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Text, Lies, & Video (pt 1)





Not everyone wants to be a porn star. That’s what Nicco Sky learns in this hot feature from Randy Blue. Nicco plays Andy, the new kid in town. He’s anxious to make friends and to get laid, so when he gets picked up by the hottest stud in town (played by Chris Rockway) things seem to be looking up. As he lays on his back in Chris’ apartment having his ass banged, Andy has no idea that things are about to go awry.

Part One of this feature shows us that filming sex can be a big turn-on. Even though Andy feels apprehensive about it, he goes along with things. After all, Travis (Chris Rockway) told him it would only be for his personal viewing. Lost in the moment, Andy is enjoying the hardcore fuck he’s getting and so he doesn’t give it too much thought. Andy is begging for more as Travis slams his ass until they both shoot loads of of hot gooey spunk all over Andy’s smooth chest. That innocent video will soon come back to haunt Andy, however – and his life will go in an unexpected direction when the tape is uploaded to a popular video sharing site…


Double Penetration





David White, Tomas Coccin, and Nick Daniels are three sexually insatiable college dudes who are hungry for cock. David is cute in a dirty, nasty, sexy way. Tomas has a boyish and innocent face and a jock’s body that frequently turns heads. Nick Daniels is a bisexual guy who loves to play around. If it will get him off, he’s game!  Two of these lucky studs will get double-penetrated as mouths and asses are stuffed with cock. Once they get going, they don’t stop until all three of them have shot their loads.

David and Nick are playing cards when they hear their buddy Tomas jerking off in the other room. They watch him from the doorway before finally offering some help. Nick loves cock and immediately goes down on Tomas. David strips and then Nick greedily devours both dicks at the same time. There are countless sexual configurations that three horny boys can get into and these guys are eager to try every single one. In the end, Nick fucks David while David pounds on Tomas. Then Nick cums on Tomas’ face. Finally, Tomas dumps his load all over David’s ass.


Men In Stockings





A few years back, Lucas Entertainment launched their Raunch series to great success. Over the years, they’ve released some very high-end, kinky videos that have appealed to a wide variety of fetishes such as feet and piss. Now, they’re delving into another kink that is sure to satisfy fans of lingerie. Men In Stockings features a very masculine and hot cast of men in some  sexy women’s stockings. The idea isn’t new, but Lucas Entertainment always manages to reinvent a fetish and make it fresh.

Reprising their performances from Rush, real-life boyfriends Spencer Reed and Phillip Aubrey deliver a romantic fuck session with stockings, while Rafael Alencar gets down and dirty as he dominates piggy bottom Marco Cruise. Then Rafael double-penetrates him with a big, fat dildo. Next Michael Lucas tops muscle-stud Junior Stellano in a way that you’ll just have to see to understand. When Michael is done with Junior, he moves on to Bruno Jones. In this scene he forces Bruno to apply lipstick in a forced-feminization scenario. Men In Stockings is another can’t-miss video from Lucas Entertainment that features Jonathan Agassi, Rafael Carreras, Maikel Cash, Leonard Lujan, and more.


Ely & Jack at Dirty Boy Video





Ely Scott is one of our favorite Dirty Boy Video models because he is daring, totally uninhibited, and a horny instigator. He’s the perfect bisexual boy to get straight boy Jack to lose some of his inhibitions. They hole up at DBV’s Brooklyn studios, and then quickly get to work. Ely asks Jack, “Is this the gayest thing you’ve ever done?”  Nothing has happened at this point, except that they’ve both taken taken their shirts off. To ask a question like that, Ely must have something else in mind…

Within minutes, the boys are completely intoxicated (you’ll see why in the clip) and they’re starting to feel a nice sexual vibe, so Jack starts to lose his inhibitions. Ely gets a little more daring and offers him a blowjob. The tension is high, but before Jack realizes what he’s doing his pants are off and the two horny studs are eagerly exploring one another’s perfectly trimmed bodies. Both of their uncut cocks are standing at full attention as they start to jerk off. Jack eventually  cums all over the camera lens and Ely shoots his load on the studio floor. Maybe NOW would have been a better time for Ely to ask Jack if this was the gayest thing he’d ever done!


Tucker Vaughn & Tyler Andrews





Hot House is probably best known for its ultra masculine, beefy hunks with a nice pelt of chest hair, big bulging legs, and equally bulging crotches. Once in a while, though, they’ll treat their fans to a couple of boyish types who are not quite ready to play with the big guys but who can demonstrate stamina and an eagerness that’s usually reserved for the Hot House models. Tucker Vaughn and Tyler Andrews definitely have what it takes to join the big boys – just watch what they can do with each other!

Tucker and Tyler are all smiles even before they get right to the hardcore action. They start off with a boner-inducing make out session and then move on to a one-on-one arm wrestle to see who gets naked first. Then they swap blow jobs until a request from a viewer has them trying to suck their own dicks. Though they can’t quite get their dicks in their mouths, it’s a lot of fun watching them try. Finally, Tucker confesses that he hasn’t been fucked in long time and Tyler is all too eager to help a friend out. Don’t miss this hot session at Hot House Backroom.


Logan McCree & Vinnie D’Angelo





Having real-life partners in a scene really gives the viewers a sense of authenticity you can’t really get from any other pairing. That’s not to say that gay porn actors don’t have chemistry in front of the camera because there are some out there that really blow our minds away. But when you have someone like Vinnie D’Angelo and Logan McCree, the chemistry is even hotter. Though they do play with other guys separately and together, when they finally get together alone, the intensity of their sex scenes is authentic, hot, and boiling over with sexuality!

Tattooed superstar Logan McCree gets back with boyfriend Vinnie in this scene after servicing Butch in an incredibly hot oral scene. Logan’s famous body and great dick really are a sight to behold, especially when he’s deep throating Vinnie hefty cock. His throat opens wide to take in that thick shaft down his throat. Subjected to Vinnie’s powerful thrusts up his butt, Logan is given a real hard pounding. Vinnie makes his boyfriend yell out as his expanding dick explodes with tasty spunk, quickly followed by Vinnie’s own load. They both finish off with some of the hottest cum shots ever recorded on film.


Hard Trainer (Part 2)





There is a certain vulnerability to being at the mercy of an expert. It can also be a great learning experience. The trainer is definitely in control. He can and will tell his pupil exactly what he needs to do. Hans VonFersen has hired hunky trainer Devin Draz – probably for his great masculine build and the big cock that is clearly outlined in his training shorts. Whatever his reasons, Hans needs to be whipped into shape and Devin is the man to do it. One thing is very clear: Hans looks like he knows his way around the gym.

What does Hans have in mind? He definitely wants a workout. But these push-ups and squats aren’t found in any of your traditional exercise guidelines. With Devin’s hard cock at full-mast, Hans begins his push-ups as he bobs up and down on his hard shaft. Then it’s time to do a set of squats – up and down on his trainer’s slicked-up dick. Hans is ordered to bend over a nearby machine so Devin can really lay into his hot asshole and then he flips him over and shoots his load all over his face. What a workout!


Cayden & Lucky





The mulit-talented Lucky Daniels is just about everywhere you look. At Randy Blue, he’s showing off his skills with his hands as a masseur who loves to provide a happy ending with his services. It’s easy to do when your client is sexy Cayden. For Cayden, this session is an eye-opener when Lucky pulls out a small sex toy to massage his anal walls. Just look at the expression on his face – it says it all! After working that butt, Lucky is ready to insert the real deal with one swift move. He gives Cayden the fucking of his life.

After a few minutes of pumping back and forth to stretch out Cayden’s tight hole, Cayden gets the itch to try out Lucky’s own hole. As we all know, Lucky is a power bottom, so it only makes sense that he shows off his bottoming skills. Cayden fucks his hole with such thrusts and Lucky pushes back with his own body to get all that shaft up his hole. Everyone has been waiting to see Cayden top, and Lucky proves to be the right person to give it to us.


Jeremy Bilding & Luke Marcum





Playtime doesn’t always have to be so serious. Take Jeremy Bilding and Luke Marcum. These two like to have a little fun and a lot of sense of humor when they’re fucking. Luke starts out by tickling Jeremy’s feet, which sends Jeremy writhing in exquisite pleasure. You can tell right off the bat that these two have great chemistry – they even chum around before getting down to business. When they do, they turn up the heat. They strip down to their underwear and parade around, groping and making out with each other while we enjoy their bubble butts swaying back and froth under the thin cotton.

Luke then turns his attention to Jeremy’s ass and he goes down on it for a hot rimming session that gets Jeremy all turned on. In no time, they switch positions, with Jeremy on top and Luke about to receive a hard ass fucking. Jeremy pounds his tool deep into that ass and works it back and forth, creating plenty of friction that feels good on both ends. Luke rides that cock like a pro before dumping his load on Jeremy’s chest. Jeremy then climbs on top of Luke and returns the favor – but directly on Luke’s face!


Chris Porter Exposed





Dirty Boy Video is probably best known for their raunchy photo shoots with some of New York’s dirtiest, most perverted young studs getting their rocks off within its infamous locales. However, there comes a model so hot that they sometimes need to pull out all the stops and offer a classy background where he can do some of his best work. Chris Porter, with that affable smile and rippling abs demands such world-class comfort and DBV spares no expense. High up in the New York sky, Chris gets his rocks off at the Standard Hotel.

Still, this is not a refined session of softcore erotica. Chris has his kinky side and he lets it show when he moves to the window and starts to show off his tight body to the people below. He flashes a smile, bends over, and spreads his cheeks before setting into the soft sheets and getting to work on his already stiff dick. He strokes off for a few good minutes, his breath quickening and then he lets his load fly all over his rock-hard abs… Then he flashes that smile at the camera one last time. That’s pretty classy.


Chip & Diego





Chip Tanner is a gymnast. In gay porn, that is a skill that can come in handy when maneuvering some very complicated sexual positions – especially when paired up with the likes of Diego Sans, a hot Latin boy with a fiery passion. These two explode on the scene with such a powerful force of energy not often seen in a lot of gay porn. It sounds exaggerated, but one look at this clip and all doubts will be cast to the side. Chip and Diego dive into each other as soon as the cameras start to roll and they don’t let up until the very last frame.

These two studs love to suck cock so it makes sense that they start out with a mind blowing blowjob. The licking and sucking is so intense that you have to pace yourself when watching this so you don’t pop off too soon. Chip devours Diego’s stiff rod while Diego deep throats Chip’s equally hard cock. While they go at it, we can admire their young, taut bodies as they undulate to the rhythm of the blowjobs. In the end, the pleasure from all this oral action proves to be too intense and they both end up shooting their loads all over each other’s chests.

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