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Brett, Christian & Riley





Nothing is hotter than to be in complete control during a hot and sensual sexual encounter – especially when you have two guys to control. They’re at your every kinky whim and watching them go down on each other is just the thing to help your jack off session reach a satisfying conclusion. Christian from Randy Blue goes against type by shedding his adorable boy-next-door image and taking complete control of Brett and Riley. He instructs them – no, he commands them – to kiss, work each other’s bodies and suck one another’s dicks until they drip with the anticipation of their next command.

Brett and Riley obviously get off on this domination. Their main goal is to please their master hoping that he’ll join in on this kinky voyeuristic scene. Christian, of course, can’t hold back and joins in. He fucks Brett’s hungry hole as Riley Feeds on Brett’s rock-hard cock. Not one to fit into any particular role, Christian’s dominant side subsides for a moment while he feeds on Riley’s dick giving him a hot blow job. Kudo’s to Randy Blue for taking their spit-polished guys and mixing it up with some raunchy fetishes!


Stock Room Suck & Fuck





Wow! Check out that long, thick cock on that stud. And look at all that jizz on that boy’s face! He looks like he’s enjoying it! But we’re getting ahead of ourselves. You can’t get to that happy ending without first getting it started. It all started with Scott, the cum-covered, horny fucker who needed some help in the stock room. He calls on his hot Latino co-worker Jack, who’s all too eager to oblige, knowing that Scott is the cock hound that he is and by helping him out, he’s bound to get repaid with a blow job and a steamy back room butt fuck.

Turns out he right. The moment they’re alone in the back, Scott drops to his knees, unzips Jack’s pants and swallows that uncut tool. Soon, Scott is begging to have that cock rammed up his sweet hole and Jack, once again, obliges. Jack bangs that butt all over the stock room: on a desk, on the floor – anywhere and everywhere. When he’s done fucking Scott, he pulls out and aims his rock-hard cock at Scott’s face. He pumps out a big load of baby makers all over Scott’s face.


Fucking Colby





Colby jumps into his first guy-on-guy experience with both his legs wide open. A self-described hetero guy, Colby garnered a lot of attention from fans at Corbin Fisher and when he was approached about fucking or getting fucked on camera, he said he would be up for trying both. So, what better way to introduce this young stud with a tight body to gay sex than by having him bottom? He goes at it with full passion and intensity as evidenced in this clip. There’s a first time for everything and Colby is beginning to realize just how hot another guy can be.

He appears nervous at first as he kisses and touches his partner’s hard body. But then he feels the warmth of a hot mouth sucking on his dick and on his toes and he’s in lust! But when that thick shaft splits his virgin hole, his expression at first is sheer shock and pain, but as he opens up his hole and starts to feel the pressure of that dick pumping in and out of his pucker, his expression turns to joy. There’s one born every minute. Not a sucker, but a bottom born to get fucked!


AWOL Marine Handjob





When you want something done right you have to do it yourself. Especially if what you want is a straight and incredibly hot military stud to jack off for you. With a beer in one hand and a cigarette in the other, it’s quite literally impossible for this cutie to rub one out. Thankfully, Bobby is there to lend a hand and our young stud doesn’t object to having another man play with his goods. In fact, he’s totally relaxed that he even allows Bobby to suck on his dick while he enjoys his frosty cold beverage.

As Bobby goes down on his stiff woody, the cute guy with the slim build and lean torso watches in a drunken stupor as he gets an expert blow job. When Bobby releases his cock to adjust the camera, our drunken sailor looks at him as if to say, “hey, where are you going? You’re not done sucking my dick.” The things we do to get straight guys to jack off for us! In this case, it works. Bobby is able to jump start this young military boy’s libido and he finishes off a good jerk off session for all of us to enjoy.


Jason Reed & Johnny Walker





Power bottom Jason Reed with the tight, round butt and Johnny Walker with his big, stiff cock pair up for a hot scorching clip for Hot Barebacking. They are the perfect match for this barebacking scene because they both love to do what they do best. You’ll be guaranteed plenty of hardcore fucking and sucking when you feast your eyes on this two hunks. As soon as they get on the bed, the hot oral action begins. This is only the beginning, as the hot sucking and licking sounds starts to get these boys hot and horny for a bareback fuck.

Although Johnny is an expert cock sucker, his true calling is a good hard thrust of his hips into a nice, waiting ass – Jason’s to be exact. Jason is quick to get on his back and spread his legs to let Johnny’s cock inside of him. Once Johnny mounts Jason and starts to fuck him, he gets into the rhythm and starts to really lay in on him. He positions Jason with his ass up in the air so that he can drive his weight down on his ass and push his cock as far in as possible. It’s a hot scene to watch!


“Honey, I’m Home”





Someone’s in the kitchen with Max and he’s definitely not strumming on the old banjo. Tonight, Max is going to be fucking a young, hot stud by the name of Patrik and he’s going to do it right there in the kitchen. Men At Play has paired up the popular duo of Max Schutler and Patrik. Their last fling together was so hot that the only other place they can keep from burning up the whole place is in the kitchen. When Max comes home, from a long day at the office, all he can think about is getting Patrik’s beautiful cock in his ass.

He is hungry but not for food. When they take their clothes off and are standing naked, you can see why they have the hottest asses in the business. They’re both perfectly round and made for pounding. Patrik gets aggressive on Max as he begins to pummel his ass. With his hands bound by his own shirt and tie, Max is fucked long and hard on the kitchen counter as Patrik greedily thrusts his horny dick into his ass. The room sure gets hot, but its not from the pots and pans. These two fire up a hot sex scene that’ll be sure to demand a repeat performance.


Corey Trevor





Corey Trevor from You Love Jack has a cute face, puppy eyes and a winning smile that all comes together in a perfectly tight body of a young, horny little stud. He’s the type you’d probably find in a library, his nose buried in books. But the only thing you’ll find him burying is his hard cock shaft. He pounds that dick like a pro who’s been doing it for a long time. One of his other talents is burying his favorite toys into his cute bubble bum – which he does for us in this clip.

At the beginning of the shoot Corey ditches his pants and shows off his big dick before taking the rest of his clothes off. He’s eager to get started – probably because he’s been holding back a load for some time now and he can’t wait to let it lose! He shoves two different dildos up his tight, little hole and shows off his ass. He may look innocent, but this boy has a nasty side. All that dildo play gets his juices flowing and he pulls out his toys from out of his ass and blows his load all over his smooth belly!


Gunner, Nicco & Reese





Since arriving at Randy Blue, Nicco Sky has been one popular model with fans and with the rest of the Randy Blue family. It’s not hard to see why. He’s got a sexy, tanned complexion that covers histight, compact body. Above all, he’s an eager cock sucker and an insatiable bottom boy. Pairing him up with super-hung Gunner Pierce and Reese Rideout proves to be a workout for all three. Nicco may be small-framed compared to Reese and Gunner’s broader frames but he gives these two a run for their money.

They both start by eating out Nicco’s cute, round bubble butt and sucking on his stiff rod. It’s a favor that is soon returned as Nicco starts to swallow Reese’s dick. Before long, he’s ready to climb on board and ride both cocks. It really is a sight watching these three fuck, suck and rim. At one point, Nicco is caught in the middle with Gunner’s long shaft buried deep in his ass and Reese’s slick, wet cock shoved all he way down his throat. It’s hot watching Nicco go from innocent-looking bottom boy to a full-fledged piggy bottom in this scene, just watch out for that big shot of cum!


Nicky, Marcelo & Ty





We love a hot Latino triple sandwich! If you don’t know what that is, the ingredients are very simple. Take two experienced hotties and a tight, young stud. Mix well until rock-hard. If done correctly, you should end up with a delicious triple layer sandwich of pure, unadulterated Latin meat. The young one should be able to absorb all the natural juices for a unique mouth-watering taste that’s sure to satisfy your insatiable hunger for some south-of-the-border snacks. With this attractive line up at Latin Jocks, you can’t go wrong. Nicky, Marcelo and Ty provide a scintillating blend of exotic flavors.

This is the second part of this Latin triple fest. If you missed the first one, you don’t need to worry about it. We’ll bring you up to speed. Nicky is a hot, young bottom, but in this scene he tops Ty’s tight bubble butt. Talk about ambitious goals! He does a fine job ramming his dick in there, but ultimately, we want his cute face smeared with man-juice! We do get that wish as Marcelo and Ty top off this sandwich with a delicious au jus that Nicky is all to eager to slurp up and swallow!


Christian Wilde & Adam Wirthmore





Leave it to the rain to dampen a nice hike. What are two hot guys like Christian Wilde and Adam Wirthmore to do? They obviously don’t need the hike to work out. They’ve got trim, tight bodies made for creating some heat on a cold rainy day. At least that’s how Christian sees it when he emerges out of the shower with a hard cock and an equally horny Adam who’s eager to create some friction. Not one to let a buddy down in his time of need, Adam starts to work Christian’s raging boner with his mouth, getting it all slobbered up for an ass fucking.

Adam can’t go down on his knees fast enough, but when he does, you can see his beautiful ass open up and reveal a tight, pink pucker that’s just waiting to be penetrated. Christian admires that hole and even fingers him for a few minutes. They 69 in bed before Adam hops on top and starts to ride Christian’s cock before he finds himself on his back with Christian pumping his dick into him and then blowing a massive load of sticky cum all over his chest.


2 Boys Cum In Urinal





University campus restrooms have always been a sure-fire way to catch some cock action when the stresses of finals get to be too much to endure. The best way to release some of that stress is to jack off a good load, but for many students, roommates aren’t always willing to lend a helping hand and so it’s off to the local restroom for a little tug and pull on the ever-hard woody that pokes out the front of your pants. If you’re lucky (like this lucky 19-year old dude in this Dirty Boy Video), you’ll run into a fellow student working his own stress away as he strokes his big shaft in the restroom.

This is Jack and James. They are a couple of exhibitionists having a little fun at the local urinals. Their hot jerk off session is caught on film for all of us to enjoy. And what’s not to enjoy? They’re young, horny and handling big, stiff peckers. You can tell they like this semi-public jack off session because their dicks seem to get bigger with each tug. When the big load of cum juice starts gushing from their piss slits, you can bet the cameras are there to capture every minute of it!


AJ Fucks Aden Stone





AJ has proven to be such a hot, compact muscle god with a tight body and a raging libido. With these two assets working in conjunction with each other, there’s not telling what he can do. His bottoming skills in previous videos has shown off his ability to take a pounding, but in this Cocky Boys clip, AJ shows that he can pound on an ass just as good as the next guy! He’s paired up with handsome stud Aden and the chemistry is electrifying. The natural attraction to each other makes this scene a scorching winner!

The two start out with a passionate make out session, but Aden quickly starts to lick his way down to AJ’s crotch. AJ barks out commands such as, “worship that cock!” and Aden is all too eager to oblige. He swallows up that hard cock in one swift move and then prepares for a hot face fuck. In the end, though, AJ is anxious to pound on that perfectly round bubble butt so he flips Aden over and starts to fuck him missionary style. AJ blows his load all over Aden’s abs and Aden quickly adds his own juices to the mix!


Noah River from You Love Jack





We are nearly overwhelmed by the hot guys that come across You Love Jack. Noah River is one of those cuties with a handsome face, a lean body and a big dick that begs to be stroked. Even if we’re no the ones doing him the favor, it’s enough to just watch him sit down on that couch and take off his pants, rub his manhood through his tight undies and tease us for a few minutes. In a moment, we know he’s going to slip those cotton briefs and start jacking his huge dick!

Noah really enjoys jacking off and it shows. His solo jerk off session is one of the best we’ve seen in a while and it only gets better. He throws his legs up over his head to reveal a very inviting hole that he starts to finger the moment his butt cheeks apart. He really digs them in there and even adds a bit of lube to stretch his hole a little wider. The sheer pleasure of feeling those digits penetrating his hole makes him moan. When he busts his nut, the creamy boy liquor coats the front of his shirt!


Fourway Military Jerk Off





This is one of AWOL Marines hottest clips to date. It features four hot straight military men getting naked and jerking off together. Usually, Bobby at AWOL can wrangle up a couple of dudes, if he’s lucky and it usually only happens if there’s a girl around. In this clip there isn’t one in sight. They’re all happy-go-lucky and ready to do whatever Bobby tells them to. What makes this clip ultra-hot is that they’re all very good looking guys with nice builds, lean and very comfortable. Like a group of horny frat jocks, it only takes one adventurous leader to get them all naked and stroking.

As they watch straight porn on the television, each one becomes aroused. They steal glances at their buddies’ hard-ons and continue to stroke. It would be interesting to see which of these guys is really aching to have one of his buddies pound his virgin ass, but in this clip, we’re treated to four guys in a straight line with a stiffened cock in hand. The porn they watch gets them rock hard and ready to cum, but it’s watching their friends shoot their jizz that makes them explode!


Connor Fucks Dru






Connor and Dru are tall, buff an blond with a lot of sex appeal and a horny disposition. They look hot together as they get ready for their fuck session. From the moment they start to explore their well-defined bodies, you know that these two are going to deliver a very hot scene. Connor can’t wait to stick his long shaft deep into Dru’s ass! From the moment that Connor throws Dru down on the bed and feeds him his dick, Dru is a non-stop moaning stud in heat. He groans with every thrust of that powerful fuck tool and it’s hard to argue that Dru loves every minute of it.

You can tell that they’re feeding off of each other. With every moan of pleasure, Connor is enjoying ramming his cock and fucking the daylights out of Dru. He enjoys watching him squirm and Dru loves stroking his own cock while Connor rams him. Before they’re done, Dru climbs on top of Connor and starts to ride that stiff boner taking control of each thrust that sends chills up and down his spine. All that fucking, sucking and groaning builds to a hot, sticky climax that ends with Dru covered in both of their loads.


Jack Griffin Services Ben Moore





Ben Moore finally breaks out of his man-on-man phobia! He’s been cool with a little jerk off session for the guys, but we wanted to see more and he has finally agreed to give us what we want! In this clip, Jack Griffin has the honors of breaking Ben into the world of gay sex. He eases him into it with a sensual massage that gets Ben’s big boner stiffer than the massage table he’s laying on. A little butt rimming courtesy of Jack helped to bring him out of his shell, too!

Jack takes advantage of Ben’s stiff cock and carefully licks, sucks and swallows the whole thing down his throat. Ben, of course, loves the attention his dick is getting. Jack gets Ben to hike up on all fours for a proper ass-licking and Ben slides his engorged cock down Jack’s throat once again. This massage gets a happy ending when Ben is no longer able to hold back. He gushes out an enormous load on Jack’s face. Jack doesn’t miss a beat. He cleans off Ben’s cock to make sure there is no cum left and then he shoots his own load as he works that cock!

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