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Gay Twinks Gone Wild!

They’re young, horny and their balls are constantly aching to bust a load out. When it comes to sucking and fucking, the twinks are insatiable sex beasts. Most of the time they’re already hard under their pants before any clothes are even removed. You just know that these guys are popping wood at least twenty times a day, and have no way of keeping their dicks under control.
Even busting a nut several times a day isn’t enough for these barely legal boys to feel fully satisfied, which is what makes this site so great. They’re gonna be horny and fucking anyway, so why not get paid to do it?

These guys might look like naive little twinks, but they know exactly what they want and how they want it done. There’s nothing better than watching an athletic young varisity athlete just out of high school as he spread his legs open wide and get eaten out.
Their flexibility really comes in handy when it’s time to fuck. They do it like monkeys all over the place. Seriously, circus acrobats would blush!
One thing that they all have in common is that they’re all cum hungry. Whether they want a load dropped on their chest, ass, balls, face, or inside their mouths, you can tell they really like the feel of warm jizz. With as much material as 8TeenBoy has gathered over the years, you might never leave the house again!


Matt & Damon’s Fucking Frenzy

Damon DeMarco and Matt Hyland return for another fuck session! Rocker bad boy Damon cuts right to the chase by filling his mouth with Matt’s stiff rod. Size definitely doesn’t stop the seasoned pole smoker as he shows just how well he can deep throat such a delicious looking dick.
In fact, he enjoys giving Matt a blowjob so much that he can’t be torn away from it. Of course, you don’t hear any complaints from Matt who just closes his eyes and moans in approval.
One thing you don’t see many of the dudes doing on Dirty Boy Video is kissing, so we were pretty surprised to see just how much these two got into frenching.
The second surprise in this hook-up came when Matt ended up rolling on his knees and offering up his ass for Damon to pluck. We were almost certain it was going to go the other way around, but were happy with the result. Damon really pounds Matt’s manhole in a way that probably made it very difficult for him to walk the next day.
The last surprise came when the two got into what we like to refer to as “the missionary gay position.” It’s one thing for a dude to fuck another dude while holding his legs in spread eagle, but when Damon bends forward and kisses Matt we just knew the cum shot was gonna be off the hook – and we were right!


Straight Boys Love Man-on-Man Action!

Let’s face it most guys would fuck a parking meter if the opportunity arose. Guys are pigs plain and simple, so it really isn’t that surprising when straight dudes end up getting into gay situations for money. Broke Straight Boys is one of those sites that offers up every gay man’s fantasy: Straight men having sex with each other.
For these straight guys, the need for money trumps any reservations that they might have about performing in front of the camera or (gasp) getting off with another guy.
You really have to wonder if these guys are 100% straight or if there is a little portion of them that has been waiting for the perfect excuse to get it on with another man. Most of us believe that if you are not attracted to a guy there is no way you could possibly be aroused by engaging in any sexual activity with him, but these guys really make us doubt this idea.
The hottest thing about this site is watching these guys as they maneuver through their first man-on-man encounter. Most of these guys have never given a blowjob, but like fish to water they take to it just fine. We’re guessing that they know exactly what they like, and therefore give it to the guy like they would like it.
The more sexually adventurous will even fuck another dude, or get fucked himself. The guys are so hot that we’re pondering whether we should pretend to be broke straight guys just so that we can finally bag our first straight guy!


Stud Buds

There’s nothing like a good porn to really get your juices flowing, and the guys over at Blue Pictures are definitely making sure your orgasms are as explosive as possible! Their latest release, Stud Buds, features handsome horny guys who can’t keep their hands to themselves let alone their dicks in their pants. But best of all, we love all the interracial action between the Latinos and the white guys! It’s like the Sharks and the Jets finally decided to get down to business and knock off all that cheesy gay dancing.
This five-minute clip (you’re welcome) pretty much says it all. Three guys in a pool use the water to the best of their ability as one guy almost seems to levitate over the water as the other two bite his nipples and give his ass a good tongue lashing. These beefy papi’s, with their thick chorizos, know how to have a good time, and you will too!


Gay Horny Twinks Help Each Other Out

We love to watch twinks going at it, especially when both of them are equally sexy, and looking to bust a nut. The guys over at Fuck That Twink understand that gay men can’t get enough of these innocent looking guys, and provide tons of boys masturbating, sucking, and fucking for our personal enjoyment.
Recently, two guys hooked up and we were surprised to see just how cock-starved one of them was. He couldn’t tear his mouth away from the other guy’s perfect looking dick. Seriously, we’ve seen a lot of cock in our time and this particular dude’s member was really nice.
He’s got just enough length where it would feel good, but not long enough to be piercingly painful, and a nice solid thickness to it. The boy looks like he is dickmatized as he greedily slurps on it.
When he does finally tear his mouth away from it, he grabs a hold of it with his hand and begins to jack it. At first he starts slow, but the more he does it the faster he gets until his buddy opens his mouth and lets out a frantic whisper announcing that he’s about to cum.
His friend’s load shoots all over the place and leaves some jizz on his hands. Instead of cleaning it up, he just grabs his own dick and pumps away until he nuts all over his chest and stomach.


A Look At Johan’s Paulik’s Sun Kissed

Those who remember the first generation of Bel Ami models are certain to remember Johan Paulik. Johan always had a mischievous look in his eyes, but was always ready to go when it came time to perform. Today, Johan has taken to working behind-the-scenes as a director for the famed studio. His latest release, Johan’s Journal Part 1: Sun Kissed is a bevy of boys that are bound to boil your blood.
Tommy Hansen and Marc Vidal kick things off poolside as Marc videotapes Tommy playing with his own dick. Not one to waste any time, Marc gets down on his knees and sucks Tommy’s beautiful cock. If you just walk in on someone watching the film you would probably think that Tommy was Brad Pitt. He’s a total dead-ringer for the actor – but if you can believe it, he’s hotter! Tommy cums all over his stomach, and then Marc shoots his load all over it as well slapping his thick, long cock against Tommy’s abs until he’s dry.
Giorgio Carrera has been sitting around all day while other guys shoot scenes throughout the rest of the house. He’s been hard since he woke up and is getting a little frustrated when Danny Saradon shows up out of the blue. Giorgio has a long, gorgeous dick that pops out of his pants, which Danny is more than happy to suck. The hottest part happens when Danny has to leave the room in order to prepare himself to take such a monster in. The camera follows him to the bathroom where we get a glimpse of a butt plug that will be loosening him up before the main event. There really is nothing better than watching two beautiful men fuck passionately!


Deano’s English Lads Debut!

No, those are not Chace Crawford eyes. Though we could see how the mistake could easily be made. Meet Deano, the latest guy to show off his goods on English Lads, and yet another reason why we have to head over to the U.K. in 2009. Deano has actually been dancing in clubs for a while, so he’s no stranger to showing a little bit of skin, but he was really excited about doing a little bit more for the cameras.
The first thing you’ll notice about this Brit is his beautiful body. We just love the hair on his chest – it’s just the right amount! Another thing that makes this stud even hotter is the extensive tattoo he has on his back. Deano has no problems getting hard for the camera and strokes his cock enthusiastically before adding a see-thru Fleshjack into the mix.
As he wanks his rod of steel, he shows off his plump ass giving viewers a perfect view of what a lucky top would sink his dick into.
Deano’s ass twitches and pulses as he strokes himself. Once he gets close, Deano lays out a long towel on top of the bed and positions himself over it. His strokes get faster and faster until long streams of jizz come flying out of his cock!


Vance Winter Stripped Down

Vance Winter has everything you can ever want in a guy: youthful good looks, a toned body, a nice ass, and, of course, a huge dick. As if having the package wasn’t enough, he’s also a really good-looking guy. There’s a slight cockiness to him that reminds us of that wacky Tom Cruise in the movie Magnolia where he runs around talking about the power of the cock. In Tom’s case he’s just plain nuts, but Vance has a reason to be cocky, and it hangs dormant between his legs until he’s ready for some action.
Whether he’s clean-shaven and looking a little more twinkish, or has a little five o’clock shadow and looks like a chiseled man, we would take him any way we could get him!
We recently watched one of Vance’s films in which a guy accuses him of having a small penis. Vance shoots back with a very masculine, “You don’t know how big my dick is.” There’s something so sexy about the way he says it that makes it clear he’ll pull it out just to prove him wrong.
We don’t know if this tactic would work in real life, but it sure doesn’t hurt to give it the old college try.


Dudes Caught in the Act!

What if you could spy on the straight guy that you are totally crushing on, would you do it? We know our answer, and it’s a resounding YES! Of course, we wouldn’t want to get spying on said straight guy for getting our asses pounded – and not in a good way. But if they don’t know who exactly is spying on them, then they can’t really be mad. That’s basically the gist of this
What’s so great about the site is that it’s all done in a way where the guys have no idea they are being taped and get caught in the act of rubbing one out. It’s not surprising the site has so much material – let’s face it, we’re a bunch of horn-dogs – but the cool thing is getting to see these guys in a 100% natural way.
Even the most natural guys are sure to act a little when they know the cameras are rolling, but since these dudes have no clue you get them raw and unedited.
Whether they’re in the shower, sitting at the computer, or perusing porn in their bed, these guys all end up massaging themselves a little and before you know it they are hard and ready to do something about it.
We’re not quite sure which of the scenarios is our favorite. Seriously, if we could put a hidden cam in the homes of all the guys we’ve ever liked we would never leave the house. There is something to be said for seeing a guy wake up with morning wood. Yum!


Tommy Finch Soaks Himself in Cum

Tommy Finch is one of those guys who is 100% straight as an arrow, but when it comes to showing off his body for a bunch of gay guys he’s got no problem dropping his trunks and showing off all his assets. As is the custom at, Tommy teases the viewers before he finally shows off his enormous cock!
Now, we’ve been told that Tommy’s dick measure a nice & thick 7 inches, but we think they need to re-measure that shit because it looks way bigger than 7 inches! We’re thinking maybe Tommy was just being modest, so as not to come across as a braggert.
One thing we really love is when a guy has a fat mushroom head, and Tommy’s is as perfect as it can get. Even though he’s straight, you know if he ever fucked a guy said guy would be sore just having that fat cockhead shoved into his ass.
One thing about Tommy that we really love, besides all the obvious things, is that he has no qualms over sticking a finger or two up his bum while he pleasures himself. You know that shit must be super tight!
We’re not sure if it was the fingers that helped, or if Tommy always has such a ridiculously wet cumshot, but this hot stud definitely knows how to deliver!


Flip-Flop Fuck Buddies

Whether you celebrate the holidays or not, Hot House is offering a great deal that is sure to have porn enthusiasts standing up at attention. Anyone who buys a two-month membership to the Hot House Backroom or The Club Inferno Dungeon will receive an extra month absolutely FREE! But you have to act now because the offer ends Monday December 8th. That’s a great deal considering the parade of hot studs that they offer. Just check out their latest update featuring gorgeous Argentinean Max Schutler and Luke Cassidy. The two men can’t wait to undress and reveal
each other’s enormous packages.
Sometimes in porn it’s very obvious when two models go at it for the money, but that’s not the case here. It’s clear that there is a connection between the two as they kiss deeply and passionately. We have a feeling they probably forgot the camera was even there!
Max mounts Luke and treats his ass to his huge schlong. Luke takes it like a pro, but even then it’s clear that Max’s dick is probably the biggest one that has ever been inside of him.
Max pounds him nice and hard before he decides it’s his turn to ride a cock. There’s something really intimate and erotic about the way the two look at each other while they go at it.
In the end, they both drop some nice loads that you can see all over their hands and on Max’s chest. This is the perfect way to start the weekend.


Male Celebrities Uncovers Beckham’s Bend

If you ever wanted to know which way Beckham actually bends look no further than Here you’ll find all your favorite stars including all those cute young guys that appear in shows like High School Musical and Gossip Girl. The main event, though, are all the A-list men that pull at our heartstrings on the big screen, and make our dicks rise at night.
Be assured that if a naked picture of someone exists out there this site will be the first one to have it. As it is, they have taken the time to find a huge collection of pretty much any name you might even slightly recognize. Have a celebrity crush, but are afraid no one has ever heard of them? You’d be surprised to know that your chances of finding them here are quite good.
One thing that we really like about this site is that it doesn’t stop at just movie actors, they also feature sport celebrities as well as musicians and models. This site includes up to the minute photographs of your favorite hotties in not so very innocent positions.
The membership includes both male and female celebrities as well as access to exclusive gay sites, but the best may be the celebrity videos that they offer. There you’ll be able to see Tommy Lee pound Pamela Anderson’s pussy, Ray J. make Kim Kardashian moan “Oh, baby,” about a million times, and Lindsay Lohan showing us that she enjoys smoking something other than a cigarette!


The Best Of Darrien Leon

Alexander Pictures always features the hottest South American men. We’re not sure what’s in the water; buy these guys are absolutely hung, buff, and full of spicy salsa that they just can’t wait to unload. The Best Of Darrien Leon stars Darrien Leon, and features Antonio Bello, Ramon Mendez, Denis Mello, Leon Pavia, Andre Crasto, Rico Vidal, and Flavo De Silva. The film rounds-up all of Darrien’s best scenes — and believe us when we say he does not disappoint!
Darrien is more than happy to bend over and take it like the Brazilian stud that he is, and from the looks of all the big cocks throughout the film, it can’t be an easy task. Time after time, Darrien moans and scrunches his face in pain as thick Brazilian bananas pound him and time after time he goes back for more.

What’s engrossing about Darrien is how sexy he looks while he’s taking a big one, but he looks just as comfortable topping as he does bottoming, which is a good thing because he’s got his own anaconda between his legs that’ll have you swooning. Go to our theater where you can see Darrien Leon in full action!

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