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Justhin at Flirt4Free





This tasty young morsel can be found lurking at Flirt 4 Free. But he’s not one to lurk for too long, as an avid fan will undoubtedly snatch him up quickly. Justhin loves a hard cock, gentle touching and kissing. If that’s not a big turn on, then his sexy, tight body is. He’s got a penchant for jock straps, black underwear and online fantasies. It’s no wonder he’s so popular as a live model. At almost 6 feet tall and weighing only 143 pounds, Justhin has been turning webcammers on since June of this year and his popularity is only gaining momentum.

His star tattoos on his pecs are a direct indication of the star treatment you’ll get when you hit him up online and let him take you on a wild fantasy ride. Tell him what you want and he’ll be sure to make it come true. Who knows, maybe you’ll be the first to fulfill his fantasy of trying out a threesome. In any case, check him out at Flirt 4 Free and be sure to check out his entire archive of Video on Demand. His cock and ass are a definite must-see.


Brett and Topher





For young Brett Swanson of Randy Blue, sex is the most important thing in his life and he’s making sure he’s getting as much of it as possible. This clip is his calling card and you can’t deny his sex appeal. That affable smile melts your heart and makes your groin stir. His lean, smaller frame is accentuated with tight muscles that give him such a sexy look, both naked and clothed. But we’d rather see him naked and in action. So he’s been paired up with equally stunning Topher Di Maggio. Where Brett is hard and defined, Topher is lean, smooth and beautiful.

One other thing: Topher’s sexual appetite is insatiable and he will stop at nothing to get it. His cock is ever-hard and ever-ready. The two together make a hot video when Topher mounts Brett and starts to slam his cock into his ass. The intensity of his fucking is full of energy and concentration as he stares deep into Brett’s eyes while he thrusts his pelvis into him. Brett opens up wider and lets him in all the way before they both face each other again and shoot their hot cum all over Brett’s sexy body.


Jay Ross Cum Dump





Treasure Island Media isn’t known for being shy about giving you the raunchiest scenes in bareback videos. In fact, the graphic, gonzo-style filmmaking is their selling point and one of the main reasons they do so well is because their models truly enjoy what they do. Jay Ross is one of TIM’s newest bottom studs. When he signed up to do a gangbang cum dump, there was no question in his mind that he would be stretched to the limits (literally.) In this video, Jay takes on a group of TIM’s finest breeders with gusto and a lot of endurance.

Jay shows us that he’s up for the challenge when he eagerly takes on this group of horny macho fuckers. His attention to detail is exceptional, making sure he gives each one of those thick cocks the attention it deserves. The tops can barely contain their impatience as they slap him around with their stiff tools as they wait their turn at Jay’s ass. They plunge their cocks into him and finish off by dumping their white, creamy loads into his stretched fuckhole. Not one to waste any seed, Jay laps up any leftover juice with his tongue, savoring the taste.


Marcelo Duran of Xtra Inches





Some boys are born with natural talent. Marcelo Duran of Xtra Inches is one who was definitely gifted with an affinity for being in front of a camera. When you’re as hung as this hot Latin firecracker, showing off for others comes naturally. When he takes off his clothes, all eyes are on his bronze, ripped body. He playfully reveals his mammoth cock with the bravado of a cocky know-it-all. He loves the attention and he doesn’t disappoint when he puts on a show. By the time he pulls out his mammoth piece of cock, it’s already crying out for a good jerking and he beats the hard piece of wood against his stomach.

He’s a tease – there’s no doubt about it, but he’s completely adorable and when he starts to pump his cock with his fist, you know he’ll deliver the goods. This Latin twink takes his time getting to that point and he makes the trip all the more enjoyable for us when he guides us through all his pleasure points. He explores his tight stomach, his plump round ass and his nicely defined pecs before his body tightens up. When he cums he does so all on his abs, rubbing it all over them once he’s finished blowing.


Novak and Zane RAW





When talking about size, we always kid around that we want the biggest we can find – it’s the only way to satisfy our insatiable appetite for a good fuck. But when it comes down to it and one is kneeling head to cock head with a monster-sized penis, not everyone is able to handle it. Novak is a rare exception who loves to take a big cock in his ass and when the opportunity presented itself for him to try out Zane’s insanely huge rod, he was nervous but determined to get the job done. In this clip, Novak takes a wild ride on Zane’s stick.

That scene is pretty hot. But did we mention Novak is pretty straight? He’s not even ready to kiss another man, but he sure did take that cock up his tight hole. In between the pounding, Zane gives Novak a nice wet rim job as Novak simultaneously jerks him off. Even after Zane has cum from the hard cock fuck, Novak continues to pump his raging boner into his ass until he finally pulls out and shoots a big wad in and on his ass.


On The Hunt with Trevor Knight and Arie





The guys at On The Hunt have public cruising down to an art form. When they hit the streets in the middle of the night, their only goal is to find a hot, young, and willing stud to take back to their room to fuck. This time around Trevor Knight is taking a bite out of the Big Apple in a big way. He hits the bars on the prowl for fresh meat to eat. He finds it in a hot, smooth Latino muscle boy named Arie. This horny stud is about to be surprised by the size of Trevor’s cock when he unzips the tenting bulge in his pants.

There’s no question about who is in control when Trevor’s 10-inch massive pole springs out of his crotch – much to the delight of Arie’s mouth and ass. He takes a pretty major pounding all over the hotel room – including the dining room table and in front of an open window that overlooks Times Square. By the time the sun comes out, these two horny fuckers have enjoyed a night of hardcore fucking and sucking. They greet the new day with a blast of cum that shoots forth from their still rock-hard cocks.


Big Beefy Hagan





Remember that little, old lady in that 80s burger commercial that coined the phrase, “Where’s the beef?” We don’t really know if she ever found the beef, but apparently the famous question has remained elusive for twenty-odd years. Evidently, Chaos Men has found it! Hagan is the lucky stud who never has to worry about anyone questioning the whereabouts of his super-sized beef. One look at that tool and the only question you’ll be asking is “how in the world is that going to fit in there?”

Hagan is a gorgeous man. His rock-hard pecs and defined abs add a striking effect to his masculine face. But it’s that monster of a cock that is getting all the attention and he is not one to disappoint. He strips down and starts to pump that fat dick. Although he’s relatively straight, he has told Chaos Men that he would like to try some man-on-man action for his next video venture. Let’s hope his wish comes true, because if he is this hot in this solo clip, we can only imagine the potential that will be unleashed when he’s working that pole into someone else.


Nick and Xander





There’s something cute and adorable about Nick Hurley. It has more to do with the way he goes about choosing his next sex partner than it has to do with his All-American looks and smoking hot body. Like a naughty boy making his Christmas list, he takes some time and checks out the other models on the Randy Blue site. He makes notes about which guys he thinks will be fun to shoot with and which ones he looks good with, but when he sees Xander, his eyes light up like a red-nosed reindeer! He can’t wait to get home and unwrap his present.

Nick can’t get his hands off of Xander’s perfectly tight body as he runs his hands up and down his chiseled frame. He can’t get enough of his cock as he gorges himself on those thick inches of Xander meat. If he wasn’t so good at giving blowjobs, he’d probably choke on it. Xander unwraps a gift of his own – he peels back Nick’s uncut tool and spit-polishes that stiff cock before Nick climbs on board and rides Xander’s pole for all it’s worth. Christmas cums early, indeed, for lust-starved Nick this year.


Tommy Defendi





This masculine, Italian stud loves nothing more than to be playing with his cock and fingering his ass. If you had a huge 9-inch cock like his, you would play with your cock all day long, too. Tommy Defendi’s well-equipped package goes well with the rest of his body. His muscled body and perfectly trimmed facial hair attracts manly men and that’s exactly the type of guys that get him off. When he’s not wielding that thick poker with two fists, he’s exploring his tight ass with his wet fingers.

As masculine as he is, Tommy is not afraid to finger his own fuck hole – real men take it up the ass, after all. So, in this You Love Jack clip, he is ready to show us what he can do with an over-sized cock and a tight, hairy hole. He starts off by groping himself and getting hard for the camera. When he beats it off, he stares directly into the camera teasing and taunting. Once his fingers have found the right spot that sends him over the edge, his fat Italian sausage erupts in a geyser of thick cum that shoots directly into his mouth!


Bulldog Pit Orgy





You wouldn’t expect to find a hot little twink with a cute face and a smooth, tight body to be into hardcore dungeon sex, but Ashley Ryder isn’t your average twink. He’s a power bottom with a butt that can be stretched and abused. He’s been into double penetration, dildo fun and even food sex. So it goes without saying that an orgy of almost twelve hot, hung muscle studs isn’t going to scare him away. In fact, Ashley is ready to take on all of these cummers with a “can-do” attitude. No cock is too big or too thick for his well-used pucker.

In this hot scene from Bulldog Pit, Ashley is stuffed from both ends at a filthy sex club. Cum hungry and ready to swallow all loads, he eagerly licks bulging packages before unleashing the stretching snakes that pop out of tight briefs before they disappear down his throat. The hungry sex maniacs line up to play with his ass with big dildos – shoved deep into his anal cavity. The best part of this whole orgy is watching insatiable Ashley take load after creamy load of spent man-juice down his open throat.


Dawson & Johnny





Dawson Riley and Johnny of Randy Blue are into physical fitness. All you have to do is look at their perfectly defined physiques to know that these guys take care of their bodies and they enjoy showing them off. You can say that they can appreciate a hot bod and in this clip, they get the opportunity to worship the bodies that they admire in a one-on-one session. Dawson’s creamy white skin contrasts beautifully against Johnny’s darker skin tone, making for a delightful visual effect that showcases their oral talent.

From the moment the clothes come off, they can’t get their hand off of one another. Dawson  gets his big, masculine hands on Johnny. When Johnny turns over and presents his tight, bubble butt, Dawson eagerly spreads those tanned buns and digs right into an intense rimming session that makes Johnny squirm with pleasure. At the same time, Johnny’s takes hold of Dawson’s beautifully sculpted cock and he devours that sucker clear down to his pubes. The passion for oral sex is clearly evident when the two work themselves up to a climactic ending that has them shooting their big sticky loads.


Next Door Buddies: Spencer Reed and Gavin





A great way to break the ice between two hot studs that are about to get intimate for the first time with each other is to play a manly round of football to get the body nice and ready. Spencer Reed is the lucky Next Door Buddies model that’s going to break in newcomer Gavin. By the hungry look on Spencer’s face, he’s got a different kind of ball game on his mind. They come outdoors in baggy shorts sporting bulges – looks like they’re ready to play.

We can see why Spencer is into Gavin. He’s cute and blond with a nice tan – more surfer than football player. Spencer can’t keep his hands off of Gavin’s package, but it’s his nice round ass that he is after. They move indoors and the real foreplay begins with a little make out session to loosen up the body. Gavin starts to suck Spencer’s big, long dick before Spencer rims Gavin’s ass and lubes it up for easy access. When he slams his cock in his ass, Gavin can’t help but cry out. We don’t know if it’s pain or pleasure, but he doesn’t tell him to stop so he keeps going until he blows his wad.


Alexi and Bobby





You Love Jack usually focuses on the art of solo masturbation. These videos are the hottest videos produced since the last time you pointed your camcorder at your own dick and wished for porn stardom. When YLJ decides to feature a two-way action scene, fans are in for a treat that’s twice the fun! This clip features the very sexy Alexi and the very flexible Bobby. Just looking at the hardcore chemistry these two produce on camera, you would think they’ve known each other for some time, but in reality they’ve just met. If it’s not the camaraderie that’s captured here, then it’s their wanton passion for hot sex that we are witnessing.

Alexi, the ever-ready, ever-hard top begins to pound Bobby’s hole like a pro. Bobby is flipped and turned to different positions so that Alexi can get in as deep as he can. Once he finds that sweet spot, it sends him over the edge and he pulls out and aims his cock at Bobby’s mouth. Bobby has no choice but to eat that sweet juice. Once Alexi is done he flips him over and rims his ass while Bobby sucks a gallon of cum out of his own cock.


Four Guy Fuck Contest





What can four straight, naked guys do together in one room? If they’re the guys from Straight Boys Fucking, the answer can be: anything! In this case, they’re competing for the first prize – not to lose. The stakes are high when losing means sloppy seconds and having to take pictures of the action instead of taking part in it. But whatever the stakes may be, we don’t really care. We know that this is just a ploy to get four horny straight boys naked in one room so we can see how they each react to another naked man standing before them.

The contest begins when they bring in a sexy woman in a red dress to help the boys out with their masturbatory techniques. She grabs hold of their peckers and starts to stroke them – to get the juices flowing. Then she sucks their dicks and licks their balls, which gets them all excited as they gather around them in a tight circle. It’s almost too much as their hard cocks point at each other, close enough to touch! Throughout this “contest,” these guys get close and rub up against each other – adding to the whole eroticism of watching straight guys playing naked.


Self-Sucking Sam





Sam is a shy kind of boy. His cute baby-face and slender body betrays his age, although he is twenty-five. His quiet nature only adds to his appeal. He’s not one to blow his own horn, but when the pants come off and his big dick is at attention, Sam shows us that he really can blow his own horn if he wants to. It’s fun to watch how these seemingly shy boys come out of their shells when they’re stripped of any kinds of clothes. For young Sam, it was a matter of putting his impressive talent to good use on himself.

They always warn you to look out for the quiet ones – they’re wild in the sex department and Sam is no exception. He’s not much of a talker, but who cares? His big, thick, powerful rod does all the talking and when it does, you listen. Watch this young stud slick his dick with some spit. He works it until it’s hard before bending over and slipping his cock head into his mouth. He wraps his full lips around his shaft and goes to work on his throbbing member. Nature has truly gifted him with the talent to pleasure himself.


You Love Jack: Bobby Dale





What can a cute boy such as Bobby Dale of You Love Jack do with so much talent? His multi-tasking little twink ass can do the work of two guys when it comes to satisfying his horny itch. That can come in handy when you find yourself without the readily available company of a fuck buddy or buddies. Bobby starts out by whipping out his hefty-looking boy-wood before he starts to jack it off for his audience, but he quickly moves to the real pièce de résistance. He scoots down on the couch and spreads his legs wide open to show off his tight little pucker while he starts to lick his own pecker!

With a clear dildo stretching open his tight hole, you know little Bobby is no stranger to foreign objects making frequent calls through the back door. He starts to fuck himself with the toy and at one point he throws his legs over his head and continues the fucking, while his tongue flick out of his mouth to lick the head of his swollen cock! For his finale, Bobby jacks his meat, which dangles just inches from his face before he blows his juice all over his pretty face!

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