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Men of Israel Causes a Commotion!





We’re not sure if you’ve heard of a little movie that Michael Lucas just released called Men of Israel, but it has grabbed more mainstream media attention than any other gay porn film in history. Patrick Goldstein wrote an article about it for the Los Angeles Times, and now Chelsea Handler has gotten in on the action as well. Check out the video below as she discusses the movie with a couple of comedians. It’s pretty fucking hilarious!


Bel Ami’s Florian Nemec




Florian Nemec has been quite the busy little bee over at Bel Ami. He’s been appearing in lots of movies and engaging in the type of sex that the fabulous Bel Ami models are known for.

Florian hails from Hungary, and according to George Duroy the beautiful stud has a great outgoing personality that reminds him of Luke Hamill. One thing that makes him such a commodity is that he loves to top. You can just imagine how many boys are eager to feel his 7” cock pound them into oblivion. Not only does he have a beautiful looking pecker, but he’s also got a thickness to it that must really tear anyone he tops in half.

As if being hot and hung wasn’t enough, he’s also got a delicious looking hole. We’re not sure if he lets guys plow him, but we know we wouldn’t mind watching it. This hottie is definitely on his way to achieving the type of legendary status that we have come to expect from Bel Ami.


Hot Dudes Fucking






Once in a while you’ll watch two performers who seem to forget about the camera, the director, the craft service, wardrobe (well, maybe not wardrobe), and fuck as if they were the only two people in the room. This is exactly what happens when Logan and Rob meet up for a hot session of no-holds-barred sex.

The two kiss before they pull their already hard dicks out of each other’s shorts. Rob looks hot sucking Logan’s cock, and we think Logan probably agrees with us because he can’t take his eyes off of him. He returns the favor graciously, but it’s clear that what he really wants is ass.

Rob ends up on all fours as Logan parts his cheeks and exposes a pink hole with a sprinkling of hairs around it. Logan licks around the hole before he dives in enthusiastically. By the time he slides his dick inside Rob’s tight hole the bottom is begging for it. Rob has to clutch the sheets as he gets his hole split apart, but loves every painful second of it.

These two know how to fuck and do it every which way until we feel like we can’t take anymore. Hopefully Rob’s hole wasn’t too bruised up!


Sex: The Perfect Cure for a Hangover





Randy Blue always manages to find hot, hung, and horny guys who are ready to show everyone how they do it. One thing we are always asked about is if we are really gullible enough to believe the scenarios that the guys are put into. We think it’s safe to say that most of these guys realize that there are cameras in the room with them – you’d have to be blind not to notice. But just because the scenarios aren’t unfolding naturally  doesn’t mean that they didn’t happen. One of the latest scenes at Randy Blue is based off of one of the model’s experiences and he was more than eager to recreate it for the camera.

After a wild drunken night Benjamin Bradley and Sean Everett wake up to find a hot dude that neither of them can remember inviting into their home. Instead of trying to piece the night together they decide to make new memories. It’s what would have happened in the movie The Hangover had the guys been gay. These guys are so into each other that it’s a little difficult to keep up with whose dick is going where, but we guess that’s exactly what the doctor ordered to cure those hangover blues!


Lance Strokes His Rod





Some guys look really good when they jack off, and Lance is definitely one of them. This cute jock recently made his way over to Cocky Boys where he rubbed his dick through his shorts until it was bursting at the seams to get out. He slowly pulled his Hollister underwear off, and revealed his cut cock, which was throbbing hard.

Lance is one of those guys who really enjoys getting a firm grip on his dick and massaging himself. At one point he gets on all fours while he continues to stroke his rock-hard tool. With his free hand he spreads his hole and exposes one of the most perfect ass holes we have ever seen. Not only does it look delectable, but it also looks like it’s very tight!

As if a nice cock, and tight hole weren’t enough, he also has a pair of low-hanging balls that made our mouths water with excitement. He beats his meat furiously and announces that he’s ready to explode. We just can’t get enough of this stud, and hope to see him paired up with another Cocky Boy real soon.


Raging Stallion’s The Visitor






In Raging Stallion’s latest release, The Visitor, Logan McCree plays an alien visiting the planet Earth studying the vibrations of the human species. One of the easiest ways to do his research is by watching guys have sex – which is when they emit higher vibrations.

The first pairing between Junior Stellano and Angelo Marconi takes place in a back alley where the two have some of the hottest unbridled sex imaginable. The two kiss and blow each other before Angelo turns over and spreads his ass for Junior. The stud takes one look at Angelo’s ass and buries his face in it getting a taste of his delicious ass. Finally Junior fumbles with a condom, rolls it onto his dick, and fucks him every which way imaginable before he pulls out and cums all over the Latin stud.

By the end of the film, Logan is so horned up that he ends up having sex with a human. Damian Rios is the lucky stud that gets to taste Logan’s hot tatted up body. There’s no inch of skin that gets left unexplored before the two end up flip-flop fucking each other in what surely has to be a marathon of fucking. The two reach a fever pitch until both of them end up busting their loads, and collapsing in a mass sweat and cum.


Tristan Bull’s Outdoor Shower




Sexy outdoorsman Tristan Bull can’t wait to take a nice soothing shower after going kayaking all day. Lucky for us, the cameras are there to catch all the sexy shower action that occurs outdoors.

There are very few times when our jaws actually drop to the ground when a dude gets naked, and watching Tristan slip off his shorts was definitely one of those times. As he slowly peels them off, we were in shock to see that his cock never seemed to end. Finally, after what felt like days we caught a glimpse of the end of his dick. Bonus! He’s totally uncut!

Tristan definitely has his work cut out for him when it comes to jacking off – he’s got so much ground to cover! Not only does he have a long unclipped tool, but he’s also got some meaty thickness to it. If this was a meal you’d have to get a to-go box! We can’t imagine what it must be like to try and fit that mammoth piece of meat in your mouth. Oh, to get a little taste of Tristan…


Hot Guys Chat Live


Parth is one hot piece of ass. This Euro stud is just what the doctor ordered. At 6’2” in height, and swinging 8” of unclipped meat between his legs this versatile lad can do no wrong in our eyes.

The Scorpio admits that he considers himself bisexual, but when he’s with a dude he’s not missing the poon. Not only does he enjoy being watched, but he has a fantasy where he gets it on with two guys in a shower. He’s also into kinkier things like leather, bondage, and camouflage.

Parth is just one of the hundreds of guys over at Flirt 4 Free who are waiting at all times of the day to talk to horny guys around the world. Most of these guys aim to please and do exactly as they’re told. So if you’re the bossy type who needs to bust a nut check them out!


Jake and Carter Fuck!




College Dudes aren’t really known for doing anything half assed. Whether it’s an all night keg party, cramming for finals, or throwing down in the bedroom these dudes mean business. So when we saw that Jake Steel and Carter Nash were recently thrown together for a little dude on dude action we were barely able to contain ourselves. And for the record – these guys don’t disappoint!

Jake is one of those guys who can really take a pounding even when the guy giving it to him is as hung as Carter Nash. In fact, Jake ends up begging for more as Carter puts him through his paces. At one point Carter has his hand lovingly wrapped around Jake’s neck in a way that is both erotic and a little bit dangerous. Later, Carter puts his foot on Jake’s head as he fucks his man-hole into oblivion. It’s so explosive it really needs to be seen to be believed. Once he’s abused Jake’s poor stretched out hole (it might never be the same again), both guys drop huge loads all over. Just another day in the life of a College Dude 247 model.


When Patrick Fucked Mason





Mason Wyler is turning into the McDonald’s of porn stars. He may not have served a billion yet, but we think the number is pretty close. He’ll throw his legs up for just about any dude with a hard cock. Fortunately, all the dudes just happen to be very hung, and very hot. Of course, when your hole’s been as stretched out as Mason’s has you need to find the biggest dicks out there possible. Otherwise, it’s just like throwing a hotdog down a hallway.

The latest stud to mount Mason’s man-hole is hot twink Patrick Kennedy. Patrick has everything that we look for in a man including a very formidable piece of meat. At one point he’s fucking Mason’s pie hole (that’s mouth for all you ignorant bitches), and it appears as if he’s causing Mason to choke. We seriously didn’t think there was a cock Mason would ever meet that would bring out such a reaction in him, but we guess we just gave his slutty little ass too much credit.

Patrick doesn’t waste any time going for Mason’s tortured hole, and gives the power bottom quite a workout. Just check out the pained look on Mason’s face! We’re actually surprised he has any feeling left back there.


Cruiser Boys Let Loose





Kay is straight (rolls eyes), or as straight you can possibly be and agree to have sexy times with a hot ass dude. Bastian is the white boy, and Kay is the Latino stud muffin who looks like he’s never missed a day at the gym.

It seems that Bastian has some oral skills, which should get credit as the reason why Kay is so okay with having a dude stuff a dick up his ass – but more on that later! So Bastian basically shows Kay what he’s probably been missing orally (no girl can suck cock as well as a geigh.) In fact, he does it so good that Kay decides to return the favor. It can’t be that hard right? Wrong Kay. They don’t call it a job for nothin’. Kay does seem to handle it rather well, especially considering how hung Bastian happens to be.

We’re not quite sure how it happens, but Kay ends up with his ass sticking out in the air exposing his very hairy hole. Bastian takes this opportunity to shove his tongue in there because no straight man can resist being penetrated once he’s had his ass rimmed. This leads to Kay getting a lot more than he bargained for, but we think he’ll survive. You know what they say. Once you go gay you never stray!


Hung Marine Goes Awol

The latest U.S. Marine that Bobby Garcia encounters is a 20 year old from Michigan. This stud admits that he had never thought about his ass sexually until a girl stuck a finger in his hole. Apparently he was shocked by just how good it felt and admitted that he did the same to her. Our Marine tells him that it felt so good that he started doing it to himself every time he masturbated. We can’t imagine just how tight that shit must have felt the first time he slid his thick muscular finger(s?) inside of himself. You know his eyes were probably so far back into his head that he looked like the jerking dead. We wonder if someone should tell him that a dick feels even better than a finger. Seriously, we were totally straight, and then one day we accidentally backed ourselves up onto a jock’s dick in the locker room who happened to be lubed up, and hard. From then on we never turned back.

Ah Bobby, you deserve a medal of honor for bringing us so many hot Marines for us to gawk at and jack off over. Thanks buddy!


Hot Jocks 69





Kevin Wood might be a newbie heading in to Tommy D.’s lair, but that doesn’t mean this dude hasn’t ever handled a cock before. We’re always curious how these straight guys are so good with dick. We know that they’ve played with their own all their lives, but to watch how quickly they adapt to the width and length of another dude’s tool is quite impressive.

Kevin has a pair of huge pecs that Tommy places his dick between and starts rubbing himself back and forth as if he was tittie fucking a girl. Kevin doesn’t seem to mind Tommy’s shenanigans one bit, or when Tommy urges Kevin for a little one-on-one mouth to cock time.

One thing you’ll notice about Kevin is that he does pretend to be rather shy when the time comes to suck some dick. This is quite funny to watch because he actually begins by licking Tommy’s stiffie as if it were a lollipop. We’re not quite sure if he realizes it, but it’s almost more hot to watch a guy rolling his tongue along your shaft than it is for him to have it shoved down his throat. To take the pressure off the two 69 each other – now that’s what we call teamwork!


Chi Chi LaRue’s Taken






Taken is Chi Chi LaRue’s latest smuttastic hardcore video that explores the darker side of sex. A little birdie told us that the scenes were all from the amazing imagination of Miss Chi Chi herself. We knew that bitch was dirty, but we had no idea it was this much!

Circuit dancer turned porn star Adam Killian kicks things off by shoving a lit candle up his man-hole. Yes, you read correctly… lit. Before you make any happy birthday jokes (like we did) we should tell you that it’s a pretty hot scene – especially when he ends up pissing all over his rock hard chest.

Johnny Hazzard proves once again why he’s one of the most daring porn stars of our time when he allows himself to be tied to a St. Andrews Cross, and allows himself to be flogged before getting wax poured all over him by the bucketfuls.

One of the hottest scenes features bootylicious Blake Riley and tattooed stud David Taylor. David almost makes the second cumming happen when he pounds the bejesus out of Blake’s ass. Although it looks like both are about to cum from all the moaning and groaning they are doing, things aren’t over just yet. Instead, Blake pisses all over his chest, and David follows suit pissing all over his dick and balls. Next he hoses Blake down and gets a little carried away when he accidentally lets the running hose slip inside of Blake’s ass over and over again.

We haven’t even told you the half of it but you can expect lots of group action, asphyxiation, fisting, flogging, watersports, bondage… Hell, it would almost be easier to tell you what Taken doesn’t feature.

Girls, we didn’t see any girls.


College Dudes Fucking






The latest muscle stud over at College Dudes 247 is Jimmy Durano, and let me just say that he is one delectable piece of ass. Jimmy is so fucking hot it boggles the mind. Although this Italian stud loves hitting the gym, he is totally modest about his body.

I’m totally jealous that Shane got to munch on Jimmy’s uncut schlong. It’s got a little curve to it, but Shane is a true cock-sucker and doesn’t let anything get in his way of doing the job right! Jimmy, as it turns out, loves to pound ass, which is great but also a waste since he has one of the most perfect asses we’ve seen in a while.

Sometimes when two guys hook-up the fireworks are less than spectacular, but these two really heat things up. Jimmy ends up giving Shane such a hot pounding that the bottom ends up shooting an explosive load that gets all over the comforter. I definitely think these two should get together real soon only next time Shane should be the one doing the pounding!


Scott Stone's Hot Wank




Scott Stone is one of the most popular models at English Lads and he's back! One thing we really love about Scott is how genuinely happy he always appears to be. You’ll never catch him frowning. Those who don’t know much about this British lad are in for a real treat. This stud loves to have a good wank for the camera. We’ve been told that he really enjoys reading the feedback from people on the site, and takes everything they say into account when he does his next video.

Within a few seconds of dropping his pants, Scott is sporting a huge woody. The camera really captures every single bit of Scott’s hairy chest and ass. There are cumshots and then there are cumshots. A cumshot is very nice, but nothing to write home about (or email). Do people even write letters anymore? Anyway, a cumshot is an explosive ordeal that could probably use the help of a cleaning crew to get the place back to normal after it's been achieved. Scott is always part of the latter. In fact, we’re really quite puzzled by the amount of cum he’s able to shoot out in streams of jets that come pouring out of him. We just don’t know how one man can have so much jism in his balls.


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