Straight Guys Get Punked

BaitBus.com is a site unlike any other, yet the premise is so simple we’re mad we weren’t the ones to think it up. If you've never been to Bait Bus here's a crash course. There’s a guy driving a big van filled with a cameraman, a hot girl, and a hot guy. The bus drives around looking for horny guys who look like they could use some pussy. Once they find a guy, the girl will flirt it up with him and nine out of ten times he’ll climb on-board and play with her titties. The girl will offer oral services, but only if he lets her record it, and only if he’s willing to wear a blindfold. By now the guy is so horny from playing with her breasts that he agrees to it without hesitation.
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Now this is where it gets good. The other guy will get on his knees and suck the guy blindfolded, which goes on for a while. When the guy finds out a dude has been blowing him for at least fifteen minutes he doesn't know what to say. In order to avoid a situation, the girl promises to make it up to him by sleeping with him, but only if the guy fucks the other dude first. If it sounds like we’re making this up, we’re not. Just check out Bait Bus and see it for yourself.