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As you may have noticed I had to erase two days from my schedule this week and you can ‘thank’ my mom’s little puppy for that.The little beastie requires a lot of attention, so much even, that I haven’t got a minute to spare for myself and more importantly, for you.Jules, that’s his name, seems already bright enough to have devised a comple scheme to draw everyone’s attention completely towards himself.I woke up in the morning, to notice he had wet the entire floor and had his sleepynext soaked, so while I let him in the living room, where he isn’t allowed by night, I go grab a bucket of water and Dettol to clean up his mess, and of course while doing that I’m not giving him much attention so he barks a couple times, I turn around, just to see that he had been saving up all the rest, laying it neatly in front of the door. Nice.After cleaning that up, I let him out, he does nothing, comes back inside and sees the cat has woken, and the cat has a tail! He drives the cat insane by chasing him around the house, finally I get his attention with a toy, but he finds my sleeve more interesting to play with.While I’m trying to ignore it, I set up my computer and camera, but of course he thinkks of the camera cable as a nice toy to play with. I turn my back and he’s checwing on my webcam. I replace it with a toy and he bites my finger, it starts bleeding and I set off to repair myself.It takes only two minutes to get back and in that time he’s gone through the effort to pull the blanket off the couch and wet it again.This has been going on for hours today and so far it didn’t stop.I’m sorry, but because I love this puppy and because I want him to become a good doggie, I’m now trying to very patiently tell him what to and what not to do. This practically eats all of my time, though.On the BRIGHT side! Tonight I’ll be going to my own home again. It’s puppy-free, it’s safe. haha.So I hope to meet you all there; then we can enjoy a nice cozy evening in my couch.Love, Seth xx

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