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Blake Mason’s “Biggest” Discovery

Blake Mason’s newest discovery is a fine specimen indeed just check out his stats:
Age: 18
Job: Student
Orientation:     Straight/Curious
Eyes:     Blue
Height: 5’10
Waist: 28
Size: 9.5 inches/Uncut
Build: Slim
We couldn’t believe our eyes when Jesse dropped his pants and exposed the biggest flaccid penis we’ve ever seen! Surely, he’s a shower and not a grower, but the horny teen just kept getting bigger and bigger. Seriously, once he started getting hard it wouldn’t stop growing.
With his shaggy-haired surfer look, perfectly smooth golden skin that you could lick for days, and great personality to boot, Jesse is the type of guy that you want to hop into bed with and never leave. We can’t imagine what it must be like when guys first discover that monster he hides in his pants all day long.
There’s just something really sexy about the way Jesse grasps his dick. It’s almost like he can’t ever get a hold of it due to its size. He also doesn’t disappoint in the cumshot department. We thought that his size and beauty were enough, but Jesse is 3 for 3. This boy can cum for days and definitely knows how to shoot a load. We salute you Jesse in more ways than one!


Hot House’s Masterpiece

The Hot House men don’t play around when it comes to satiating their sexual appetites. In Masterpiece — the studio’s latest hit — Ethan Grant, Ross Hurston and Nick Moretti show us how real men fuck.
The action kicks off with smooth, young bottom Ethan dropping down to his knees and sucking on some cut boners that are sticking straight out enticing him. Ethan loves to play with balls and he savors their taste by running his tongue under the ball-sac, and up the shaft until he reaches the tip.
It’s obvious Ethan’s going to be getting his ass plugged by Ross and Nick when they start spreading his cheeks with their hands and exposing Ethan’s very pink hole.
One thing about Ethan is that he can really take a good pounding, which is good because that’s exactly what he gets from Nick. The hirsute stud climbs on, slides his dick all the way in, and starts pumping away.
Nick is watching the entire time (actually he’s getting his dick sucked) with a look that says he’s next in line. Ethan effortlessly takes Ross inside of him, and moans while the top thrusts away. It’s hot to see Ross grab Ethan’s hips and really plow some pipe into him.
Arguably the best part of the scene is the ending in which Nick gets his face covered with hot man-juice. He even opens his mouth wide hoping to get a taste fresh out of the shaft!


Viper’s Car Wash Jackoff


The guys over at Dirty Boy Video have really turned public jacking off into an art form. The latest dude to stroke his meat is Viper, a young guy with a penchant for car washes. Most of us wouldn’t think that a car wash would be a good time to bust a nut, but Viper begs to differ. As the car drives in, Viper rips off his shirt, pulls his pants down and reveals a nice thick hard cock. This boy is ready to go and doesn’t waste any time. The hottest part is when Viper needs a little bit of lube to keep stroking his dick. Instead of using something conventional like Wet, ID Glide or KY jelly Viper decides that a little spit goes a long way.


There’s nothing better than watching a guy pound his meat in public knowing full well that he could get caught at any moment. In every single case on this site the guys will hit a point of no return. Even if someone were to walk in there would be that moment where they wouldn’t stop jerking off. You know the moment you’ve seen it before. A guy is happily whacking off and all of a sudden there is a concentration that wasn’t there before. His breath quickens, and his face flushes, he closes his eyes — almost squinting them — and throws his head back waiting to erupt. In that moment the world could come to an end and the guy wouldn’t pay any attention until it was over. Viper does just that and reminds us why we love this site.



Ryan Star Cums Three Times

Ryan Star really loves jacking off. In fact, he often brags about it, so the guys over at gave him a challenge: to cum as many times as possible within an hour. Ryan didn’t bat an eye and said he was up for it.
After whipping out his uncut cock, Ryan started showing off his ass for the camera. The first time he came he did a straight jack off scene. Unfortunately for him, no one told him to abstain from having sex the night before, so he wasn’t able to show off his ability the way he had wanted to.
During the first orgasm one of the “helpers” had massaged Ryan’s ass, which led him over the edge. For his second time around, Ryan asked if the guy would play with his hole to which he agreed. Ryan immediately got rock hard and started whacking his meat again.
After the second cumshot, Ryan wasn’t sure if he could pop off one more load, but the guy came to his aid and managed to insert four fingers in the tight jock’s ass!
In total Ryan was able to cum three times in seventy minutes! Ryan said he could do better, and agreed that the next time he did another video for Rock Hard Jocks he would definitely save his energy. He can’t come back soon enough!


Badpuppy’s Mario Gets Naughty!

Mario is one of the latest guys to hit and boy are we ever happy to see him. This 26 year-old stud has a youthful face but a nice defined body — definitely more man than twink, but the combination of the two is what makes him so fuckable.
Mario is definitely a guy who’s a little shy, but also knows he has nothing to be shy about when it comes to getting naked. He’s very playful with the camera and really gets the viewer going by smiling mischievously. He even takes his time pulling his pants down, and at first you can only see the shaft, which doesn’t seem to end.
One thing about Mario that makes him so irresistible is that he resembles several hot actors. Don’t you think he looks a little like Jai Rodriguez from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy with just a sprinkle of James Franco for good measure? We do!


Sometimes, when guys get naked for the camera they tend to lose their personalities and get really serious, Mario is definitely not one of them. We have never seen someone so at ease and so playful, and so flirtatious. We’re pretty sure he’s probably the same way in person.


We certainly hope we’ll be seeing more of him very soon!



BelAmi’s 2 Too Many Boys!

BelAmi’s film 2 Too Many Boys features some beautiful men. All the guys in this flick are hard bodied, uncut, beefcakes who really get into what they are doing. What’s great is the running time, which is just over two hours. The reason it’s so long is because the guys were invited to a house party by former star turned director Johan Paulik. Johan knows wxactly what happens when you fill up a house with hot guys and booze.
Kurt Diesel and Oleg Tarkowski are two of the party goers who kick off the action. Kurt is the hottie with the faux-hawk and Oleg is Mr. tall, dark and handsome. The two swap blowjobs and by the way things unfold we were almost certain that Kurt would be the receiver, but we were very wrong. The extremely thick Kurt is the type of top anyone would feel comfortable with. He also knows what he’s doing. He lines his dick to Oleg’s hole without even having to use his hands and is able to slide it right in with a little bit of pressure. Of course, he goes slow and slowly pumps back and forth getting a little deeper each time making sure that Oleg gets used to it.
On top of everything else, there are some truly spectacular cumshot scenes. Oleg’s stands out as he jerks off while Kurt licks his balls. Oleg lets out a soft moan and the cum goes flying all over his stomach chest and even shoots some on his cheek! And he’s not the only one who drops a couple of loads on his own face! Another scene has the top dropping his load on a boy’s ass, and we’re pretty sure some of the cum made its way into his hole. A definite must watch for all BelAmi fans.


Barebacking Twink Threesome Gets Sticky and Raw!

We always thought that chess players were never that exciting. Don’t get us wrong we love and play the beautiful game, but it’s not the kind of thing that ever leads to a hot three-way between cute twinks — or does it?  Recently, these twinks were caught playing the game, but things got quite out of hand rather quickly. Fortunately, was there to catch all the hot action on camera.
These twinks don’t know the meaning of inhibitions and rip off their clothes leaving them scattered on the floor and quickly start sucking each other’s cocks. At one point, it’s two mouths on one long uncut dick, which must have felt really good for all involved.
If the blowjob is the appetizer of sex, then fucking is the main course, and these boys love lots of meat in their meal. What’s even hotter is that none of them wear condoms, so the action is sweet and raw.
After the bottom gets plugged by one cock he slide it out gently — cause it’s really big — and hops onto the other one. The second guy’s dick is just as big, but now that he’s gotten a little used to it, he really gets into pumping and grinding his hips furiously.
The top can barely take the friction — or the tight ass, for that matter — and pulls out. Both tops fight to cum in the boy’s mouth and end up covering him in cum!


Mike Butders Stroke It At

Mike Butgers is one of those guys people will totally recognize though they may not know where from. See Mike has been in over 200 movies and has been nominated for the AVN awards over 13 times! He recently shot a solo jerk-off scene for and boy was it hot.

The 26-year-old Piscean starts off nice and slow rubbing his big chest, tight stomach and down to his budging hard-on that is making his underwear resemble a tent. The line of his cock is plainly visible and he moves it so it sticks out to the side. He pulls his briefs down slowly but the tip of his dick gets in the way pulling his entire shaft back. As soon as he gets his dick loose, it bounces back and makes a smacking sound against his stomach.

Mike is known for his huge balls — some say he’s got the biggest ones in the industry — and he definitely knows hot to put them to good use. As he strokes himself, he also pulls on them this way and that showing just how big they really are. We should mention that his cock is in proportion to his balls, which means it’s big as well. It’s clear that this former captain of the wrestling team in high school loves to stroke his cock, and has had wonderful practice.



Luke Cassidy and Dominic Pacifico Heat Up The Backroom

There’s nothing better than watching two really smokin’ hot guys getting it on especially when you won’t see them doing it anywhere else. Such is the case with Luke Cassidy and Dominic Pacifico — two Hot House models that shot a Backroom Exclusive. The video is as hot as it gets with Pacifico dropping trou and exposing his already hard thick cock. If his beautiful cock isn’t enough to get your blood flowing to all the right parts then his body should do the trick — he’s got ripped muscles for day including a six-pack that could be used as a lethal weapon. After a little blow job action, Cassidy bends Pacifico over and gives him the rim job of his life. It doesn’t take long before Pacifico is getting his ass pounding — in doggie-style position — by a very enthusiastic Cassidy.
If this weren’t enough to get you rock hard then watching them switch positions should do the trick. Cassidy pulls out only to sit on Pacifico’s thick meat and ride that shit like it’s the last time he’ll be having sex. Just the look on his face as he slides down the thick shaft is enough to get you to spill some knuckle babies. If you want to wait until the very end — if you can hold out that long — you won’t be disappointed when you see the amount of cum that flies out of Cassidy’s cock. It literally bounces off Pacifico’s face! It’s good dirty fun!

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