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You Love Jack’s Kip Wilson Plays Ball!

What’s long, thick and ready to erupt at any given moment? If you guessed You Love Jack’s latest cock you’re right! Just look at Kip Wilson’s fat juicy cock! What really makes my mouth drool is how it gets thicker the further down you go. Just picture sitting on that fucking monster!


You know Kip must just love waking up with morning wood and giving himself a nice rub and tug before starting off his morning. He must love the feels of his hand wrapped around the coke-bottled thickness and sliding his hand over his pulsing, thick, veiny shaft.


Kip’s got that Southern California chill dude look down. I don’t know about you, but he kinda reminds me of Chase Crawford — it’s just enough to get your imagination going and your own cock throbbing. You know he’s one of those dudes that have that “I have a big cock” confident swagger. Just look at how he shows his prized manhood off! He knows what he’s got and definitely knows how to use it.


I love Kip’s cumshot. It’s always so hot to see a guy’s six-pack muscles tighten, as he gets ready to drop a load. Kip’s entire body tenses, as he gets close becoming one bulging solid muscle right before his big release. And as if that wasn’t enough, this dude shoots in long streaming spurts that soak his stomach and chest. It’s just too bad I’m not there to lick his creamy juice off of his body.



Straight Guy horses around…accidentally cums on buddy’s face

Those who doubt the validity of whether a certain model is straight or not need look no further than Alex and Chris over at Broke Straight Boys. It’s not so much that these guys look and sound like straight buddies, but the fact that Chris can’t stop hamming it up for a camera while Alex polishes his knob. How many gay guys do you know who give a thumbs up while getting sucked off?


Chris likes to clown around a lot and at one point puts both elbows on top of Alex’s head forcing his poor straight buddy to take the entire length of his stiff rod — which leads us to point out something very important. Regardless of how straight he acts and how much he goofs around to ease his discomfort, Chris’ dick is hard the entire time he’s getting sucked.


Perhaps finally realizing that all his shenanigans are distracting him from enjoying the good blowjob his straight bud is giving him, Chris throws his hands on his head, leans back and enjoys the show.


In the end even the straightest of dudes will shoot their wad after receiving a good polish and Chris is no exception, in fact, we think he might’ve enjoyed the experience a little more than he would ever like to admit from the amount of cum that he ends up shooting all over Alex’s face. Alex is so into it he even sticks out his tongue prompting Chris to rub the tip of his head along his buddy’s mouth — now that’s how you do it boys!





Cody Cummings, Sucked Off By a Golem — Scandalous!


If you haven’t whacked off to porn from the Cody Cummings site lately, you’ll want to be sure to have a gander at the latest video clip which features Cody and larger than life hottie Jonny T. It seems that Cody had a yen for some head (in other words, it was a normal day like any other) and Jonny T. was the bud who answered the call. What’s nice about Jonny is the fact that he’s pretty much Cody’s equal in just about every way. He’s big, buff, and confident — and definitely not just some cock-sucking acolyte. He’s just one of Cody’s buddies who wants to drop a load and he doesn’t mind wrapping his sensuous lips around a familiar dick if it helps out his friend.


The first thing that may strike you about Jonny is the size of his massive unit. It’s a good thing he didn’t fuck Cody, because then Cody might have been out of commission for at least a few days. What must it be like to have such a ginormous piece of meat between your legs? It’s like carrying around a hammer in your pants. What’s it like to constantly be sending your new lovers to the emergency room, to never be able to find anyone that can swallow it properly, and to not even be able to get your own hand all the way around it? If you think I’m joking, click through and take a look. Seriously — it’s like a statue dick. Luckily, our world is filled with an ample supply of size queens who are Olympic-level ass fuckers. They train night and day in hopes of one day taking a cock like Jonny’s. “One moment in time, when I’m more than I thought I could be…” C’mon, sing along… But what if Jonny wants to form a long-term relationship with a nice guy instead of always ending up with the physically-modified guys whose asses could double as umbrella stands? Such are the complex multi-issues faced by some of today’s well-endowed porn artistes.


This is a great clip, but the free samples are really hot, too — and definitely worth a look-see. You’ll really get off on the way the guys like to watch each other jerking off. And when these two muscle-bound golems sit next to each other to pound their meat, it’s pretty amazing. The free sample gallery includes some great shots of the guys cumming and some great shots of Jonny sucking Cody’s dick.


Try it, you’ll like it.


Branson bites off a little more than he can chew at

Big dicks are fucking awesome. We all know that, right? I mean, there’s nothing more thrilling than bringing a brand new boy home with you, slipping your hand down his shorts, and finding a thick handful of fleshy deliciousness waiting to be fondled.

branson fucks giant dick

Well, that’s sort of what happened over at, with their latest duo of Rylan and Branson, only instead of being in big dick heaven when Branson saw the huge, girthy flagpole Rylan had in his pants, he was more in scared straight boy hell.

branson fucks giant dick

Yeah, Branson hasn’t had too many dicks up his ass – in fact, you can probably count how many times he’s been fucked by doing a short skim through the site – and taking on a monster the size of Rylan was pretty intimidating. I think this close-up shot of his face pretty much sums up his feelings on the matter! Just remember Branson – practice makes perfect!

branson fucks giant dick


Ahoy Mateys! TwinkClinic’s got a hot sailor in need of an oral exam!

The life of a sailor is rough. I mean, look at little Vance Winter, the seaman who’s the subject of’s latest update. He’s been traveling from port to port, docking in more harbors than most of us would probably care to know about, and now that he’s back home in the States, he’s in dire need of a thorough check-up.

hot naked sailor cum

But this exam is going to be strictly gloves off – and something tells me that cute little sailor suit of Vance’s is going to get good and sticky when the Dr. is through with his oral exam.

hot naked sailor cum

No stranger to surviving the crash of a big wave, Vance handles the wad of jizz he shoots all over his chest like a pro; nothing like a good visit from a hot doctor to get your juicies going, and you feelin’ much better, eh?

hot naked sailor cum


New Site Alert: ties up, gags, and fucks your favorite gay porn stars

So is a brand spankin’ new site – quite literally, in fact, the site is completely devoted to kink, bondage, S&M, and everything else that could possibly go on in a dark, seedy sex dungeon – and we’re fucking in love with it, mostly because they’ve managed to get such big stars.

Their first update is an awesome example of the heavy hitters this site is pulling in and tying up – its a duo scene between latinolicious Tommy Blade and the legendary, award-winning Rod Barry – and you’d better hold onto your shit before startin’ up this scene because you’re about to see some hardcore, crazy fucking. In fact, Tommy Blade pretty much gets totally owned by Barry, and he loves every moment of it – and you will too!

The best part is the vertical hanging scene: Rod shoves a ball gag in Tommy’s mouth, hangs him upside down by his feet, and starts flogging him to holy hell, all the while Tommy begging for more. If this is any indicator of what’s to come on, you can totally count us in!


Take a bath in the fountain of youth with Vinnie from

We love a boy who’s spunky, fresh, and fun – and Vinnie from is all those things and so much more. Just the notion that someone would be asking him to strip off his clothes and bare his hot naked ass made this kid so excited that he was bouncing off the walls. Oh Vinnie, you’d better get down before you break something…

Well, at the risk of sounding even more like our father, we’re compelled to point out that there was something about Vinnie’s sudsy bath time photo shoot that just made us feel so full of life! We could watch this horny little twink shake his bubble butt in our face all day!

Anyhoo, we’ll let you hop on over to and scan through his photoset yourself. And if you find yourself saying things like, “Listen to your Mother!”, or “Eat all your Vegetables or no ain’t getting dessert”, don’t say we didn’t warn you….



Johnny Angel from tells us to put down the dope and pick up a dumbbell’s latest boy of the moment, Johnny Angel, may have left us grabbing our cocks – but it also left us scratching our heads, and we have a few important questions that need answering!

hot asian muscle stud

First up – Where the hell has this gorgeous, buffed out piece of Asian delight Johnny been hiding? Judging from his pictures, he’s been concealing himself at the gym in the heavy lifting section, because this guy’s body is a true piece of work. Thank god for gym bunnies!

hot asian muscle stud

Secondly – What’s the deal with the conveniently placed anti-drug D.A.R.E. stickers plastered all over the set? Is Johnny trying to tell us something? I mean, shit, we’re all about our porn stars being clean and sober, but what’s next – Reese Rideout as the new face of I guess we’ll just have to wait and see….

hot asian muscle stud



Do fat guys suck cock better? shares the secret ingredient for their wet, greased up sex parties.

When we first saw the latest update from, we immediately thought something was wrong. I mean, sure all the essential elements are there: a shower, lots of lube, and an orgy of hot boys in their underwear with raging hard-ons, all ready to suck and fuck ‘till their hearts content.

But seriously, now, who invited the fat chick? Yes, I know that big girls need love just like anyone else, but there’s a serious elephant in the room (or rather, in the shower) and I feel like someone needs to call him out. Or maybe I’m totally wrong. What do you all think – does a guy with a little extra curves like this stud make your pants stiffen at all?

Oh wait, now we get it. So that’s why he was invited to the party – he big guy loves to suck cock, and he can deepthroat a dick like a total pro! Now I get it! Good for you for knowing the secret ingredient for throwing any good orgy – a big dude who loves it when everyone shoves their meat in his mouth. Party on!


Hot married guy alert: Young Kurt Wild gets his ass pounded at

So everyone knows the scoop on Kurt Wild, right? You know, the totally adorable bottom with the bangs, who’s been poppin’ up everywhere lately? If you’re not familiar, has the best stuff of him, mostly because the scenes are totally raw and unedited, which means you get a lot more Kurt for your buck. That’s always a good thing.

Anyhoo, so the kid’s totally adorable. We’ve been crushing on him since we first saw him grace the cover of Freshmen magazine back last December. And his latest scene with Troy – who looks like he belongs in the cast of Growing Up Gotti – is one of the hottest ever, especially when Carmine Gotti Troy does the flying helicopter on Kurt’s firm ass and fucks him all over the place.

But what makes Kurt even hotter is that in real life, he’s actually married with 3 kids. I know! Hot married guy alert, right? Sure, maybe it’s a bit wrong, but there’s nothing more scandalous than watching a married man get fucked until he lets loose a flood of jizz all over his stomach!


Oy Papi!: A white boy’s review of the Latin hotness

For some reason, I feel the need to premise this post by letting you all know that I’m white. Like really, really, white. Like Jimmy Kimmel white. No, more like Cindy Brady white. Like, so white I enjoy going hiking, or throwing dinner parties, or golfing.

Anyways, that being said, let’s just say that sites like are not really ones I typically call home. They’re just not familiar territory, ya know? At least, they weren’t – until I laid my beautiful blue white boy eyes on Raudy, the newest object of my affection – as well as their latest update

Holy crap, this boy is amazing! That face, those abs, that long, dick! It was all I could do to stop myself from booking a flight to Mexico, or Africa, or wherever is it that boys like him come from, and finding Raudy and his gorgeous thick black hair and crazy Latin accent and asking for his hand in marriage. This kid is totally wild, and has the kind of big man burrito between his legs I know he could feed me over and over again, and I’d never get enough. And if you want more, salsa on over to for more……


Dakota and Branson strip each other down and size each other up

There’s nothing better than watching two hot straight guys strip down and size each other up – especially when those two straight guys are about to have hot, gay sex for the very first time, and even more especially when it’s all going down on

But that’s exactly what happens when Dakota and Branson are paired up together and told to do some “further experimenting”. See, both studs have been here before; Remember, we brought you Branson, the hot EMT, last week, in a sizzling hot solo video? We know you can’t forget a body that well built. Well, little did we know we only had to wait a little more than a week to see Branson get totally pounded by another straight guy – and it couldn’t have happened sooner.

The best part is all the loud noises Branson makes as Dakota is driving him deep from behind, so make sure you’ve got your speakers turned way up when you’re viewing this one. We’re not quite sure if Branson is absolutely loving having Dakota poke him from behind, or if he’s just counting down the minutes until he shoots his hot, creamy load all over, but either way it definitely makes us want to find our own EMT to fuck!


Charlie from grabs hold of his shaft and makes us (temporarily) forget he’s into chicks!

Oh man, it’s been way too long since we’ve featured a really hot straight guys, hasn’t it? Well, actually it’s only been since the last time we posted about our favorite site-of-the-moment,, but hey – “homemade” videos of hetero boys playing with toys and tugging at their meat is one of the things they do so well now, isn’t it?

Speaking of which, meet Charlie, a guy who’s just about as straight as they come. We heard he even insisted on using one of those “pussy”-shaped Fleshjacks, rather than the ass-shaped ones just to prove how 100% into women he was. Good grief!

Of course, after taking one look at the perfect cock of his, and we’d let him fuck a hole in a napkin if it made this stud happy – and totally hard. Even better, Charlie’s totally got all the moves that make us go wild down cold. Look at him grab the base of his shaft like so, and playfully rub his balls with the other. It’s clear he knows exactly what he’s doing, and heck – even if what he’s doing is some gross girl, we’d gladly pull up a seat and watch.

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