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Bobby Plays With Military Punk





Bobby at AWOL Marines is at it again with another hot military boy who’s wandered into his basement searching to get off at any expense.  Check out this young recruit with a stiff cock.  Don’t let the glasses fool you, he’s all hunk and all cum-filled nut sack ready to explode.  It doesn’t take much effort to get this guy to strip naked.  One whiff from his bottle of poppers and he’s entered a new dimension of oral pleasure as Bobby swallows that cock down to the hilt.  Our spiky-haired punk boy never has a chance with Bobby’s swift hot wet mouth.

As military boys go, this one has a nice bulging package to show off along with a body that’s lean and tight.  He’s shy at first, barely getting it up for the camera.  But aren’t all straight boys like that before their first time getting blown by another dude?  But as we all know, guys know how to service guys and this punk gets his first oral service that, no doubt, will end up in a big gushing orgasm that will leave you running to the nearest military base in search of a young tight recruit to suck.


Chris Nichols Beats His Meat





Oh my, check out this Italian stud, Chris.  One look at him and you’ll want to be right there with him.  Who can resist his classic good looks and that tight fit body to match?  It’s no wonder he loves to take care of his juicy Italian sausage all by himself.  It’s amazing what three fingers and a bottle of lube can do.  In this video, Chris wastes no time taking off his shorts and shirt–he’s got a tasty task to do and he loves to take his time getting there before getting off.

As he gets more and more excited pumping that huge meat pole, his fingers wander to his nice wet hole.  He digs in and explores his full round ass with not only one, but three whole fingers.  With that kind of kinky hot solo action, you can only imagine what he can do with 8 or more inches of cock.  For now, though, he’s quite happy bringing himself to a full-on cum bath that covers his whole chest.  This horny cum pig wastes none of his load–watch him scoop up his jizz with his fingers and stuff it in his ass before pulling them out and licking them clean.


Jimmy Durano Fucks Beau Tucker





Jimmy Durano, resident hot stud at College Dudes 247, is back with his incredibly taut body and a stiff cock.  He’s quickly becoming a favorite on the site and I’m sure no one is complaining about seeing more of what he can do—to himself and to another tight young body.  This time, he’s putting that huge pole to work on Beau Tucker.  You’ve seen Beau and the way he works his mouth (that boy gives new meaning to deep throating!) and in this video, you’ll see his sweet pink hole get worked over by power top Jimmy.

There’s too much sexy going on in here and you’ll have no problem getting into the action.  These boys are irresistible to watch—not only because they’re both gorgeous from top to bottom, but also their sexual work out is hot enough to make you sweat.  When Jimmy slips his throbbing member down Beau’s mouth, he works it to the max and Beau has no problems keeping up with the pounding rhythm.  And when Jimmy finally slams his cock head and shaft into Beau’s ass, the sheer pleasure of getting worked over by a hot stud sends Beau into a frenzy of lust.


Randy Blue’s That 70s Gay Porn Movie, Part 2





Like a classic 1970’s TV show two-part episode, the thrilling conclusion to That 70s Gay Porn Movie picks up where part one left off.  The cock sucking, mouth stuffing, dildo ramming has ended, but the boys at Delta Lota Kappa (DIK) are hardly done with their plan for sexual sabotage.  In this scene, the action slow down a bit—but that doesn’t mean there isn’t any fucking left in them.  Wooky took a pledge pounding in the first half, but now he’s horned up and takes revenge on Skip.  The tables are turned as Wooky tops Skip in a scene that who turns out to be too hot for the polyester wardrobe.  That’s never a problem, the clothes simply come off and the action resumes.

Before long, the twosome becomes a foursome as the rest of the pledges return from their pledge tasks.  Eventually, the rest of this hardcore Randy Blue cast is going strong in what can only be described as an all out orgy fuck fest with the frat members wearing only multicolored stripe tube socks and headbands and a couple of togas here and there.  Indeed, a flashback to the ‘70s doesn’t diminish the pleasure of a timeless fuck fest.


Frat Boy Tommy Fucks Blow Up Doll






You have to love the high level of testosterone on those delicious looking frat boys you find at Dirty Boy Video.  They crave the sexual attention and they are willing to go the distance in order to get off.  Check out Tommy in this latest update.  He’s got the looks of a rough fucker and a body that’s as tight as any young stud can be.  He’s eager to take off all his clothes and show off his amply defined torso, his round firm bubble butt, and his ever-hard cock for the camera.  Today, he’s so revved up and ready to bust a nut that he’ll take out his pent up libido on a blow up doll.

Watch as he quickly gets hard and strokes his man meat to full erection as he slides his hands up and down the shaft of his pre-cumming dick.  Next, he shows off his straight boy prowess on the doll as he mounts and fucks her holes as he would any girl he comes in contact with.  You know the money shot is not far when he starts to jack his dick off in a frenzy and lets out a huge load of frat juice.


Gay Electricians Sex Romp






Watch the testosterone fly when these two master electricians get turned on by their hot bodies as they get a flesh workout in the electrical closet.  Hot muscled Korben and Liam Reed definitely have a handle on their tools.  And we’re not talking hammers or pliers here, either.  These over charged blue collar workers are more interested in hammering into each other with their hard fuck tools made for pounding into a wet and willing fuck hole or hot wet mouth rather than into a wall or socket.  In no time, Korben gets a face full of hairy ass while Liam tongues his co-worker into a frenzy of sucking and licking sounds.

The action heats up as they quickly create a sexually charged circuit—with each other.  Korben explores all of Liam’s holes with his fingers, tongue, and meaty cock, but Liam takes action when he takes matters into his own hand and impales himself on Liam’s hot meat.  Field work has never been this fun, especially when the service men are as hot as this pair.  You won’t see any sparks flying out of walls while they’re on the job, but you will see plenty of cum shooting out of hard cocks.


MJ & Jesse Get Cocky






We’ve always wondered if flavored lube tasted all that good, or if it left that strange aftertaste all such products seem to have. Not only did MJ and Jesse put it to the test, but they showed us just how good it tastes when they didn’t stop using all the different flavors all over each other’s bodies. Of course, we could have the shittiest tasting lube, but if it meant licking it off of these boys we would gulp down tons of it no matter how bad it tasted.

At one point Jesse instructs MJ to spread some of the cherry flavor on his body. He doesn’t specify where, but it doesn’t take a genius to figure it out. Once MJ begins to lick Jesse’s hole the taste test stops and the real fun begins!

We have to admit that we really enjoyed watching these two giving each other head. We’re not quite sure what it is about a hot blond going down on a hung dude that gets us all hot and bothered, but these two definitely don’t disappoint. Once they get to the fucking they become totally uninhibited. Jesse rides MJ’s long shaft and bounces up and down on that shit as if he was on a rickety old wooden roller coaster. Jesse is so turned on by the brutal fucking MJ gives him that he remains hard throughout the entire fucking session until he basically has his cum fucked out of him.


Randy Blue’s That 70s Gay Porn Movie





Ah, who can forget the 70s? It was a more naïve time when sex was just a roll in the hay, and any repercussions could pretty much be cured with penicillin. In honor of these simpler times, the people over at Randy Blue have come out with a full-length feature film honoring this horny time period.

Randy Blue imagines what one of their pornos would have looked like had they been living during this time period of lava lamps, bell bottoms, and disco. The movie centers around Brock Wopat (Christian Sharp), horny college student who wants nothing more than to belong to a fraternity whose letters spell out DIK. Unfortunately, he’s pissed off Skip Deuche (Xander Scott), and his two studly sidekicks, Swallow (Vincent DeSalvo) and Boner (Brandon Kent). Leo Giamani plays hunky Professor Ben Davidson who in one scene feeds an eager Mike West a mouthful of huge cock, as well as rams his ass with a dildo.

Also along for the ride is Reese Rideout as Puff, the perpetually stoned fratboy. It’s definitely a fun blast from the past as you travel back to a horny, simpler time!