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Filip, Sanches, Marko and Ronny





Today’s clip is a nice mix of different races getting to know one another intimately. It’s a party of four with an added bonus! Sanches Viva is a tall, slim dark-colored Middle Eastern type hottie with a tall, slim dark-colored cock! French boy Filip flips for his cock and he’s all too eager to bend over and show off his ass to entice Sanches’ extended rod. The other two guys, not wanting to miss out on the fun, begin their own fuck session, once in a while intermingling into a mass made up of four young studs sucking, licking and plugging holes.

Filip is truly insatiable. He’s getting dicked left and right, but he’s also taking in as many cocks as he can take. The pièce-de-resistance in this foursome is the dildo that makes an appearance deep inside Filip’s already stretched-out hole. The other guys take turns shoving it in his ass and watching him moan with pleasure at the feeling of being stuffed. Finally, after everyone is fully satiated and there’s only one load left to extract, Sanches gives Filipo one final fuck before showering his pretty French face with a load of white, thick cum.


Joey Taylor





We will call Joey Taylor a banana twink. It’s not hard to see why. One look at his curved, uncut cock and images of peeling back the foreskin like a banana come to mind. He’s all too happy to show it off for the camera, too. This 19-year-old with a voracious, sexual appetite loves to jack his cock and blow a big load. In this clip, that is exactly what he does. As soon as the camera is set up, his huge dick is already pressing up against the thin fabric of his underwear. He needs very little encouragement, as he is already ready to go!

Joey’s exhibitionist side comes out as soon as he turns the camera on. The camera loves these types of tight, young bodies. He takes his time enjoying the pleasures of tugging on his curved cock. It’s thick and 8 inches long. We bet that his tool could hit just the right pleasure spots wherever he decides to shove that thing. For now, though, he strokes his cock quickly and he uses the glistening precum as lube. He shoots his sweet boy cum all over his knuckles before licking up the nectar like it was a banana shake!


Christian & Dawson





Christian Sharp is perfect in every possible way. He’s the kind of guy that has traffic stopping to admire his great looks. He’s got the most adorable face with those puppy dog eyes and beautiful smile. But then, he takes off his shirt and the world gasps. He has an incredible body and he knows how to use it. It’s that big tool of his that Dawson Riley is after, too, but not before he shows Christian the art of rimming a perfectly round bubble butt. Christian is not a novice; he’s been around the block a few times and he’s got some lessons to teach.

Now he’s teaching Dawson everything he knows, especially how to eat that hot, tasty ass. From the looks on his face and the soft moans coming from his mouth you can tell he’s going to enjoy this fuck fest! Christian starts pounding Dawson’s ass with the precision of an expert fucker. He jackhammers his bone deep into Dawson’s hole, making him cry out. Christian shoots his load all over Dawson’s smooth chest and Dawson soon follows with his own wad of cum. The sexual chemistry is so hot that these two feel it immediately, giving everyone a great show!


Chaos Men Raw: Clay and Silas





When Clay of Chaos Men started to do video shoots, he told the producers he would never bottom for a scene – he’s straight, after all. Well, the time has come and it’s one of those never-say-never moments. Fortunately, it is Clay that broached the subject and asked to bottom for the first time. He’s paired with Silas, an eager cock sucker who’s wanted to play with Clay for some time. So this leads us to today’s clip. It’s a raw, intimate session of hardcore flip-fucking, sucking and a lot of rimming on behalf of these two horny studs.

Clay has really come a long way from not wanting to suck dick to the voracious cock swallower you see here. Silas is a perfect partner; matching him in all intensity from the hard pounding he gives Clay’s ass to the passionate manner in which he sucks his dick. When it comes time for Clay to fuck Silas, he pounds him long and hard, ensuring that his raw dick goes all the way in his ass. By the time they’re both done and their loads have been spent, it is obvious that this was something they both have wanted to do for a long time – straight… Or not.


Thomas Steel and Igor Lucas





Thomas Steel and Igor Lucas are popular models here at Bareback That Hole. Every time they appear separately, they put on a great show and their fucking abilities are always the showcase of each adventure. In this clip, top fucker Thomas is paired up with insatiable bottom pig Igor. Watch the sparks fly as these two collide with a hardcore fucking session of raw sex that leaves these two drenched in their own loads. Their intensity as a top and bottom team is one that is unparalleled. You only need to see this clip to understand!

The sparks were flying as soon as the two of them came in the same room. The scene opens with lots of heavy kissing, spitting, petting, and juicy cock sucking, with one plowing the other’s ass over and over again. Igor shoots a huge load of cum and Thomas quickly blasts his juice all over Igor’s twitching hole and continues to fuck it deep into him. Apparently, Thomas isn’t finished. Igor is a very patient bottom.


Tomo from Flirt 4 Free







Sexy Tomo loves to work out his muscles. Each day they get bigger and bigger and he grows more beautiful by the minute! His smile is infectious and his body is rock hard. But don’t mistake him for a self-absorbed gym rat. Tomo is friendly and easy to talk to. This 23-year-old with blond hair and blue eyes is ready to hear your wildest fantasies and he’ll do whatever he can to make them all come true. That is a pretty tall order for a guy with a 6-foot frame. But Tomo is here for you. Just switch on your web cam and chat him up.

Right off the bat, he wants you to know that he loves to jack off. He’s got 420 recorded videos to prove that. But jacking his big cock isn’t the only thing he loves to do. Once in a while he’ll pleasure his rear end with a nice, big dildo. If you’re kinky enough, he’ll take you to his private world and show you all his nasty talents, but you have to find him at Flirt 4 Free. If you haven’t created a free account yet, do it! You get unlimited chat sneak-peeks of private shows and 120 free credits!


Mason Wyler and Parker London





Parker London is a rock-n-roll kind of dude. He’s laid back, carefee and most importantly, he’s never let anyone near his very tight asshole ever. Right now he’s just fresh out of the shower and feeling a bit horny. Mason Wyler has been checking him out and he was just warming up a hot boner when he saw Parker freshly bathed. Mason’s big dick is just the thing needed to stretch out Parker’s hole and it’s no surprise that Mason is up for the job. This certainly isn’t Mason’s first experience in hole stretching.

He’s plunged his throbbing cock into many a tight space, always getting the job done with pleasure. But he’s especially excited to get deep inside the muscular, tattooed Parker. From the look of things, Parker isn’t too worried about getting his cherry popped. He knows that Mason also loves a thick shaft up his bum and if he lets him in the back door, he’ll have to return the favor. They go at it, sinking dicks into tight, wet holes and flip-flop for a hot butt banging time. Parker is able to take Mason’s powerful thrusts and when his turn comes up to fuck Mason, he shoves his fatty all the way in!


Men At Play: Splash





Patrik is one of Men At Play’s newest exclusive models. He’s got all the classic features that makes him a hot commodity. Patrik is one of those guys that when you see him your heart races and your cock throbs – with his piercing eyes,strong jaw and perfect pecs, he is everything any horny man would ever desire! In this new release entitled Splash, Patrik has the good fortune of breaking in MAP’s newest exclusive, Max Schutler. Max is tall, dark and handsome! Watching the two play together is a scene that’s definitely not to be missed.

Patrik and Max create some splashes of their own in and out of the pool as they start their hardcore foreplay poolside, then move to the bedroom for an intimate one-on-one fuck session. Max sees Patrik soaking up the rays after a naked swim and Max wants that cock in his ass. He begins to caress Patrik’s beautiful chest and fondles his growing cock. After Patrik gets a little rough with Max, they start to kiss passionately before he takes him to the bedroom and fucks him. The sexual energy between the two of them is electric!


Bruno Jones and Martin Passoli





Lucas Entertainment first brought us an exclusive look at the hot men of Israel this past summer with his blockbuster hit Men of Israel. You’ve never seen so many hot Israeli men getting naked and doing each other the way they did in that video. Now, Lucas Entertainment is bringing us a little more of that Israeli sex with his new video, Inside Israel. Production started last month and already there is footage available to whet your horny appetite. In this section, you’ll find Bruno Jones and Martin Passoli in a steamy hot duo scene outside exotic locales in Israel.

This clip shows Bruno Jones as a photographer out to capture the beauty of Israel for a book. From the looks of things, this photographer is doing less point-and-shoot and more point-and-enter – with his horny fuck stick. Bruno takes an in-depth look at some hot ass in a steamy rimming session that gives new meaning to the title, Inside Israel. If these previews are any indication of what’s to come, this new release is going to be a hot one. Expect to see plenty of European models getting into naked adventures with the popular men of Israel.


Next Door Buddies’ Threesome!





When you have a great pool of hot studs at your studio, it’s fun to try out the different combinations you can get by pairing up your models in twos and threes. In this case, Next Door Buddies has found a perfect combination with three of their most popular studs. Parker London is the lucky stud that gets to have his dick serviced by two very hot and eager boys. Redhead Jeremy Fox and exotic Blu Kennedy waste no time stripping down and wrapping their lips around that big tool. Parker has a fat dick, but these two cock hungry boys will each have to wait their turn to suck it.

This slumber party turns out to be one all three will not so soon forget. When Blu Kennedy wakes up after a night of partying, his kinky brain decides to prop up a camera and record the nasty plan he has in mind for his fellow buddies. Let’s say there is plenty of sucking, licking, and some gang bang action that gets heated up in this bedroom. To find out who does what to whom, you’ll have to log on and watch carefully – just make sure you pay close attention.


Saxie from Flirt 4 Free







Saxie, a web cam model at Flirt 4 Free comes off as a hardcore stud when you first look at him. He’s got well-developed biceps and clean, sexy tattoos that bring out his masculine sensuality. He’s also bisexual and confident. It’s enough to intimidate anyone who wishes to approach him. But Saxie is one of the most down-to-earth studs you’ll find on this site. He’s got charisma that attracts both men and women so it’s probably a good thing that he’s bisexual. What he has to offer is something that will turn on both sexes while getting him off on camera.

Just look for him at Flirt 4 Free. He’s always hanging around with the cam turned on waiting to chat to any willing person. Find out his fantasies and help him fulfill some of your own. His VOD section is filled with over 800 archived cam shows. But if you want to have him do what you want, catch him while online or invite him to a private chat. One thing you’ll find out quickly is that he loves to pleasure himself with a big dildo up his cute, tight ass. So, don’t be afraid… Hit him up.


Randy Blue: Dallas and Nicco





First times can be awkward for someone who’s never done anything remotely sexual with another guy. Add to it a whole crew taking pictures and it can be a downright weenie-shrinking experience. Luckily, Dallas is a pro. He never lets on that it’s his first time and considering the guy going down on his cock is an expert sucker, it’s hard not to stay hard. That cute mouth sucking Dallas’ dick belongs to Randy Blue fan favorite, Nicco Sky. It comes to no surprise that Dallas felt at ease and was able to deliver a skull-fucking performance that gets Nicco’s horny ass twitching for an encore.

The scene starts out with Dallas watching and getting off on Nicco, who is sunbathing in the buff. Nicco gets up and sees Dallas and the two get intimate indoors. Nicco goes down on his knees and starts to feed on that big, stiff cock. Dallas has no problem telling Nicco how he likes to get serviced and Nicco obliges him. What a turn on! Dallas must really like his cock sucking talent because he climbs over him and starts to pound his face with his massive dick. Nicco grabs hold of Dallas’ cock and jacks him off to completion.


AWOL Marine Jack Off





This burly marine is handsome to say the least. He looks like he’s built for strength and every bulging muscle and beefy filling screams masculinity. He’s also straight – which makes this situation a lot hotter than it usually would be. Bobby got lucky with this stud. You can guess that when he lured him to his basement apartment, this guy was probably only interested in the porn and perhaps the beer that Bobby always offers his men. He gets comfortable and then he’s asked if he will jerk off his dick. Hesitant at first, the marine strips down to his boxer briefs and starts to pump his rod.

After a few moments, he starts to feel more comfortable and eventually loses the boxer briefs. Now, he’s horny watching the straight porn and he fast-forwards to the good parts. His dick plumps up a bit more as his slick hands start to create that good friction you always get when you’re getting close to blowing a big load of sticky cum. This marine can’t hold back any longer and his piss slit explodes with all that juicy marine goo that lands all over his beefy thighs. Looks like Bobby’s got some cleaning up to do!


Tyler Andrews & Zach Alexander





Tyler and Zach are opposite in the way their bodies are defined. Tyler has a smooth, taut body while Zach is furry and chiseled. Like they say, opposites attract and there’s definitely a lot of attraction going on between them. To get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, they head out to nature for a hot, one-on-one roll on the grass. They find a nice cool spot and decide to “take a load off.” They lay out a blanket and get comfortable – naked, to be more precise. They check out their bodies and their dicks begin to stir with a lust that won’t go away until they’ve satisfied all their carnal desires.

Tyler has a beautiful, big cock, but Zach’s tool is a whopper! Tyler tries his best to swallow it all the way down but it’s just too big. At least he tried. Now, it’s Tyler’s turn to put his dick to good use. Zach is all to eager to get that cock up his ass. Tyler happily obliges him, shoving his dick deep inside Zach’s hairy ass. Zach gets pounded doggie-style then goes for a ride on top, and finally gets his hole drilled missionary style.


Eddie and Malachi





Newcomer Eddie Renzo and fan favorite Malachi Marx are the lucky studs who get to christen the brand new gym that has been installed in the Randy Blue studios. That move was genius when you consider the horny possibilities of having your own gym to be used by some of the hottest, fittest models around. It took no time for these two boys to test out the equipment before their exhibitionist side started to show. They display tight, lean bodies that reveal they are no strangers to the gym and by the looks of things they are definitely not strangers to one other.

Malachi admires Eddie’s sculpted torso with a light, furry treasure trail that leads down to his hardening pecker. He takes his flesh tool and devours it down to the hilt. Eddie enjoys the attention, letting out breathy grunts in short spurts before blowing his load. If they were at an actual public gym, this pair would turn heads and no one would get their workout done. Maybe it’s the idea of being watched that get Eddie and Malachi going because their horny display of cock worshipping and nasty flirtations is something you’ll never find at your local gym.


You Love Jack: Jackson Price





The last time we saw Jackson Price at You Love Jack, he was sporting glasses and getting blown. That was a way hot nerdy look for him and his scene helped make a substantial deposit into our ever-expanding spank bank. Now, Jackson is back, but this time the glasses are gone and he’s flying solo. After laser eye surgery, the frames may be gone, but his quintessential nerdy look remains. Armed with a camera, he’s determined to show off that huge cock he sports inside his jeans and this time he’s got a nice big load for us.

This nerd needs no time to get ready. As soon as the camera is rolling, he unzips his jeans, pulls out his full-sized hard-on and starts the jacking process. As his breath quickens and he starts to pant, he reaches around and aims his ass at the camera. His fingers quickly slip into his tight fuck hole and he pushes out his pucker to show us an up-close and personal look at his gaping ass. Always the show off, Jackson’s exhibitionist side never fails to produce a thick load of white, sticky cum, which he manages to catch all over his black t-shirt.

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