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Southern Boys Gone Wild!

The guys over at Southern Strokes love to jack off in front of the camera. What’s great about this site is the variety of dick that appears on this site. Here you’ll find everything from young guys who have been raised on a farm, to jocks and savvy city boys.
Of course, it can’t all be solo fun, which means you’ll find plenty of sucking, rimming and deep penetration action as these boys work on one thing and one thing only — getting off!
It’s always fun to see how different guys relieve some tension. Some guys will use two hands, while others opt to do a one hand over the other technique. Rest assured, that whatever technique exists these guys are bound to know about it!
One thing this site isn’t short on are hot guys. We’re not sure where they grow all these Southern hotties, but we’re certain there must be something in the water that makes them grow so big!
So what are you waiting for? Click on over and see for yourself all the hot dick you could be getting in on by joining this site. Seriously, we haven’t seen guys this horny since the last Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition was released.

Sep Brings Us Live Dudes Fucking!

I have never been let down by any of the hot cock that appears on Randy Blue’s site. Recently, Randy had Ben and Sean perform a live show for all the fans and believe me when I say that they did not disappoint. Sean’s nimble fingers immediately got to work trying to tug Ben’s jeans off.
The two were a little A.D.D. rattled and before they got completely naked interrupted each other by making out passionately. Finally, Ben was able to extract himself from Sean’s plump lips long enough to pull those shorts down and suck on some delicious looking dick.
These two make a great pair and I hope they come back real soon. I love how Sean is completely hairless and Ben has a sexy smattering of hair all over his body. I also like how into Ben’s cock Sean appears.
Ben is the shier of the two but you would never be able to guess by the way he sat on Sean’s cock and rocked it out.
As if this hadn’t been enough sex, once Ben had had his fill of cock, he bent Sean over and slid his stiff pecker into Sean’s burning hole. We just love guys who can be versatile in bed, and from the looks of it so do they. After the cumshot Sean even suggested they go for round two. Now that’s definitely a meal where I would have seconds!


Work Is The Best Place To Hook-Up

It’s impossible not to get hot and bothered by the muscular dudes over at Men at Play. Here are guys who go to work in business suits and spend the day shouting, screaming and stressing out. Of course, this usually means that they need to let off a little bit of steam. And what better way to get some aggression out than by pounding the shit out of your secretary when he walks into your office to check and see if you need anything.
One of the reasons this site sizzles is because the men look like real men. Not that we don’t enjoy a hot twink, but there’s something about seeing a site full of muscle men with five o’clock shadows and huge cocks that just gets us going. Men at Play features a variety of locations that’ll have you wondering what’s happened in your own office building. Who knows, maybe the hot new guy in accounting is the type that wouldn’t mind a little man-on-man action!


Punks, Queers and Cross-Dressing Naked French Dudes

Those who get hard over punk boys will love this fairly new site that is the most artistic smut you’ll find on the web. These boys aren’t afraid to throw on a dress and rub their hard ons while posing in high heels.
Those who think they’ve seen it all haven’t really seen everything until they’ve hit this crazy site. Some boys get off on painting their faces like clowns and slipping into some Join the Circus garb and arousing themselves until they get hard.
One of the wilder things these guys will do is completely paint their bodies from head-to-toe for no other reason than to pose with their buddies naked. If we had the chance to be around this many naked hot French guys we’d paint our bodies completely too.
Some of these guys are truly fucking hung. This dude in particular gets off on wearing belly dancing wear and goofing around. Of course, once he gets hard you’ll be completely dickmatized and forget the fact that he never shows his face.
We’ve heard about a dick going into someone’s mouth but we’ve never actually seen one coming out of one. This particular twink gets off on shoving his hard cock through a hole he made in the magazine in order to fuck it.


Cody Cummings Makes Good On Surname Promise

Straight guy Cody Cummings enjoys fucking pussy on his site — usually with another straight guy. Once in a while he’ll let said straight guy give him a blowjob, but that’s the extent of the gay shenanigans. It’s with this in mind that I was surprised to see Trevor Knight stop by to “hang out.”
Knight as many of you will recognize is a boner-fide 100% cocksucker who has loosened up a lot of asses throughout his porn career. It didn’t take long for him to unleash his trouser beast and compare cocks with Cody.
Although Trevor is bigger, one thing Cody doesn’t do — yet — is suck dick, so Trevor got on his knees and worshipped Cody’s formidable piece of meat. We’re not sure what Trevor is thinking, but from the looks of his own hard on we’re guessing he’s having a pretty good time.
Even though he doesn’t get his own cock sucked, Trevor has no problems squirting out a good load. I mean, c’mon. How hard would it be to get off when Cody Cummings is sitting right next to you with his hard cock out?
Again, we’re not sure what’s going through their minds, but there’s something in the way Cody is staring at Trevor’s cock that turns us on. Is it envy at Knight’s size, or is there a little bit of longing in his eyes? Could Cody be contemplating wrapping his mouth around Kinght’s tool? Only time will tell…


Straight Wankers Like To Jerk Off In Pairs

The two latest twinks to get off on Straight Wankers are quite young, so much in fact that one of the boys brought his stuffed tiger for moral support. The two talked for a while before slipping out of their pesky clothes and hanging out in their underwear for a little while.
The young blond guy is definitely the more outgoing of the two and slips his underwear off only to reveal a semi. The dark haired boy shifts uncomfortably but finally looks at the blond’s cock with lust in his eyes.
After watching the blond lube his cock and stroke himself into a stone hard erection, the other boy finally slips his shorts off as well only to reveal his own hard on.
As the two continue to stroke, it’s clear that they’ve been instructed to keep their hands to themselves for the time being. Both of them are so horny that the dark haired boy finally takes his stuffed animal and places it between them, which makes one wonder what he would have done had he not brought his stuffed tiger.
These boys usually have several sessions before getting into any hardcore action, which means we will be seeing them soon. Place your bets now on who you think will end up being the top and who will end up ass in the air biting into the stuffed tiger.


Twink Gets Hard While Showering Under Waterfall

The boys over at have a penchant for stripping down to their skivvies and getting all hot and bothered until — and this happens quite often — they bust a nut and shoot their loads right through their underwear. Although Ryan did everything but that last part, you’ll have to agree that he’s a mighty fine specimen of twink.
Water tends to get Ryan horny. We’re not quite sure how beaches and public pools affect him, but we would sure love to witness it! As soon as Ryan steps out from underneath the waterfall he’s been getting himself doused under, he turns to the camera and reveals his hard cock throbbing and pulsing underneath the stretched fabric.
Those who own a pair of Ginch Gonch know that they are sturdy undies, but Ryan’s hard-on is raging so hard that even these reliable underwear aren’t enough to hold him in.
He finally gets to the point where his cock straining the underwear feels so uncomfortable, he is forced to take it off and massage his tool in the open air. We don’t know about you, but we have seen a lot of dick and this has to be in the top ten of the most beautiful cocks we’ve seen. From the tip of his dick to the beautifully shaved pubes that turn golden in the setting sun’s light, how could anyone not salivate at such an amazing sight?
Who knew that Ginch Gonch, water, a hard cock, and a twink’s flat stomachs could ever give us blue balls? We finally have the answer to the pesky question: If you could be anywhere in the world at this moment where would you be? To be in this scene with this twink, all we’d need is a cute pair of underwear. Not that they’d stay on for very long. But Still



Calling All Size Queens! Xtra Inches Has The Goods!

Ben has one of those mesmerizing cocks you just want to put in your mouth and suck for days. It’s curved, uncut and 7” of fun good times. Over at, they get pleasure in only bringing you guys with seven-inch cocks and bigger. So even though Ben just — ahem — slipped in, we’re glad that he was able to make the — ahem — cut. One thing that gets us all hot and bothered is that Ben knows how to work himself and us into a frenzy. We’re not sure if he’s putting on a show for the camera, but he plays with himself so naturally that we can imagine him doing the same thing in the privacy of his home.


Those who love watching guys jerk off their big dicks need to check out this site ASAP. The studs featured there know that they’re packing heat. There’s nothing better than watching a hung stud as he cockily massages himself to an erection and then shoots his load wherever the hell he feels like it. All the guys on the site have been pre-measured and approved by a jaded queen holding the magical ruler. If you’re a size queen — and really who isn’t — we can’t think of a better way for you to put a smile on your face.

Sep Is Where Freaky, Horny Guys Get Off

There’s no doubt about it, the guys over at are a bunch of freaks — in a good way of course! These guys just can’t get enough sex in their diets and will pretty much do anything to get off including rubbing up against their favorite childhood teddy.


When there’s no stuffed animal around they turn to the next best thing — themselves. Unfortunately, not everyone can be blessed with either a back flexible enough, or a cock long enough (or a combination of both) to be able to shove their own dick in their mouth, but for those lucky few getting a blowjob is easy.



Those who find themselves lacking in the contortionist arena, and are tired of using their hands should find other creative ways to bust a nut. Perhaps no other toy has really given guys — both gay and straight — as much pleasure as the Fleshjack. At least the guys on this site just can’t seem to get enough of it as they slide their big fat dicks into an orifice that simulates a nice tight ass.


The site also features guys who know how to unleash their inner piggy. There are tons of galleries that showcase piss-guzzling dudes who just can’t get enough golden showers to quench their thirst.


In the end any guy can get creative when he gets off by himself, but the real challenge is being creative with someone else. And no we don’t mean the use of a sling — that is so passé — we’re talking about some gutter-butt, freaky, hair-raising shit you never thought of trying, but can’t wait to once you see it!




SD Boys Love To Fuck

Ryan has had a crush on Blake for a very long time, but they never hooked up cause Blake had been in a relationship since the time they met. I know, I was surprised too that Blake hadn’t cheated — seeing that Ryan is the kind of guy most of us would cut a finger off to be able to fuck — but I guess not everyone is a big whore. Anyway, Blake and his boyfriend broke up and Ryan approached him to do a scene.
Even though they were both nervous for the first couple of minutes, Ryan realized he’d been dreaming of this moment for a couple of years and led Blake to the shower where they proceeded to make out before Ryan finally dropped to his knees and got his first taste of Blake’s delicious cock.
It seems this was the ice breaker that was needed because in a flash they were back on the bed and Blake was slowly parting Ryan’s tight hole with his manhood. As he started pounding Ryan harder and harder the two began to kiss even more passionately than they had before.
I don’t know about you but I’m glad Ryan finally got his — ahem — happy ending. I have a feeling this isn’t going to be the last time these two will be hopping into bed together. Let’s just hope they keep sharing their sexy times with the rest of us.


Twinks Raw Romp Between The Sheets on

Longhaired cutie Mark looks like the type of guy who will one day be on the cover of a romance novel. You can tell once he gets out of his man-boy stage he’s going to be one unstoppable force of nature.


The lucky twink that gets to polish Mark’s knob is Allan who puts on a really good show of licking Mark’s man-boy cock as if it was the last lollipop in the world and he has to savor every single second of the experience.


A lot of times, guys like Mark don’t reciprocate deciding that after they get their dicks sucked it’s time to move to the fucking, but not Mark — he too wants to taste a little cock before he defines for Allan the phrase “Rock you world!” Doesn’t cute little Allan look sexy pulling back Mark’s hair so that the camera can get a good shot of all the action? I think Mark should spend a little time on some of Allan’s other assets.


Mark is fucking horny and Allen wants Mark inside him so bad that the two end up frantically tumbling in the bed before Mark throws Allan on all fours and shoves his raw erect member inside Allan’s tight ass.


Mark rides Allan’s ass all over the place and is so strong he has no problem fuck squatting poor little Allan who is barely to handle that much stud all at once. Finally, not being able to hold off his orgasm any longer Mark pulls out roughly, finds Allan’s face and drops a huge sticky load on the thirsty twink’s mouth.


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