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Damien Crosse Gets Serviced





Don’t you hate car troubles? Well one way to make them a whole lot better is by finding a hot mechanic who you can service while he services your car. Hell, with a little luck (and a skilled mouth) you might not even need to pay anything. Unfortunately for us, our mechanic has the type of body that makes it obvious that the only thing he has been putting into his mouth are ho hos, but we can always fantasize.

This type of fantasy is so common that Men At Play had made a movie about it. Damien Crosse stars as a businessman who finds himself stranded after his car breaks down. He’s got a wallet full of money, and no time to waste as he rushes to a meeting. Brocky Brown is the mechanic who could really give two shits about Damien’s problems and works at a very slow speed. After suggesting that he is willing to do any sexual favors Brocky gets pissed and teaches him a lesson by shoving his huge cock down Damien’s throat.

Next time we get our oil changed maybe we’ll give a wink and a sly smile and see if he really gets what we mean. Hopefully he will and be so pissed that he’ll teach us a lesson!


Latino Stud Strokes Cock






You Love Jack is known for having guys with big dicks parade around in front of the camera strutting their stuff. Recently, we noticed that a lot of the guys were on the twinkish side, so maybe to correct this they have dug up this hot fucking man. Emanuel is his name and if his hard body doesn’t convince you of just how hot he is then the meat between his legs will.

Emanuel has eight inches of cut throbbing manhood that he plays with for the camera. He gets so fucking horny that his fat mushroom head begins oozing out pre-cum, which Emanuel smartly uses to lubricate himself. The Latino “thug” loves to show off his dick in every position imaginable, and even jumps on the couch so that viewers can get a better look at his hairy nut sack, and long shaft.

What’s hot about this particular stud is that he’s hot and he knows it. Emanuel throws so many cocky looks to the camera your mind begins to imagine what he must be like in bed. All that thugging around must not really leave him too much time to jerk off because he shoots a nice thick load at the end.


Collin O’Neal Bottoms!




Those who are familiar with Collin O’Neal’s World of Men series will definitely recognize Dakota Rivers from the movie Serbia. In the movie the two had the opportunity to pound Bijan’s hole, but in this clip it’s just Collin and Dakota. So what are two tops to do when they’re pitted together? Well as we all know Collin always comes out on top, so poor Dakota had to gear up and prepare himself to get pounded by a real man.

One thing that Collin admitted to was that when he was deep inside of Dakota he could tell that the poor top suddenly turned bottom was squirming quite a bit. Being a sensitive top, Collin wanted to make sure he wasn’t hurting poor Dakota and asked him several times if he was okay. Being the true professional that he is Dakota kept answering that he was, but Collin wasn’t fooled. Instead of finishing the scene in a side-by-side jack off, Collin decided to mix it up. On went a condom over Dakota’s huge fuck stick and down sat Collin right on top of it. From the looks of it, it seems like Dakota is so nervous to be topping a top that he can’t quite find the hole. Not to worry, Collin’s inner bossy bottom comes out and he grabs that pole and sticks it right into his chute. Now that’s some hot flip-flop fucking!


True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten




One of my friends has been talking about the HBO series True Blood so incessantly that I finally had to sit down and watch it. Luckily, they were doing a whole promotion on cable TV so I was able to watch most of the episodes for free, and can I just say HOLY VAMPIRES! Ryan Kwanten is so hot it hurts. Not only is he gorgeous, but he spends most of his time onscreen butt nekkid! I nearly wet myself the first time I saw him banging a girl. His abs (along with the rest of his muscles) become super tight when he’s pumping and thrusting away to the point where it could be used as a cheese grader in a pinch. You can check out more hot pics of this Australian born stud over at Male Celebrities, and if you haven’t seen the show yet check it out! Ryan alone is worth the price of admission!


Young Marine Jerks Off


Bobby Garcia has one of the best jobs in the world. As the director and shit starter for the popular site AWOL Marines, Bobby has seen plenty of hot Marines come and go over the years. Like all men, Bobby is a pig and will usually come up with an incredibly lame excuse to feel a guy up. The surprising thing is that the guys inevitably let him do it! Bobby has probably been with more Marines than any other person on the planet.

Living near Camp Pendleton affords Bobby unique access to a pool of hot studs that includes Marines from all over the United States. Recently, another young guy who was incredibly horny and desperate to bust a nut managed to stumble into Bobby’s basement web. Bobby dutifully put on some porn and let the guy do his thing. In no time at all, the guy was pulling down his pants and unveiling his fat cock. The guy strokes it with one hand, pulls it to the right, and then uses both hands. He definitely knows how to make the moment last! Bobby finally offers him a helping hand and get the job finished… Ah, Bobby – we really envy you!


Bel Ami’s Newest Model




Although Giorgio is Czech, he has the type of look where he could easily pass for Italian or Greek. Giorgio was very sensual when it came time to do his first scene in the movie Personal Trainers Part 9, and happily topped and bottomed. At 6’ tall and 180 lbs., Giorgio is more than enough man for most of us to handle. If his dark features don’t make you swoon then his thick 7” cock probably will!

The Libra did an amazing job in P.T. 9, and sucks dick as well as having his own sucked before he gets behind his co-star and slowly parts his ass with his throbbing piece of meat. Although he makes sure he doesn’t hurt his partner, once he gets into it there’s no stopping his hard thrusts! Later, it seems like these two might be switching positions, but it turns out that they are flip-flopping! At one point, Giorgio has his legs up in the air and his head thrown back as his ass gets nice and plowed. What really turns us on about Giorgio is that he manages to look masculine while getting fucked!


Bait Bus: Where Straight Guys Go Gay

Momma always said never to talk to strangers let alone get in the car with one, which is funny because the dudes over at Bait Bus end up learning this lesson the hard way. Sure, most know better than to hop in a van with one hot girl and a couple of suspicious looking guys, but there’s always one in every group.

After a few failed attempts, the girl is finally able to pick up a stranded biker (he’s really hot in a dirty yet fuckable manner) who completely forgets about his transportation woes when he gets a glimpse of her. He doesn’t really question much and has no problem letting her pull off his pants. He’s got a pretty nice cock that’s rock hard from playing with the girl’s titties, so getting the blindfold on him is no problem whatsoever. Once he can’t see a thing the real shenanigans begin. The gay dude riding along springs into action and gobbles that shit down. When the dude finds out it’s a guy that’s been sucking his dick he freaks the fuck out.

After jumping out of the van and having a talk with the girl, he agrees to fuck the gay guy for $3000, which will cover the cost of fixing his bike, and the chance to fuck the girl. Just check out the video below to see what goes down at the end, and then see some steamy pics after the jump.


Marcus Mojo Fucks A.J. Irons






A.J. Irons is one hot fucking dude. The tight-bodied stud is brand spanking new to Next Door Buddies, but fortunately for him he got paired with one of the most familiar faces from the site. At 5’6” tall, A.J. is on the petite size for a guy, but he more than makes up for it with muscle – there’s one in particular that comes to mind!

A.J. is waiting for Marcus to show up and decides to take a little power nap. He must have been incredibly horny because as soon as he drifts to sleep he pitches a tent, which is right around the time that Marcus shows up.

Marcus immediately strips off all his clothes and sits on the opposite side of the room, and enjoys the view by stroking himself to hardness. All that sexual tension in the room wakes A.J. up and in no time not only are they both stroking while watching each other, but Marcus goes down on the stud. It’s all about fucking a nice ass, and not only does A.J. have the perfect bubble butt, but it’s also extremely tight. It almost looks like the pressure is too much for Marcus who winces from the pain of so much pressure on his dick, but he loosens it up after a couple of changes in positions. We’re definitely hoping to see A.J. Irons again real soon!


Sex-Crazed Latino Men



Words cannot begin to describe the hotness that occurs in this utter fuck-fest featuring men at a famous sex club in Barcelona. There’s a little something for everyone as these sex-crazed dudes do anything they can think of in order to get off. In one scene a guy is jacking off a huge uncut dude while another one peaks out from a different glory hole and watches the action. As the guy getting jacked begins to cum the one doing the whacking makes sure he gets plenty on his right cheek and neck before he aims for the left side of his face.

This is what a public sex space should be like. Guys crawling on guys and making their kinkiest fetishes come true. Some are happy just being voyeurs while others stuff big feet into their mouths and suck on toes with eyes closed enjoying the taste.

Somewhere else in Boyberry there’s a bottom getting his ass completely ripped apart by a top with a huge dick who relentlessly thrusts into him. It’s questionable whether he’d be able to comfortably sit for a week, but if his enjoyment is any indication this is one power bottom that can take a pounding.

If you want to see some beautiful uncut men in some of the hottest fucking you should really check out Massive Cocks At Boyberry.


Beau Tucker Gets Pounded





There’s nothing quite as hot as watching two college dudes going at it, especially when the two guys in question are hotties Beau Tucker and Shane. Beau has built up quite a reputation as one of the best power bottoms over at College Dudes 247. Beau’s hole can really take quite a pounding from what we’ve seen of him so far, so it only made sense for him to get paired up with Shane. The stud loves pounding ass and has a beautiful tool that does the trick quite nicely!

Before Shane can crack open Beau’s ass he makes sure that he gets him all riled up by sucking his cock. From there the hottie works his way to the back, and works Shane’s pink hole with his tongue. By the time the two begin fucking Shane is absolutely begging for it and rides Shane in the reverse cowgirl position while the two kiss passionately. Shane throws the bottom into many different positions always fucking him hard and fast until he shoots an epic load! Now that’s what we call a study break.


Liam Woods Strokes Himself




There seems to be no shortage of guys who are willing to drop their pants in front of the camera and jerk off for the world-wide-web. The latest guy to send a video to the good people of You Love Jack is Liam Woods. Liam is kind of a twink with hairy legs, a smooth chest, and a huge piece of meat. You Love Jack has become the place where guys with big cocks go to show off. Of course, when you’re hung like Liam and the rest of the guys on the site it’s no big surprise that you’d want to shout it out to the world. It probably doesn’t hurt when they’re trying to get dates, either. Lucky bastards.

Liam plays with his equipment through his underwear pulling it this way and that before he takes them off and shows us his massive tool in all its erect glory. Some guys just like to jack off, but Liam enjoys a little ass play to get himself ready for the big finish. He throws his legs up and plays with his hairy hole while continuing to stroke himself. For the final stretch he just concentrates on working his dick, before blowing his load all over his hand. From the look on his face we’re assuming it tastes really good – chicken, maybe?


Cody Cummings Gets Blown





Cody Cummings might be a straight dude, but he loves blowjobs so much that he’s willing to get his dick sucked by another guy. We know you’re probably thinking that he can’t really be all that straight if he’s letting another guy give him a little head, but we’ve actually met him, and he’s as straight as they come.

Just recently Cody found himself paired up with Shane Erickson a twenty-three year old who happens to love giving head. It’s like a match made in heaven! One thing you’ll notice about these two is how short Cody looks next to Shane. Don’t worry the straight hottie isn’t a midget Shane is just very tall – we’re talking basketball player tall. Well, maybe not that tall, but you get the picture.

Anyway, Shane doesn’t waste any time pulling down Cody’s polka dotted briefs and wrapping his luscious lips around the stud’s fuckstick. Cody closes his eyes (most likely picturing a girl) but there’s no doubt that he’s as hard as a rock. We think it’s a pretty safe bet to say that the best blowjobs he’s ever received probably haven’t been from girls!


Carter Nash Fucks Rob Ryder





There’s nothing like two hot jocks going at it to get your juices flowing. In a recent update the brilliant (and always horny) minds over at College Dudes 247 pitted Carter Nash with Rob Ryder. The pair slowly get into things by kissing deeply. All that tongue action gets them hard and they each delve into the other's shorts. Carter is gifted when it comes to the man-meat department, and Rob is more than willing to show off his oral skills on it.

After sucking and licking the long shaft, Rob gets put on all fours in a position that exposes his pink hole. Carter proves that every good top loves to rim some ass, and plunges his tongue deep inside before plunging an even bigger muscle into the tight hole.

The fucking action definitely deserves an A+! Carter throws Rob into all of his favorite positions and he gets balls deep inside of the eager bottom. Just seeing Carter’s thick dick stretching Rob’s ass is enough to send anyone over the edge! This is definitely one scene that is packed with non-stop action from beginning to end.


Falcon's Burning Desires



There’s no doubt that the connections in Burning Desires are electric. Among the couples that sizzle onscreen are Tory Mason and Luke Hass. Tory has the challenge of trying to suck Luke’s huge member, but that doesn’t stop him from giving it his all! When all is said and done Luke has some amazing oral skills. One thing about guys who aren’t as big is that they can enjoy being taken fully down a mouth, and Luke is able to deep throat Tory with no problems whatsoever. Luke ends up ripping Tory’s ass in every position imaginable before they both drop big loads all over Tory’s stomach.

Real life couple Aden and Jordan Jaric give us a glimpse of what sex must be like between them behind closed doors. The two swap blowjobs, swap rim jobs, flip-flop fuck and finally impale themselves on a double-sided dildo that we know for a fact is from their own personal collection. The couple that has been together for over four years are a smooth fucking machine that know how to take the other right to the edge!

Of all the hot guys coupled off in this film none are hotter than Leo Giamani and Roman Heart. Roman sucks Leo’s huge tool before the Italian stud does the same. You might even get thrown off when Roman throws Leo’s legs over his head and licks his hole, but it’s Leo who comes out on top in the end.


Cocky Boys Fucking





Patrick Kennedy has been making the rounds lately! We saw the hot young twink with Tommy earlier this week and now he’s sexing it up with Andrew over at Cocky Boys. Kyle Majors wanted to give Patrick a good initiation to his cavalcade of men by letting him have a go at the voracious bottom.

Andrew doesn’t waste any time on pleasantries and goes straight for Patrick’s cock who clearly loves all the attention he’s getting. He seems like he almost has just as much fun giving head as he does getting it before Patrick moves behind Andrew and gets him ready for some hard dick.

Andrew is one of those bottoms that has no problem having a guy shove his dick inside of him and begin pounding – now that’s some skills! Patrick makes him get used to the feeling from behind before he walks over to an armchair and has Andrew sit on it. Patrick’s dick feels too good to Andrew and in no time at all he’s popping out a hot load all over. Patrick follows suit and coats Andrew with his own man juice leaving the two quite satiated for the time being.


Randy Blue’s Hot Three-way




It’s hard not to feel a little jealous when watching Benjamin, Malachi Marx, and Chris Rockway making out. Any guy with a pulse would love to find himself in this delicious man-wich of big muscles, tight abs, and long dicks.

As usual the centerpiece in any good three-way is Malachi Marx. There is no doubt that Malachi is one fine piece of man. It’s no surprise that the other guys think so as well and make him the star of the entire thing. We also love the fact that he has been looking a lot wolfier of late. Add to that the experience that he has gained in the last year over at Randy Blue, and this stud is good to go.

Chris and Benjamin have no problems giving it to Malachi, and fill him up on both ends. First, Benjamin makes sure that Malachi’s hole has been prepped by giving his ass a good rimming. In order to get to Malachi’s hole he has to get in a position that leaves his ass exposed. At this point it’s like watching a special on National Geographic on mating rituals because Chris goes in for the kill, and plunges deep inside of Benjamin! The three go on like this for a while until they bring things to a climactic end!

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