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AJ & Jasper





AJ and Jasper are best friends. One of their most endearing qualities is that they share everything. AJ has been doing some shoots with Chaos Men, but when it came time to step up the action, he decided to call on his best bud Jasper for an intimate bareback fuck party for two. Jasper was a bit nervous when he showed up, but once they took off their clothes and started stroking their big, hard dicks, they loosened up a bit. It’s understandable that at first they were a bit clumsy as they explored one another’s naked bodies, but once they got really horny, nature took its course.

They don’t take too long to find their pleasure spots. Without wasting too much time, they dive right into the sex. It’s obvious that it’s their first time together, but Jasper really takes to getting fucked faster than AJ. Perhaps having a little bro crush helps because they really pick up the rhythm until AJ is way too aroused and he busts his creamy, white nut all over his best friend’s pink pucker. This sends Jasper over the edge and he, too, shoots his load all over his abs. These best friends weren’t kidding when they said they do everything together.


Michael, Peter & Shane





If you’re going to put on a three way, the best thing to do is to put together three of the hottest studs and let them go wild. That’s exactly what Raging Stallion does when they recruit sexy studs Michael Vincenzo, Peter Raeg and Shane Rollins. It doesn’t take much coaxing to get them to take off their clothes and feed off of each other because they’re built with nice, lean bodies and big cocks. Michael and Peter both have huge dicks that they love to sink into a nice bubble butt. Shane is a hot bottom with a perfectly shaped ass. Can you see where this is going?

But before Michael and Peter tag Shane’s ass, they begin with a little foreplay. A cock sucking daisy chain forms as the three enjoy a wet oral session, devouring one another’s cocks deep into their throats before the ass eating begins. Shane is a world-class bottom and Michael and Peter couldn’t get enough of his tight pucker. For Michael, his ass proved to be so exquisite that he was able to shoot four separate loads in a matter of five minutes. What secrets does Shane hold in his ass?


David Jones from Men At Play





To call David Jones a hunk is an understatement. He exudes everything that defines a masculine man and his bulging muscles only help to reinforce that masculinity. David is also as straight as straight can be. That doesn’t stop the guys at Men At Play from allowing him to show off his goods in this casting clip. When he comes in, he looks hot and ready to play. The tight shirt embraces his ripped body and almost seems to burst from all the flexing he does – and all this before he even starts to take off his clothes.

David is a regular at the gym and it shows. He’s got a broad chest, lightly covered with hair. As he begins to strip down his clothes, you can only anticipate what those tight undies will reveal. And when they do come off, the result is well worth the wait. He’s got a massive dick that he grabs and starts to pump the moment he slips off his underwear. When he turns around to show us his ass, you can see that his bubble butt is firm and juicy. When he shoots his load, you can’t help but cry out, “What a hunk!”


Biggest Meat of the Decade





Squirtz brought you a decade of the best cum shots a couple of months ago to commemorate the beginning of a new decade. It’s only natural that they follow it up with the biggest meat of the decade, so all you size queens out there, pay attention! You don’t really need to be a size queen to appreciate the parade of cocks that is coming your way. You just have to love cock. Either way you look at it, we all come out winners. Just be sure you pick your jaw off the floor when you’re done because this one is definitely a jaw-dropper.

Over the past decade, these incredibly hot studs have come through the Squirtz studio to drop trou and drop a few loads. Along the way, some very impressive shafts have been pumped, jacked and stroked to produce big loads of stud jizz. These cumshots have come from some of the biggest dicks that Squirtz has ever seen. In this clip, the top 50 biggest slabs of meat have been carefully chosen to satiate your lust for cock… And all of them have been attached to some very hot looking jocks, frat boys and even some hung nerds!


Lucas Entertainment's RUSH





Lucas Entertainment is back with a hot, new release featuring ten of their getyourextips.comd.111061/dcdid.1011/index.html” target=”_blank”>hottest men in five scorching scenes of decadent gay sex and wonton lust. Just when you think New York couldn’t get any more sinful, a new layer of debauchery is uncovered deep in the lair of the big apple’s nasty, rotten core. A mysterious key lures horny men down into a den of iniquity where a secret room allows them to indulge in their deepest and darkest fantasies. Anything goes and everything does go when these men find themselves in the midst of NYC’s most popular pick-up spots.

In this clip, hot hunk Israeli Avi Dar and Shane Frost engage in a kinky twosome. Avi shoves Shane’s stiff rod down his mouth before he turns him over to rim his pretty, pink hole and then rams his hard pole into the slick pucker. This scene, with Avi dominating over Shane’s pliable body, is just a hot sample of the intense scenes that only Lucas Entertainment can bring you. Feel the rush of lust when you enter this decadent world of hardcore ass pounding and cum tasting with ten of the hottest men from Lucas Entertainment.


Ludovic’s Showcase





Ludovic Canot has been around for some time now. He’s a stunning Frenchman with a charming personality, a big cock and a beautiful round bubble butt. His eyes draw you in and his body takes over your senses when he starts to undress. There is a natural exhibitionist streak in him because when he takes off his clothes, he loves to tease the camera. In this clip from Men At Play, Ludovic is dressed to the nines in a smart suit and silk shirt. But as you know, all of that will soon come off when he gets ready to start his little strip tease.

If this is an audition for Men At Play, Ludovic certainly gets the job! He starts off by showing us his dapper threads and polishing his leather shoes. But as he starts to rub his hands through his body, his cock starts stirring. He unzips his pants and his cock peek-a-boos through the side of his tighty whities. He quickly loses his pants – and the rest of his clothes, for that matter. His attention is now fully devoted to stroking off his cock and busting a big load of French cum all over himself!


No Hands





What do you get for $500? At Maskurbate you get hot Ricky with a talent not everyone possesses. When asked if he could get hard, he said no problem. When asked if he could cum, he agreed. But when asked if he could get hard and cum without touching himself, he took up the challenge! With mask over his eyes to protect his masculine anonymity, he quickly strips down and gets to the task at hand. Being the natural show off that he is, Ricky doesn’t take much time getting his dick as hard as he can.

And what a beautiful dick it is. It goes with his tight body and muscular physique. When he’s propped up on a chair in front of a computer playing porn, his cock starts to jump around. To make things more interesting, his hands are tied behind his back so that he can’t touch himself. The porn starts to do its work. With some effort, he manages to get aroused and after a few minutes of hard breathing and sexy groaning, Ricky spurts out a big load all over his nicely defined abs. Now that’s a feat worth watching!


Hagan Fucks Silas RAW





When he first showed up at Chaos Men, Hagan, with his super-sized cock was adamant that he wouldn’t want to do anything with another guy. After this first shoot, he confessed that he wouldn’t mind doing another guy. Well, that wish has finally come true. Hagan’s big dick gets the royal treatment from bottom boy Silas – and in the raw! This bareback fuck session is so hot, even Silas is panting for air. But Hagan was relentless in his pursuit of burying his thick shaft into that fucken warm hole and when Hagan wants it, he gets it.

But it started out slowly at first – perhaps because he’s used to going easy on the ladies with his big dick. But Silas was good at coaxing him to fuck the hell out of his tight butt and after some feel-good butt slams, Hagan gets into it and really starts to fuck him hard. Finally, Hagan begins to shoot his load all over Silas’ pretty hole coating his ass with his big load. He then begins to fuck that load into his ass with a few more thrusts. Who said gay sex wasn’t exciting? Hagan definitely doesn’t seem to think so.


Straight Brothers Play Chicken





Sibling rivalry is taking a very kinky turn with horny brothers Reese and Riley. They both want to fuck the same chick on camera but due to some unforeseen circumstances, they have not had the chance to do it and now only one of them is able to take a stab at the hot cutie. In order to pick the ideal candidate, they are now forced to play chicken with each other and the result is one of the hottest clips featuring straight brother’s playing naked together. You won’t believe the things they have to do for some pussy.

The game is simple: they are given tasks to do and they have the option to “chicken” out and not perform it. The winner is the guy with the least amount of “chicken” outs. The game begins with innocent tasks such as daring to see how close you can come to kissing your own brother, jacking off your brother, jerking off on top of him and our favorite, how close will you let your brother jerk off next to your mouth? The stakes turn hot as each one of these horny brothers does what it takes to bang a chick – even if it means sucking off your own brother.


Jason Williams at Flirt 4 Free





Don’t spend too much time deciding whether you want to hit this muscle cutie up or not. He’s a popular model at Flirt 4 Free and it’s not just because he’s got a nice set of pecs and a washboard stomach. When he’s not working out at the gym to build mass, Jason Williams loves to get kinky. He’s not a shy one either. His more than 600 videos all reveal a sexy side that’s not afraid to show off every inch of his ripped body. It helps that he’s also got a cute face.

He loves getting his big cock worshipped and loves a tongue to hit all the right places. So what are some of his kinky fetishes? This Adonis doesn’t like to tell all and if you want to find out what gets him off, you’ll have to contact him at Flirt 4 Free. But to get a hint of his wild, kinky side just picture him coming at you, grabbing you and forcing you to a secluded location where he forces your mouth to service his cock until he’s completely satisfied! He’s willing to share that… Can you imagine what kinky shit he’s got up his sleeve in private?


Cayden & Richard





Cayden and Richard are stunning men. They’re all muscle and tattoos and they’re horny as hell. Randy Blue snatched up these guys and put them to work immediately. It didn’t take much coaxing because these boys with raging hard-ons were ready to go even before the clothes came off. Cayden started it off with a nice, long shower. He soaped up his body and ran his hands over his rippling muscles. When Richard showed up, he honed in on that major muscle standing at attention between his legs. He swallowed that shaft and gave Cayden a sensational blow job.

After the shower they trade more blow jobs, each handling the other’s dick with their own techniques. Cayden loves to shove the whole length down his throat while Richard likes to concentrate on the head of the cock, licking it and making it feel good. After some intense kissing and a lot of rimming, these two are ready to bust a nut, but not before Richard flips him over and shoves his cock down his ass and gives him a good fucking right there on the bed. When they finally shoot their loads, they’re completely spent and satisfied.


Danny Hunter





Here’s a hot recipe for a delicious cocktail: take a young, lean redhead, grab his cock, shake it a bit and pour into glass. This makes for a creamy concoction and while it’s an unconventional way to mix up a drink, it’s a hell of a lot of fun watching him make it. In this clip, Danny Hunter provides all the ingredients. Showmanship is just as important and Danny has no problem stripping down and showing us the tools of his trade. His humongous uncut dick is absolutely gorgeous, but what he does with it is what we’re here to watch!

Before getting down to the mixing, he throws his legs over his head and loosens up his tight boy hole for all of us to admire. A few fingers deep in that hole gets his juices flowing and then he’s got his hand wrapped around that cock. He fist-pumps that shaft, letting his foreskin rub back and forth as it slicks up and gets ready to erupt. He shoots a massive load of white cum into a shot glass and shows it to the camera before he brings it to his lips and swallows the whole thing down.


Poax Bangs Luis





It may still be winter, but Brazil is in full summer swing with these two sexy, tanned Latin hotties. They’re sporting suntans that give their skin a caramel complexion and makes their really hot jockstraps pop (the stiff uncut cocks also help.) Poax is a stunningly gorgeous stud with lots of muscle and Luis is a tattooed cutie who is anxious to get his ass pounded by this muscle god in a white jock. The two get together in Rio for a no-holds-barred fuck session. That’s definitely a way to spend some time in Rio!

Poax knows his way around a tight butthole. He lubes up Luis’s pucker with a nice rim job that relaxes the sphincter and preps it up for the ass invasion about to commence. Luis braces himself for the initial probe, having seen the massive size of that meat missile headed towards his anal cavity. At first he looks like he’s in pain when Poax starts to thrust his pelvis against his bubble rump, but once he gets into the rhythm of things and his ass starts to feel good, Luis takes control and starts to ride that Latin sausage for all that it is worth!


Paul Black & Tony Versacti





Things get pretty rough when Paul Black decides he wants to have some naked sling fun with Tony Versacti. The two studs couldn’t be more compatible with one another in the sex department. Paul likes it rough and Tony can take the manhandling he is about to receive. Paul uses Tony’s sweet, tight pucker to get himself off. After some rough play that includes a paddling to Tony’s ass and a little dildo fun. What makes this clip from Hot Barebacking is that it is so much fun and even hotter to watch Tony get used and abused!

Under Paul’s command, Tony gets busy eating out Paul’s bubble rump, sucking his stiff cock and licking his sweaty feet. All this he does with the fervor or a bitch in lust and it doesn’t go unnoticed by Paul, who is enjoying every minute of this expert service he’s receiving. As a reward for his good work, Paul unleashes a torrent of yellow piss to hose him down for the next part of the fun. A dildo slips nicely into Tony’s ass, loosening it up and getting it ready for Paul’s hardcore, bareback fucking.


Dirty Boys Lick Balls





There’s a reason this site is called Dirty Boy Video. You won’t find any cute set-ups with guys jerking off. Instead, you’ll get a load of the dirtiest fuckers doing the nastiest things in front of the camera. Take Cain and Potter, for instance. They’ve been lounging the pad doing nothing in particular. In no time, their thoughts turn to sex and before they know what they’re doing, they’re feeling each other up getting hornier by the minute. With no girls around, it’s easy to get away with some gay shit and that’s exactly what these two buds are doing.

You can’t help noticing those big nut sacs they carry between their legs and neither can they. Potter gets down on his knees and starts to lick Cain’s ball sac as if it were a tasty jawbreaker. The action continues as they reciprocate the action over and over again until their stiff cocksGet the latest Flash Player to see this player.


Felix Sharpe Busts A Nut





Felix Sharpe is making his nasty debut with a little jerk off session for all members of College Dudes 24/7. He’s bound to wow everyone even before he takes any of his clothes off. He’s got a beautiful face and a killer smile that melts hearts. His body is young, tight and well defined. Best of all, his cock is just the right size to fit right in your mouth. But today, we’re only getting a close up glance at his stroking techniques. Still, we’ll take what we can from this gorgeous stunner with a bubble butt and a long cock.

Even before he takes off his clothes, you can trace the outline of his stiffening cock. When he drops those pants, his dick pops out and is ready to play. Felix strokes his penis like a pro. Occasionally, he’ll look to the camera and flash us that killer smile. He turns around for a better look at his pucker as he spreads his ass cheeks. Finally, he’s ready to blow a load. He pumps his fist faster and faster and then lets loose a giant fountain of boy cum all over his perfectly defined abs.

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