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I read many things on the Internet; many people said that the love of his life was his best friend and I started to raise the same .. But after all he had done to my best friend did not want it or think. A boring night, I wanted to watch a movie and accidentally hit my best friend and asked if he recommended some. I ended up watching a show and talked about a thousand things every night as it was as if we had returned to be happy with each other … I spent the day thinking about him, but did not think it was possible. One night we talked and he told me he still loved me, and I confessed that I had fallen for him. After having gone very wrong with the "first love " I made it clear to myself that what I felt was right this time, and I had to try. He did not could not believe … He confessed that was four years old, I repeat, FOUR YEARS without giving up … I freaked .. I never thought I would have been able to import someone so much … They spent their days and nights .. And one of them … We started to discuss how ever, worse than the first time and everything .. I found me crying and very upset when he stopped talking and I still upset me … It took 5 minutes and asked me if I loved him, and I said I loved him more than anything in the world .. He asked me if we would be happy together .. And I replied that forever .. And just then told me I was going to say one thing for the fourth time .. I think that to change the subject I would say one of his typical phrases, threw my anger .. But instead asked me to go with him and I in shock not knowing that tell you answered yes wanted. They spent the nights and I felt a little abandoned .. not much .. Because He talked noticed and told me if I wanted us to see us and I said yes. On our first date we went to wander aimlessly .. Until we get tired and we came to a small sauce with a bench and sat there under. He gave me a somewhat old bracelet, black color with squares and stripes around. I asked for it and told me that if I did not sound anything .. I doubt I said no .. And he told me four years ago to his friend saw me walk into a store, try on watches, and immediately and let go. He, curious, bought it and told me that since that bracelet represented part of it. Since that day I carry every day bracelet, and while we are still young, I want to grow with it .. And I want to show every day of my life how much I love him, hoping that one day I can forgive me myself what of that disastrous summer last .. And to start a family with my beautiful beloved. I hope you have impressed or come at least a little history .. It’s my first story .. But still means a lot to me.

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