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Bel Ami’s Night Out




Night Out starts off with a bang when Luke Hamill, and Dolph Lambert all but attack a new guy who we believe goes by Florian Nemec. Florian is a very lucky fellow sandwiched between two of the hottest Bel Ami studs around. Luke quickly gets down and begins to take all of Florian while Dolph caresses him from the back and pokes his back with his rock hard cock. Florian quickly reaches back, gets a firm grip, and jacks Dolph off. Before any of them can cum (the action is getting extremely heavy!) the three switch positions with Dolph sucking Florian, and Luke sucking Dolph. Luke has become quite an expert cock-sucker and takes Dolph all the way down his throat which elicits a laugh from the blond Adonis. We haven’t seen Dolph top very much, so it’s great to see him climb behind Florian and slide himself inside the tight hole. Later, Luke gets his turn before the two seasoned vets end up busting a nut all over Florian’s body.

There are five scenes that are jam-packed with hot boys having great sex. What’s really surprising is how hung all they guys are. It’s not a monster dick title, but it certainly could be. Those who became disappointed when they heard Dolph tops (twice!) shouldn’t fret because he ends up taking a huge dick later on!


Hot Threeway Shower Action






Guys are always on the prowl, especially when they are working out and surrounded by a bunch of hard-bodied studs. Dustin Rivers can’t seem to take his eyes off of Malachi Marx when they both find themselves in the shower after a hard workout. He boldly approaches Malachi in an inviting manner that has the two locking lips in no time at all.

Dustin gets on his knees and devours his ever-hardening cock really taking his time and enjoying every inch of it. Not to be outdone, Malachi teases Dustin’s lips and mouth by thrusting his dick in and out of Dustin’s mouth. What Dustin doesn’t realize is that Xander Scott is about to enter the room and get in on the action. Pretty soon Dustin finds himself working overtime as he switches from one beautiful cock to another.

The three end up moving into the locker room where Malachi pulls out a dildo, and prepares Dustin’s hole for a pounding. Just when he’s getting used to the big toy splitting him in two, it’s removed and replaced by the real thing. Malachi and Xander end up tag-teaming the ass until the three shoot their loads and collapse in a sweaty heap. We guess they’re going to have to hit the showers a second time! This is just one of the many hot threesomes that can be found at Randy Blue.


Jayden Grey Fucks Rob Ryder





“Fuck me like a dog!” It’s what Rob Ryder says when Jayden Grey has his big dick deep inside of him. Jayden’s cock is big even for a power bottom like Rob, but that doesn’t mean he won’t give it the old college try and try to take it all the way down his throat. No one does it better than the guys over at, and these two are absolutely smoking hot!

One thing we can’t get over is just how hot these two look together. Jayden may be a top, but he shows that he can suck cock just as good as a hungry bottom. The two get so riled up that they get into the sixty-nine position. Of course, with such a nice pink hole just inches away from him , Jayden can’t help himself and gets a little taste.

Jayden is happy to fuck Rob in the end, and Rob is ecstatic to take it. We can’t imagine what it must be like for Jayden to have such a hot nubile bottom riding our dicks the way he does with him, but we’re betting it’s going to give him plenty to stroke about on long lonely nights!


Saucy Euro Twinks



There’s something about twinks from Europe that really get our goats. Sure, twinks are hot everywhere, but the saucy lads over at have a certain mischievous sparkle in their eyes that make us wonder what exactly is going on in their perverted little minds. If we had to guess we would say that they’re horny little buggers that love showing off their stiff uncut dicks, and lithe bodies. From the looks of all the guys on this site we think we’re probably right! Whether they are jerking off alone, sucking each other’s dicks, or going all the way, you have to admit that these boys look like they are having the time of their lives.


Dak Ramsey Fucks Ethan Wolfe





When you’re looking for no bullshit, hard-hitting sex look no further than the Hot House Backroom! They recently paired up Hot House Exclusive Ethan Wolfe with Dak Ramsey. These two guys are as masculine as they come with chiseled bodies and big cocks. The two dispensed with any plot or dialogue and got right to the action.

Ethan really brings the pig out of Dak who shoves his face all the way down Ethan’s schlong until he’s nose deep in pubes. It’s obvious that Dak is going to end up topping when he stands over Ethan and fucks his face wildly. It’s clear that even though Ethan’s mouth feels good Dak wants something tighter.

It’s too bad that we don’t get to see Ethan fuck Dak with his big cock, but we’re more than happy with the reverse. It’s good for a hung guy to get his ass pounded every now and again. We believe it keeps him humble. Just wait till you hear the guttural piggy moans that come out of Dak. It’ll make you want to slop his trough.


Dirty Boys Fuck





It’s one thing to fuck in front of a camera with a bunch of people in the room, but a complete other thing when you do it yourself. This is exactly what Hunter James decided to do when he convinced Tony to get fucked him while recording the whole thing. Luckily for Hunter, Tony has a huge hard-on for him and was more than eager to get things going on camera.

We really enjoy these two rubbing cocks together especially given that they look so fucking big from the angle that they’re shooting all the action from – though it could just be that they are both really hung. You know what they say about the camera adding ten pounds and all that. We jest, of course.

We love it when Hunter slips his huge tool into Tony’s tight hole. The bottom really knows how to take a big dick, and looks like he’s really having a lot of fun. The best moment comes at the end when Tony delivers one of the most explosive cumshots we have seen in the last couple of weeks. The splooge literally gets all over. We’re talking over the shoulder and onto the couch, and possibly the wall. We didn’t get a good look because right at that very second our eyes were rolling into the back of our heads.

You can check out the video and more pics here!


Alexy Tyler Gets Fucked!





Alexy Tyler could totally pass as Michael Lucas’ brother. Those who are familiar with Lucas know that the hung porn mogul has never bottomed in any of his films (at least that we know of.) Alexy, on the other hand, doesn’t mind one bit having his legs thrown in the air and getting his hole pumped by a nice, fat, juicy cock. In one of’s latest updates none other than Spencer Reed plugs up the exotic stud. The two are sitting on a bed when Spencer leans forward and grabs Alexy’s basket. And quicker than you can blink, the two are naked with huge hard-ons between their legs.

Spencer doesn’t waste any time wrapping his lips around Alexy’s beautiful dick, and gets the same type of enthusiastic service in return. The two are on equal footing when it comes to looks, and it’s a little difficult to figure out who to watch. On one hand you have Spencer’s dick, on the other you have his face, and to make matters worse the guy doing the sucking is stunning. We finally decided to playback the scene, and watch each one individually!

Seeing a guy as gorgeous as Alexy getting fucked is always a thrill, especially when he is able to take a pounding as well as Alexy can. You can tell that Spencer is enjoying his time inside of Alexy, and really takes his time making sure that Alexy will remember exactly how good it felt to be fucked by him.


College Dude Jerks Off





One of the latest updates at features Logan Birch – a cute young guy who gets hard as marble when he’s aroused. He has a great body, which comes as no surprise after he reveals that he enjoys playing baseball, and going swimming.

The thing we really like about Logan’s package is that he isn’t all trim and pretty down there, but it’s not out of control either. As Goldlilocks would say, “It’s just right!” The other thing we couldn’t help but notice is just how quickly he got hard, but we guess that’s what happens when you’re in your late teens.

There’s nothing quite like seeing a straight guy’s virgin hole. We all know that it’s off limits, but it’s still nice to see, and Logan has a really pretty one. You know he must be super tight! We can just imagine how good it would feel to slide inside his tight pink hole and thrust away.

It’s always interesting to see guys jerking off, and Logan is definitely fun to watch. Whether he’s using one hand or two, you can tell that he’d really like to be inside of someone. He does play with asshole to put himself over the edge, and when he does he lets out a sexy moan that makes us wish we were in the room.


Justin’s Rockin’ Bathtime






The beauty about youth is its impulsiveness that can grab you at any second. One minute you might be working your nine-to-five job, and the next you find yourself in a stranger’s tub about to rub one out for the enjoyment of gay men worldwide. Such is the case with Justin B. from Liverpool who is currently saving up for medical school. It’s no wonder that he needs to relieve a little bit of tension!

What we like about Justin is that he takes his time unwinding. He slips underneath the water and rubs bubbles all over his body slowly, and sensuously. We can only imagine what he must be like with another guy. He really takes the time to feel every inch of his own body before he begins to get aroused.

It doesn’t take very long at all before Justin is pulling on his seven-inch uncut dick. You can see every single muscle tense and release as he works his shaft back and forth. The fact that he only has about a millimeter in length worth of pubic hair just makes him look even longer than he already is. He may be a bit on the quiet side, but when the end approaches he definitely lets us know!


Cory Martin’s Huge Talent!






Chris Cory Martin slightly resembles Coldplay’s lead singer of the same name who is married to Gwyneth Paltrow. If the singer looks anything like this stud when he is naked then Gwyneth is a very lucky girl indeed. Cory (as he likes to go by) is a 6’6” tall computer geek who sports a 10″ dick!

His appearance on Mighty Men was his first ever performance of any sort, but he already looks like a pro. We’re not quite sure how he managed it since he happens to be extremely shy, and was quite nervous to be in front of the camera.

He even invited the cameraman to touch his dick – probably after he had gawked at its enormous size. The 24 year old describes himself as bisexual, and will probably end up making some size queen very happy. Can’t you just see him slapping his fat, cock all over a guy’s face as he struggles to get it into his mouth, and down his throat?

It just goes to show you that you should never underestimate the geeks. Sure they may love computers, and Star Trek and Dungeons & Dragons, but beneath all the nerdiness might be a huge dick just waiting to be unleashed!


Bel Ami’s Some Like It Big 2






Whenever a new Bel Ami title is released we are all over it like white on rice! Some Like it Big 2 continues the big dick series nicely which stars Paul Valery, Val Horner, Andre Pagnol, Niall Phoenix, Trevor Yates, Mark Zebro, Manuel Rios, Keith Johansson and Kurt Diesel. With six scenes in all, this movie is a whopper of a movie. You’ll have to take a step back from the screen just to be able to take these huge dicks in – pun intended!

We kick things off with hung hottie Trevor Yates who unleashes the wrath of his cock on a very excited Niall Phoenix. We don’t know how Phoenix was able to walk the next day. Sometimes we wonder if these boys spend an entire week stretching out their holes in preparation before getting plugged up with such monster dicks. Whatever Phoenix did worked because he really took it like a pro!

The deliciousness that is Mark Zebro gets to introduce a newbie in the second scene of this huge film. We love it when boys battle it out for the top position, but experience wins out and Mark ends up conquering Val Horner’s tight backside.

On the trail of these two hot scenes is our man Paul Valery. Paul’s known for his beautiful cock, but he can also deliver some rip-roaring cumshots that’ll leave you drenched. Paul gets paired up with Manuel Rios and the two get things started in a hot tub before Paul finally decides to fuck Manuel in every position ever invented. It’s a hot fuck that Manuel won’t soon forget.

Whew! All this action has gotten us hot and bothered, and we’re not even half-way through the movie!


Brian Austin Green Stripped Down


Brian Austin Green was never our favorite hunk on 90210. He always lacked the broodiness of Luke Perry’s character, and never quite came close to the good old boy image that Jason Priestly had honed to a science. It wasn’t till we saw Brian with Megan Fox that we realized what a fucking hot stud he has become. We raced to our favorite naked celeb site to see if we could catch a glimpse at his goods. Although we did see a pic of him sporting a hard-on, we can’t be sure that it’s authentic. We guess you’ll just have to make up your own minds when you see it. We did however get some shots of his ass, and we gotta say that we’d totally hit it!


Dempsey Shoots Again!





The last time we saw Dempsey he was jerking off in his kitchen. We’re starting to think that this hairy dude was born to star in Dirty Boy Videos. We’ve never seen someone who was so willing to pull it out anywhere at anytime for no reason whatsoever and still manage to get his rocks off.

Some guys are just built horny. We recently spoke to a famous porn star who told us that he is always horny, and couldn’t really think of a time when he wasn’t in the mood. To be honest, guys are pretty much always in the mood, so we really weren’t surprised when we saw Dempsey on top of a New York City rooftop whipping it out. Although it’s cold and raining nothing can dampen this cute dude’s spirit once he’s gotten it in his head that he’s going to be busting a nut.

Dempsey ends up going inside to finish things up. Hey, we wouldn’t want him to get hypothermia. But there are plenty of other guys who have taken to the rooftops in the past. Just check out Brett and Toby who go all the way in the video below, and click on through to see Dempsey beating his long, hairy meat!


Ultra Twinks Rock





There’s no doubt that guys are always horny, but the twinks over at Ultra Twinks have decided to do something about their raging hormones by having sex in front of the camera. Whether it’s a solo, duo or three-way, these boys aren’t afraid to strip down in front of the camera and give it their all.

What we love about this site is that the guys really go for it almost forgetting that the camera is capturing their every move. Some of them hop in the shower and allow the water to soak their shorts, which quickly get stretched out from their hard-ons while others decide to pair up and see where their hormones take them. One duo, in particular, was quite noteworthy. One of the boys has the fun talent of being able to suck himself off. While he does that his buddy rims his ass and eventually fucks it! We can’t even begin to imagine how amazing that would feel!

We’ve seen plenty of threesomes as well including three soccer players that were not only really cute, but couldn’t keep their hands and mouths off of each other. What’s great about being a twink is that you know that they are always raring to go just a few minutes after cumming! Ahh, youth!


Hot Aussie Surfer Boys

Advice Ex Tells Me He Misses Me t=”naked-australian-guys” width=”442″ height=”589″ />


There’s no doubt that Australian guys are hot what with their accent and everything, but we didn’t realize just how hot until we started going through All Australian Boys. The dudes on there are straight up surfers who got distracted while riding waves, and ended up getting naked for the camera. Don’t be fooled, though, just because these boys are amateurs doesn’t mean that they can’t perform. If anything, they’re eager to show off everything they can do.

The most recent models that they feature on the site are absolutely scorching hot, but we’re kind of partial to the ones who have been on the site for a while. We love these lithe twinks that have good bodies because they have to balance their slim frames over raging waters – and stay up. Now if that isn’t good practice for other things we don’t know what is!

There are some beautiful boys on here who have nary a tan line throughout their smooth twinkish bodies. We can’t believe someone captured this much beautiful, uncut, young Aussie dick on one site. When you see what’s down under, we have a feeling you’ll be just as excited as we are!

Advice Ex Tells Me He Misses Me


Max Damon Flirts


When we see a new boy over at we just have to share him with our readers. We love twinks, especially when they’re as tall as Max – this hottie is six feet tall and has a seven-inch cut cock. He’s got a lethal combination of dark hair and blue eyes, but what we really like about him are his fetishes. Max admits that he gets into feet, socks, and underwear. As if that wasn’t enough he also enjoys fucking on the washing machine while it’s on the spin cycle. We can’t wait to have a little private one-on-one chat with this stud!

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