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Sean Cody’s Guys Get Versatile

The level of perfection of the men that appear on Sean Cody makes it one of those sites that you just have to go back to. Their latest update feature Ken and Trey, two guys who have never bottomed before in their life. Trey was incredibly excited to have his ass cherry popped and went wild when Ken bent him over and started rimming him. In fact, Trey couldn’t stop squirming and pushing his ass into Ken’s mouth, who was doing a good job of parting those muscular ass cheeks and tongue fucking the tight hole.


These two guys remind us of being in high school and the jocks we used to have crushes on. We always imagined that the star quarterback was always checking out his buddies and nursing a particular crush on one of them. In our fantasy, we picture these two guys one day lounging around while their parents are away, and one thing leads to another until one has his cock thrust deeply in the other.


The one part that we hadn’t imagined is the two studs trading off, which is exactly what Trey and Ken do. Their bottoming skills couldn’t get any different, Trey was eager and wanting every inch of Ken, but Ken just scrunches his face in pain — but we’ve all been there and know that it’s the good kind!



Horny Fratboys Get Caught Fucking

There’s some hotness going on over at that is making us feel like there couldn’t be any other way to start off what is set to be a crazy week — Halloween anyone? Two college dudes thought they could be all sly and on the DL but cameras caught them conserving water by showering together.
Don’t worry though it doesn’t stop there. The two got really hot and heavy as they were showering and went in for a little kiss. We thought these guys needed a beer and a back rub in order to let their inhibitions loose, but apparently that’s just a myth.
The phrase ‘do unto others’ was given new meaning as the two of them swapped blowjobs. We’re not sure where they learned to do what they were doing, but they got mad skillz, yo. Seriously, these guys were sucking each other off better than some experienced porn stars out there — and no we’re not naming any names.
The butcher of the two made his way to the rear and slapped his cock against the other guy’s crack before he shoved that shit in and rode the Hershey highway. The hot stud with the lengthy, thick cock took no prisoners and we thought we were going to lose it right then and there, until we saw what happened next…
Hot masculine stud getting fucked by his buddy? Yes please, pass the lube.


Tory Mason Tops Jesse Santana on Cocky Boys

They don’t call them Cocky Boys for nothing. Not too long ago, Tory Mason and Jesse Santana were in Vegas and Tory kept telling stories about what a great top he is. For those who may not know, Tory loves to bottom on camera and does it very well. Jesse called him out on it and the two headed to the hotel room to see if what Tory was saying was true. The scene begins with Tory deep-throating Jesse’s fuckstick.
It doesn’t take much for these guys to get superhard and horny. Pretty soon, Tory quickly throws Jesse’s legs over his head and starts rimming the fuck out of him. Jesse for his part can’t believe how fucking hot it feels to have Tory dominating him.
While Tory is fingering Jesse’s tight hole, Jesse grabs his monster dick and slaps Tory on the chest and face with it. From the looks of things, it seems like Jesse might take over.
Keeping his word, Tory proves Jesse — and all the naysayers — wrong by opening up Jesse’s legs and burying his cock deep inside Jesse’s warm hole. The two fuck in every position imaginable, but Tory can’t resist and soon finds himself riding Jesse’s beautiful tool.
As if all this wasn’t enough to drive us over the edge, the two hot studs provide us with a explosive cumshot that’s sure to drive you crazy!


Getting Kinky with Bound Gods

There’s no getting around the fact that the men over at Bound Gods know what they’re doing! No other site on the web provides such kinky hardcore sex for your delight. The thing that really sets this site apart is their high-quality content — and there’s plenty to go around. The latest update features two guys — one happily tied up while the other tortures him — fucking their brains out. The guy who is tied up is put through the ringer as he gets dangled from the ceiling while the top smacks him with anything he can get his hands on including paddle, whips and his own fat cock. The slave doesn’t quite understand, so the top forces his cock in the guy’s mouth and forces him to deep throat. Later he puts a mask on him that forces him to keep his mouth open so that he has easier access to the hole.
It’s the kind of thing that you have to see to believe but when it comes time to pound some ass, the top makes sure it’s held steady by a hook that is connected to the frame of the bed. We’re not sure about the ouch factor but it did keep the bottom quite still, even though he was getting the daylights fucked out of him. If that wasn’t enough, he also has some ropes and straps tied to his balls at the same time. Now that’s something we’d definitely love to try someday.


Naked Male Celebrities!

One celebrity that has no problem letting his package flippity flop for all of us to admire is UFO enthusiast and British singer Robbie Williams. We’ve all seen Robbie’s genetalia at one point or another, but I can’t help that this picture is much hotter than the ones that show a clear shot of his dick. I guess he just looks so much more fuckable. I don’t even mind the bushy situation he’s got going down there.
Say what you will about Tom Cruise — and there is certainly a lot to say, but I ain’t saying it ‘cuz he might send his church after me — the man used to be hot. That’s right, I said it. I thought Tom was a fine ass man. His dedication to a role always meant he’d be ripped when he had to and blah blah blah. You know Katie’s munched on his crack! Eww.
Last but not least is Mr. High School Musical himself — Zac Efron. Not only is he looking über hot working the six-pack abs and shit, but he’s also grabbing himself! Have you ever seen a more masturbatory worthy picture? At Male Celebrity you’re sure to find a lot of pics like this and more!


Alex Boys’ Shy Young Twink

As you can probably tell, Lucas is an extremely shy twink who just turned eighteen. As he undresses, it’s hard not to keep from getting hard when you see his youthful, nubile body. You can just picture slapping those rosy cheeks with a nice fat cock, or pulling and biting on his boy nipples.
One thing Lucas is really proud of is his smooth ass, which is the first thing he shows off as he strips for the camera. He’ll probably absolutely love it when a guy shoves his face in there and gives his tight hole a nice tongue-lashing. You just know trying to fit one finger in there is probably a chore — let alone a nice fat cock. Can you imagine the look of surprise on his face he’ll have the first time a guy actually loosens his hole enough to fit the tip in?
Despite his twinkishness, Lucas has a decent sized cock when it’s in a flaccid state, but it’s even better when it’s hard. What we love about Lucas’ dick is all the extra foreskin he’s got hanging off of his pecker. You just know a future boyfriend is going to get off on being docked by all that fabulous foreskin!


Big Dicks Abound at

One of the reason we love is that the boys are giftedly hung. Sure, there are plenty of hung guys out there, but these guys are the type you would never peg as having huge schlongs, so it’s a nice surprise when they drop trou and show off their impressive packages.
Kip is one of those guys we would love to wake up next to. As if his Abercrombie and Fitch model looks weren’t enough, he has a nice sized cock — around 7 meaty inches — and a beautiful mushroom head. It also curves slightly to the left, which makes us wonder what type of topping techniques he’s discovered because of it!
Mickey Leporte reminds us a little of actor Paul Rudd. The Frenchman was extremely horny when he showed up to the studio and still had half his clothes on, but his cock was already poking out through the band of his underwear. We also love that he’s uncut although you would never be able to tell because he has the type of foreskin that gets retracted completely back when he gets a boner.
One of the things that make You Love Jack such a hot site is the cumshots. These boys sure have a lot of bullets stored in those beautiful cocks of theirs.
Not only do these guys keep shooting until they’ve covered themselves in their own warm gooey jizz, but many of them have no problems of scooping it up with their fingers and getting their daily protein fix by eating their own man-juice.



Brodie Sinclair Gets Sucked Off At Next Door Buddies

Next Door Buddies is one of those sites where you’ll see a lot of man-on-man action especially if those guys happen to be smoking hot. There are always new guys on the site but once in a while I realize that there are hidden videos I hadn’t noticed before. Case in point a video with porn superstar Brodie Sinclair and Next Door Model Ricky M.
By now you’ve probably realized where Ricky M gets his name. I’ve seen him in videos before and I can assure you that — not only is he a dead ringer, but he is one fine ass man!
I never thought I’d see the two together, so when I saw Ricky drop to his knees and suck on Brodie’s manhood, I almost whipped out the lube right then and there and kicked everyone else out of the office.
The two studs paired together was almost too much to handle and Ricky’s uncut cock remains rock hard the entire time he’s got Brodie’s dick stuffed down his throat, which really isn’t a big surprise considering.
In the end they sit side-by-side stroking their own cocks until they finally have to bust a nut, and then smile at each other before cleaning up. It seriously made for a nice start of the work-week. Happy Monday!

Oct’s Sexy Henry Gets Us Hard!

Every once in a while a guy comes along that really makes us wish we were back in college having hot boy-on-boy sex with the frat brother who decides we’ll be his first time with a guy. Henry is exactly the type of guy you want to make out and fuck. He’s so incredibly hot has a killer smile and a body that just won’t quit. He really is quite perfect!


Henry admitted that he had recently split with his girlfriends because they had too many fights. What we want to know is if she was crazy because you would have to be out of your goddamn mind to let such a beautiful dick slip through your fingers. It’s perfection! Great mushroom head, nice thickness and length plus his balls are shaved and his pubes are trim! That would be such a fun cock to suck on.


If you thought the front was nice to look at, you better take a deep breath because the back is just as stunning. It almost seems unfair that has the entire package. His type of bubble-butt is just so fucking delicious it makes us want to dive in with our tongues.


Henry really is the type of guy you would want to try everything with at least once.


We can only imagine that he’ll only get hotter with age, after all he’s only 19 years old. Hopefully Sean Cody will have him back real soon!



Straight Dudes Gets Their Cherries Popped at His First Gay Sex

It might be their first time having sex with other dudes, but the boys over look like pros when it comes to sucking dick and fucking ass. Perhaps one of the reasons for this may be that they’ve watched their inept girlfriends try to do it on them all the while wishing they could give her pointers on how to do it right. Or so we’re guessing.
There’s plenty of hot guys getting down and dirty, which is good for those who can’t get enough of watching straight guys getting their cherries popped on the Net. It’s fun to watch the first timers make sure they don’t use teeth, or gag, but we love how after a few seconds they grab on to that shaft and just go for it.
This particular dude was a little tight and his buddy had to loosen him up quite a bit before the bottom would even consider having a huge cock inserted in his hole. His buddy did well stretching him out with two fingers and his tongue.
As soon as he felt brave enough to have his first cock up his chute, the buddy positioned himself over him and slowly made his way in. We don‘t care what anyone says, there’s nothing hotter than watching two straight friends as they awkwardly navigate through anal sex only to see the look of immense surprise when they both realize how good it feels.
The bottom’s eyes rolling to the back of his head plus the tops groans as he pumped his friend full of dick makes us suspect that this isn’t the last time that these two will be hooking up.


Celebs Get Naked At

If you would have told me that one day I would find Robert Downey Jr. hot I totally would have laughed — long and hard — now in what seems to be an interesting turn of events I’m trying to picture Robert naked — long and hard — go figure. His Hollywood A-list celebrity status went up after Iron Man and so did his hotness factor — just look at that chest, yum!
At Male Celebrities you get to see all types of stars in their birthday suits. Ever wondered what Reese Witherspoon gets to suck on? You’ll find out when you see Jake like you’ve never seen him before.
Most of you might know him as Claire’s boyfriend in the hit show Six Feet Under, but Eric Balfour has actually been around for a very long time. I remember developing a crush on him the first time I saw him on some sitcom that didn’t last past the first episode. I always wondered what happened to him, and many moons later lo and behold, he’s mooning us.
Finding a good picture of a famous naked celebrity is like trying to find the elusive unicorn, elixir of life or Montauk Monster, but every once in a while favor smiles upon us and sends us Jude Law’s uncut manhood for us to admire and gawk at.
The site even has a couple of guys you would never imagine finding. Case and point is this scrumptious hottie whose dick I would be more than happy to suck. Do you know who that is? It’s an Arquette but it ain’t David. Give up? That’s Alexis Arquette. Let’s just hope she still has the penis, it’s fierce!


Naked Dudes’ First Times At

I can’t remember the last time I saw so many hot amateur guys on one single site, so you can imagine how pleasantly surprised I was when I stopped on over at One thing that I really liked was that the boys were all over the map some were incredibly buff and obvious popular jocks, while others were a little more dorky and wallflower-ish. The one thing that they each have in common is how horny they are!
The nerdy guy never really gets his due on porn sites which tend to feature the truly good looking, but let’s face it, nerds are not only hot but they are eager to please. If you ever have the chance up to hook-up with a nerdy guy you should jump on it. Trust me, you won’t believe how good the sex can end up being.
Some of these boys are straight, which has made them a little oblivious to some of the things out there including sex toys. This particular guy tried to figure out how he was going to use this particular set of anal beads until he finally gave up, lubed it up, and shoved it up his ass.
After a good wanking these guys like to hop in the shower and get all the sticky man-juice off of themselves. We wouldn’t be mad at them, if they decided that they wanted to walk around smelling like their musky cum.


Dixter’s Stunning Man Candy Stops Traffic!

Man oh man! What can we say about Kelson other than the fact that he’s simply amazing! There’s not much about him that’s not worthy of praise. From his confident demeanor, to his insatiable sexual appetite, to his lean smooth athletic body, to his beautiful face, there’s just so much about Kelson that screams sexy young stud. He’s got the most beautiful cock and tight ass, which you could just stare at all day.
This 21 year old is also highly competitive and ambitious. He takes the sports he does very seriously and in fact, he’s quiet the pro at one of them and was about to fly to Europe for a big competition a few days after this shoot. He keeps in shape doing sports and hitting the gym whenever he can in between his college courses, and, of course, by having lots of sex.
Kelson’s just one of those guys that you want to take home to your mother. He really is the marrying type with his down to Earth attitude and that beautiful piece of meat between his legs. You would never go hungry again! All joking aside, we’re so jealous of whoever gets to have this Prince Charming all to himself.

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