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Michael Park





Michael Park is a hot new addition to You Love Jack. By now you’re probably most familiar with they types of guys that are featured on this site. Michael is no exception. With his piercing blue eyes, lean twink body, and a big dick that makes up the whole package, this solo jerk off session is going to be quite popular. He drops his pants and pulls out a thick 7 inch cock. This cute little twink shows off every inch of his beautiful body as he fingers his bubble butt and pumps out a massive load of cum all over his belly.

He starts out by teasing his unseen audience. He pulls out his dick from the side of his pants and then turns over, bends over, and spreads his cheeks. His fingers immediately start probing his cute pucker as he starts to finger fuck himself. Every time his pulls his finger out of his ass he spreads his cheeks wide open and shows off that beautiful little asshole. He works himself to an orgasmic frenzy as he pounds on his dick with his fist. Then he turns over to face the camera and globs of jizz fly out of his cock.


Lucky Daniels & Nathan Price





When Men At Play invited Lucky Daniels to come play with them across the Atlantic Ocean, Lucky wasted no time going abroad for a hot session with hot stud Nathan Price. They instantly hit it off and the result is this steamy video. Lucky, dressed to the nines in an expensive suit goes to get his hair cut by Nathan Price. When they see each other, sparks fly instantly and Nathan can’t help offering him his special barber treatment. Lucky, ever so horny quickly takes him up on his kinky offer and he gets a special treatment that consists of some oral sex and a good fuck.

Nathan starts him off with a blow job. He goes down on his stiff cock and swallows his American dick down his British throat and starts to massage his shaft with his mouth. Lucky is in heaven! Moments later, Nathan flips him over and starts to eat out his ass, coating it with his slick spit before ramming his UK knob up Lucky’s cute butt. We don’t know if Lucky ever gets his hair cut, but from the looks of this video, he gets his knob buffed and his ass worked over really good!


Hayden, Carter, & Logan





For college students across the nation, it is getting close to finals time. There isn’t a single college stud who isn’t feeling the stress. Right before the exams, most stressed out students look for ways to relieve that feeling, and a lot of the time it revolves around rubbing one out – whether it’s alone in the dorms or with a good jerk off buddy. College Dudes 247 offers some of the best clips of cock-hungry (not to mention cash-strapped) students looking to get off. In this clip, Hayden, Carter, and Logan have been teamed up together for a threesome.

The intensity of this video is so hot that it can’t be viewed in one sitting so it’s split up into two parts. This first part features our horny trio exploring one another’s tight bodies. Carter and Hayden both have huge cocks, and Logan really gets crazy in this video. Hayden and Carter are also the two kinkiest dudes around, so Logan gets the special treatment. He gets his face stuffed with cock and he keeps begging for more. We don’t know how long he’s gone without sex, but it’s obvious he wants more. Stick around and find out what happens in Part Two.


Phenix Saint





Phenix Saint is a seasoned gay porn star. You can tell by the way he interacts with the camera in this Badpuppy clip. His new hairstyle – a shaggy look – works well for him, giving him a rougher edge in this jerk off video. It’s the perfect surfer look that compliments his ripped abs and sexy tattoos, while retaining his boyish charm. He smiles coyly as he zips down his pants to reveal a big bulge. Then he slides his hands inside and brings out his monster cock. It’s already stiff and ready to play so he settles in and starts to work his cock.

Phenix is famous for his versatile roles in many of his scenes with other stars. His cock has pounded many hot asses and he’s offered up his own tight bubble butt to some of the biggest cocks in the industry. As he starts to get into his hot solo jerk off session, his hands start to wander to his tight pucker. He bends over to show us those nice mounds of butt flesh. he returns to his cock, picking up speed and then blowing his jizz all over his tattooed abs.


Cody Cummings & Rod Daily





There is always an advantage to being off-camera buddies when you’re in gay porn. You get to practice together as often as you like and when it’s time to get in front of the cameras, the chemistry is already there. Rod Daily and Cody Cummings are real-life buddies and you’ve probably already seen them in scenes together before, but this one is off the charts! After a grueling workout, their adrenaline is pumping and their testosterone is raging. Cody invites Rod over to his pad to chill. They pop in a porn to relax, but then lust takes over!

Since they are already good friends, it’s not awkward for the both of them to strip down to their underwear. Soon, the cocks come out and it’s time to play. Rod helps his friend out with a warm, wet mouth wrapped around his shaft. He really gets to work on Cody’s cock, making sure it is properly taken care of. Cody slams his dick deep into Rod’s open mouth and face-fucks him for a few moments. By now, they’re both feeling horny and before Cody can do anything about it, Rod spews his man milk all over Cody’s tight abs.


Bare Adventures’ Bareback Foursome





One look at Thomas Perry’s face (he’s the one with the three cocks on his face) and you know he’s in pig heaven. This crazy cum sucker loves to feast on as many cocks as he can wrap around his lips. His fuck buddies, Mark Zebro, Jimmy, and Mark have gathered together for an all-out fuck fest. This bareback foursome is the most handsome foursome around. They’re all hot, lean, and eager to get things started. They pair up at first, but by the end of this sex session, everyone will have sampled each other’s cocks and asses.

Mark slides his long shaft into Jimmy’s slicked up hole and starts to pound on his ass, causing Jimmy to moan in pleasure. Watching these two gets Mark and Thomas pretty horned up and they, too, get into the horny action. Thomas devours Mark’s cock all the way down to the hilt and moves up and down on it, giving Mark a great blowjob. When they get ready to bust their nut, they all gather around Thomas, who gets down on his knees and takes a load from each one of them on his face and in his open mouth.


Military Recruit with Furry Butt Jerks Off





There's something quaint about this week's clip from AWOL Marines. It has a lot to do with the horny military stud. For one, he's adorable. He looks li

ke he just stepped out of a 1950s sitcom. The other thing that makes him so adorable is that he never once takes off his socks when he jerks off. I've heard of cowboys keeping their boots on, but keeping their socks on? In any case, he knows what he's doing and if it helps him unload his jizz, then it's perfectly fine with us so long as we get a good look at his cock and his furry butt.

He's also very conscientious about the mess he makes because he keeps a towel handy to wipe up his fresh batch of baby-makers once he's done. But before that, he firmly grasps his tool in his hand and starts off with long strokes that start at the base of his cock and extend past his cock head. The rhythm picks up as his balls begin to tighten, indicating a big load that's about to erupt. When he does cum, it flies out and lands all over his pubes. Luckily, he's prepared to clean it up.


Cain Fucks Brody





When it comes to pairing up the right kind of guys for a hot fuck sessio

n, Corbin Fisher has the eye for it. Cain has not been around with Corbin Fisher that long, but already he's proven to be an exceptional top and eager bottom. But when Brody is brought in, everyone agreed Cain should top. Together, they make a scorching couple. Cain goes down on Brody's hard cock and gives him the best blowjob. Brody reciprocates the favor and the hot action is well on its way.

Once Cain gets his dick buried in Brody's ass, the look on Brody's face says it all. Cain's big dick totally fills his ass and stretches it to capacity. He fucks Brody hard and fast, both guys filling the room with the sounds of their moans, grunts and groans. They really enjoy the action and they enjoy looking at themselves in the mirror as they continue to fuck. When Cain cries out that he's going to cum, Brody clenches his ass tight and milks Cain's cock. That's all it takes to get Brody hot and horny. He starts to jerk off his cock and then spews out a big load of his hot jock cum all over the place.


Tyler Hunt at Flirt 4 Free





When it comes to meeting some of the hottest men online, you can never go wrong with the models at how to get your ex backhref=”” target=”_blank”>Flirt 4 Free. They are sexy, smart, and willing to give their best during a private show. But the best part of this is that you can get to know them before you even pay anything. One of the hottest studs to come out of Flirt 4 Free is Tyler Hunt. This playful, masculine hunk has a funny sense of humor to compliment his sexy body. On top of that, he loves to wear kinky costumes during his live webcam shows, so feel free to check him out.

If his killer smile doesn't grab your attention, then his 8.5-inch cock definitely will. He wields it with power and he's not afraid to use it. His kinky, wild side includes sex in public, so you know he's not a shy boy at all. And still, he maintains an air of mystery. If you want to know more about his fantasies, you'll have to ask him because he doesn't kiss and tell. He won't tell you what kinky costumes he's got in store, but he will tell you when he's got them ready to show off.


Mason Wyler & Jake Lyons





In gay porn, it's not always about sex, although we would enjoy watching our favorite stars in a nice naked romp in bed. Pract

ical jokes play a big part during long shoots where our models have to wait around for the technical part of the shoot to be ready. In this clip, Jake Lyons finds a life-like sex doll of a naked women! Mason is easily freaked out by women – especially naked women. Jake decides to play a practical joke on Mason, but the results aren't exactly what Jake hoped for… Although he doesn't mind the punishment.

After getting really creeped out by the doll, Mason feels he has to show Jake who's the boss, and by boss, he means the Top. Mason teaches his twink buddy a lesson he won't soon forget. After making him suck his thick bone, Mason skull fucks him against the headboard and then starts to fuck that twink ass. Jake has plenty of time to think about what he's done as Mason pumps his shaft deep into his tight hole, but from the looks of things, he definitely doesn't mind learning his lesson well. Good thing Mason is a good teacher.


Real Live Guys





Navigating through cam sites can be overwhelming when you don’t have a site that makes it eas

y to interact with the models. Real Live Guys likes to keep it real by offering over 2,000 of the hottest models at your fingertips. Learning more about them is as easy as clicking on their bios to learn about their turn-ons, their sexual kicks, and their location. If you’re new to the site, the best way to get started is to simply browse through the list of hotties that catch your eye. See who’s online, check out upcoming schedule of live shows online, or sort by age, type, and sexual preference.

Rico’s corner is an area on the site that serves much the way a community board does. It lists upcoming events, features Models of the Month, and points out the newest and the most popular guys on the site. For the value-conscious member, Real Live Guys are grouped into different spending levels. Choose a Bronze model (a new guy on the block and work your way up to Silver, Gold, and, finally Diamond – the most experienced models on the site. However you like it, the biggest problem with the site is deciding which model to play with.


Lucky Daniels at Men At Play





Lucky Daniels makes his way across the Atlantic to don an expensive suit for Men At Playhow to get your ex back>, only to remove it to show off his exquisitely shaped body. Lucky has already made a name for himself in the United States with his boyish good looks, infectious smile, ripped body, and we can't forget his tight, bubble butt. This versatile stud looks hot in those fine threads, but it's when he starts to take it off that he really shines! As he slips off is tailored suit, we hold our breath in anticipation. It's that hot ass of his we can't wait to see!

He certainly does not disappoint. He unzips his pants and starts to play with his hot cock. As it stiffens and grows, he pumps his fist along his shaft and then gives us what we want. He turns over to reveal the taut ass that makes men drool. He spreads his cheeks wide open for full access to this tight pucker, teasing the camera with his sensual moans of pleasure. We never tire of looking at his ass mounds and neither does he. He enjoys the backdoor teasing and when he blows his wad, it's the icing on this delicious cake.


John Holmes' First Ever Gay Bareback Scene





If you're a porn fan, whether it's straight porn or gay porn, you undoubtedly know the name John Hol

mes. He's the legendary actor from the 70s that brought big dicks to the forefront of erotic movies. Even today, he's revered as the porn king simply because his 13-inch pecker wielded such massive power. In this clip, Vintage Gay Loops has managed to save footage from one of Johns' lesser known works in gay porn. Most people don't even know that he could get it up for both sexes, but this clip reveals that his tool is in perfectly good working order, even as he pounds away at a cock-hungry stud.

The young stud nearly falls over when he gets a look at that fat shaft. He can barely put the whole thing in his mouth, but he knows something that big doesn't come around often, so he does his best to service it like the good cock sucker that he is. When he bends over to take it up the ass, John's bareback cock nearly obliterates his hole, stretching it to the limit. John cums on his ass and continues to fuck him, pushing some of that cum into his hole.


Rooftop Jerk Off





There's a wicked grin that spreads ove

r James' coy face when you mention jerking off to him. In an instant, he's got his hands wrapped around his shaft and he's pulling on it, making his uncut cock very stiff. There's no doubt in anyone's mind that this boy has an exhibitionist streak in him and he's not afraid to show it off. But there is a style to his exhibitionism. It starts with his sexy red undies that cling to his smooth, twinish body. When he pushes them aside, his cock pops out and is ready to play.

He jerks off for the camera, stroking with intent and making sure it is all captured on film. Then, he jumps up and without warning he leaps out of the window, cock in hand and continues his jerk off session on the roof deck of his building. The sight of James pounding his tool with the city in the background is a sight to behold. When he finally pulls back and gets ready to shoot his load, he lets it fly all over the roof deck. Some of it even flies off the ledge, making it rain spooge a few floors below. We think he had this planned all along!


Cayden & Reese





Who would pass up the opportunity to tap Cayden Ross’ ass? Certainly not Reese Rideout. He knows a tight ass when he sees one. In this video, Cayden is looking online for a hot cock to fuck his butt. It turns out that Reese, who is on the other end of that cyber chat, is only a couple of doors down and his stiff cock is ready to play. When he shows up, he’s instantly attracted to Cayden’s bubble butt and tattooed muscle body. There’s no need for small talk when their cocks and asses are telling them what they need to do.

After deep throating Reese’s tool, Cayden bends over and offers up his ass. Reese gives it a good tongue bath, knowing full well that a little rimming always prepares a hot hole for the cock onslaught. Reese then fucks him so hard he’s about to explode. They fuck on the stairs and then on the couch. Reese pile drives his rod deep in that fuck hole that Cayden can’t help but moan in sheer pleasure. Reese takes a quick break and swallows Cayden’s tool before he resumes the fucking and blows his load all over Cayden’s tight abs.


Next Door Buddies Fourway





For being such a pretty boy, Tuck Vaughn really likes to get a little piggy when he’s having sex. In this clip from Next Door Buddies, Tuck takes on three hot tops for a scorching fourway scene that will leave a few viewers blushing and Tuck gasping for air. It’s a relentless tag team as each top takes his turn slamming his stiff cock into Tuck’s tight bud.  The hardcore scene is also filled with a lot of nasty verbal talk and plenty of sucking and fucking from all four. You won’t want to miss this hottie getting plugged from both ends and begging for more.

Wade Holder, Brandon Lewis, and Ryan all line up to get a piece of Tuck’s ass. They start off with some playful banter that turns nasty as they start to verbalize their intent to have their way with Tuck. Then they quickly dominate him into submission> and take advantage of his skilled mouth and tasty ass. He gets manhandled, prodded, and assaulted – just the way he likes it. His reward for being such a good bottom stud with the ability to handle three masculine studs is nothing less than three big squirts of fresh cum all over his smooth chest.

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