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And, here we start the week, another week with all its hopes and aspirations, smile. All looks good, so let us get on with it. I have a few errands to run, the normal beginning of the week runs, and, the, an afternoon siesta, take care of some Holiday shopping and, then, my dear boyfriends, in to my room to play and have some adventures with you. what is on your mind for today, what requests and experiences do you want to share together? We have a whole world and night to play in, and, who knows, this just might be the one. I need and want to wear some thing extra special for you tonight. How about my construction boots and suspenders? I think a jock strap under my cut offs will be hot and sexy, my short, short jean cut offs, and my black ribbed singlet with the suspenders over them or maybe just the suspenders with the straps covering my nipples, especially the nipple with a ring in it. that sounds so hot, I may even save that to wear on my bookings this week, too. I can slowly undo the fly, button by button, revealing my straps in the rear over my ass as I turn and my raging hard on pokes its head out the side…

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