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Marc’s First Time





This new freshman at Corbin Fisher is so eager to make a good impression and show off his skills that he wastes no time getting right into the action. It’s his first time and from the nervous look on his face, it seems he’s never done anything with another dude. Thankfully, Travis eases him into things with charm and a friendly smile. In no time, Marc is stiff in his pants and ready to get into the man-on-man fucking action that’s about to take place. He doesn’t need to be told twice. In one quick move, Marc has Travis’ dick in his mouth and he’s enjoying giving his first blowjob.

After they trade oral services, Marc slams his wet dick into Travis’ ass. He holds up Travis’ legs to push in even deeper with each thrust. This is more than Travis can handle. He grabs hold of his dick right before it starts shooting boy juice all over his chest and abs. Marc is in his own lustful zone, showing Travis no mercy as he continues to pound away at his tender hole. That doesn’t matter. Travis tells him to keep fucking, so Marc turns him over and fucks him doggy style!


Brett & Thor





The name Thor brings a big hammer to mind and when you get a load of Thor at Randy Blue, you won’t be able to take your eyes off of his big club. You could also look at his handsome face and naturally smooth athletic body all day. He is the perfect mixture of boyish charm and manly muscle, right down to the Adonis line that frames his thick meaty cock. Brett Swanson has the perfect body to complement Thor’s, so it’s only natural that they are featured together in this clip!

Thor had never fucked a guy on cam before, but that is all about to change when Brett spreads his legs open and lets that god-like hammer into his waiting ass. Brett gets really into the dirty talk while Thor is pumping his sweet hole. This only fuels his lust for fucking on camera and he ups the ante with some more powerful thrusts. Brett, of course, is loving every minute of it, egging him on to pound his sweet hole harder and faster. By the time Thor is done with this ass, you’ll be convinced that he was born to fuck… The rest comes naturally.


Show Me Your Junk





Every young boy has the desire to get laid. Donny is no exception. Jordan is a dude who likes it when dudes grab his junk. He’s daring like that. Neither one of them have ever done anything remotely sexual in public, but money talks and they’re about to embark on one of the hottest displays of sexual affection in public. For one who loves his junk grabbed, the local junk yard is the perfect location for a nice blow-and-go. For a couple hundred buck Jordan agrees to suck Donny’s cock with the camera rolling and excitement lurking just around the corner.

Jordan pulls Donny’s pants down to his ankles and begins to work on the already-stiff cock. When the subject of fucking comes up, Jordan only has to think about that big dick in his ass. His answer is “yes!” They fuck like junkyard dogs in heat unaware that they’re about to be caught by a junk yard worker. The Latin man gets an eyeful of the kinky man-on-man-action. The man kicks them out screaming obscenities in Spanish, as Jordan and Donny scramble to put their pants back on. One thing is certain, the rush of public sex is something they’ll probably try again!


Philip’s First Time





It’s important to document first time experiences for posterity. Corbin Fisher has a nice and hot selection of first times on video and Philip is about to enter the archives with his bang-on first time as a bottom boy. With a great boned up teacher like Travis, this is going to make for a great sex video. Travis strips and asks if Philip has ever touched a cock before. He says no and grabs Travis’ big meat and jerks it. This boy needs no encouragement. He’s ready to go and Travis is eager to sink his dick into that virgin hole.

Philip’s first time with another guy also turns out to be Travis’ first time rimming someone! What a treat for us, too! Travis gets Philip’s condom and lube on and guides that cock into his ass. Phillip slips into a strong, natural rhythm of fucking, that has Travis’ muscular body flexing and sweating. He groans with ecstasy. But it’s when he gets on top of Philip and rides him, that it gets super intense. Words can’t describe the rest of this fuck lesson for this first-time bottom boy. You’ll be panting with anticipation watching that shaft bury itself deep into Philip’s tight boy hole!


Between a Cock and a Hard Place





Going out on the prowl for the perfect victim can be a lot of fun if you have the right bait. At Bait Bus they always go out cruising for men with a hot girl in tow. We already know she’s only there to bait them in, but the real fun starts when the man-on-man sex starts. In this clip, Elle and Josh Stone cruise the streets for a horny stud with a hard cock. It doesn’t take long to come across Kehoa. This Tahitian believes he’s going to be in porn. He just doesn’t know it’s gay porn!

Elle’s big tits gets this boy in the van and before long he’s stripping off his clothes and getting ready for a blowjob. With a blindfold on, he leans back and lets Elle suck on his hard knob… So he thinks. Josh is actually the one doing the sucking and when Kehoa takes off the blindfold, he’s pissed! But being a straight and horny man, he goes with the flow and even manages to give Josh a good, hard pounding right there on the bus floor. Those straight boys! They’ll do anything to shoot their loads.


Sweet & Raw Orgy (Bareback)





At Sweet & Raw there is always something hot and kinky going on. In this clip, one of Sweet & Raw’s artists gets into the action with seven horny twinks. Alessandro gets things going with his hairy ass. He offers the artist the opportunity to shave his hole and then eat out his freshly-shaved hole. This artist doesn’t need inspiration to get into it. He takes razor to tight, hairy ass and before long, his tongue is buried deep in that young, hot ass. As for the rest of the guys in the scene… They’re finding enough things to do with one another! This is one hot orgy scene.

There’s hard cock everywhere. Even as they pair up and suck dick or eat ass, these horny boys are looking for the next guy to satisfy their lustful craving for a good fuck. The painter can’t resist his desire for raw, jock dick so he gets into the scene after eating out Alessandro’s ass. Be sure you watch this video closely because there is a lot to take in all at once. As the orgy nears its climax, the boys speed up the tempo until there is cum shot on every open mouth and ass.


Ben @ Xtra Inches





Do you like giant cocks on thin twinks? We do! Especially when the twink is as hot as Ben! This well-hung, smooth cutie may look young, but he’s got the cock of a real man and he knows how to use it. He teases us with that pole in this solo jerk off video. Then he whips it out on the couch and gives us a one-man-show well-deserving of a standing ovation from your dick. We bet you can’t watch Ben working over his tasty cock without blowing your load! !

Ben’s gigantic cock isn’t the only feature on his body that we love. He’s also got a nice bubble butt that’s made for pounding. Too bad he’s only doing a solo; but as we all know, solo jerk offs are the gateway to hot action scenes. It’s just a matter of time until we get to see if this boy will bend over backwards to let a fellow hung twink invade that beautiful ass. Until then, let’s just watch him jerking his cock, showing off his bubble butt, and milk out a huge load of twink cum all over himself!


Dawson & Ethan Tag Trey @ Corbin Fisher





The boys at Corbin Fisher aren’t much for foreplay. They are always ready to start up the action, eager to taste cock and fuck some really tight holes. In this clip, lucky Trey gets to experience not one, but two hard bones up his tight hole in this hot double penetration action shot. Of course, because Trey is taking two at a time, there will be a bit of foreplay, just to get the juices flowing and get his tight ass muscles loose enough to fuck the hell out of this bottom boy. Dawson and Ethan can’t wait to slip their hard shaft into that warm fuck hole!

Dawson says word on the street is Trey’s never eaten a guy’s ass before. Always eager to please, Trey is more than willing to expand his boundaries. They get a train going – Ethan eating Trey and Trey eating out Dawson. That’s all they need to get the action going! Once Ethan’s cock is buried inside, Dawson squeezes his big dick into Trey’s ass. Trey screams out from the pleasure of getting two cocks inside him at once. “Oh my god!” he moans loudly, sounding delirious from the sensation. Don’t miss this kinky clip!


Steven Daigle @ Menatplay






This reality TV star-turned-gay porn star was once a Gay Rodeo Champ and an ex-Big Brother contestant. He’s traded his 10-gallon hat for an expensive Italian suit for this Menatplay video shoot. Steven Daigle’s handsome boyish good looks and tight body look super hot in a light grey suit as he tries to film an introduction video for Menatplay Enterprises. However, things don’t go the way they were planned. The cameraman starts getting a boner just looking at Steven and Steven is all too willing to play along, making for a more interesting video shoot than the one originally planned.

The two get into it quickly. Their slacks are unzipped, revealing very swollen cocks through their thin trousers. They begin sucking and licking each other’s cock and balls, causing them to drip some juicy precum. The suits come off and the ex-cowboy dives his cowpoke in between Jay’s sweet butt cheeks. This position must take him back to his old rodeo days, because he starts riding him like a wild mustang, making him buck and sway with each pounding thrust. The camera keeps rolling, recording their x-rated romp as they fuck their way to a nice orgasm.


Tristan’s First Fuck





One thing that can be said about Next Door Buddies is that their straight models are gung ho about getting into the action without their sexuality being threatened. Take Tristan Bull, for example. He’s been on the site before and has done some gay-for-pay in the past, but one thing he’s never done is to fuck another guy. This time around, he’s back and he’s ready to experience new things. Just what kind of new things are we talking about? Well, Tristan is going to go where his straight cock has never gone before: Into a man’s ass!

To get him horned up and ready to do this, NDB has provided him with the most insatiable bottom boy: Samuel. He’s the lucky guy who gets the joy of being penetrated by the hunky Tristan. After playing some video games in only his towel, Tristan is ready for a different kind of game and Samuel just happens to be the game he wants to play. Check out these two horny studs as they work their bodies into ecstasy. The look on Tristan’s face as his dick slips into that tight, warm hole is priceless; not to mention Samuel’s own look of pleasure at having this strong, straight bull of a man fuck him from behind.


Shad Tomas @ College Dudes 247





We can’t get enough of the shy guys at College Dudes 247. It’s probably because we know that once they get their clothes off they lose all inhibition as they lose themselves in the act of self-pleasuring. Take Shad Tomas, for instance. He’s got such a cute baby face that you wouldn’t expect him to come in and start fist-pounding his gorgeous cock like a pro… But he does. He’s a sports enthusiast and that shows when he takes off his shirt to reveal a naturally fit body. We love it when he strokes his cock and flirts with the camera, and we also like the fact that he shows us his tight hole and bubble butt, spreading his ass wide open and letting his hand linger just enough for us to start drooling.

We look forward to more of this cutie. In the meantime, watch him hop on the bed, stroke his nice shaft and blow a big wad of boy juice all over himself. Like they say, it’s the quiet ones that we have to look out for – they’re the real wild ones in the bunch. He’s no exception. And we love checking out his tight buns and rigid cock as he stiffens up and lets out a big stream of jizz in this photo shoot!


3-Way @ Next Door Buddies





Having roommates can be a tough on some people. Especially when you’ve got rambunctious roommates such as Cassidy Jones and Nate Kennedy. For Chad Con, it’s a struggle keeping his tight, young buns together whenever they get together… Especially in the shower. When Chad holds up the night’s fun by not jumping in the shower in a timely manner, his two buddies take it upon themselves to get Chad motivated. Their tactics involve getting Chad into a submissive position while the other two stuff their hard cocks in Chad’s mouth. It doesn’t really look like much of a struggle, though!

After Cassidy and Nate take turns face-fucking Chad in the home gym, the two literally throw Chad onto the bed and begin giving his ass a thorough pounding. They stretch open his hole with their fingers. Chad loves every minute of it and is thankful he moved into this sex house! They really enjoy pounding that tight ass before the top studs begin to unload their man-milk all over Chad, who smiles as his body gets covered in slimy jizz. At that point, Chad really needs a shower. But he’d better be fast this time!


Active Duty Foursome





Popular Active Duty stud Cash is on the bottom again. This time, he’s taking not two but three cocks, including a 9-inch cock belonging to a fresh-faced hunk named DJ. In Alpha Tango 3, summertime means being naked poolside with your best buds. And when you’re nude and hard, it can only lead to some hot sex between four horny boys. They pair up, mix it up, and tangle up into an orgy of masculine, hot sex. Once the four of them are together all hell breaks loose and the three veterans bring the newbie across the line and get both he and Cash fucked like they should be fucked.

Nash is the newbie in question. He’s got a nicely defined body and the three don’t waste time putting it to good use. They start off with some horse playing in the pool. That is enough to get their hormones going and before long, they’re getting boned up. They disappear into the pool house and enjoy a bit of cock sucking. Some of them sit back stroking their dicks and watching the action, but by the end of this hot video, they’re all swallowing cocks, ramming dildos up their butts, and enjoying unrestrained man-on-man sex with one another.


Ashton Dale @ Randy Blue




If not for the tattoo splashed across his upper chest, you would think that Ashton Dale was a goody two-shoes. His name practically describes an Ivy upbringing. But don’t let that fool you. The tattoo is a clear indication that Ashton has a freaky side. With a nice smooth chest and adorable features, he is already turning heads no matter where he goes. His live show at Randy Blue caused a sensation with his charming wit and sexy appeal. Now, you can see him lounging by the pool doing what comes naturally – jerking his stiff cock to completion.

If you didn’t catch his live show, you can see him show off his hot college jock looks, focus on his sexy body, and let his physical presence speak for itself in this shoot. His six pack abs and delicious round pecs are just breathtaking and when he takes off his shorts and shows off his stiff rod… Well, your heart will skip a beat. Speaking of beat, don’t take your eyes off of his solo jerk off session. Relaxing by the pool was never this fun. This show off loves all eyes on him and if he knows you’re watching closely, his exhibitionist side will come out!


Manny & Zach @ Bait Buddies





Interracial sex is the order of the day at Bait Buddies this time around. Manny is a hunky Latin stud and Zach is a horny bottom boy just waiting to get fucked by that Latin cock. This scene is extra hot when you find out that Manny and Zach have been best buddies since college. Zach contacted this site wanting to know if they could help him fulfill a fantasy he has had for several years. What was Manny’s response when he found out that he was about to bang his best bud? “That’s what friends are for.”

It wasn’t as simple as that.  Zach needed to bait his buddy into joining him for some straight porn action. From there, he would get him to strip, get hard, and insert that pinga into his tight hole. At 6’2″ our straight Latino stud, Manny, is packing an impressive 8 inches of uncut meat between his legs. It is no wonder that bait boy Zach wanted it up his beautiful, round, bubble ass. Manny was reluctant at first and needed some prodding & reassurance. In the end, however, his horny libido won the battle and before long, his cock was up and ready to play.


Dom Throat-Fucks Jason





Dom and Jason are practically made for each other in this clip from Cocky Boys. Dom is dominant, confident, and straight forward. So when he walks into Jason’s house simply because the door was open, Jason doesn’t question that logic and goes right for his lips. They face suck for a few moments before stripping off their clothes to their underwear and dry humping on the couch. Dom being the dom that he is, takes complete control, telling Jason exactly what he wants him to do. Dom plays with Jason’s dick underneath his briefs, then whips it out and begins to lick up and down the shaft.

Oral sex has never been so much fun! The two jerk each other and then it’s time for Dom to be serviced. He enjoys it from the get-go, his thin pelvis thrusting up to meet Jason’s eager mouth. Dom can’t stand to be apart from Jason’s dick, so next thing you know the two are 69ing. Jason’s lack of a gag reflex is exactly what Dom needs – especially since he thrusts his hips into his mouth as if he was fucking the hell out of him until the white, creamy cum begins to flow!

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