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hey guys hope you are all well. me im ok considering what i have to put up with, first of all may i wish a very happy mothers day to all your mommys, as it is mothers day here in ireland and the united kingdom, not once not twice nor three times but more like forthy times did i want to neuter my dog this morningwith no sleep well lots and lots of broken beauty sleep, he just wouldnt stop barking all morning i went to bed at 5am and by 7am i was awake, 8am, 9am, 11am and so on, so i crawled outa bed at 4pm with just a litle sleep from bark bark bark, and its not the bark, its the tone of the bark it was like, stay away i live here, this is my home you may not enter, to make matters worse is what he was barking at,,, birds outside the window, and the gate moving, anything to drive me crazy drive me to the point where i wanted to neuter him there and then haha so any ways a huge thank you for chats last night and show, and i only found out last night about these clovers for paddys day, so i have one, a long way i guess from the lead, but not to worry its all fun and games and harmless fun i guess,started last night a new style of party chat me in the shower so please do stop by when im in party tip tip tip and keep the party going, :) any way thats my rant over for today, hope to see you all soon in my room online, untill then, LOVE HUGGS AND KISSESbrent duke in ireland

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