shower time with duke

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so today duke went for a nice walk, and on the way home he hinted that he wanted to go to the green to play, so we let him over to the green and low and behold, AGAIN, duke decided that he would go for a swim in the same pool of muddy water as the other day,but not once did he roll around but twice getting completely covered in muddy water and of course a big smile staring back at me, let him run around to dry off, and then took him up stairs to get yet another shower so two showers in two days, and this time duke decided to fight back in the shower on sunday he sat quietly in the shower to be washed tonight, he faught me with all hes strenght me blocking hes way outa the shower he put up a fight jumped up on top of me, pushed me, the shower hose running with water destroyed the bathroom, and the shower head broke off, managed to get him back into the shower and sit him down and then he decided to lie down, and make things worse me trying to wash him ended up getting a shower myself haha just another reason why we love duke, thats twice now in two days he rolled around in puddles doing what dogs do, if you ask me he is doing it to cool down after hes run around, he has a thick black coat on him, so he does need to cool down, but in muddy water i think not haha an y way im online from 10am EST in the morning untill 8pm EST so do be sure to stop by and drop into my room for a chat or more, until thenlove huggs kisses brent duke ireland

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