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Naughty Office Workers

Working in an office can get pretty tedious, especially when everyone you work with is an absolute bore. Although many of us have little office crushes, or have maybe even had a fling or two, it’s hard to have the type of sex we see on With Marcello in a real office, that doesn’t mean we don’t try! Some of us (we all know who we are) have even Christened several areas of the office. We’ll never tell!
With Marcello features hot European guys who really get off on all things having to do with suits, ties, fancy socks, and polished shoes. These men love the feel of their hard cocks pressing against their designer silk underwear.


Two recent guys we saw were so into each other they locked themselves in an office and went at it. We love watching an uncut guy stuff his huge sausage up another guy’s bum.


The fucking was pretty intense as these two went at it all around the office and pu the furniture to new uses.


When it was finally time for the popshot the bottom went first and spent himself all over the floor. As the top stood up, the bottom got on his knees and offered up his face, which looks absolutely delectable after it’s been covered with hot, gooey jizz.



Corbin Fisher’s Jock Three-way


There’s a whole lot going on at Corbin Fisher lately, which has been keeping members really busy. One of the most recent updates features a hot three-way between some of the hottest jocks we’ve seen in a while. Of course, this is nothing new for this site, which always features the type of guys most of us lusted after in high school.

Travis had bottomed before on the site, so when Corbin confronted him about doing a scene with Noah and Dawson he was a bit apprehensive. See, Noah’s got a pretty big dick, and Dawson fucks fast and hard. The last time he had been fucked, he had gone from shy wallflower to cock-hungry bottom, so he eventually caved in.

He wasn’t kidding when he said that Dawson fucks really hard. We could hardly believe our eyes when we saw him in action. The guy might have broken a couple of thrusting world records without knowing it! Seriously, he fucks fast and furious. We don’t think we could take such a pounding, but the idea that he took a big dick and a hard pounding back to back makes us tip our hats to Travis who is probably at home as we speak icing his sore bottom.


Mason Wyler Strikes Again!

We spent half the weekend watching Mason Wyler clips, so we thought we’d share with our thoughts about this young buck with our horny readers. We don’t know how to explain it, but there’s something about Mason – insert hair gel joke here. But seriously folks, Mason is this shy guy with a twink body that we cannot get enough of. From his cut cock, to his small bootie that we’d love to pillage, everything about Mason screams come fuck me!

One of the clips that really caught our attention feature Mason and a Latino looking stallion named Anthony. Anthony is one of those guys that you would never pin as someone who likes to fuck guys. He’s as masculine as they come – and boy does he ever cum! He’s got this sexy tattoo, and keeps everything nice and trim, which only makes his already plentiful package look even bigger.

What really turns us on is his aggressiveness. Most gay men (or at least the ones we know) want to be dominated by a masculine dude. That’s probably why so many of us have straight boy fantasies. Well, Anthony has masculinity coming out of his ears, and dominates Mason in a way that leaves no doubt who’s in charge. Mason Wyler is just the latest site added to Next Door Pass, which gives you a total of eight sites for the price of one. Enjoy the clip of Anthony and Mason below.


Tommy Blade is Hard ‘N Ready!

A couple of years ago I had the pleasure of seeing Tommy Blade with then boyfriend Eddie Diaz at a club in West Hollywood. At one point both jumped on the stage and started making out – Eddie even pulled down Tommy’s underwear to expose his beautiful bubble butt and dove in head first. Watching Tommy get rimmed in person was pretty hot, but seeing him squirm and get hard from getting a tongue lashing by his boyfriend was almost too much to handle.
Needless to say, Tommy Blade has been on my radar ever since that little event. He also treated the crowd to some oral action when he pulled down Eddie’s underwear and started munching on his fat cock. Although Tommy’s pretty versatile, I love it when he’s taking it up the ass. Who wouldn’t want to fuck such a hot stud?
Tommy’s appeared in over a dozen films in his career with Channel 1 Releasing including Chosen, Sharp, and Bi-Back Mountain. His dick has also received the ultimate compliment in porn and has been molded for those fans who really need to have a more intimate experience with him.
At a whopping 8” in length and 7” in thickness, Tommy is bound to stretch your hole just like he has your imagination. Oh, and p.s., you can buy his regular dildo, or one that vibrates. Now that’s something to get excited about!


Mason Wyler Gets Ravished

We’re betting Mason Wyler lives in a house or has very thick walls because he gets plowed quite frequently – and trust us, the boy is loud. He’s the type of loud that not only announces to the neighbors that someone is having a good time, but to the entire gayborhood. Although he loves his boy toys, none compare to Rick Ravishing. Why do they call him Ravishing, we hear you ask. Well, Rick loves to fuck. He loves to fuck bottom boys like Mason more than anything else in the whole wide world. Before they get to the ass pounding, Mason takes no prisoners as he takes Rick’s dick down his throat.
Watching Rick fuck Mason’s mouth is pretty hot. We just love watching the shot of his butt as he thrusts in and out of Mason’s mouth. It’s pretty clear that they are both enjoying themselves, but Mason is thinking ahead by fingering himself in preparation for the ravishing he’s about to receive.
We don’t use the phrase “getting porked” very often, but that’s the best way to describe what occurs between Mason and Rick. The top plunges into Mason’s sweet hole and doesn’t come up for air until he’s ready to blow his load.


Josh Elliot’s Not So Private Life

Replacing a roster of Bel Ami models, which included Johan Paulik and Lukas Ridgeston, is a very tall order indeed, but the second generation of Bel Ami models has really done a great job. Among some of the hotter guys is Josh Elliot. When Josh filmed his first video he bottomed, and was never cast as anything else. He longed to prove himself as a top and pulled Producer/Director George Duroy aside and expressed his wish to top. George gave Josh the go ahead, and the rest, as they say, is history.
The Private Life of Josh Elliot follows Josh through his various years at Bel Ami. Although he’s still twinkish, you can really see just how young he was when you watch the first scene he ever shot. The wonderful thing about this film is that along with the memorable scenes from Josh’s career he also introduces each clip and explains everything that was going through his mind and all the shenanigans that occurred behind the scenes.
In the first scene you get to watch his ass being pillaged (for the first time ever) and we have to say – we have to say he was a pro even then! Later, though, you get to see him stick it to some really hot boys including the insanely hung Ralph Woods who takes a ride on Josh’s own raging wood. It’s an explosive scene that shouldn’t be missed. In fact, at two hours and fifteen minutes this movie is definitely worth purchasing.


Calvin Kelly is One Hung Twink

Calvin Kelly is one of those laid back guys who you’d expect to find hanging out with buddies on the beach or playing hacky sack on a mellow college campus, dressed in flip flops, shorts, and a t-shirt. He’s a cutie with shaggy hair, a slender body, and a nice smile. Definitely the type of boy you would like to take home to meet the ‘rents.
We first saw Kevin in the film Dirk Yates College Cocks, and enjoyed this shy guy teasing the camera. He dug into his shorts and worked over his dick before finally whipping it out. “Show us what you got,” we thought, and did he ever. Calvin’s got a huge dick. And we mean really big! You wouldn’t think such an unassuming guy could be packing so much, but at least that explains his calm and mischievous demeanor.
Once his billy club was out of the bag, Calvin showed it off for the camera. Even when he grabbed it from the base and gave it a good shake, he still had five or six inches of hard shaft showing.
Calvin was also really proud of his cumshot, in which he came all over his sexy six-pack. We wonder how many guys in the locker room have done a double take upon seeing such a huge monster. We’re betting quite a few!


College Dude Jude Colton Strips Down

The guys over at make us miss our own college days. Remember what it was like to walk around campus, and see jocks all over the place? Our favorite was when the jocks would wear sweats, or sweat shorts. As we all know, jocks like to hang lose – so even if they were wearing boxers you could always catch an outline of their cocks swinging back and forth as they rushed to their next class.
In some classes, the professor would force us to sit in the round, which made it easy to look up the legs of the guys who were wearing shorts and see if we could catch a glimpse of their hidden treasure. The tricks we had were endless. We would spill water while peeing in a stall in order to catch a mirror glimpse of the hottie’s cock peeing in the next stall.
Jude Colton is lucky enough to be going to college and enjoying all the benefits it has to offer. If we could do it all over again, we would make sure to try out for the track and field team. Not only do you get to see these studs naked in the shower, but you also get to enjoy watching their dick outlines as they run in tights. Yum!


Young & Tender Bel Ami Twinks

In one of their most recent offerings, Pin Ups Young & Tender, Bel Ami does what it does best – discovers fresh new faces that could go on to become the next round of masturbation material for gays around the world.
For as long as we can remember, Bel Ami has always had a masturbation series. What makes Pin Ups different is that it plays up the setting as well as the direction of the models. It’s like a dress rehearsal for the real thing, which just happens to be getting shot for guys to view. Even so, the boys seem pretty relaxed and ready to show off their goods. It’s not really surprising when you consider there are 14 really hot guys vying for a spot in the company’s impressive roster of models.
At 1:45 minutes, you’ll have more than enough material to keep you happy for a long time. The DVD also offers popshots of all the models back-to-back so you can get off with them, and the navigation is simple so you can get to exactly what it is you want to see. We don’t know why so many gorgeous guys from Eastern Europe are willing to do porn, but we’re glad Bel Ami is there to bring them to us!


Sean Cody Guys Fuck All Over the Place

Where does Sean Cody find all those wonderful boys? This is a question we always ask ourselves whenever we go onto his site. Seriously, in all the years we have been enjoying all the beautiful men that appear on this site, we don’t think we’ve seen one average looking guy.
The latest update features Jim and Greg. These two young Adonises don’t know each other going in, but by the time they leave they’ll know each other in the most intimate manner possible. We’re told that whenever a guy gets fucked for the first time he always inevitably asks about the other guy’s dick size. Greg was no different, though we’re not really sure if he was comforted by the answer, “He’s not huge, but his cock has a wicked curve to it. It should feel nice.”
Like a true novice, Greg has no idea that a curved dick can be the Holy Grail of cockdom. A nice tool that curves the right way can really touch places that to this day are considered mythological in gay sex. We know, we had the perfect curved cock once – our eyes still haven’t unrolled from our heads from that particular experience. But we digress.
Jim and Greg really seem to hit it off. When it comes time for the floor show, Greg looks a little nervous but gives his ass willingly to Jim. We don’t know about you, but we love seeing a stud like Greg getting fucked by a guy like Jim.
We’re guessing Greg must’ve really liked the feeling of Jim’s cock deep inside of him because the two go at it from every position imaginable. We just love happy endings!


Collin O’Neal & Arpad Miklos


What happens when ex-boyfriends collide on a live webcam performance? The answer: Anything. Starting today the ever yummy Collin O’Neal will begin performing his first full on sex show with ex-boyfriend Arpad Miklos at 11pm Eastern Standard Time. The show will be unscripted, which means that no one knows who will come out on top and who will end up getting plowed. Sounds exciting, right? Let’s not forget that both of these guys are tops, so spectators are assured to see a good fight.

Collin O’Neal’s webcam shows can ONLY be viewed by members of and not through any other network. O’Neal will also put up a calendar on his site to keep members up-to-date on his travels and who he will be playing with next.


Tommy D. & Friend Pump Iron

Going to the gym can be fun, especially when you’re gay and enjoy checking out all the hot muscle on parade. Whether you’re gay or straight doesn’t matter because everyone checks everyone else out. Tommy D. loves to hit the gym, and finally found a buddy that shares his enthusiasm. As you can guess, it’s only a matter of minutes before the two push each other’s buttons. It starts while Tommy is doing the bench press and Miguel tries to test Tommy’s concentration. The olive-skinned beauty leans over and plants a big wet one on Tommy’s lips. Surprisingly enough, Tommy returns the kiss with an unexpected fervor and the next thing you know there are cocks and balls flying everywhere!


You Love Jack Guy Loves His Dildo

Shawn is a dark beauty with an incredible package between his legs. always features guys with pretty huge dicks, but Shawn’s is also extremely thick. It’s amazing he’s able to wrap his own finger around it. As he takes off his towel and places it down on the couch, all we can think is that he’s cumshot is going to be a ridiculous salute to Niagara Falls, but the stud has a few tricks up his sleeve.
Shawn pulls out what looks like an oversized chess piece, but on closer inspection we realize that it’s actually a transparent dildo! Shawn can barely contain himself and slathers his ass with enough lube to last him for days. You can tell it’s a tight fit, but from the amount of lube he’s used it almost pops right into place!

The ebony stud gives it to himself really good and moans and groans in pleasure to his own handy work. As they say, all good things must come to an end. Shawn slips out the dildo, so we can really see him pulling on his huge monster cock. We just love it how his stomach tightens as he pops out a load and cover his hand in hot jizz!

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