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Brandon & Riley





It looks like Riley Price is quickly working his way towards being named the official bottom boy at Randy Blue. He’s been featured at the site so many times as one of the best bottoming studs and in no time he will have gone through all of the studio’s best top men, one video at a time. It’s been fun watching him get fucked by the most masculine guys that the studio has to offer. Riley’s ass has proven to be the ass to tap and Brandon Kent is the lucky fucker that gets to shove his massive inches into that well-used hole.

Brandon is eager to get at Riley’s prime piece of ass so he turns him over and digs his tongue deep into that ass of his. With a smirk on his face, Brandon licks that butt and jacks Riley off before he starts to fuck the shit out of him. He jackhammers his cock in there and Riley keeps up as best as he can. It really is an intense scene and both studs enjoy the hot fuck session. Brandon’s cumshot was so massive it nearly poked Riley’s eye out as it washed over his cute face!


Trevor Knight Bottoms





What can be said about Trevor Knight that hasn’t already been said. He’s a hot stud that loves to fuck. With that big dick that hangs between his legs, it’s not hard to get bottom boys to get on their backs and take it up their ass. For that very reason, his topping skills are in high demand at On the Hunt. But in this clip, Trevor tries something he’s never done before: he bottoms for the first time on camera. The lucky stud that takes his virgin ass is Jayden, a hot, young stud better known for bottoming.

How did this topsy-turvy pairing come about? Jayden and Trevor were fucking around in Florida before a shoot. Jayden didn’t really want to bottom for Trevor – especially with that big cock of his, so Trevor jumped right in and offered his virgin butt for the taking. Jayden jumped at the opportunity to bang the fuck out of a topman’s cherry ass. He really takes that ass and gives it a good workout. They don’t waste time getting to the bedroom, instead, getting the dirty deed done in the kitchen. Trevor cries out in pain, but Jayden doesn’t stop! It’s like payback for all those bottom butts he wore out as a top stud.


Double Time 6: Shawn & Kaden





Shawn is a hot, little military stud at only 5′ 7″. Fun things come in small package, but Shawn’s “package” is not little at all. Although he’s new to all this man-on-man gay sex, Kaden is more than happy to show him the ropes. Who is Kaden? He’s Active Duty’s shining star. With his help, Shawn is properly introduced to hot sex. In this clip both stunning men suck, rim, and fuck each other to ecstasy. Kaden definitely enjoys this session – he dives right into Shawn’s puckered hole and eats it out before he pounds him. Shawn is in heaven by the looks on his face.

Active Duty members are in for a treat wth this clip, which is steamed online at their website right now before it goes to DVD. These gorgeous hunks are eye candy and the show they put on really leaves nothing to the imagination. They flip-flop on the bed, each taking a turn at the other’s tight hole before shooting their massive loads. After a little cum-play, they continue with a hot, passionate kiss to end the fuck session on a hot note! These military studs definitely know how to get off.


Lucas Entertainment: Fuck Me Hard





The fine line between pleasure and pain is deftly examined in this new Lucas Entertainment release. It features 10 of the hottest models from the studio’s roster of masculine and horny studs. In each scene, a different sub/dom scenario is explored. This clip features Spencer Reed as the master and Phillip Aubrey as the subservient slave in a rope-binding scene that leaves Phillip used, abused, and covered in cum. If you can feel the heat emanating from both of these studs, it shouldn’t surprise you. Spencer and Phillip are real-life lovers and the chemistry between the two is electric!

Spencer forces Phillip out of his clothes and treats him to some BDSM. Phillip, always game for a little raunchy session, obliges and plays the part eagerly. When Spencer brings out the rope and ties his lover up tightly, cocks instantly harden and the action begins. Don’t miss the intense foreplay before the butt-banging begins. Spencer pounds his boy to exhaustion and then spills his creamy load all over his blond boy’s face before forcing him down to the floor to lick his boots. When these horny studs get kinky, they really pull out all the stops!


Mike Bauer from You Love Jack





It doesn’t take that long for Mike Bauer to take off his soccer kit and show us his other favorite sport – jerking off. His 7-inch cock is already standing at attention, pressing against his jockstrap even before his uniform hits the floor. This straight stud tells us that he is completely and absolutely straight and he doesn’t want to do anything “gay.” Oh, but without any coaxing he does manage to add that he will stick a few fingers in his ass. But only a few. And only on video. Well, what can you say to that? Go ahead, Mike!

He starts it off by stroking his hardened tool, pumping his fist up and down the shaft. When he sticks his fingers in his ass, his dick gets stiffer than it already was. We figure this is not the first time those fingers have been digging in that cute, straight bum. It doesn’t matter as long as we get to see the climax to this hot jerk off session. When Mike is finally ready to cum, he splashes his jizz all over his shirt. I guess the fingers did the trick. Nothing gay about that, right Mike?


Jeremy Bilding & Shane Frost





It’s nearing summertime again and as long as the sun is out and it’s warm enough to strip down to the bare minimum, guys will find any opportunity to lounge around and catch a few rays. That’s what Jeremy Bilding and Shane Frost are doing in this video clip. With a couple of beers on hand, they let the contents of the alcohol affect their libido, causing them to become outright exhibitionists. They start to play with their cocks and before they can even check to see if the gardener is watching, Jeremy’s tongue is deep inside Shane’s ass.

The effects of the beer and the sun really make these two studs a couple of horny bastards. They trade off sloppy blowjobs before their attention turns to what they’re really looking for. Shane can’t wait long enough to get Jeremy’s cock in his ass and Jeremy is all too eager to drive his boned up pecker inside those tight buns. These two look absolutely hot in this outdoor clip. The passion with which they fuck is unscripted and the cum-filled finale is a perfect way to greet a new summer… Even if it’s still a bit early to do so.


Robert Christian Fucks Hugo Milano





If you know Hugo Milano, you know him as  a muscular top who loves to bury his boner inside a tight bubble ass. But what does it take to top a muscle top like Hugo? It takes a lot of smooth talk and an equally hunky and muscular top such as Robert Christian. It did take some convincing, but Hugo was game for bottoming so long as he got a taste of Robert’s big dick – which he does. They start out in the hot tub but when it’s time to pop Hugo’s cherry, the action moves indoors.

Hugo looks nervous and from the moment Robert’s stiff dick goes into his ass, Hugo can’t stop from grimacing and crying out loud. He’s a trooper, though, and he lets Robert pound his virgin hole to his satisfaction. This hot video is a must-see for any Hugo Milano fan who’s fantasized about watching him take cock. When the tables are turned, a little pain is a small price to pay for all those tight asses he’s ever fucked at Cocky Boys. From the look on Hugo’s face, we won’t see him bottom for us any time soon.


Eric & Nicco





Two of our favorite Randy Blue models are going at it in this clip! Nicco Sky and Eric Pryor pair up for a scorching scene that will satisfy fans of both hot studs. Eric comes home to find Nicco taking a nap on the couch. Taking advantage of his vulnerable position, Eric tries waking him up with his cock. Barely awake, Nicco sucks down that bone as if it were a pacifier, elliciting some very audible moans from frisky Eric. He reciprocates the blowjob by swallowing Nicco’s own shaft before moving to the actual fucking.

And let me tell you… These boys really know how to fuck. The sexual chemistry between the two is off the charts! They pump their tools and ram their shafts into each other like two erotic storms clashing. The sweat glistens on their hard bodies as they near climax and then when they finally do – well, it’s just worth the time invested. Nicco is usually the bottom in these clips, but this scene proves that he’s just as good at fucking as he is taking cock up his ass. Kudos to these two horny fuckers for a fuck well done!


XXX Video Store Jerk Off





Something about a hot-blooded Texan gets our cocks stirring. It’s probably his masculine physique and his insatiable lust for good porn that attracts us to Cody. The guys at Dirty Boy Video definitely saw some potential in him, so they invited him to join them on a little excursion to the local adult bookstore. His reaction was like a little boy at a candy store! They sought out the private booths at the back of the store and found the perfect one for a little solo jack off session. Now the real fun begins.

He finds the perfect booth with a comfy couch and starts to undress. He pulls out his stiff, muscle cock and starts to jerk it off i front of the camera. This boy definitely has plenty of experience jerking that rod. His expert hands work the shaft until pre-cum starts to dribble from his cock head. By the time he’s ready to bust his nut, picks up the speed and let’s a big burst of creamy, white jizz erupt from his swollen cock. We guess (correctly?) that this isn’t Cody’s first time at an adult bookstore and it’s not his first time busting a load in a video booth, either!


Ken Ricer & Ricky Finist





The perfect date begins with a romantic dinner by candlelight followed by a romantic movie and then back to his place for a sexy romp between the sheets. Well, you’re not going to find that here. These horny boys aren’t looking for a little romance. They’re looking to get their rocks off any way they can. They’ve skipped the dinner and went right to the movies – an adult movie theater. After a few minutes of the on-screen fucking, their cocks begin to stir in their pants and the only solution is to take care of it right then and there.

Ken Ricer is eager to be the bottom bitch tonight and he wants to get Ricky’s cock in his ass as quick as possible. Ricky doesn’t need to be told twice. They start it off with some oral action making sure both rock-hard cocks are completely slathered with a nice coat of saliva before Ricky shoves his unsheathed pecker into Ken’s slick hole. The pounding is just what Ken needs and Ricky continues until Ken cums all over his yellow shirt. Ricky follows with a spray of his own baby batter all over Ken’s pretty face.


David Jones’ Solo





Sensual. Sexy. Sex. David Jones exudes all those qualities when he shows off his masculine physique at Men At Play. He looks even hotter when he starts off his solo jack off session in a dark suit that accentuates his smoldering facial features. Slowly, he begins to undress as he flirts with the camera until he’s left with only his black jockstrap to shield his hard cock from the rest of the world. But David likes to show off so he pushes the pouch to the side and lets his stiff dick pop out while he strokes it off for us.

Men At Play knows that a classy and sophisticated stud will get our juices flowing. That’s why they’re introducing David, a 22-year-old cutie from Derby. That boy works hard at the gym to maintain that beautiful, rock-hard body and it would be a shame to keep it hidden behind a sexy suit. It’s a good thing that David is not shy! He’s the perfect type to jack off his dick, build up a nice load and then blow his wad all over his perfectly defined abs. There’s no doubt he’s quickly becoming a fan favorite – we can’t get enough of David!


Drew Parker from You Love Jack





Hockey player Drew Parker has a different game in mind when he shows up to You Love Jack’s studio to rub one out. He’s eager to get started but he’s a little apprehensive about stroking his fat meat for a gay audience – the thought of horny guys jacking off to him makes him shy, but it doesn’t make his cock shrink. When he slips that Ice Jack around his hardened cock and he feels the life-like sensation of a blowjob, all thoughts of prying gay eyes quickly go out the window and he strictly focuses on the task at hand.

It’s a bit of a turn-on knowing that this straight stud is stroking off and letting us get an intimate look at his jerk-off techniques. You can read the different sensations that are coursing through his body all over his face as the sex toy works its magic on this 19-year-old’s big dick. He picks up the pace as he starts to pound on the toy with his hips, sending him close to the edge. Finally, he pulls out the Ice Jack, sits back, and lets out a big wad of jizz that lands on his tight abs.


Chris & Riley





Riley Price is becoming quite the insatiable bottom boy at Randy Blue. He’s fucked just about everyone and he keeps coming back for more. This time, at his own request, he was fucked by Chris Rockway. The thought of two ultra-masculine studs going at it is too hot to think about, so Randy Blue has provided us with a nice clip to fill in all those blanks running through our minds. Nothing is left to the imagination when these boned-up, horny fuckers take their clothes off and start to fuck.

Riley couldn’t wait to get his lips around that thick shaft. He gave Chris a first-class blowjob, moving up and down that cock like an expert. Then he turned him over and started pounding that infamous ass to his heart’s content. He fucked the fiery redhead. Riley likes things a little rough and Chris didn’t hold back. With his wrists firmly held down, Chris drove his dick one final time into his ass before blowing his juicy jizz all over the place.


Ray Weil & Rick Nielsen





Rick Nielsen is a kinky little bastard. He’s got many toys in his room to keep him entertained whenever he’s feeling a little horny and that’s usually all the time. In this clip, we find him with one of his favorite toys jammed deep into his tight hole as he pleasures himself. What he really wants is a real cock to sit on and ride. That’s where Ray comes in. He’s one of Rick’s horny fuck buddies. He finds Rick up to his old tricks, so he takes one of those dildos and starts to fuck Rick with it while he jerks off his own cock.

Scenes involving boys with toys always end up with the horny boys fucking each other. Ray’s stiff rod is ready to replace the dildo in Rick’s ass, but Rick is so excited that the blows his load all over his stomach. Ray hasn’t gotten off and the fact that Rick already came doesn’t stop him from bending him over and fucking the hell out of him. It turns out to be just what Rick wants and he is able to blow his load a second time after taking a ride on Ray’s fat cock!


Amsterdam 4 Way





After a leisurely boat ride along the red light district of Amsterdam with Cocky Boys Jesse Santana and Bobby Clark and Bel Ami’s Manuel Rios and Luke Hamill, the time comes to act on their horny cravings. As soon as they get back to the hotel, all four jump right into bed, helping each other strip off their clothes. Instantly, all mouths are on different cocks and it’s really hard to make out who’s doing what to whom. It’s all a mass of hard cocks, bubble butts and plenty of kissing, groping and making out with one another.

Eventually, it becomes clear what is going on. Bobby, Luke, and Manuel all gang up on Jesse’s firm, tight bubble butt and take turns eating him out and getting his hole nice and wet. Then they break  off into pairs. Bobby takes Manuel and begins to pound on his ass while Luke fucks Jesse. The scene looks hot with both couples fucking their partners side by side. The hot sex couldn’t get any better with these very hot and beautiful boys taking advantage of each other. They don’t tire easily, either. They continue to pump those cocks into those tight asses until they shoot their loads.


Hayden Wolfe Fucks Rob Ryder





Rob Ryder knows how to service the horny man that’s about to fuck him. He savors the taste of that stiff rod in his mouth as his tongue runs across the bottom of the shaft and over the rock-hard cock head. It’s like making love to that cock with his mouth.  And when that cock belongs to Hayden Wolfe, ass destroyer… Well, you just have to treat it like cock royalty. They say you shouldn’t bite the hand that feeds you, but they never said anything about sucking the cock that’s about to fuck you. Enjoy the ride Rob!

That thorough blow job does the trick. Hayden is stiffer than he’ll ever get and his cock is ready to invade that willing ass. He turns him over on his back and pulls his ass towards his face for an up-close inspection. Finding it to his liking, Hayden spits a big wad of saliva on Rob’s tight pucker and goes to work, digging his massive cock into his ass. Rob instantly starts to moan and groan with satisfaction as his butt gets a hardcore ass banging from one of the biggest cocks that has ever penetrated his sphincter. He loves it so much that he even swallows Hayden’s big load.

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