as our test dummy.

Gay Latino Twink
First up is a brand spankin’ new 6-inch clear glass dildo – and from the looks of it, it’s one toy that’s about as versatile as the cute, tan Latino boy who’s trying it out. He sits on it, he shoves it in his ass doggy style, he even deep throats the long wand to make sure it’s extra wet before it goes to work on his hole. We’ll give that one a score of 8 out of 10 – almost perfect, if only it were a few inches longer…

Twink Takes Huge Dildo Up Ass
His second toy – a wiggly, yellow penis shaped dildo – is a lot less attractive visually (that yellow color is horrible!), but it does have the extra inches Gabriel needed to bust his load. For that, we have to make it a must-own! Now if you’ll excuse me – I think somebody has some shopping to do!

Fuck Me Raw Daddy


Lesbian porn and his own left hand: Two of Aussie Zac’s favorite things!

 All Australian Boys Zac

Nothing beats a kid with a good head of hair. Sure, we’re subscribers to the theory that bald is beautiful, and every now and then we love playing with a guy who’s got a smooth, shaved head – but there’s nothing better than fucking around with a guy who’s got some long locks that you can really grab hold of and give ‘em hell.

All Australian Boys Twink in Underwear
At least, that’s what came to mind when we first saw Zac from I mean, how long do you think this guy spends in front of the mirror to get his hair to stand up like that? The truth is, however, that Zac’s actually a pretty low-maintenance guy. He loves getting dirty during a fierce Rugby match, and nothing turns him on more than a little lesbian porn and his own left hand – and that makes him totally adorable, if you ask us.

Gay Teen Jacks Off
But what really got us hooked was the fact that this was his first shoot – and he handled it like a total pro, even though you could tell he had no idea what he was doing. Some guys would find all those bright lights and bossy directors pretty intimidating, but not Zac. It must be something in the water down there in Sydney – it makes these kids so brave!


Cristiano Ronaldo nude pics: Is the wait over yet?

Cristiano Ronaldo six pack

By now, you’ve probably all seen David Beckham’s sexy new Emporio Armani ad. You know, that one with the huge billboard that was unveiled in San Francisco’s Union Square showing the tasty Brit in only a skimpy pair of skivvies?

Cristiano Ronaldo Grabs Cock

But now that Beckham’s been spread all over some of the gayest cities in the world, I say it’s high time we turned out attention to the next hot soccer player of the moment, and that’s pretty Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo. I mean, where’s this dude’s underwear campaign? Can you hear me Calvin Klein? Joe Boxer? Anyone? If they were smart, they’d snatch up this lean and mean stud ASAP because whatever he’s selling, I’m definitely buying.

Cristiano Ronaldo Bulge

Even more than that, how long are we going to have to wait until naked pictures pop up of this international playboy? In case you didn’t know, Cristiano’s quite the player on and off the field and considering the way he’s rumored to get around, we’re betting some lucky lady has snapped at least a few camera phone pictures of those saggy soccer balls he’s got hiding in his shorts! In the meantime, I guess we can lust over these pictures of him from and be thankful he hates wearing shirts.


How to tell a straight boy from a not-so straight boy: A few simple tips!

I swear this works everytime! You see, in this crazy world of gay-for-pay porn, there’s a lot of straight boys gout there willing to get all naked and gay on camera. Some do it for the thrill, some do it for the money, but whatever their motives, it’s sometimes hard to tell which ones are in it for the cold, hard cash, and which ones are in it for the warm, hard cock.

active duty gay sex orgy blow job

 More times than not, the boys of seem pretty straight – to the untrained eye, of course. But I’ve found there’s a few simple ways that you can tell a straight boy from a gay one, and they’re pretty full proof, if you ask me.

active duty gay sex orgy blow job

 The first way to tell is a guy’s gay or straight is by taking a look at his surroundings. If he’s encircled by a bunch of naked girls, he’s straight. But if he’s knee-deep in an orgy full of his buffed-out military buddies all naked, he’s definitely into guys. Sorry dude, you’re way gay.

active duty gay sex orgy blow job

 Another way to check if he’s gay? Check to see if he’s got a thick, stiff cock in his mouth. If he’s filling his throat with another guy’s boner, you can be sure he’ll be willing to suck on your lollipop with little to no persuasion. Of course, if all these tips fail, you can always just ask the guy. That one never fails!

Jun and the lure of the dork with a tiny penis

Did you know the word dork is also a term for a whale’s penis? I’m not sure if that’s actually really true, but I heard that recently from my little sister. And I don’t know about you, but I always believe everything I hear from an elementary schooler. Those kids are like little bundles of truth.

deans boys cuddly twink with small penis

Speaking of little bundles, we’ve got a cutie on our hands today from Sure, he may have no whale-sized endowment, but this kid is still a full-on dork – and an adorable one at that. In fact, his tiny penis is all part of charm if you ask me. You just want to hug it and squeeze it till there’s a river of love spilling all out of it, right? Sure!

deans boys cuddly twink with small penis

Seriously though, Dean’s got some cute and cuddly boys – and it’s all exclusive amateur stuff, so you won’t be finding these boys grinning and grinding on any other website. Go check ’em out, before they grow up to be all old, tired, and jaded like the rest of ’em out there!

deans boys cuddly twink with small penis


CockyBoys’ ripped set of abs gets us all fired up and ready to shoot!

Can someone please tell me how to get abs like the ones the boys from have? Sure, I long ago gave up my quest to find my own finely chiseled stomach muscles – but every time I see a new update, my desire to uncover my own sexy six-pack is instantly renewed.

cocky boys hot male washboard stomach gay porn

Take a look at their latest shaggy-haired stud. There should be some kind of law that guys like him are only allowed to wear belly-tees all the time, rain or shine! And his tan torso is fucking to die for – and that awesome head of hair is just dying to be pulled, right? Sorry for my frisky mood, but something about these boys just gets me all fired up to all get out! Just try and count those solid stomach muscles, I dare you. If there were such thing as an 8-pack, this guy would so be rockin’ one.

cocky boys hot male washboard stomach gay porn

Ab crunch? Bow flex? Or maybe it’s just sucking cock that gives a person such superbly sculpted midsection, but whatever it is, this SoCal surfer knows the secret – and watching him flex ever muscle in his body as he puts a tight grip on his dick is definitely not to be missed.

cocky boys hot male washboard stomach gay porn


Patrick likes to live – and jack-off – on the edge

Alright, – we knew the second we saw Patrick from that we weren’t going to find a big patch of bright red pubic hair hiding under that white mesh jockstrap he was sportin’. But how fun would it have been if that were true?

patrick jerks off dirty boy video

Sure, I can only imagine was an undertaking it would be to dye your bush Koolaid red, but talk about a colorful surprise for you next hook-up. Personally, we’ve seen a lot of bush in our days, and any way you can change things up down in your nether regions is all good by us. Well almost anything – you know that whole landing strip look? A single line of hair coming up from the middle of your crotch? Yeah, save that one for the woman only. It just never works.

patrick jerks off dirty boy video

Back to the hair at hand – and that belongs to Patrick, who’s crazy hair isn’t the only rebellious activity this kid’s been engaging in lately. In fact, he likes living on the edge so much that it only took a mere suggestion that he stroke his meat out on the balcony of his hotel, and this guy’s junk was being jerked in the open air in no time. Talk about one beautiful backdrop…


A big dick contest where winner takes all – and so much more!

It’s no secret Jude Collins has a big, fat dick. Like seriously huge. I once heard the thing was mistaken for a giant garden snakes – animal control had to be called, it was this whole big ordeal…

A big dick contest where winner takes all

Ok, so that’s not true, but a garden is actually where Jude’s latest hook-up takes place, so it’s easy to imagine the neighbors getting quite a scare if Jude had been hiding in the shrubbery with his jeans around his ankles, waving that pants python around with all abandon. What a kidder, right?

A big dick contest where winner takes all

The only game being played here, however, was an old fashion contest of ‘Who’s got the bigger dick?” Yeah, apparently Jude’s buddy thought he had the bigger dick, so he challenged Jude to lay it all on the line. Well, let’s just say Jude won by more than a nose. And what’d he get for winning this battle of manhood? A good, hard fuck with his very own champion schlong. All the sudden loosing looks a whole lot more like winning, huh? Now, who’s down for a rematch?

A big dick contest where winner takes all


The Red Head Dilemma: To Lick, or Not To Lick?

When it comes to dividing issues, nothing can split people down the middle more than the subject of sexy red heads. From our experience, when it comes to people’s tastes and attraction to these crimson cuties, it’s a very take it or leave it breed of men.  For a lot of our friends, even the mere sight of a little scarlet public fuzz and they’ve got out of their mind with excitement. Others, well, they’d rather leave the taste of guys with gorgeous red locks out of their buffet of carnal pleasures.

randy blue woody henson red head mushroom tip

Personally, I’m all about a red headed hottie, especially that one has just thrown our way. His name’s Woody – yep, laugh it up – and it’s clear that the old Irish spring grows deep within him. And speaking of growing, Woody’s an expert in that department, always willing to show what a good Catholic boy he is not by flashing his package for a hot and heavy jack-off session.

randy blue woody henson red head mushroom tip

More importantly, check out those abs. Those things are fucking amazing. It’s like I want to run out and grab the nearest hamper of dirty laundry and put his washboard to good use. A guy that makes us actually want to do laundry? Now that’s pretty…

randy blue woody henson red head mushroom tip


Ashton Kutcher and a good pair of briefs never go out of style

Has everybody seen the new scruffy look Ashton Kutcher’s been sportin’ lately? I’m not sure if I love it or hate it, but one thing’s for sure, I’ll never stop being jealous of that old lady Demi Moore and the fact that she gets to bang his sweet, slender ass every night of the week. Well, it’s probably Ashton doing the banging, and judging from how much energy that raucous former Calvin Klein model, he’s got to be an amazing ride.

ashton kutcher nude male celbrity

If you ask me, what really make Ashton hot is the fact that he loves to strip it all off and sport a nice clean pair of whitie tighies without shame. Other stars opt often opt for a bulky pair of boxers, or maybe a less risqué pair of boxer-briefs, but not Ashton. He’s all about a tight fitting pair of briefs, and all the better I say! Because while he’s yet to drop trow and completely strip down to his bare essentials (I’ve never seen his goods, have you?), it’s still a pretty nice thrill to see the outline of his cock through the thin, white cotton fabric. It’s a classic look, and Ashton does it well – facial hair or not.

ashton kutcher nude male celbrity in briefs


Sex Toy Watch: Throw out your ‘safe word’ and slip on these steel slave bondage mittens

Are you sick and tired of your typical bondage routine? Handcuffs and leather straps just not having the same pull they used to? It might just be time to take your kinky role-playing to the next level, and we’ve got the perfect way to do it.

100% pure steel bondage mitts. Oh yeah, this shit is crazy. Serious, this ain’t your father’s bondage gear. Well let’s just hope nothing is your father’s bondage gear, but you catch my drift.

steel bondage mittens gay kinky sex

The best part about these is that while the person wearing them will feel totally helpless in With double-Masterlock secured, (nearly) 4 lbs gloves around their fists, the person wearing them will feel both totally helpless, and yet totally in control. You see, chances are you probably won’t need a “safe word” when you’re playing around with these. One swing of these thick steel gloves, and you’re sure to knock out anyone offering any unwanted advances!

Oh yah, and did we mention there’s a matching steel head cage? Yeah, picture one of those old school Jacques Cousteau dive suits…but we’ll have to save that for another day!


Fleshjack’s new Ice Jack – It’s like X-Ray vision for porn lovers!

By now, you’d have to be living under a rock to not have heard about the nifty little invention that is The Fleshjack. This smooth, suctioned-based sex toy that’s the size of a 40 oz. – and just as delicious and fun – has taken the porn world by storm lately, largely due to their wide range of celebrity endorsements. I mean, have you seen sexy, pouty-lipped porn mega-hunk Johnny Castle slip his dick inside one and moan in pure orgasmic pleasure? Yeah, it’s super hot.

But what we’re really enjoying right now is that the boys at Fleshlight keep thinking of new and exciting additions, and the result is one of the coolest, most adaptable toys ever made. All right, let my break it down for you. First, they came up with the option to provide different orifices, giving you the option to choose from either a mouth, an ass, or the more discreet “closet”, which is basically just a slit. Personally, we’d recommend the mouth – it’s a lot less creepy than looking at some plastic miniature butt. Besides, we like our asses large and hairy, right?

clear flesh jack ice jack porn sex toy

Anyways, now they’ve got this new Fleshjack called the Ice Jack, and this one’s for people who like to watch. That’s because it’s practically see-through – meaning you can see your buddy’s dick (or favorite porn star, if you’re watching any of the clips on their site) slip in and out of it, and ultimately burst with sex toy satisfaction. It’s like having X-Ray porn vision. Now that’s a superpower I’d like to have…


Sex Toy Update: Our full report on Semenex! “Mmm Mmm Good!”

Last week, we promised you all that we were going to take a 10-day supply of Semenex – the supplement that sweetens the taste of semen – and let everyone know if the product lived up to it’s claim. Well, we’ve been true to our word, and today being the final day of our vitamin-enriched diet, we can truly say that the only thing you’ll have to say after being shot in the face with our sticky load is “Mmm Mmm Good!”

Semenex makes your cum taste great

Alright, so it’s not quite like a big, steamy bowl full of Campbell’s soup, but the taste is definitely better than it was before taking Semenex – or at least that’s what we were told last night by our buddy Matt, who so boldly stepped up to take the taste test challenge. Here’s what he had to say -Before(Day 1): “Salty, almost sour, and more salty”
After( Day 10): “Rich, creamy, and a lot more sugary. Still salty, but now tastes almost like some weird candy or something.”

Well, there you have it people. Now I’m no doctor, but in addition to doing a little outside research, it sounds like the taste of you semen really is affected by your diet. I guess if you want the boys to enjoy eating you, you’d better watch what you eat!

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