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Jeremy Roddick’s non-stop hard-on: This is one cock you’ve got to see in action!

We know we’ve talk a lot before about our buddy Jeremy Roddick, and his amazing, uncut French-Canadian cock – and after watching his latest update with blue-eyed boy Taylor, we’re starting to wonder: Is this horny ass-banger ever not hard?

Seriously, even from the get-go, this smooth-skinned charmer and his dick are totally rigid, and at full-attention. The moment his buddy Taylor strips off his underwear, his cock springs to attention, and doesn’t stop bouncing around as Jeremy dick-whips his friend into total and completely hot submission. We’ve heard of Viagra – but this kid is absolutely ridiculous. Someone should bottle up his jizz and sell it on the net. We’d totally by a couple vials of that sticky, gooey hard-on juice!

Well, I guess that’s what makes him such an amazing top. I mean, it isn’t often to see Jeremy on the receiving side of things, and it totally makes sense with a dick as long and hard as his. Hmm, if we’re sounding a bit obsessed with this boy’s magical meat, take a few seconds and see it in action. Oh yeah, so now my total fascination makes sense, huh?


“You know you’ve got a big dick when” …even old pros like Jake Cruise have trouble choking down your meat!

There’s not a lot of things an old pro Jake Cruise can’t do – at least sexually, that is. I mean, just look at the guy; it’s clear he’s been around more than a few huge cocks in his life. And he always knows just how to touch a guy’s junk to get him in the mood – and as proof, just look at all the hot, buffed out straight guy this gay and grey all-star has managed to pull into his bed.

And Seth, his latest update, is no exception. How Jake always manages to seduce the hottest guys into fooling around with him on camera still remains a mystery (at least until Jake writes that juicy tell-all novel we’ve been begging him to start penning for years now!), but one thing’s clear: Seth was one handsome piece of work.

Of course, everything was going swimmingly – until Jake tried to deepthroat Seth’s cock. Now, as we said earlier, Jake knows his way around a guy’s cock and balls, so it’s truly a testament to the girthy size of Seth’s meat to see Jake struggling to choke down every last extra inch. It’s also pretty damn hot, if we do say so ourselves…


XXX star Nickolay Petrov is so sexy it should be a crime! What? Too soon…?

Oh Nickolay Petrov – where have you gone? Oh yeah, that’s right. You’re in jail for beating two old people over the head with a lead pipe. Allegedly. I have to say that last part for legal reason, right?

Yes, anyone who follows the porn world as closely as we here at do probably already has heard that smoldering hot Nickolay is in the middle of a big legal and criminal debacle, and to be quite honest, we’d rather just avoid rehashing yet another porn star’s legal battles. But that doesn’t mean we can’t admire his beauty, does it? Or maybe it does….

Mixed feelings aside, it’s hard to argue that Nickolay isn’t build like an Adonis – and hung like a horse. He’s got the perfect body – lean, toned and deep dark eyes that you can easily get lost in. Considering we may not see this sexy motherfucker in a while, it’s good to know that there are tons more hot pictures of him at – enough to easily last us a good 10 to 20 years!


Got a favorite place to masturbate? How about here, there, and everywhere…

How many of you have a favorite place to masturbate? You know, like a special place you always go to jack your junk, or a certain chair you always sit in when you’re beating you meat? I only bring it up because of’s latest jerk-off scene, which features an incredibly uncut young twink pulling and tugging at his dick while sitting comfortably in a well-covered computer chair.

And judging from his elaborate set up, something tells me he’s done this before. In fact, it looks like this is the spot where he always goes whenever he’s horned up. All it takes is a few minutes of browsing the web – and his favorite cum-soaked chair, and he’s ready to splooge all over the place.

I guess it’s just like how certain sights and smells bring back different memories. For this randy British cock beater, whenever he sees that chair, I bet the blood starts rushing to his cock, and he begins reaching down his shorts in excitement. As for us, we’ve got our eyes on bigger, cuter seats than that lousy jack-off chair!


In a hot, sweaty, Latino sex sandwich, that meat’s always the best part!

How does one go about deciding who gets to be in the middle in a threesome? Do you like, just flip a coin? Or is it more a result of the natural shuffling that takes place during foreplay? There was this one time we had to play a pretty aggressive game of duck-duck-goose to choose who was going to be in center receiver, but that’s another story…Whatever it is, we want to know the secret to always ending up with a face full of dick and an ass full of cock every time!

I mean, the middle’s like the best position, right? Well, maybe the guy at the end doing the fucking has it pretty nice, but for the best, most intense experience, it’s all about being the meat in one sexy Latino sandwich, like these three dudes from

See the smile of that middle guy’s face? Oh yeah, we can’t either – but that’s only because he’s got his greedy lips all over his buddy’s giant uncock cock. But I’m sure he’s smiling on the inside, right?


Sex Dictionary Word of the Day: “Woofy!”

When having sex, there are a few phrases that are universal; they’re used by almost everyone, and mean the same thing – no matter who you’re with, or how you’re having sex. “I left your money on the dresser” and “No means no” are the two we’ve most commonly encountered in own sexual exploits – How about you?
Well, after looking at’s latest dark-haired Latino lover Rodrigo, we’ve got only one thing to say – and we’re sure it’s one phrase that everyone should add to their list of common sexual slang – “Woof!”
Sure, it sounds simple, but “Woof” has actually a very specific meaning; it’s a term reserved for only the hottest guys, who like to leave a little hair on their body, and generally have that scruffy, dirty boy look to them. Just like Rodrigo.
I mean, just get a good look from the center of his crotch; follow his thick, uncut cock up to it’s swollen head, and up the trail of hair that covers his stomach, all the way over his broad chest, and finally to that cute mug of his, which he’s got accented by the perfect little goatee. It’s enough to earn Rodrigo the award for being positively ‘woofy”!


Branson’s smooth, suckable cock will pump you full of life!

Meet Branson from – talk about a guy that could take your breath away, and then pump you full of life again! Actually, that’s because Branson happens to be an E.M.T (Emergency Medical Technician), which means he rides around in one of those ambulances all day long and helps people all day long. What a sweetheart, right?
But with that beautiful bush of dark curlies and a solid, veiny cock with a huge mushroom tip, he could pound the life out of anyone he wants. And judging from the way he jerks his meat in this latest update and leaves a drippy mess all over the floor, we’re hoping he gives up his days of doing good for more of these dirty, filthy deeds!


If Sex Toys could talk, would they always be screaming in pleasure for more dick?


Who knew –in addition to high-quality homemade porn – were also totally bringing the LOLz? (BTW, Isn’t “LOLz”  like the best term ever? We learned it while watching a To Catch A Predator marathon this weekend, in which they have their underage decoy use it all the time in those dirty IM conversations. You know, the ones that hottie Chris Hanson then reads back to the predators, in his smooth, sotto voice. Seriously, that man could read us dirty stories anyday!)
But back to the dick at hand, which happens to be Jesse’s, which he’s got fully inserted in a clear plastic jack-off toy. is not one to let the humor of the situation go untouched, proudly proclaiming that ‘Sex Toys Don’t Scream!” as the title of this forcefully little wank Jessse is so eager to share, which totally made us crack up.
I mean, what if sex toys did scream? Can you imagine? Considering the size of Jesse’s meaty sausage, that toy would be hollering in pleasure so loudly you’re ears would be ringing for days! Lucky for us, this toy keeps it quiet – so we can hear Jesse moan as he shoves his dick deep inside.

Jul, and an oral lesson in how to be kind to straight guys

Jay McQuay – It sort of sounds like the name of some whimsical children’s fairytale character, doesn’t it? Like, you’d expect some cartoon-like guy to pop out with a funny hat and start singing songs about “cooperation!” or “kindness!”. That, or maybe we just watched way, way too much Sesame Street as a kid….


Actually it’s name of’s latest hunky conquest, and let’s just say that this guy is a lot more raw, unedited fact than fanciful fiction. You know how you can count on for it’s real, unfiltered action – mostly of Mike seducing some hot, straight stud? Well, he’s done it again, and this time he’s caught a totally hot, tattooed muscle guy – and he’s ready to document every moan, groan, and sigh as Jay McQuay (I love that name!) experiences what it’s like to get his cock blown by another man for the first time.


Of course, Jay McQuay’s got a great dick – surprisingly thick, perfectly shaped, everything you could ask for in a dick. But the best part is watching Mike get Jay MQuay all warmed up; he gently massages his crotch through his tight blue cotton boxer-briefs, and let’s his dick peek out the side as it grows too large to be contained in his tiny pair of skivvies. Looks like maybe we will be learning a lesson in “cooperation” and “kindness” from our buddy Jay McQuay!



Three ingredients for creating the perfect twink – Smooth, Horny, and Suckable

Now this is what we’re talking about! Pay close attention, fellas, because over at, there are some very, very fine examples of two of the hottest, most perfect twinks we’ve seen in a long time – and trust us because we’ve seen more dick than the urinal at your local gay bar. Ba-dum-bum! Thank you folks, I’m here all night!


Alright, enough of the cheese and time for the sleaze. Now these two hot studs are about as smooth and hairless as you can get – except, of course, their darkly gorgeous patch of dick hair each of them is proudly sportin’. More importantly, their cocks stand straight up to full salute the second either of them walk into a room, which is an even better attribute of the perfect twink.


Smooth and delicious? Check. Constant horniness? Double Check. So what’s the last thing that makes these guys so gosh-darn adorable? Well, this one’s all in the lips – and these two both have a couple of pairs of bright red puckers that drive each other wild as they lick and suck up and down each other’s solid shafts.



Exposing Victor Steele – and’s dirty, well-hung secret

Everyone knows the target audience for is supposedly women, right? I mean, it’s in their name (Hello – Girl!). But lately, has been hiding one huge, dirty secret, and we’re about to let you in on it. Okay, here it is: Gay guys love their site too! I know, right? Who knew!


So maybe that wasn’t as explosive as I thought, but for any of you guys out there who love the buff, well-chiseled men this site features, we say it’s far time we let it be known that so many of us guys are big fans as well. Boy power, that’s what we say.


One look at the PlayGirlTV’s macho Victor Steele – with his great, flat stomach, and a cock that’s always ready and rarin’ to go – and you’ll see why there’s no way this site could ever be gender restrictive. Seeing Victor strip off his tight, white underwear and expose that stiff cock is enough to make anyone drool, vagina or no vagina. Of course, we’re still totally on team no vagina – sorry ladies!




Real or Fake: We go straight to the hot bottom(s) of!

We here at like to think we’re pretty hard to fool. Sure, we’re no Sherlock Holmes, but we definitely know the difference between our asshole and a hole in the wall, at least before Happy Hour. After that, your guess is as good as ours.


That being said, we’re going to play a little game of whistle blower today and call bluff on one of the fastest growing sites on the web, – which boasts tons and tons of videos of real straight guys discovering the beauties of gay sex. It’s just, we’re not sure that all the supposed straight guys are actually all that straight. I mean, take a look at this latest update – what straight guy hangs watercolor painting of apricots in his apartment?


Of course, it’s not just that that has us scratching our heads. The biggest hint is that these studly fellas are having some mind-blowingly aggressive sex, and if we remember anything about our first time, well, let’s just say mind-blowing wasn’t the word. More like premature ejaculation-blowing.
Still, we DARE you to poke around their site and judge for yourself! I mean, you never know – it could, in fact, be after Happy Hour as we write this, and in that case, we’d better go find our asshole. Oops, that’s just another hole in the wall.


It’s all in a name: Magnum earns his title by letting his pal Hardy choke down his fatty cock!

We’re all for bizarre porn names (Justin Bobby, anyone?), but this is just getting ridiculous. and his boys have been known for pushing the envelope – this guy’s got more straight guys to go gay than the military and childhood figure skating lessons combined!
But his latest twosome – Jonny Magnum and Jr. Hardy – take the cake when it comes to over the top names. Magnum? Really? Lemme guess, it’s because those are the only condoms that fit, right? We’ve all heard that one before, fellas!
And now comes the time when I insert my foot into my mouth – because Mr. Magnum really is packing the heat, and I’m not talking about firearms. Jr. chokes and chugs on Jonny’s thick, fatty hard-on to the best of his abilities, which is most evident as his neck veins bulge out everytime he bobs his head further down Jonny’s meaty shaft. Oh Jr – it’s only going to get worse better when he stuffs that dick in your ass, so enjoy it while you can. As for their ridiculous names, I think these two hung studs have more than earned them!


Young-looking British Boys with Big Dicks. Does it get any better?

We’re finding the content of totally hot, and even more intriguing. I mean, take a look at the latest young pup to shoot on out of their site. No doubt the kid looks totally young. With his deep, chestnut eyes and thick pouty lips, the boys gives a brand new definition to the term “babyfaced”, and we’re finding it toally adorable.
Especially the way he slowly pulls down his trousers and his blue skivvies; it barely takes any tugging at all to get his thick pole standing at full salute and ready to give us one hell of a show.
But where the heck did this young kid get such a meaty sausage? I mean, I read somewhere you hit your sexual peak at 25, and this kid’s clearly barely just 18 and could possibly still have some growing to do, right? Or maybe I made that up, but still – if this kid’s going to get any bigger, he’s going to make some British bottom slut a very, very happy man one day. Speaking of which, did we ever tell you we were planning on moving to London?


Hot, Hung – Looks like the West isn’t the only Coast on fire!

With the pending California heat wave nearly upon us, and wildfires out of control up and down our coast, I thought today would be the perfect time to take a little mini-vacation. And what better place to go than Miami – where the weather’s still hot, and nothing is on fire.
Actually, the only thing flaming down in this gorgeous, Latino-rific hot spot are the many deliciouso men, and no site gives a better taste test of the local flavor than For those of you who have never been down to Florida before, let’s just say the boys are bigger, stronger, and hornier than anyplace we’ve ever been.
is a great example of that classically tacky-yet-appealing type of guys Miami has to offer. From the piercings he’s sportin’, to that silver necklace chain, Ray is sure not to be topping any best dressed lists – but with a long, cut cock like his, you can bet he’ll be topping everything (and everyone) else.

Jul goes bareback, and takes hunks Vinnie and Mauricio along for the ride

Since when did go bareback? Not that we’re judging at all – we’ll reserve that one for all you readers to do on your own. But for the life of us, we can’t remember if it’s always been like that on their site or not. So we’ve got a little assignment for everybody: Cruise around and report back on the state of condoms on their site. How’s that for like the most self-rewarding task ever?
Anyhoo, a lot of the hot men we’ve seen on this blazin’ hot site are straight, so seeing two guys with authentic passion for each other is almost too hot to handle. It’s clear from even the quickest glance at Vinnie and Mauricio that these two have fucked around before, and as Vinnie hoists Mauricio up on the deck chair and shoves his cock in Maury’s tight hole, the two fit almost as perfect as a glove.
Actually, the intimacy makes sense; according to the site, these two have been friends for over 3 years, and they’ve only gotten closer and closer – and much better at knowing how to fulfill each other’s needs – and asses. Seriously, we can’t wait to see what they can do to each other in another 3 years!

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