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Regular Guys Hookup on Camera!

Whenever we get the urge to watch sluts exhibitionists we like to log on to On the Hunt. Let us explain for those not familiar with the site. On the Hunt asks guys that hook-up via Manhunt to allow a camera guy to capture all the action. Now why would they agree to such a thing, we hear you asking. Simple. On top of having sex, these tricks guys receive an extra incentive – aka money. You know the green stuff (or whatever color it is now. It seems to change as much as Madonna changes boyfriends) makes the world go round.
Another incentive for these guys is that the cameraman is always a famous porn star who – in many cases – ends up joining in on the action. Recently, Pat and Luka got together for some sexy times. We just love it when two men go at it. There’s something really sexy about seeing a well built man mount another equally masculine one and pound away. Even the bottom looks masculine in this case (a difficult task considering he’s plugged up with eight inches of cock.)

The next step in all of this is to have these guys come over to the house, and do a live show. Hey, it could happen. Maybe if we say we have party favors, and by that we mean chips and dip!


Gage Preston's Favorite Dildo

Back when I was in college, I used to love watching the jocks practicing on the track. Most times the guys would be wearing skimpy spandex looking shorts and no shirt. My favorite was when they would practice on the hill where I parked my car. At least once a week I would watch as they raced up and down the hill while the rest of them looked on. There’s just something about being straight that causes guys to hate wearing tight underwear because their junk was always flying all over the place.
gage-preston-busts-nut1’s most rec

ent update features Gage Preston – a very sexy blond dude who just loves to jerk it for the camera. When I saw a picture of Gage, I was taken back to the images of that hill that provided some of the best masturbation material. Gage encapsulates everything about those runners with his sexy six-pack, toned body, and serious eyes.

I just love the look of concentration on his face as he bobs up and down on his dildo before he busts a nut, and I think you will too! I wonder what college he goes to, and if he’s on the track team?

Jocks Go All the Way


When two jocks as cute as Trey and Matt hook-up, everyone pays attention – especially when when it also happens to be the first ever man-on-man action for one of them. Trey – the tall, dark and handsome one – has never been with another guy in his life, but you would never be able to guess by how comfortable he looks feeding his dick to to the cute redhead.
Anyone would find it quite difficult to resist Matt’s able mouth, but it’s really the way he worships Trey’s body that really seems to do the trick. Matt gets himself so worked up that when he finally extricates himself off of Trey’s cock he all but shoves his own dick in Trey’s mouth.
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Although we could watch these two sucking each other off for hours, we we’re happy to see Matt straddle Trey and slide his way down Trey’s thick pole. Matt stayed rock-hard as he got his ass pounded by Trey. Once Trey got Matt bent over the bed and started fucking him doggy style, Matt wasn't able to hold back anymore and shot his load with Trey's dick up inside him.
When it's Trey's turn to shoot his own load, he aims his dick at Matt's mouth and fires off some big shots of cum onto Matt's tongue. Trey just keeps cumming, though, and soon Matt's face is totally splattered with his load!


Naughty Doctors and Willing Patients

Have you ever switched doctors for one reason or another, only to discover that your new doctor is a hottie who is fresh out of med school? Well, these guys totally did. Most of these guys are getting full physical check-ups, which means they’ll have to turn their heads and cough as well as bend over and show their little starfishes.
It happens every now and again. You haven’t beat off in the last couple of days, you feel a stirring down there when you see the doc, which is right about the time he asks you to drop your pants. At first you feign shyness, and try to think of dead nuns in the hopes that your woody will go down, but you watch him put on the gloves and it only increases blood flow down there.
Your pants and underwear are now around your ankles and your dick has totally betrayed you by point

ing straight up. The doctor glances down and then quickly pretends like nothing is wrong, but by now your face is burning from embarrassment. He goes on as if nothing is wrong, but your dick betrays you even further when it twitches and drips a bit of precum at his first gloved touch.
He tells you not to worry, that these things happen, but you can’t wait to get out of there. You get on all fours and remin very still as he checks your backside, and that’s when it happens. You feel his finger go in a bit deeper than normal. He slides it out, but then slides it right back in. By now your head is covered in precum, and to your utter surprise his other hand reaches up and plays with the tip of your dick lubing it up with your own cum in the process. And that’s when the check-up turns into something else. Sound familiar?


Robert Buckley's Awesome Body

We had absolutely no idea who Robert Buckley was until about an hour ago when we were cruising our favorite site for new updates. All we gotta say about Robert is DAY-UM! He is one hot motherfucker! The fact that he’s been walking on this planet and we had no clue is just wrong. You bitches need to give a ho a head’s up!
One thing we noticed straight away about our husband to be is his gorgeous body. He’s even got a perfect looking belly button. And don’t even get us started on his Ken doll line. Ugh, we're just devastated by his beauty.
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Male Celebrities informed us that Mr. Buckley is an actor who has appeared in Lipstick Jungle. Well, after seeing him soaking wet we have to say that his agent needs to get on his shit and put Robert on the big screen where we can gawk at his larger than life image.
We didn’t realize our Monday was going to surprise us with such a hunk of man, but that's the fun thing about – you just never know who you’ll discover next!


Straight Guys Get Punked is a site unlike any other, yet the premise is so simple we’re mad we weren’t the ones to think it up. If you've never been to Bait Bus here's a crash course. There’s a guy driving a big van filled with a cameraman, a hot girl, and a hot guy. The bus drives around looking for horny guys who look like they could use some pussy. Once they find a guy, the girl will flirt it up with him and nine out of ten times he’ll climb on-board and play with her titties. The girl will offer oral services, but only if he lets her record it, and only if he’s willing to wear a blindfold. By now the guy is so horny from playing with her breasts that he agrees to it without hesitation. text your ex” target=”_blank”>bait-bus
Now this is where it gets good. The other guy will get on his knees and suck the guy blindfolded, which goes on for a while. When the guy finds out a dude has been blowing him for at least fifteen minutes he doesn't know what to say. In order to avoid a situation, the girl promises to make it up to him by sleeping with him, but only if the guy fucks the other dude first. If it sounds like we’re making this up, we’re not. Just check out Bait Bus and see it for yourself.


Nude Male Celebrities

Considering we work in porn, it’s amazing how excited we get when we see pictures of naked guys, especially when they happen to be male celebrities. Let’s face it, unless you’re standing next to a star while peeing chances are you’re never going to get to see the cocks that belong to dudes like Jake Gyllenhaal, Zac Effron, and James Franco. Unless, or course, a guy appears naked in a film, or some juicy private pictures make their way to the Net. In Jason Mewes' case it was the former. Those that saw Clerks know that Jason played the foul-mouthed drug dealer that was always berating his best bud. Recently, Jason appeared in the film Zack and Miri make a Porno where he appears fully nude towards the end of the movie. Not only is he cut, and manscaped, but he’s got a pretty nice body to boot.
Another actor who’s got a banging body is James Franco. Best known for his role in Spiderman and Milk, Franco has had some interesting rumors circulating about his sexuality. Maybe it’s just wishful thinking on our part but we would love to see the dark-featured stud making out with an equally hot guy. Even if we never get our wish, at least we get to see him in all his glory over at Male Celebrities.


Zeb Atlas Pounds Killian

A few months ago we had the opportunity to sit down and speak to Killian, who appears in Falcon’s film Best Men Part 2, The Wedding Party. What made this such a momentous occasion for Killian (aka go-go dancer Adam Killian in the circuit scene) was the fact that it marked his first appearance in porn.
In the movie, Killian plays a wedding videographer who captures all the shenanigans (and believe us there are plenty). As an interesting sidenote, readers may be surprised to learn why he was cast. Kilian has actually worked behind the scenes in porn for quite some time. When the idea for an explosive scene with Zeb Atlas was proposed, he felt it was the perfect time to make his screen debut.

The night before they shot the scene, the two grabbed some dinner and

got to know each other. Killian says they really hit it off and that he felt very relaxed around the well built Atlas. Fast forward a dozen hours or so, and Killian is filming Zeb in the shower washing his hole out and soaping up his cock that resembles more of a billy club.
All those years of barely engaging in any gay activity finally came to a head. Zeb does everything, including letting himself get rimmed before he bends Killian over and gives him the fucking of a lifetime. The fucking is so intense that Killian almost loses his balance and has to grab Zeb for stability. By far one of the best scenes to come out in recent times!


Arcady from Flirt 4 Free

We’re not quite sure when Flirt 4 Free started using professional models, but DAMN! If you don’t know about this site, let us fill you in. Here you’ll be able to chat with any guy that catches your eye and engage in a one-on-one private conversation with him. And believe us when we say that these guys are ready and eager to please.

There are so many hot studs on this site that it’s a little hard to try and find just one. We’re like someone with A.D.D. shopping in a store that sells really shiny things. Seriously, we have the attention span of a gnat. One guy that caught our eyes is Arcady.  He’s a 6’3” tall Aquarius with black hair and green eyes who speaks English, Spanish and Italian – so it’s easy to see why we were so enamored of him.

Arcady admits that he enjoys when guys tell him what they want to do. He feels that there shouldn’t be any secrets when he is chatting one-on-one with another guy. He also admits that he loves to top or bottom, calling himself a truly versatile guy.

Guys who have had the privilege of chatting with Arcady say that he’s got a great personality a beautiful face, and nice legs. And did we mention he’s got an 8.5” uncut cock. We tried to save the best for last.


Bad Boy Michael Phelps

By now, you’ve probably seen, or at least heard, about the picture that appeared over the weekend of Olympic Champion Michael Phelps smoking weed from a bong. Although some stuffy people have their panties in a knot over the whole thing asking, “What message is he sending to the children?” most of us don’t really fucking care. What we do care about is what he looks like naked. C’mon, you know you closed your eyes and stripped him out of his Speedos during the Summer Olympics – we all did.
Whenever you want to get your hands on a picture of a naked male celebrity, look no further that There you’ll find hundreds of guys from TV, films, sports, and music in the buff. Among the pictures they have of Michael Phelps are some that have pubic hair sticking out of his tiny swimming trunks. We thought swimmers were supposed to be shaved all the way.
relationship advice for womenopia/ ” target=”_blank”>michael-phelps-weed
Anyway, one discussion I had with my co-workers is whether he looks better in Speedos, or those long tight spandex suits. Many of the guys in my office drool whenever they hear the word Speedo, but my vote goes to the one-piece suit.
I just think that the suit gives us a better view of the penis outline, and from the pictures I saw at Male Celebrities, Michael Phelps is blessed in that department!


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