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Collin O’Neal and Samuel Lupon





When you’re a major player in the porn business you can pretty much get anything you want – especially when you’re in the mood for a tasty Latin ass. Collin O’Neal confesses that he’s been eyeing Samuel Lupon’s bubble butt since filming him with another model. Now, he’s got the chance to do a one-on-one with this spicy stud. Samuel really does have one of those perfectly round bubble butts. It’s so big and round you can’t help but want to either lick it or fuck it. In this case, Collin is having a grand time doing both.

The scene progresses with the usual steamy make out session. Samuel sucks cock and licks balls while Collin explores Samuel’s ass with his fingers. Samuel is quick to spread his butt cheeks and show off his enticing hole. He gets on his back and lets Collin eat out his edible rump. But things get a lot more interesting when a third party enters the scene. The third stud to enter the picture is sexy Latino hunk Pedro. At Samuel’s urgin, he quickly unzips his pants to reveal a hard sausage. In no time, Samuel is servicing two cocks from both ends!


Billy Gee





They say good things come in small packages. In this case, it should be said that big things come in small, tight packages. Bobby Gee looks unassuming at first glance. He’s kind of small-framed, skinny and a bit of a nerd in his black rimmed glasses. But when he strips off his clothes you’re in for a big surprise because this boy has one of the biggest dicks around! When he jacks off, it’s a two-hand operation. If he had help with a third hand, it still wouldn’t be enough to cover the length of this thick, long shaft.

At first he’s a bit shy in front of the camera, but once he’s down to his underwear and he starts to get horny, he comes out of his shell. He massages his balls while pumping his hand up and down the length of his hard cock. You have to wonder what kind of load this guy will shoot once he’s ready to bust his nut. By now, we don’t care about his nerdish looks. All eyes are on his cock as he works himself into a frenzy. His thick pole swells just a bit more as the load travels through his cock and spurts out!


Tristan Baldwin & DJ Mann





Reunions are always filled with emotion and energy. This is especially true for Tristan and DJ. It’s been a while since they’ve hooked up together for a sizzling one-on-one naked exploration of their tight, muscular bodies. It didn’t take long for them to get reacquainted – especially with their stiff cocks. They unleash them into each other’s mouths for a succulent sucking session that gets their juices flowing. Tristan eats DJ’s ass in preparation for the drilling he’s about to deliver. Once he’s been bareback fucked, DJ flips Tristan over to admire his sweet bubble butt.

DJ takes his turn burying his bone into those soft mounds of ass, but then finds himself getting flipped over again for yet another hard ass pounding. With his buddy’s long shaft buried deep inside his ass, DJ erupts with a big load of hot cum all over his abs. Tristan gets off on this and aims his cock at DJ’s face, shooting big ropes of white cum all over his chin and chest. While he didn’t shoot cum on his face, Tristan laps up the juices into his mouth and kisses DJ so that he can get a taste of that fresh load.


Dirty Boy Video





Jay R. is your typical horny young guy from New York City. He gets off on a regular basis just as much as any red-blooded American guy. But there’s a bit of an exhibitionist streak in him to put him slightly above and beyond Middle America. Sure, at first he’s a bit shy, but his wicked grin shows us that with a little prodding, he’ll do anything sexual. Dirty Boy Video puts him to the test with a sex dare that he is all too eager to try. The cameras follow him around the city as he takes in some pizza, heads for the gym and finally ends up at a dirty adult bookstore where he strokes off a big load for the cameras.

From the start, you can tell that Jay R. is a total tease. The moments when he’s alone, he’s stroking his dick and making it hard. Once inside the adult bookstore, he gets even more turned on by the sounds of the moaning coming from the videos and even the moans coming from the horny men watching those videos. He pulls down his pants and rubs on his hard wood until he can’t hold back any longer and blows a nice, thick load of cum.


Fernando Sanchez





Nothing is more erotic than a Latin pool boy that puts out! It sounds like a cliché, but it’s one that is well founded as evidenced in this Cocky Boys clip. Fernando is trying to break into the porn business with his spicy chile relleno. It only took a little prompting to find out what kind of filling that chile is packing. He doesn’t waste any time getting down to the dirty deed. There’s no need to strip down since he’s only wearing very tight-fitting shorts. But when he pulls out his Ice Jack, the shorts quickly come off!

Fernando is a real cutie. He’s got a baby face, but he’s all man. His broad shoulders flex and pump as he works his Ice Jack over his hard cock. He’s also not shy about playing naked outdoors by the pool – a good sign of a porn star in the making. This stud knows how to show off his body – and what a body it is. His build is tight but natural, defined by a smooth toned body. His cock gets a good workout as he shoots his big load of manly cum all over his abs and chest.


On The Hunt Orgy





On The Hunt features a hot orgy in this current clip. It’s pros meet amateurs when On The Hunt regulars Jeremy Hall and Trevor Knight walk in on a hot amateur shoot in New York City. Adam and Tyler are filming a scorching scene with full-on oral action going on. Jeremy grabs the camera and Trevor joins the amateur studs and swallows Tyler’s dick to the hilt. Even as he’s trying to eat that throbbing piece of manhood, another amateur stud walks in on the action and he immediately joins in and they all take turns devouring Trevor’s huge slab of cock.

This impromptu orgy turns out to be a hell of a lot of fun for these horny guys. With so much cock to suck and plenty of willing asses to explore, the combination of kinky positions is nearly endless. Besides the oral skills on display, Trevor shows these amateurs how to fuck by inserting his long shaft deep inside Tyler while Adam feeds Tyler his cock. Check out the deep moans that come out of Tyler’s mouth. If he’s not in pig heaven, then he’s definitely on his way. The massive load he shoots on his abs is a good indication that he’s enjoying the ride there.


Malachi, Nick & Sean





The games boys will play will always end up with someone’s dick in someone else’s ass and vice versa. It’s the nature of men to get aroused when they are in close proximity with one another and sporting events is the perfect example. All the adrenaline pumping through their body needs to go somewhere and when they find themselves alone with only the company of other men, they will act out their sexual frustrations on each other. Malachi, Nick and Sean find themselves in this situation when Randy Blue proposes a video game challenge that ends up in a hot threeway!

When they’re playing for “Tops” the horniest bottom will throw the game in order to find himself on his back, with his legs spread open and his ass stuffed with hard cocks. It doesn’t quite end up that way. They traded off, but in the end, it doesn’t really matter who won or who lost, all three are winners in this naked circle. Malachi seemed to enjoy the ass ramming he received from Sean and Nick. And Sean’s face reveals his glee as he finds himself in the middle of this threeway with a cock in his mouth and a dick deep in his ass.


Doctor’s Dildo





You’d never expect to find some action at the doctor’s office, but when you’re as hot as the three euro twinks in this video clip, you would almost expect sex to follow wherever they go. That’s exactly what happens when these young boys find themselves bored as they wait for the hunky doctor to see them in his office. Playing doctor has never been so hot – especially when they do some digging around and find that the doctor has some interesting toys to play with. They pull out a couple of dildos and try them out on each other.

After playing with the doctor’s toys, the euro boys are ready for some action. They’re rock hard and desperate for bareback fucking. Since the doctor takes too long in seeing them and they’re alone in the waiting room, they decide to kill time by fucking each other – well, not exactly. They take the most submissive of the three and start to pound on his ass. We don’t know why they’re here at the doctor’s, but if the doctor does a rectal exam (which we’re almost sure he will), he’s going to find a sweet cum-filled surprise!


Studding Twins





You know the routine for having a successful date. Never go in with a loaded cock. The last thing you want to do is to accidentally [shudders as wet spot appears] jizz in your pants. Twin brothers Dave and Matt Studding know this. They’ve been hanging out all afternoon by the lake, kayaking and swimming. They meet up with a group of hot young women and the stirring in their pants tells them that they need to get to know them a little better. The twins are known for tag teaming multiple girls and this is the perfect opportunity to get laid.

They head back to their place and prepare for their hot dates. They don’t want the girls to think that they’re immature, so they strip off their clothes and start to stroke off their identical dicks just to be safe. They want to be able to last longer when they go on their dates and popping off a good load before heading out is a good idea. They’re not shy about being naked in front of each other and it’s hot to watch them use their different techniques on their twin cocks. You have to wonder if they get off on each other.


Tyler Dorn Busts a Nut





Tyler Dorn may look like a sweet and innocent kid, but this college stud has nothing but sex on his mind when he’s not diligently studying for exams. All study and no play can make Tyler a dull boy, but there’s definitely nothing dull about his sex life. He’s got aggressive sexual tendencies that he freely discusses before whipping off his tight-fitting orange shirt to reveal his ripped body! He’s extremely hot – all chest, arms and sexy abs. He teases the camera with a bit of flexing to reveal rippling muscles. Then he moves down to his pants and unzips them!

When the jeans come off his hard dick pops out. It is a thick piece of meat that he grabs and waves around for us to see. His ass proves to be just as hot as the rest of his body. This boy takes care of his body and he’s not afraid to show it off! Everything about Tyler is sexy from top to bottom. He strokes off his cock for us and spreads his rock-hard butt cheeks so we can get a better look at his tight hole! Now this is a fun game of show and tell!


Eli and Nash RAW





Eli is hung. Nash couldn’t wait to get on top of that cock and ride it until he shot a load. This pairing at Chaos Men is bound to be a fan favorite. hese two go at it bareback and they cant’ get enough of each other. If you think you’re only going to see Eli’s big dick pump away at Nash’s hairy hole, you’ve got another thing coming. Eli is a good sport and will do anything to look good on camera – even if that means getting fucked – which he does in this clip!

It’s not enough that these two hunks have the perfect muscular bodies. They are also good at getting in on the hardcore, bareback action. They may be playing up to the camera, but it pays off! The look on each of their faces as they slide down on the other’s cock is priceless. It’s hard to tell if it’s pleasure or pain – though it may be a little of both. It doesn’t matter. They each try to out-fuck one another. This clip is definitely one to watch if you’re into masculine men taking dick as far up their holes as they can get them.


Jock Vs. Hipster





Like a battle of major proportions, the title of this Dirty Boy Video promises a kinky encounter between two totally different type of guys. First off, we’re turned on at the fact that two completely different type of guys are going to clash – skin on skin. The jock, of course, is alluring for his streamlined build, athletic body and masculine physique. The hipster can be a turn on because of his fashion-forward sense. He’s in tune with his feelings and most likely will let a more masculine stud fuck his brains out. Well, this clip takes those preconceived stereotypes and turns them on end!

Tyler and Scott are the opposing forces in this match up. Scott the jock tries to force his dorm roommate to suck his dick, but hipster Tyler has something else in mind. Although he plays the game, he has the last laugh when he gets the jock to give up his tight hole for a hot fucking that only a hipster can deliver. Scott proves to be quite the submissive bottom boy, taking all that Scott gives him. In the end, it’s unclear who the winner is. They both look like they enjoyed the challenge!


Rod and Trent





What starts out as a romantic make out session outdoors by a water barrel in a picturesque vineyard soon turns to a raunchy fuck fest when these two studs from Next Door Buddies start to explore each other’s tight bodies. The action soon moves indoors where they get more intimate with their cocks and asses. Rod’s muscular abs accented with some very sexy tattoos gets a good workout from Trent’s eager tongue. There’s plenty of oral action going on between the two horny fuckers, but the real fun begins when Trent’s greedy cock starts to seek out Rod’s firm, tight butt.

Rod bends over so Trent can have a better look and easier access to his tight rose bud. When Trent starts to enter his sphincter, you can almost feel it stretch that ass with that rock-hard pole! Rod’s body flexes and moves with the rhythm of the thrusting action that Trent delivers. They are both in erotic ecstasy as they use their bodies to get one another off. When they finally reach that moment, their bodies tense up in anticipation of the release! Finally, they let loose with a flood or their own sticky wet cum.


Ricky Sinz





Ricky Sinz has been around for some time. His longevity in porn is secure thanks to his hot muscular body and the sexy tattoos that adorn his naked flesh. We’ve seen him in some of the hottest blockbusters from major studios and we’ve also seen him perform with other hot studs in some raunchy sex scenes. It’s nice to see him at Badpuppy going solo, spending some well-needed time by himself going over all the lines and curves on his tight body. We’ve mostly seen him top, but here, he’s exploring his back end and splitting his bubble butt!

He starts with some poses and flexes that really make his body pop! In anticipation of the dildo action, he turns over and shows us his perfectly round mounds of butt cheeks before getting down to business. After that it’s all fist pumping on his rock-hard cock. No fan of Ricky will want to miss the dildo that he inserts into his ass. He starts out slowly, but once it’s firmly in place he starts to shove it all the way in! If this is any indication, we’ll be sure to look for his first time taking a real dick in his ass.


Joey and Marcus





Let there be a lesson in today’s You Love Jack clip. For any gay man who has ever lusted after a straight man and thought it impossible to have a meaningless one-night encounter with a heterosexual man, the improbability has just been disproved! Marcus is as straight as they come, but he’s admitted that he’s let a guy blow him in the past (haven’t they all!) The plain fact is that a horny man is a horny man and a warm, willing mouth will do in a pinch. Joey’s mouth proves to be the right hole for Marcus to stick his rock-hard rod into and this clip proves that a straight man can be had at little to no effort on our part… Just as long as we recognize that the object of our lust is certifiably “straight.” But Joey does such a bang up job that Marcus has no choice but to reciprocate the hot, oral action that his dick is receiving. Marcus gets down on his knees and sucks another man’s dick for the first time on camera! Pure animal attraction is unleashed when these two studs work their mouths to bring each other to full orgasmic satisfaction!


Simon and Brad





Simon and Brad are really horny, young twinks who decided to throw a party and then, in the middle of the festivities, they ditched the shindig to start a party of their own in he privacy of their bedroom. One would normally say it is in bad taste (not to mention bad etiquette) to disappear from the party – especially when you are the hosts! But considering the circumstances, it is nearly forgivable. These two can’t keep their hard dicks in their pants, so whenever the mood strikes, Simon and Brad enjoy a little bit of each other.

This time around, they get into some sneaker fetish. After some face sucking and a little groping, they remove their clothes and start sniffing around their trainers. The smell must work like an aphrodisiac because in no time, they’ve completely removed their clothes and they start to suck cock like it was going out of style. Of course, you can’t start a heavy make-out session without it going to the next level. Simon gets his dick slicked up before he slams it all the way into Brad’s waiting hole. The bareback action heats up when they start to pump each other hard and the cum begins to fly!

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