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Coffee Break!





I don’t know about you but these guys don’t appear to be using their coffee break as intended. They’ve been working up a sweat with their heavy lifting. The last thing you’d expect is for them to forgo the coffee for something as extraneous as hot sex! But given that it is Lance Bennett and AJ Irons – two hot, young, horny studs – we can overlook it as long as we get a close-up look at their rock hard cocks at work in the warehouse break room!

AJ comes across a DVD with a picture of his co-worker, Lance, on the cover. You can see where this is going – AJ sports an instant boner and demands that Lance reprise his role in person with him. Lance, never one to pass up the opportunity to bang the fuck out of a horny pal (which he does with fervor and passion) is caught off guard when AJ decides he wants to fuck Lance’s virgin hole. From the expressions on his face, you can tell he’s never taken it up the ass before, but he learns to love it. If they can do all that on break, you can only image how much damage they can impose on each other during their lunch hour!


Tom Arbel With Toy





Some guys will never grow up and there is nothing you can do about it. Take Tom Arbel from Bang Bang Boys, for instance. He’s all grown up – you can tell by that big bulging pair of undies he’s sporting in bed. He’d rather play in bed all day long with his toys. We’re not complaining, mind you. But we would like a closer look at his toys in full use! The expert way in which he uses them leads us to believe that these are his favorite.

When we say he’s grown up, all you have to do is get a look at that fully developed, tight, hot body to know that he’s not too old to play with these particular types of toys. His round bubble butt is primed and ready for a play date with his favorite dildos while his juicy cock is ready to fuck his fleshlight. When he inserts dildos all the way inside his tight boy hole, they easily slip in and nearly disappear up that sweet pucker. As we all know, boys seek pleasure and Tom is no exception. He just loves to feel those thick toys stretch his ass to new limits.


Jack Does Tucker





When you are a good cocksucker, and Tucker Vaughn from College Dudes 24/7 is a good cocksucker, finding the right meat pole to suck can be a real challenge. Luckily, Jack Griffin is up for the challenge. Not only does he have a beautiful long dick, he is also very aggressive and rough when he’s feeding it to an eager bottom boy. In this scene, you can see just how much Tucker loves being roughed up and getting faced-fucked before giving up his tight pink hole to that hard, stiff cock.

When the two go at it, it’s instant chemistry! Tucker drops to his knees and devours Jack’s rod. At the same time, Jack slams his pelvis against Tucker’s face. But it looks like it’s not enough for either one of them. Jack takes Tucker’s mouth and, with his fingers, pries open Tucker’s mouth to make sure he can throat-fuck this bottom bitch to the limit. Tucker takes it without complaints, and when sucking turns to fucking, he rides that cock like a champ until he’s blowing his load all over himself. From the looks of this video, a little rough sex can be a satisfying experience.


Bel Ami’s Lucien Leuwen





Any preconceived perceptions you may already have about the boys of Bel Ami will be shattered by the introduction of this 21-year-old from Hungary. What sets him apart from all the gorgeous twinks you find on the site is that he is all man. He embodies the tall, dark, handsome features that define his smoldering looks. One look at this masculine beauty and you’ll find it hard not to fall in love. When he enters the photo shoot, his eyes draw you into his face, but when you drop your glance down the length of his tank top and tight-fitting blue jeans, you just can’t wait for him to drop those sexy pants that accentuate his bubble butt.

When he finally does strip down, he stands in all his naked glory, shaved and ready for a solo jerk off session. His tanned complexion is a nice contrast against the white sofa he straddles as he bends over and shows off his pink pucker. You can tell he’s enjoying this photo shoot by the clear drop of pre-cum that dribbles out of his piss-slit. He’s ready to cum, and when he does, he sprays a huge creamy load all over his flat, washboard stomach.


28 Inches of Wang





Can you stuff 28 inches of pure cock meat down your throat? Of course not! Thankfully, the guys at Video Boys don’t expect you to pull off that enormous task, but they do break it down for you in the form of three hot Canadian boys, collectively known as “The Three Tenners.” By now, you probably already guessed that these boys are not going to break out into opera any time soon.  They are, however, going to strip down and show off their near perfect 10-inchers. They may not all reach that perfect score in the size department, but they hang a little lower than most average guys and they know how to work their excessively fat dicks.

Between them Ashton Hardwell, Jessy Karson and Sascha Vistos account for 28 inches of Canadian meat. In this clip, the boys chat about the pros and cons of having such large dicks. As if this would pose a major problem for a trio of super horny boys looking to get off. The three start working their thick peckers into an Icejack as they sit side by side on a couch.  It truly is a sight to see them tear into those toys.


You Love Jack’s Mario Costa





You can never get enough Latin meat – especially from You Love Jack. They know how to scope out the best looking horny dudes. Watching them flirt with the camera while they play with their cocks is enough to make you fall in love with a different guy each day. Take Mario Costa, for instance. At first glance you’d think his big dick was digitally enhanced to make it look bigger than it really is – but no! It’s all real and in the flesh. From the moment he pops that thing out of his zipper, it’s already full-on hard and poking out at you in IMAX 3-D!

This Latin hottie has all the makings of a porn god with his cute twinkish looks and, more importantly, a cock the size of Baja California. He strokes his cock with both hands – showing his ambidextrous talent. But when his left hand slides down and around his leg to get better access at his tight little hole, Mario shows us his versatile style. He slips a finger into his hole while his other hand continues to pump his rod. If only he could fuck his own ass, then he’d truly be classified a triple threat.


Mason And Aryx Fucking





What’s a little rough sex between friends, right? Aryx Quinn certainly doesn’t mind it. If you look at his hard pecs, tight abs, and muscle legs, you wouldn’t say no to a tumble in bed to get him off, would you? Mason Wyler certainly doesn’t. And even though he’s awakend from his restful nap, he’s up for a head to head with sexy strong man Aryx, but Mason has a few tricks up his…well, if you watch this scene, you’ll see what we mean. One thing is for sure: Mason won’t be in his underwear for too long.

When Aryx steps out of the shower, his meaty dick demands some attention – the kind of attention that Mason can give. Aryx can rim a nice ass, as evidenced in this scene. He gets Mason’s ass nice and primed for a hot afternoon fuck. Mason takes it in his stride, easing himself onto Aryx’s cock while Aryx slowly begins to pump his meat shaft all the way into Mason’s hot young hole. All that pent-up energy is directed towards this full-on fuck-fest as they both pump their tight bodies to a satisfying orgasm that’ll leave them wet with their own juices.


Corbin Fisher Tag Team





Sibling rivalry takes a back seat when brothers Elijah and Simon agree to a tag team. Sure, they’ve tagged a chick before. That’s not a big deal. But when they agreed to do a threesome with another guy – well, that’s a totally different kind of ball game. For Trent, the lucky bottom that gets to take both dicks in his holes, it’s a dream come true. How often does a hot 20-year-old stud get to work his mouth and his ass for two totally straight, hot brothers? Judging from Trent’s reaction to the butt pounding he receives, not often enough.

The scene is too hot, to be sure. Separately, Elijah and Simon have perfectly shaped bodies and rock hard cocks that demand attention. But together, they’re out of this world. The way they spit-roast Trent – with Elijah pumping away at his rump while brother Simon gets his cock sucked – is almost more than Trent can handle. And when they switch into new positions and the action amps up even more than in the previous, you have to wonder if, indeed, there is some sibling rivalry going on.  You know how brothers like to get competitive. Either way, we’re the ones that come out winning with this sexy video.


Locker Room Knock Out





Building up muscle at the gym really gets the adrenaline going and the blood pumping. Brock knows this when he offers to steady Bo’s punching bag. When Bo misses the bag and knocks Brock out, Brock gets more than CPR pumped into him by Dane. A friendly work out turns to a heavy pounding – on each other. Locker rooms always bring out the horny man in everyone, and for these three; it’s the ultimate experience. Dane is the first to get things going by checking Brock’s breathing channel…with his hard raw dick. As they begin to 69, Bo takes his turn at pumping his own cock into Dane.

The highlight of this locker room knock out occurs at the point when all three pull a train right there by the lockers. Bo gives it to Dane while Dane gives it to Brock, and so on. The scene is so hot you can’t take your eyes off of these three muscular studs going at it without any regards to getting caught. Their muscles expand and contrast with their grinding action. Even if they did get caught, I don’t think anyone would stop them because by now, they are ready to cover Brock’s torso with their hot cum.


College Boys Adam And Rob Fuck





Adam Campbell is quite the little sex shooter. Rob Ryder is the lucky target in this first time pairing of two of the hottest studs found on College Dudes 247. Though they’ve never had the opportunity to ravage their hot bodies on camera before, this scene more than makes up for the wild passion they both share. You can almost feel the sexual energy Rob feels when Adam grinds his hard cock against Rob’s engorged bulge. But when Adam’s cock head disappears past Rob’s sphincter, you know they are both in for a ride they’ll never forget.

After some kissing and some stroking, Rob goes down for some cock sucking action, making Adam feel good. It’s been a while since he’s gotten head like this. Adam returns the favor before he climbs on top of Rob and starts pounding his tight little asshole. Adam knows how to fuck. The pleasure he brings when his pelvis slams up against Rob’s rump sends shock waves of sheer pleasure that you can see on Rob’s face as he moans and grimaces. But the real shocker is Adam’s powerful cum shot – it shoots in rapid succession, hitting the wall almost 6 feet away!


Tucker Forrest & Steven Ponce Show Off Their Extra Big Dicks





It’s fire-crotch and Puerto Rican pingon at Extra Big Dicks this week! Steven Ponce gets a taste of Tucker Forrest’s Midwestern cock, but not before they start out with a hot make out session – to break the ice. Their hands travel the curves of their very manly features, popping boners along the way and stretching out their perfectly good pair of undies. It doesn’t deter Steven from licking his buddy through the soft cotton, but after some time, this proves to be inconvenient and Steven quickly pulls Tucker’s briefs aside to get at his extra fat, extra long eight inch corn-fed husk of a penis. In an instant, it goes down his throat as Tucker moans in delight at the attention his cock is getting.

Tucker also goes down to show that he can suck a cock as good as the next guy, and he even flicks his wet tongue around Steven’s puckered ass before Steven decides he wants to slide his huge Puerto Rican dick into Tucker’s sweet ass. The action continues for some time, and then they flip-flop. Now it’s Tucker pumping his shaft right into Steven’s Latin culito. Eventually, these horny guys do blow a giant messy wad!


Lucas Entertainment: Revenge with Matan Shalev





If you couldn’t get your eyes off of Matan Shalev from Lucas Entertainment’s Men of Israel, wait ‘til you get a load of his follow up video, Revenge.  This is a gay tale of violence, vengeance and plenty of sexual debauchery. Already, Shalev is stirring much interest in the industry with his killer looks and hard body. One look at him and you know he’s destined for stardom. The former soldier in the Israeli army, who holds a brown belt in karate, co-stars with Rafael Alencar as a stripper who sleeps with Alencar’s boyfriend.  Alancar takes revenge by making Matan take his massive cock in one of the hottest scenes ever filmed.

One good turn deserves another, and Matan returns the favor (hence the title of this scorching hot video). This muscular and seductive stud is hot to watch. His smoldering looks beg for him to give it to you hard and to give it to you rough. And he does. To his equally hot co-star, anyway. As for the rest of us, we’ll have to be content with living out those fantasies vicariously as we follow his meteoric rise to the top (and bottom – he’s so good at both!) of a successful career.


Noah & Taylor





Summer is not over yet so there is still plenty of time to catch some rays before the cool climate comes in. If you look closer, though, you’ll also find a couple of hot, horny guys lounging by the pool in little to no clothing. Noah and Taylor are as devoted to catching rays as they are to getting a good fuck before the sun goes down. It may all be a pretense as they cruise their bulges and take in their hot ripped bodies, but for our intent and purposes, who cares? They’re getting naked and their boners are tenting up in their board shorts.

Blame the heat of the sun, or maybe it’s the steam from the hot tub, but these boys are delirious with lust.  The wrap around grab that Taylor slyly pulls around Noah’s towel to get at his dick is all they need to get the action started. In no time, they’re bobbing down on one another’s cocks. Soon, Taylor’s gotten what he’s wanted all summer: Noah’s big, fat cock buried deep into his ass. These boys may have been planning some quiet time by the pool, but they really turned up the heat on each other.


A Randy Blue Threesome!





Nicco Sky has deep brown eyes with a deep intensity that begs you to fuck him. With his small but perfect frame and a gorgeous ass, he’s a natural for a three-way fuck show with the boys from Randy Blue. In this episode, he’s teamed up with the equally handsome Malachi Marx and athletic Christian Sharp. All those broad shoulders and washboard abs are captured beautifully in this scene in which Nicco takes a good ass pounding from these studs. His talented mouth knows how to work Malachi’s engorged member as he slurps it up eagerly while Christian pumps his man-rod deep into his perfectly round ass.

But the action only heats up as they switch positions, making sure they give each other just the right amount of attention in all the right places. Usually you don’t find that in a three way, but these boys are pros and they’re versatile. They’ve perfected the art of giving head and fucking hard. Their perfectly hot tight bodies only help enhance the viewing experience as you watch Christian and Malachi work all of Nicco’s holes. A trio like that can only result in one thing – a scorching hot scene that’s bound to make you hard.


College Boy Gets Fucked By His Hot Buddy





When you have a horny college dude calling up saying that it’s been a while since he’s gotten fucked “really good,” you know the resulting video is going to be hot! That’s what Tucker Davis said to the guys at College Dudes 247, so they paired him up with the deliciously dark-haired Buddy Davis. From the moment Travis caught sight of that hard cock, he was on his knees doing his best to deep throat that sucker. It’s an awesome sight to see Buddy’s glistening abs and tight torso undulate with the rhythm of Travis’ expert blow job.

But once Buddy’s cock is at full attention, he turns his attention to Travis’ ass by fucking him doggy style. The highlight of that scene is when the camera pans down to capture Buddy’s big balls slapping Travis’ taint with every powerful thrust of his muscular body. Watch as Travis mounts Buddy and spreads his legs so that we can get a good look at that pole sliding in and out of his perky, firm ass. This bottom boy knows how to work a top and by the looks of this episode, Travis will definitely be back for some more butt-busting action.


Cum Buddies: Online Web Cam Boys Ready To Play With You


Sometimes you don’t want to go through all that primping and preening just to go out and find someone to fuck. Who needs all that when you can do it online? Clean up is faster, and you don’t have to drive home afterward or kick him out of bed. Cum Buddies, your live private chat network features real amateur models just waiting to strike up a hot chat with you right now.


SensuallMario is one of hundreds of models waiting to chat it up with you. He wants to meet you and he’s willing to get nasty. His 22-years-old tight body, green eyes, and dark black hair will definitely get your blood flowing to the right parts of your body. He’s perfect for anyone who’s not afraid to get freaky with a hunky boy who likes to strip naked, stroke his giant cock, and shoot a load for you. Try him out and you’ll never leave your room again.


Look up SexyLoovers and you’ll find a hot web cam couple that loves to 69 and suck dick while getting fingered. The rough sex with tons of passion will make them a favorite on the site. These two Latin hotties like it a little rough around the edges and they love to please. If you’re into a little pain, they’ll take it and come back begging for more.

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