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Gay Sex Dares





Perhaps you were living with one too many roommates and could never get any peace and quiet, or maybe you were (gasp!) still living with your parents, but whatever the case may be we’ve all had sex in a less than desirable place in order to get our rocks off. For Ely and Brett it’s not so much escaping as it is just a plain old sex dare. The two find a creepy abandoned building where they’ll be able to have a little fun in the shadows.

The two of them resemble superheroes more than they resemble two horny jocks out for a good time. They scale the walls and lurk around until they are sure no one is around. Once they’re sure the coast is clear the clothes start coming off! There’s nothing like getting some good head in a dark corner, or so we’ve heard. Anywho, we weren’t expecting these dudes to be as hung as they are (always a bonus), or for them to get as into it as they do. It might have started off as a dare, but from the looks of their faces these two really enjoyed trading blowjobs. The two slink back into the night leaving no trace that they were ever there except for a few cum stains on the ground, and the lingering smell of sex in the air.


Hot College Dudes Fucking





We love it when guys look like they are meant to be together, and we haven’t seen this much chemistry between two guys in a while. Zach loves to get fucked, and wouldn’t you know it Jack loves to fuck. It’s amazing how those two things come together in perfect harmony to give us an awesome video we can bust a nut to.

Zach’s slender, slightly hairy body looks rather small when you put him next to Jack. Zach almost looks like he’s in awe of the beautiful stud as he wraps his mouth around Jack’s dick. Jack is even happy to return the favor, but our favorite part comes when Jack spreads Zach’s ass and shows the camera just how tight the hole he’s going to be fucking truly is. We swear Zach’s already half-way to shooting his load and he hasn’t even felt Jack inside of him yet!

Of course, with a gorgeous stud like Jack inside of you, not only do you go into fits of ecstasy, but you actually end up shooting quite a bit of cum all over the place. This is definitely one top that Zach won’t be forgetting any time soon.


Spencer Reed Fucks Alexy Tyler




We’ve never quite had a wake-up call like the one Alexy Tyler recently had over at Next Door Buddies. There he was minding his own business when Spencer Reed walked in on the sleeping beauty. Being a horndog who can’t help himself, Spencer did the only think he could think of, he whipped out his dick and stuffed it down Alexy’s throat. Alexy didn’t seem to mind too much. In fact, he seemed rather happy to be woken up by such a nice cock.

We weren’t too familiar with Alexy until recently, but from what we can gather the hottie loves to be pounded. When Spencer teased Alexy’s ass with his cock we thought that the soon-to-be-bottom was going to cum from excitement. We can’t imagine what it must be like to have a stud like Alexy riding us, but we can only imagine that it must be a life-changing experience. Every single inch of his body is absolutely covered in muscles, and you can see them at work while he rides up and down Spencer’s thick shaft. Here’s hoping we see these two again real soon!


Dirty Boys First Time




Ely and Elias haven’t had very much experience with the whole guy-on-guy thing. In fact, Elias shares in the end that it is his first time getting cummed on by a guy. For being beginners, the two of them do a pretty good job of sucking each other’s cocks – especially given the fact that they are both pretty hung. There’s nothing like seeing a big dick being pulled out of its hiding place and released into the wild. We love the awkwardness of two guys going at it for the first time. It’s our opinion that even the straightest guy can do a good job of sucking dick. Think about it, most of the time a guy will know what he enjoys, so he’s bound to do that in order to pleasure his partner.

Dirty Boy Video has always gotten our rocks off. How can you not get turned-on by watching a bunch of guys getting it on for the first time, or whipping out their members in public to get a bit of release going. These dudes prove that guys are a horny bunch no matter whether they’re gay or straight. Check the video of Ely and Elias down below, and then click on over to this filthy site that always delivers a happy ending.


Brent Everett's J/O Session






We fell in love with Brent Everett the first time we saw him fucking a guy (his boyfriend at the time) bareback. Everything about Brent screams perfection. He’s got a killer body that is topped by the wickedest abs you’ve ever seen, beautiful plump lips, an ass you could pitch a tent on, and one of the most perfect dicks in all of porndom. Seriously, his dick is the culmination of hundreds of thousands of years of evolution working to create the perfect cock. It’s long, points up when erect, has a nice bulbous head, and possesses a thickness that’ll definitely make you gasp upon entry. Like we said, it’s perfect.

Brent was in Vegas and New York City recently where he decided to have a little solo fun. In both cities, he whipped out his gorgeous cock and proceeded to get it all nice and erect. He was even ballsy enough to do a little jerk session in front of the window before finally shooting a tremendous load of cum all over a mirror. We’re wondering if he left that as a tip for housekeeping because if it had been us we would have happily lapped it up!


Big Cocks, Sexy Lips





The best moments in porn are always the unscripted ones. Recently, Randy Blue posted a video and pictures of Trent Davis and Nick Hurley in one of the hottest off the cuff scenes we have seen in a while. See, Nick arrived early for his scene, but Randy still had to pick up Trent. Nick ended up falling asleep, and when Randy and Trent walked in they figured it would be fun to give him a sexy wake-up call. Randy explained that he intended the camera to roll for a bit before moving onto the real deal. What he didn’t expect was for Nick to be so horny or Trent to be such a great cock-sucker that it made it impossible for either of them to stop.

ex gf How to win back your ex

Throughout it all, Trent’s expression really conveys exactly how much fun he is having sucking Nick off. This all proves to be too much for Nick who shoots his load all over Trent’s smooth chest, which causes Trent to spill his own load.


Pictures of Christian Bale Naked!




We fucking love Christian Bale even if he does have a motherfucking goddamn potty mouth, and a shitty-ass temper. Just kidding Christian, please don’t beat us up!

Although he’s been recently better known for his on-set tirade that he directed towards DP Shane Hurlbut, Mr. Bale is an actor – and a fine one at that. We’ve seen him sing and dance in Newsies, wig out in American Psycho, become the thinnest man we’ve ever seen in The Machinist, and revive the Batman franchise. This week we’ll see him in a new role as the John Connor in Terminator Salvation, but what we really want is for him to get into porn. We know he’s married or something, but we’d love to see him throwing a couple of hookers around, and banging them with what we can only assume is a large, uncut piece of meat. Just think of all the aggression he could get out! Until then, we’ll just have to rely on the next best thing. Male Celebrities has over four hundred pictures of him in various states of undress – including a couple that show the full monty.


Identical Twins Fuck!




Let’s face it there just isn’t very much brother-on-brother porn out there. We know some of you probably just went, ew incest. Isn’t that illegal or something? Well, apparently not. Double Czech is a new movie that is stirring up all kinds of controvery, so like good porn bloggers we had to watch it. Hey, we think it’s important to remain informed.

When we heard that Adam and Konrad Richter were having sex we thought that meant maybe a little sucky sucky, but we never expected actual penetration. We also didn’t realize that the two in question are identical twins. You know how sometimes a movie claims two guys are brothers, but they look like they were born on different planets? Yeah – totally not the case here. In fact, even their dicks look identical.

The two start off nice and easy and share a back rub and some touchy feely play. In another scene the two make out while getting fucked by two dudes. The last scene is the one that had our jaws on the ground. Not only do the two flip-flop fuck, but one of them ends up leaving the other with a thick cum mustache. We have a feeling this wasn’t the first (or last) time these two have fucked like this. We have to admit that it was pretty hot. What can we say, we’re pigs.


Hung Uncut Southern Dude






Before Hunter had ever even agreed to do a scene for Southern Strokes there were rampant rumors among the staff that he had a big dick. After a couple of long conversations with the folks over at Southern Strokes this 100% straight guy decided to give it a whack.

Once Hunter saw that he wasn’t going to get molested by any of the staff he had no problems opening up and explained that in high school guys were always talking about his huge cock. At one point the entire softball team asked to see it! Of course, anyone as gifted (down there) as Hunter would want to show that shit off to the world.

One thing we love is when young guys have uncut cocks. It used to be a rare sight, but more and more guys in porn are packing extra skin down there. Aside from his good looks and big fat dick Hunter has the ability to completely douse himself with his own jizz. Just imagine the lucky girl that gets to eat his delicious load. Lucky bitch.


Hot Aussie Boys





We’re not sure why, but Alex from is reminding us a little of Robert Pattinson in some of these pictures. Perhaps it’s his mussed up hair, or the fact that he’s got a sexy mischievousness about him that we associate with horny vampires, but either way we think he’s hot.

There’s just something about Aussie boys that makes us want to book a flight to the land down under and never come back. Maybe it’s their accents, or the fact that most of them are uncut, but we just can’t get enough! When we first saw Alex we thought he was really cute, but we never expected him to have such a pretty dick. It’s got good length, nice thickness and is completely shaved! You got to love a guy that isn’t afraid to try new things!

Alex is a big tease as he strips for the camera, but once he’s got himself hard he doesn’t stop until his eyes roll back in his head, and his manhood explodes with a yummy load of jizz.

If you can’t get enough of Alex, or any other Aussie hottie for that matter, check out All Australian Boys – you won’t be disappointed!


Malachi Fucks Xander






Two of the most popular models on Randy Blue right now are Malachi and Xander. Malachi’s exotic look has made us cast him in the role of Aladdin in our 1001 Arabian Nights fantasy, but we digress. Xander is also extremely popular and has that boy-next-door-sweet-as-apple-pie thing going that makes him equally delectable. It’s no surprise that these two ended up getting together in a recent encounter that has Xander bottoming for the first time on-camera.

The two broke up the tension by chitchatting a little before finally diving into each other’s pants. It’s obvious these two are really into each other, and it isn’t too long before they fall into the sixty-nine position.

Although we enjoyed watching them suck dick (they keep their eyes closed as they savor each other) what we were really looking forward is watching them fuck – and they did not disappoint! We have no idea if Xander has ever bottomed in his own private life, but that boy can take a pounding! Malachi works him in every position imaginable and slams his dick in and out making Xander scream out in pleasure.

We have a feeling this won’t be the last time we’ll see these two together.


Zacahry Quinto Naked!?




We were completely smitten with Zachary Quinto from the first moment that we saw him playing the evil superhero Sylar on the show Heroes. Perhaps it’s his dark looks, or his manly appeal, but Zach is one fine specimen of man. This weekend he hit the big screen in the movie Star Trek. Although we haven’t seen it yet we know we’re going to swoon the minute we see him with those Vulcan ears. Just the idea of something pointy on his body gets our hearts racing.

Zachary’s sexuality has been a huge point of contention in the blogoshpere, but this may have arisen from the fact that he played a gay character in Tori Spelling’s show in which he had a kissing scene with a guy. We can’t say that we believe the rumors, but we’d love for them to be true. People swear up and down that they can see some gay mannerisms when he’s doing interviews, but we think that’s just wishful thinking.

Zachary isn’t the only hottie in the new Star Trek movie. His co-star Chris Pine, who plays Captain Kirk, is also lighting up the big screen in a similar fashion. Chris was recently caught jogging with his shirt off. It’s just a matter of time before these two end up making out. Might we suggest in the next Star Trek movie? Perhaps they could go to a planet where the air makes them gay. We can only hope!


Raw and Dirty






You will not believe your eyes when you see all the dirty cum-sloppy buttholes in this film. If there’s one thing we enjoy watching it’s beautiful boys fucking raw. The first scene in More Bare Ass-Busting Cum Pigs has two dudes getting into some extracurricular activities at the gym. The two really get into blowing each other fully before one of them bends over a bench and lets the other one conquer his ass. Sometimes bareback movies are a little disappointing when they opt to pump and dump. We don’t mind seeding, but we love to watch the cum shooting out. These boys do it right because the top pulls out and drops a load right on target. While he’s still spurting out hot jizz he decides to shove his cock back inside. All the cum that was covering the boy’s hole is now being pushed in and out of his hole. It’s super fucking hot!

In another scene we see a masked figure walking into an abandoned building. He purposefully walks through it until he walks into a room that has a boy tied up and blindfolded. The leather daddy tortures him before he fucks the shit out of him. The hottest moment is when the boy is getting pounded on his back and he shoots his own load right into his mouth!


Marcus Allen Undressed




We love the fact that every time we go to You Love Jack we are guaranteed to come face to face with a really big dick. The latest guy looking to break into porn is Marcus Allen – a cute guy with a hipster vibe about him. We almost smiled when we saw the dark patch of hair where his happy trail should be, and we nearly fainted when we saw his dick fully hard. Marcus has a nice mushroom head, good length and plenty of thickness to go around. He’s also got a hairy pink hole, which he shows off to the camera. Like most hipsters, he believes in recycling which means that he eats his own cum in the end. Mmm, mmm good!


Jack Ryan Barebacks



SX Video’s newly released movie Raw continues the bareback studio’s domination of hot raw sex. What’s so exciting about this particular film is that porn aficionados will get to enjoy watching Jack Ryan barebacking for the first time on film. Those who know the blue-eyed beauty will remember him from the many popular mainstream porn movies he has appeared in. It’s rare that a porn star like himself decides to do a bit of barebacking, but not uncommon. In fact, it’s a trend that seems to be happening more and more. One SX Video release even featured Josh Weston getting gang banged until his sore hole couldn’t take it anymore.

Jack’s cock is already rock hard when he takes it out of his pants, which Lars Svenson admires by shoving it in his mouth. Before Jack pops his bareback cherry on Svenson’s sweet ass he pumps it with a black dildo. Svenson’s loud yell when he gets impaled by the dildo makes it clear that this is one tight bottom Jack will be enjoying.

Jack fingers him a little before mounting Lars from behind. Jack clearly enjoys his first time barebacking because he ends up hitting it from every angle imaginable. Svenson claims that he wants to ride Jack’s cock until he cums, and he’s true to his word gushing while Jack remains deep inside of him. For a finale, Jack cums all over the floor before Svenson sucks his cock clean!


Hugh Jackman Caught Naked!



We hadn’t realized it before now, but Hugh Jackman loves to be naked. Whether he’s stripped down to just his adamantium as Wolverine, or gaying it up on stage (he loves song and dance numbers), Hugh isn’t afraid to put himself out there… really out there. In his new movie X-Men Origins: Wolverine Mr. Jackman strips down to his birthday suit and even shows his ass off to the camera, but the crown jewels are nowhere to be seen. Seeing that we were left with a bad case of blue balls we went digging. We knew Male Celebrities would have a picture of him naked, and boy were we right! Not only did we get to see what he’s got hidden down under, but we found a couple of new hotties that we’ll be posting about in the upcoming weeks. They truly do feature the hottest uncut (hint, hint) pictures of all our favorite celebs.

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