Damien Crosse & Eddie Diaz





Christmas is a time of giving. It’s also a time of receiving. In Men At Play’s holiday offering, Damien’s Gift there is a lot of giving and a lot of receiving from newcomer (to Men At Play, at least) Eddie Diaz and MAP favorite Damien Crosse. But this gift exchange has nothing to do with the boxes wrapped in shiny foil. The packages these boys are more interested in are the packages found between their legs. Dressed up to the nines in a silk shirt and dress slacks, Eddie inspects Damien’s hard Latin cock from under his kilt.

Surprise! Eddie’s gift is a ride on Damien’s solid piece of man meat. Eddie climbs on and starts to bounce on his cock while Damien’s shaft massages Eddie’s prostate. Then they flip-flop and Eddie receives all of Eddie’s dark meat into his ass. The scene is so hot to watch as these men bring a little Christmas cheer. This exchange of merriment builds to a climax as they start to unload the contents of their balls all over each other. It’s definitely a white Christmas for Damien and Eddie… A white cum-filled Christmas, that is!