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Isaac Marx Burns It Up!




You don’t really see too many guys sporting long hair outside of the world of supermodels, so it’s kind of funny that Randy Blue’s latest update totally looks like he could take a stroll down the catwalk. Randy tells us that Isaac Marx was in town and really wanted to do a scene for the site. Fortunately, Randy agreed and allowed the visiting Canadian (he’s from Toronto, eh) to drop on by. Who knew that Isaac’s trip to California would end up being so much fun for all of us?

The twenty-year-old had no problems turning it on for the camera, and seemed more than

eager to show off his goods. We have to admit that we’ve seen a lot of six-packs in our time, but we would love to spread some whip cream all over his abs and lick it off very slowly. We could also do the same for his ass, which looks delectable all on its own.

One thing we really like about Isaac is just how into it he gets. Some guys will barely say anything when they pop out a load, but not this stud. Isaac moans, groans, and really puts on a show for the people furiously whacking it at home. Randy tells us that even he was caught by surprise when it came time for the cumshot. Now that’s something we have to see!


The Bait Bus Strikes Again!






The award to the site that has the most gullible guy of the week goes to… drum roll please. how to lose weight fasthref=”” target=”_blank”>Bait Bus! And the crowd goes wild! But seriously folks, what the fuck are these straight dudes thinking? If someone told me they would give me a couple of hundreds bucks and a blowjob just to wear a blindfold, I'd probably call 911. But not these happy-go-lucky whack jobs.

This week Elle was out with Todd, Stone and Marques to troll the streets of Miami for yet another dumbass innocent and naive bystander to dupe. As they’re driving around, they stumble upon a handsome mechanic covered in tattoos. I wonder if the cameraman also carries a gun. Anyway, the girl flashes titties, the guy gets blindfolded, and yada yada yada. The borderline-autistic unsuspecting dude actually thinks they are shooting a movie and goes along with it. There really is no end to a straight guy’s stupidity.

Next thing he knows, he’s blindfolded and getting his cock sucked by someone other then Elle. When he found out, the dude was pissed, like “I’m a bust a cap in your ass” pissed, but after being handed fifteen hundred bucks there was slight change in plans. What a cheap slut! Anyway, he fucks the shit out of the bottom, who by the way is really hot, and all ends well.


Marcus Patrick Exposed



If Marcus Patrick looks familiar it’s because he was once on the soap opera All My Children in which he played the role of Jamal Cudahy. Marcus was unfortunately let go by NBC for reasons that they did not disclose, but many believe it was from a nude photo shoot in which he appeared fully hard. Around the same time amateur pictures of Marcus wearing a g-string, and dancing in a popular gay bar in Los Angeles also emerged. We’re glad that this stud decided to bare it all – especially after the eyeful we got at!


Bekim and Seth Swap BJs



There are tons of sites that we peruse on a daily basis, but none ever put as big a smile on our faces as We don’t know what it is, but we just love this site. Then again, what’s not to like? The guys are incredibly hot, and most of them are just amateurs who think they might want to try their hand in the porn industry. But very rarely do you see a Dynasty unfolding, which is exactly what has happened.

Meet Seth Clark (Bobby’s Clark’s younger brother). He’s the one who isn’t covered in tattoos.. And no, we’re not talking about the stereotypical “porn” brothers where there is no relation aside from the same last name and a passing resemblance. These two are the real deal, and from the looks of it Bobby isn’t the only talented one in the family.

Now meet Bekim. This tatted-up guy came to be so because his good friend was learning to be a tattoo artist and needed someone to practice on. Now that’s a true friend!

Needless to say these two recently hooked-up, and the sparks flew! After swapping bj’s they could barely contain their loads and blew all over the place. Thank you Cocky Boys! You never fail to get a rise out of us.


You Love Jack’s Tucker Jones





The latest model to send his homemade J/O tape over to You Love Jack has quite a bit to show off to the camera. Tucker Jones is a fresh-faced youth with rosy cheeks, a nice lean body and a fat, uncut dick. He’s so enamored by his own play toy that he brings it right up to the camera, so we can get a closer look at this throbbing manhood. Tucker’s got a really pretty dick. It’s definitely one of those that you would really want to suck on for hours on end – though we’re not sure that he could take all that. See, Tucker has that real inexperienced air to him. At one point, he brings his knees up to his chest and exposes his tight pink hole. It’s so tight, it doesn’t seem like anyone has ever pounded it before! He even rubs his fingers around his pink starfish and slips in a finger, but it just seems too much for him to endure and he ends up cumming fairly quickly. Hey, everybody has to build up his endurance, but in Tucker’s case we have the feeling that it doesn’t take very long for him to be ready to go again.


Dirty Boys Go Swimming




how to win a guy=”299″ />

The guys over at Dirty Boy Video are KAH-RAZY! We’re not quite sure where Andy Fair manages to find them, but we’re glad he does. In honor of the first day of Spring we thought we’d do a post that rings in the new season, and what better way to do that than by going swimming!

These two dirty dudes hit the pool wearing goggles in those cute little caps that keep your hair from getting wet. Once they get out of the pool (too bad they didn’t skinny dip), they hit the sauna where things start heating up!

In no time, these boys are back indoors and clothes start slipping off. What’s awesome about this scene is that they are so horny they couldn’t be bothered with taking their swimwear accessories off. One of them just dives into the other’s crotch, and they’re off until they both finally end up in a heap huffing and puffing as if they just swam the 1500 meter butterfly.


Flirt 4 Free's Max Hammer


If you saw Max Hammer walking down the street,  you'd probably never suspect that such an unassuming guy actually did live online sex shows via webcam. With his natural blond hair, green eyes, killer smile, and a cut 8.5″ cock, Max was bound to end up as a Flirt 4 Free Model of the Week. This sexy stud has been getting some

stellar reviews, but he was gracious enough to sit down with us  for a short interview. Here’s what Max had to say.

What has been one of your favorite moments while working for Flirt 4 Free?
The first time a customer took me private for their second time. It let me know that people were really enjoying what I was doing.

What do your fans say they like most about you?
They say I seem very sincere and honest.

What do you think is your best feature?
A lot of my regulars say they like my eyes. But on the other hand they always seem to wanna see my cock in private the majority of the time.

What is your favorite thing to do in a private show?
You kidding me, to shoot a massive load.

What's your biggest turn on?
I'm an Exhibitionist so I like to be watched.

For customers who have never visited your room, what can they expect?
A whole lot of fun that ends in a Bang.


Straight Muscle Jerks Off






Jeff is by far on

e of the coolest straight guys we’ve ever met – and one of the most original! In one webcam show he did for his loyal following he began by saying, “I’m a virgin pumpkin fucker.” With these words Jeff slid his dick into a pumpkin he has just dissected. We guess all the rumors must be true because Jeff lets out a surprised sounding moan, and proceeds to fuck the shit out of it until he cums all over it. If being jealous of a pumpkin were valid we would be orange right now. And don’t even get us started on the Popeye costume he was wearing before the pumpkin fucking began, or the fact that he had to make the hole bigger so his cock can fit properly.

True, it was posted during the Halloween season, but we thought it was still pretty creative nonetheless. That’s one of the great things about Jeff, he really gets into the spirit of the holidays. Just this week, he dressed up in his best St. Patricks Day gear and gave his fans a show that probably made them green with envy that they can’t have this stud all to themselves.

Although Jeff is straight, he really plays to his gay audience and gives them exactly what they want to see. Below is a video of him cumming into a plastic sandwhich bag that contains a pair of his underwear. After he cums, he says “Here you go Frederick.” We’re not sure who Frederick is, but he sure is a lucky guy! You can cehck more of Jeff out at


Donnie Bravo Seeds Himself!




donnie-bravo-cumshot's Donnie Bravo is a pretty hot looking dude. A combination of Portuguese and Italian, Donnie is a horny little fucker who really shows us how far he is willing

to go in order to have a good time. At first he’s checking himself out on the LCD monitor while he strokes the growing bulge under his blue undies. In no time at all, Donnie’s shed his underwear and shows off his uncut cock. He’s got a pretty nice dick with good length to it that gets surprisingly thick towards the base. He could (and probably has) done some serious damage to a tight ass with that thing.

What he really wants is a little ass action, but there's no one around so he just does it himself! At first he slides a finger in there. It feels good, so he goes for two. That'll work! He throws his head back and his lips curl into a little snarl as he pleasures himself. Soon even his fingers aren’t enough, though – so he busts out a blue dildo.

One thing we like about Donnie is that he really takes the time to show us all the goods. He’s got a nice pink ass with a light covering of hair. Once he cums all over his stomach and legs, you might think that the action is over – but the fun has just begun. Donnie rubs his own cum all over the tip of the dildo, throws his legs into the air, and slides it right back into his own ass (using his cum as lube!)


Jon Gets A Facefull of Cum!





These twinks prove that a case of mistaken identity can be quite fun. When chicken soup dog food reviews/clicks.cgi?HTML=″ target=”_blank”>Jon mistakes Cody for a straight guy Cody decides to play along. The unsuspecting twink does everything in his power to get Cody out of his clothes including trying to seduce him with a girlie magazine. Lucky for Jon that Cody is a fucking horn dog and can pretty much stay hard even while looking at pussy. Of course, he's got plenty of reason to stay considering that Jon is acting like a dog in heat. He practically backs into Jon’s dick.

One thing we like about this scene is that it’s obvious that sex is still a new thing for Jon. It’s not that he doesn’t know what to do, but it’s the excitement that goes into it. When Cody finally impales him with his stiff cock, Jon’s eyes all but roll into the back of his head. Even then Cody keeps pretending he’s straight by placing the magazine on Jon’s back.

Of course, with a tight hole like Jon’s, it’s impossible to fuck for hours at a time, and Cody is finally forced to pull out and nuts a huge load on Jon’s face. Jon definitely looks like he enjoyed every last drop!


Male Celebs Naked!


Remember when Joaquin Phoenix was in the news for his acting roles, and not for his crazy antics attacking people in clubs, or his bizarre appearances on late night talk shows? We miss those days. We’ve always thought Joaquin was a sexy guy – not so much anymore with the crazy beard. We clicked on over to and found this pic of him look

ing utterly edible.

Another guy who made the news this week was James Franco. Apparently, he was sleeping during a lecture in one of his Columbia University classes. He looked pretty cute in the picture of him sleeping, but we still like the racy ones we saw over at this site. Here he is shaving his pits. Hey James, if you ever need any help just call us!



Shane Erickson's J/O Session





I never had any hot teachers growing up in high school. They were all dowdy, old, overweight (especially the ones that taught P.E.) or female. I’ve always felt cheated that I wasn’t able to sit in class and daydream about the teacher. I mean, c’mon. When you grow up as a gay kid, the l

ast thing you can do is to openly stare at guys – unless, of course, you wanna get your ass kicked. Then by all means stare.

Being able to stare at a hot teacher for an hour everyday would have been paradise, which is why I’m envious about all the students that get to do just that with Shane Erickson. This Next Door Male model stands at 6’4” and teaches at the ripe old age of 23. I’m not quite sure what it is he teaches, but I think it’s safe to bet that he’s got a lot of admirers out there. When Shane isn’t in the classroom you can usually find him at a dojo practicing martial arts, or stroking his fat 8” cock for the camera.

If we were to give Shane a grade for his performance in this video we would definitely give him an A+!


Mitch Bennett's Steamy Shower




There are muscular guys and then there’s Mitch Bennett. Mitch, the latest model to hit Randy Blue, was actually spotted by Randy at the gym. According to Randy, he noticed that guys were stopping in their tracks and staring at someone. Once Randy laid eyes on him, it was clear to see why all the guys had been distracted. Anyone else might have been too intimidated to speak to Mitch, but that’s what makes Randy’s site so fucking amazing. Here you’ll find guys that the rest of us would be too scared to approach, but Randy seems

to have turned it into a game. It’s not too difficult to guess what happened next. Numbers were exchanged, and a date was set in which Mitch would show the world exactly what he’s got hidden underneath his workout clothes.

Watching Mitch shower will leave you breathless. Mitch’s body is sculpted by serious muscle. In fact, we would gamble that there isn’t a point on his body that isn’t bulging in one way or another. What we particularly enjoyed about Mitch was that he was unafraid of bending over and showing off his pink hairy hole. We have a feeling there haven’t been a lot of guys up there, but we could be wrong. One thing we’re not wrong about, though, is Mitch’s uncut dick. If a man measured his riches in foreskin amount Mitch would be quite wealthy. One thing we couldn’t help notice was how quickly he got hard when he began to lather up his chest and nipples. Tit-play anyone?


Hung Dude Jacks It in the Shower

Damon is a very dirty boy. So dirty, in fact, that he has to shower while getting off, but we’re getting ahead of ourselves. When he showed up to show off for the Dirty Tony cameras, it was suggested he might want to take a shower. See, Damon had had a long day and needed to refresh himself. Not only did he jump at the opportunity to shower, but he also invited the cameras into the bathroom to watch him do it.
Even before his clothes started to come off, it was clear that Damon wasn’t packing your average buldge. The more he stroked himself the bigger he seemed to get. Granted, that’s how these things usually work, but in this case whatever was hiding underneath his underwear looked especially huge. When he finally whipped that shit out it was like seeing an uncut trunk being pulled out of a hat. Not only does this unassuming guy have a huge thick cock and low hangers, but he’s able to cram it all into his underwear!

Damon hopped in the shower and rubbed his cock and taint at the same time until he finally busted. Unfortunately, every delicious last drop spiraled its way down the drain.


Naked Male Celebrity Watch

It’s difficult to stay on top (so to speak) of which Male Celebrities have shed their clothes recently, and which have caused some waves with their behavior. Since it’s humpday, we thought we’d waste time research this very important topic. Here’s what we found out. Adam Lambert, the American Idol hopeful who has made it to the top 12 and was compared to Edward Cullen (as if),  has been photographed swapping saliva with people of the same (gasp) gender. We’re not sure who’s watching Idol, but if they couldn’t figure that shit out they deserve to be shocked.
A guy who is always on our radar is Channing Tatum. Channing,  the hot dude who was in She’s the Man, will be starring in the upcoming film Dear John. Before he broke into acting, Mr. Tatum was a model who bared a lot of skin. One of the best places to check out what he looks like wearing only his skin is MaleCelebrities.c



While we were gawking perusing all the top models, we couldn’t help but notice Jamie Bell – the cute kid from the film Billy Elliot. Who knew he had grown up into such a yummy looking guy?


We also got a good view of Scott Bairstow’s backside. Scott’s done a handful of roles in films, but we think he’d probably have a better career as a power bottom. Don’tcha think?



The Dirtiest Boys Around!

The dudes over at Dirty Boy Video are always up to something. Take Dempsey for instance. This young looking guy invites the Dirty Boy Video cameraman to come on over to his East Village apartment and check out how he gets things done. We’ve all heard the horror stories about how small NYC apartments can be, which makes us wonder if that’s why he has to masturbate in the kitchen.
Speaking of kitchens, there’s a recent video with two sexy twinks making more than just a meal in the kitchen. Bowls, trays, knives and everything else are swept off of the kitchen island where one b

ex gf how to get your ex back

oy ends up getting pounded. There’s also some nice cumshots including the facial that the chef ends up receiving. We wonder if he’s save a little cream for whataver it is he’s cooking.
The thing about is that anything can happen. Just the other day Marky showed up with a couple of his friends who had never done any type of porn. Not only did all three guys end up naked in bed, but each ended up sucking some cock! Don’t believe us? Just check out the video below!


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