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Marco, David, and Miky at Bare Adventures [BAREBACK]

Marco, David, and Miky at Bare Adventures

Marco, David, and Miky at Bare Adventures

Marco, David, and Miky at Bare Adventures

Marco, David, and Miky at Bare Adventures

Life can get complicated when you’re a gay doctor with an out-of-control bareback sex addiction. Fucking a patient during his office visit is bad enough.  But when you’re recruiting multiple patients and starting orgies in the examination room, you’ve really gone off the deep end. Welcome to the world of Doctor Garret. As this hot clip from Bare Adventures begins, Doctor Garrett is fucking one of his patients with a “therapeutic” dildo when another patient walks in on them. Luckily for Doctor Garrett, the interlocutor gets turned on and decides to join the fun. Watch as the patient has every one of his holes used and abused until all three studs blow their medically supervised loads. I have a feeling that insurance isn’t going to cover this particular procedure.


Bare Adventures’ Bareback Foursome





One look at Thomas Perry’s face (he’s the one with the three cocks on his face) and you know he’s in pig heaven. This crazy cum sucker loves to feast on as many cocks as he can wrap around his lips. His fuck buddies, Mark Zebro, Jimmy, and Mark have gathered together for an all-out fuck fest. This bareback foursome is the most handsome foursome around. They’re all hot, lean, and eager to get things started. They pair up at first, but by the end of this sex session, everyone will have sampled each other’s cocks and asses.

Mark slides his long shaft into Jimmy’s slicked up hole and starts to pound on his ass, causing Jimmy to moan in pleasure. Watching these two gets Mark and Thomas pretty horned up and they, too, get into the horny action. Thomas devours Mark’s cock all the way down to the hilt and moves up and down on it, giving Mark a great blowjob. When they get ready to bust their nut, they all gather around Thomas, who gets down on his knees and takes a load from each one of them on his face and in his open mouth.


Ken Ricer & Ricky Finist





The perfect date begins with a romantic dinner by candlelight followed by a romantic movie and then back to his place for a sexy romp between the sheets. Well, you’re not going to find that here. These horny boys aren’t looking for a little romance. They’re looking to get their rocks off any way they can. They’ve skipped the dinner and went right to the movies – an adult movie theater. After a few minutes of the on-screen fucking, their cocks begin to stir in their pants and the only solution is to take care of it right then and there.

Ken Ricer is eager to be the bottom bitch tonight and he wants to get Ricky’s cock in his ass as quick as possible. Ricky doesn’t need to be told twice. They start it off with some oral action making sure both rock-hard cocks are completely slathered with a nice coat of saliva before Ricky shoves his unsheathed pecker into Ken’s slick hole. The pounding is just what Ken needs and Ricky continues until Ken cums all over his yellow shirt. Ricky follows with a spray of his own baby batter all over Ken’s pretty face.


Ray Weil & Rick Nielsen





Rick Nielsen is a kinky little bastard. He’s got many toys in his room to keep him entertained whenever he’s feeling a little horny and that’s usually all the time. In this clip, we find him with one of his favorite toys jammed deep into his tight hole as he pleasures himself. What he really wants is a real cock to sit on and ride. That’s where Ray comes in. He’s one of Rick’s horny fuck buddies. He finds Rick up to his old tricks, so he takes one of those dildos and starts to fuck Rick with it while he jerks off his own cock.

Scenes involving boys with toys always end up with the horny boys fucking each other. Ray’s stiff rod is ready to replace the dildo in Rick’s ass, but Rick is so excited that the blows his load all over his stomach. Ray hasn’t gotten off and the fact that Rick already came doesn’t stop him from bending him over and fucking the hell out of him. It turns out to be just what Rick wants and he is able to blow his load a second time after taking a ride on Ray’s fat cock!


Simon and Brad





Simon and Brad are really horny, young twinks who decided to throw a party and then, in the middle of the festivities, they ditched the shindig to start a party of their own in he privacy of their bedroom. One would normally say it is in bad taste (not to mention bad etiquette) to disappear from the party – especially when you are the hosts! But considering the circumstances, it is nearly forgivable. These two can’t keep their hard dicks in their pants, so whenever the mood strikes, Simon and Brad enjoy a little bit of each other.

This time around, they get into some sneaker fetish. After some face sucking and a little groping, they remove their clothes and start sniffing around their trainers. The smell must work like an aphrodisiac because in no time, they’ve completely removed their clothes and they start to suck cock like it was going out of style. Of course, you can’t start a heavy make-out session without it going to the next level. Simon gets his dick slicked up before he slams it all the way into Brad’s waiting hole. The bareback action heats up when they start to pump each other hard and the cum begins to fly!


Filip, Sanches, Marko and Ronny





Today’s clip is a nice mix of different races getting to know one another intimately. It’s a party of four with an added bonus! Sanches Viva is a tall, slim dark-colored Middle Eastern type hottie with a tall, slim dark-colored cock! French boy Filip flips for his cock and he’s all too eager to bend over and show off his ass to entice Sanches’ extended rod. The other two guys, not wanting to miss out on the fun, begin their own fuck session, once in a while intermingling into a mass made up of four young studs sucking, licking and plugging holes.

Filip is truly insatiable. He’s getting dicked left and right, but he’s also taking in as many cocks as he can take. The pièce-de-resistance in this foursome is the dildo that makes an appearance deep inside Filip’s already stretched-out hole. The other guys take turns shoving it in his ass and watching him moan with pleasure at the feeling of being stuffed. Finally, after everyone is fully satiated and there’s only one load left to extract, Sanches gives Filipo one final fuck before showering his pretty French face with a load of white, thick cum.

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