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O.K., finally, I can get started on this and move right on through it. this morning was filled with varied and sundry things to do, but I was able to deal with each with a minimum if not any problems. From around the house chores to account reconciliations to sheduling and sending in availability for the following week to checking and dealing with e-mails and my time wall, all went rather smoothly, as I trust so will the rest of the day. I am of to an appointment about an hour’s ride from here and then I will need to complete my stainless and silver orders, so that will be a few hours from now before I will be able to get in to my room to play with you. Last night was an anal night, heh, heh, another night of concentrating on my rosebud. I wore my see through, low riding black short short briefs and my black ribbed singlet and it was no time before I had my briefs off and my legs spread for my asshole lover. I did three positions for him, on all fours, sitting on the chair with my legs spread and squatting over his face. I think he liked the last one best as it was the one most in his face…

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